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Political fallout from Trump's 's---hole' controversy

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The president denies he used vulgar language during the DACA meeting, but impact on delicate negotiations over immigration reform and government funding is already being felt; reaction and analysis from the 'Special Report' All-Star panel.
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Text Comments (623)
red wolf (1 day ago)
Go back to your Shit hole country's 😂😂😂😂😂
Exitcoldwar (2 days ago)
The home country of Nikki Haley is a shithole country, being the most populated democracy of the world? Steve Jobs was the sun of a shithole country father? Soros is coming from a shithole country? Buffett? Rotschild? Bob Dylan? Jesus Christ? Rockefeller? Einstein? Wiesenthaler? This modern world is not as indifferent as Pontius Pilates, and just wants to avoid the every day’s crucification of Jesus Christ! But said more simply: the world leaders should learn of the mistakes made in the EU Directive of Frits Bolkestein, and leave behind pastime religions, and conquer the universe in stead of destroying the earth!
Cat Funt (4 days ago)
Dick Durban is a soft cock wanker.
דוד טוביאן (5 days ago)
Yes ,those countries are not just shit holes,but deep shit holes The poor people in these countries can never really prosper due to the corrupt nature of the governments ,
Mike Rosoft (6 days ago)
Wow, 100% wild speculation because NO ONE on this show was in that room and there are NO A/V recordings whatsoever. It's amazing what passes for journalism these days: In addition to this conjecture, TROLLING THE INTERNET FOR VIDEOS AND PLAYING THEM ON AIR & COPYING AND PASTING TWEETS FROM TWITTER makes you a legitmate reporter. UNBELIEVABLE. If you get your news from the news, and the news gets THEIR news from Facebook, we have NO HOPE.
Pauline Ng (7 days ago)
He better believed it as the politically correct fakes are being torn apart by Trump and they have nowhere to hide their hypocrisies.
eymang66 (7 days ago)
Trump is a complete fuckwit and to us Europeans, America is a shithole country. As if we'd want to migrate to the U.S when we get access to universal healthcare, our min wage is $18 per hour and we get access to affordable, quality education. The U.S is a mess and Trump has completely ruined it's standing in the world.
Lukas Prochazka (7 days ago)
For how long will you defend that poor human being? He is destroying your reputation, your respect in world, your whole country is just for big laughs for nations and countries that use sophisticated civilized methods and language to solve problems and improve their own country. He is just causing more damage than good. and people are still delusional about him....
ChristianCentury2000 (7 days ago)
We don't know what the President really said now. Anybody can say anything. I hope Senator Tom Cotton and Senator David Perdue, are telling the truth. I hope the President did not say or think in such a manner. IF the President did say such things, he will be the most polarizing President since Woodrow Wilson, a brilliant, well educated, Ivy League graduate, and PhD, but a white, southern Democrat, who legitimized the KKK, and Jim Crow (American Apartheid) laws. If Donald Trump does talk like that and thinks that way, he is definitely no Ronald Reagan conservative. He would be a Woodrow Wilson-Andrew Jackson kind of President, very smart, capable politician, but morally and socially, a very different sort of person, which would appeal to those like Senator Robert Byrd and David Duke.
Shawn Begley (7 days ago)
Only from shit hole shit oppinionated immigrants!!!?,,,, 😎🎩👑🖕🌍🌎🌏🌐🖕
Emperor Of Uranus (7 days ago)
It's called "selective hearing", very similar to "selective memory", running along political party lines, an example of this being Jeffery "I do not recall" Sessions, but it appears to go much further than this one individual. You must do what Putin and Orange Jesus tell you to do, you must be a good minion, and if you need to lie for him, so be it. If you have to cover for him, so be it. He lies as easily as he breathes and has all appearances of being a carefully cultivated Russian asset and you are in it hook, line, and sinker as obedient party faithful minions, incapable of independent critical thinking skills.
keith g w (8 days ago)
Here is a real shit hole Nasty Hillary Clinton mouth
viking saxon (8 days ago)
// Trump Speaks The Truth ,What Sane Western Citizen Would Want These "Third World Parasites " In Their Country, They Have There Own Countries But Their To Stupid And Corrupt To Run Them !!
awesome husky (8 days ago)
I think Trump is the shithole president. I'd rather listen to Hillary's lies than listen to Trump's insults. No Republican or Democrat has ever said a phrase that is offensive. Not even Dick Cheney, who also hates the idea of banning Muslims from America.
rolloverriderpgr (8 days ago)
He didn't lie did he? The truth hurts doesn't it libtards?
Greg Johnson (8 days ago)
They are shitholes
Mason Corpt (8 days ago)
Who cares? Why is everyone ignoring nanoterrorism? https://youtu.be/QOti1lj1ALY
S Lee (8 days ago)
What are the statistics on those countries... And...what are the Statistics on the people coming here. What is the truth in numbers...
Chupa Cabra (8 days ago)
Even the dipshit libtards believe that those are shithole countries because they argue that the dipshits that come to the US shouldn't be sent back to those countries because they are shithole countries. Funny how the libtards throw around that "racist" word when they defend and make excuses for racist blacks who do all the horrible racist things they do against whites...like sucker punch old white people then repeatedly kick them in the head and stomach as their victim lies helpless on the ground all the while calling them hateful racist names. And that dipshit Mayor of London can just go eat pork. Screw him! The old raghead should be deported back to camel country. These disgusting libtards all have a misplaced guilt complex over something that happened to other people by other people a long time ago and the blacks take advantage of that stupidity. Bunch of libtard worms!
Dingles (9 days ago)
CONFIRMED reports surfacing now that Trump didn't use those words at all, that it was all an orchestrated frame-up by Durban and others. Durban has spread fake news, villifying others before and has a record for doing so, so I guess all he has achieved is yet more media attention for Trump, exposed the horrors of DACA and leftist immigration Policy while exposing them for the immoral scheming slimeballs that they are. Great!
richie s (9 days ago)
Lots of cities in the USA are shit holes to look at all the gangs the drug problem .
Just Some Guy (9 days ago)
The red states of Trumpmenistan are a shithole country. Just count the trailer parks, the trashed up yards, and the mattresses on the guardrails.
David Sibley (9 days ago)
He went out of his way to try to work with these people and this is how they repay him
Martha Andritsis (9 days ago)
Why is this even a story wtf?
George Card (9 days ago)
Hey can I call this Durbin guy a Dick?
George Card (9 days ago)
Durbin is most likely lying, of course he is a Dick. So typical of DemonRats,
Shawn Begley (9 days ago)
Who's the number one shit hole in entire world 🌏!!!?,,,,, let's ask you everyone reading this!!!?,,,, 😎🎩👑🖕😈
UncleSam1776 (9 days ago)
The President of the United States Donald Trump is a dangerous person for the mankind.
saintpeeter (9 days ago)
More fake outrage from the MSM and usual suspects. Ho hum.
Samantha W (9 days ago)
Trump is too afraid to go to Britain because millions will protest. He can't handle the truth so goes golfing......maga......lol
Annihilate3275 (9 days ago)
America can't turn into Europe. We have seen what happens when people from 3rd world countries immigrate in large numbers into a civilized 1st world country.. It is suicide. That simple.
Annihilate3275 (9 days ago)
Dick Durbin is a scumbag.
sacoope1 (9 days ago)
Trump reminds me of major pig from the book “ Animal Farm” written by George Orwell. Major Pig said,We are all created equal, however some are created more equal than others.
John Learn (9 days ago)
This is just one more lie, like the Trump Dossier, foisted on the American people because they will try anything to discredit President Trump. His successes are a gut shot to their chances of reassuming national power anytime soon. Remember the fraudulent president they scammed into the White House and the corrupt candidate they put forward to follow him ! They can't seem to grasp the fact that their lies, scams, and schemes are not fooling us "stupid Americans". Their shinning star of a president will probably be the first president to be charged and convicted for a felony and when that happens they are sunk as a viable political entity. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN DRAIN THE SWAMP LOCK THEM UP IT'S ABOUT TIME
bookwormgirl (9 days ago)
The President now must always have a complete video and two or three witnesses where ever he is. So evil and disgusting the dems are.PLEASE DON"T FORGET; The media mainstream at least and the democrats HAVE ALREADY BEEN CAUGHT MANY TIMES LYING ABOUT THE PRESIDENT.Mark Dice showed some segment of that meeting and those other senators and leaders were all sitting there thankingthe President at his great ability on being able to bring each dept. to the table so everyone could work together, I did not hear anything in that about what they are accusing him of.
Gloomshadow100 (9 days ago)
...so, Haiti isnt a shithole? ..I don't get it.
Monique Morales (9 days ago)
They had to find someway to stop make excuses to distract . Whatever no suprise
vel wheel (9 days ago)
You were not around to hear LBJ.
Gridlock Gamer (9 days ago)
meelustrike (9 days ago)
Lmao why are people acting like he never said anything worser before that? He said he grabs women by the pussy and that was fine, people still voted for him so why people care now? its 2018 end times people will start bullying and killing each other
Bob White (9 days ago)
Gary McAleer (9 days ago)
The MSM's moral high ground is nothing but a dung heap. Our President well knows the corruption of certain nations that make our nation look like a group of altar boys. We are still the best this sinful world will ever know! Ben, Dinesh, Nigel, Yaron, and others know it. You don't see anyone rushing to Haiti. I have Haitian friends. They don't want to go back. Every innovation, every new medicine, every breakthrough in technology comes from America. All others benefit. Why? GOD blessed America. And even though we have cowards, thugs, and pimps, the GOD of Heaven preserves this land for His Glory.
Donna Hearn (9 days ago)
Never heard it before?? what did Obama say about Yemen?
Adan Gonzalez (9 days ago)
I would like to see the evidence on Trump actually saying this,
"Why are we having all these people from 'shithole' countries come here?" ~ Real, the real enchilada! Donald Trump No doubt, this is not the right kind of question to be asked in the White House because of the profanity, of course. We are all 'prissy' in this country. Some people, me one of them, had never heard of Trump before the day he came down that escalator saying "they are bringing drugs..." I confess I don't pay attention to American celebrities and I never watched "The Apprentice." Now, we all know that Trump is not only vulgar but stupid and as inappropriate as he can be. Yet, I am more interested in some other things because, despite the opinion of some Americans, words cause no harm. "Fiat justitia ruat caelum" ~ Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus Isn't it true that the government of Haiti gave Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton's brother, a concession to mine gold in the country? Isn't it true that the Clinton Foundation squandered ten billion dollars in donations to Haiti which could have been used to drain the shit from the hole? Then, here we are, still waiting for the FBI to prosecute the Clintons because they still cannot figure out if they are corrupt. What is worse? Saying that Haiti and some African countries are shithole countries or plotting to kill a president (actually two) and transforming an African country into a shithole with slave auctions and everything that makes an authentic shithole? We have seen and heard worse things, like "We came, we saw, he died." only that we have such a bad memory, just like Trump. Trump is us and we are Trump my fellow Americans, why are we surprised? Politicians and MSM were ecstatic when Donald Trump launched a barrage of Tomahawk missiles to Syria; now they are horrified because he launched a barrage of idiocies but who has ever been killed by an idiocy? Now! Should we do something courageous and overthrow this hideous oligarchic regime that brought us to Trump or should we keep making fun of our own hypocrisy and foolishness? How long, proud Americans, how long?
Bflo Joe (9 days ago)
A lot to do about nothing. If he did say it (shit hole) who hasn't used these words. And there are many shit hole country's out there. Our President Trump as wealthy as he is, is such a common person. Last note, keep in mind Dems don't fart, just ask them, they are way above that.
rant404 (9 days ago)
In a Rasmussen poll, Americans gave Faux News the Fake News Trophy. Faux News is Putin's useful idiot in America. Putin DUPED Faux News and the dumbshits who watch it with fake Facebook pages, paid Russian trolls and Russian bots. Faux News can't admit it got TOOLED by Putin in 2016 so it continues to pimp for the Russian houseboy.
timehaley (10 days ago)
Imagine the audacity of a President, calling a shit hole a shit hole? How dare he.
john kelso (10 days ago)
Haiti is a shithole. The Democrats Bill Clinton and beyond promised to fix Haiti. They lied. More proof the Dems don't fix anything ever. I STILL HAVE NOT HEARD ANY RECORDING OF THIS STATEMENT. Can somebody post this if it was really stated? or is this another cnn, "anonymous" (fake) source?
raymond caruso (10 days ago)
Whay the hell is the problem? Why would we want people from 3rd world shitholes? I sure dont!!!!! Thank you President Trump do not be side tracked from these lunatic misfit reject liberal dummycrats!!!!!!
kennith rogers (10 days ago)
I think the important issue is this. I have heard too many people say that the Whitehouse has not denied the shithole comment. Now here on Fox you are saying that they are denying that he said it. Who's lieing? That's the question that needs answered first. Did he deny it or not deny it? Why two completely different stories? This is why I avoid Fox news.
Larry Dustin (10 days ago)
Great to have a non lawyer non politician as President. The elites can't stand the truth, it makes them crazy. DJT 45 keep it up!
MrJoeyBoombotz (10 days ago)
How do YOU characterize the 10 poorest countries in the world that have less $1000 per year per capita income?
John Grytbakk (10 days ago)
Democrats(so-called) are the enemy within. Disgusting anti-Americans.
orion Zone (10 days ago)
Shit-hole places to live=california Chicago Ferguson Cleveland Baltimore..
Dingles (9 days ago)
Rush Limbaugh's summation is SO accurate. It IS faux rage by the lunatic left, using the President's unfortunate rhetoric as just another excuse to twist it into something it is not. To call these nations crap holes is hardly alien language to any of us. Their very own refugees say exactly the same thing about their own nations, when providing justification as to why they should not be deported. The reasons they give are precisely BECAUSE their nations of origin ARE CRAP HOLES. Spinning this into some kind of racist comment is disingenuous, deceitful, phony and hypocritical. DACA is a ruse, a back-door policy to swell the voter base of the Democrat Party. These phony lefties couldn't give a shyte about the plight of refugees. That's the raw truth of it. Hypocrites, every one of them bleating faux rage, faux higher moral ground, faux humanitarian superiority, faux compassion. The whole DACA deal is about THEM and not the refugees at all.
gravy d (10 days ago)
It's about time we stop the PC bullshit. We should call things exactly what they are and stop avoiding issues.
digiPlant AB Bokning (10 days ago)
Love the new msm nickname. Shithole media
digiPlant AB Bokning (10 days ago)
s---hole' countries......yes
August West (10 days ago)
Chrysler Fiat just announced they are moving 2500 jobs to Michigan.Attribute it to Trumps more friendly business environment.Obama said he needed a magic wand to bring jobs back.LOL.Also they are giving 10,000 employees $2000 bonus.Stock market and real estate market coming back, unemployment 4 percent,illegal immigration down.But let's pretend Trimp is crazy and all these countries really aren't shitholes.
HeltahSkeltah (10 days ago)
They are shitholes, pretending that's not the case is hypocrisy.... you'll never book a holiday in Haiti, will you?
Elayne Jones (10 days ago)
Go live there for a yr or month or week with your family...dare ya! The American people are soooo tired of spin b.s.!!!
Darrin Clem (10 days ago)
I'll be voting for President trump again.
Ribb Rotgut (10 days ago)
Darrin Clem. He won't make it 4 years
Juanita Campos (10 days ago)
Trump honors a civil rights leader which infuriates the leftists and all of a sudden a 'known' liar makes a false, pure LIE statement with no backup and there goes cnn news...
Bruce Haddow (10 days ago)
Political fallout from Shithead's 's---hole' controversy
Proman (10 days ago)
How about cutting the bullshit and talking about something important, like what to do about the 20 trillion in debt run up by the Democrats?
Proman (10 days ago)
Dick Durbin is a typical Liberal Politician who spend a lifelong career using his political office to enrich himself at public expense. Illinois is broke and it is people like Durbin that are responsible.
Proman (10 days ago)
Aww the poor Dems PC heads exploded:)
zomg222 (10 days ago)
They are shitholes....and Clintons and demonrats made haiti a shithole.
george bush (10 days ago)
Which story am I more g'ddamned tired of hearing about, this one or Russia? Hmmm, that's a toughie. Fox sucks. They are as Never-Trump as they were in 2016, when I dropped them. I don't know why I decided to follow this crap again. Trying to find a real story here is like pawing through a pile of shite to find a penny.
max audi (10 days ago)
This might be the only realistic FOX conservative show I can watch. The rest are just simply terrible and followed by KKK fascists and racists.
Zero Zero (10 days ago)
Genius excercises his negotiating skills: http://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/news/African-Union-Donald-Trump-shithole/2558-4261702-format-xhtml-v161tkz/index.html
Silent Majority (10 days ago)
So the truth is offensive now ?
Son of Nun (10 days ago)
Matt the bear is a democrat.............
Son of Nun (10 days ago)
Who cares!!!!!!!!........MAGA
gwen witt (10 days ago)
Send the dreamers home and make America great theses demo have no idea
gwen witt (10 days ago)
Trumps mouth is better by far than the demos lying mouths
gwen witt (10 days ago)
Demo are Avery very hateful bunch phony superiors the own the potty mouth demo rats give it up
Randomfully Wonderful (10 days ago)
Lindsey Graham, the Judas in the room.
Chupa Cabra (10 days ago)
They come here BECAUSE their countries are shitty to begin with!
Chupa Cabra (10 days ago)
DACA is CACA! MAGA deport the illegals!
Shawn (10 days ago)
Trump truth. Deal with it
jack flash (10 days ago)
you mean there aren't any shithole countries? who would have thunked it.
VGLO (10 days ago)
everything is racist
Joseph Bloggs (10 days ago)
Here we go again! A Dumbocrap has a meeting with Trump that didn't go his way so he makes up a story that Trump called countries "Shitholes." Nothing new, they've got nothing so lie and lie and lie. The other 2 Dumbocraps in the meeting didn't hear it.
Carole Robinson (10 days ago)
For crying out loud Who cares.... build a bridge and get over it. Better yet build a wall already your mainstream news is a joke....
JesusLoves You John3:16 (10 days ago)
Oh brother we heard the opposing side call trump worse names. If the countries that immigrants came from are so wonderful, this wouldnt even be an issue. The left camps so much on how trump feels about things but lets face it we all know immigrants come here because there are better opportunities and their own countries can sometimes be ----holes as trump may have stated.
RightWingTrollSlayer (10 days ago)
This is proof that Trump is a racist and now we also know (based on the comments below) that his followers are also racists. This the TRUTH and this one of the reasons why the US is a joke
Brandon N (10 days ago)
The big deal isn't the language that he used, it's the fact that he obviously said it and then proceeded to lie about it. He has no moral standing and doesn't care to lie to the American public, this should be a big warning sign unless you're a blind sheep. Trump is the biggest lying, deceitful, dishonest piece of shit out there, and he wants to talk about Haiti being a shithole. Look in the mirror first bud. The amount of lies either straight from the horse's mouth (literally) or from his administration is likely more than the amount of lies most presidents told during their entire terms. Fuck the Orangutan
Joseph Adamack (10 days ago)
Trump is right! I came in USA (1999) from massive shit-hole country! Yup, Maga 2020!
3rdworldtraveler (10 days ago)
if Lindsey Graham drops The Kings balls there will be hell to pay
Mike Shipley (10 days ago)
A shithole is a shithole
ROTTEN RICKY (10 days ago)
Some do come from shithole's
Ri Call (10 days ago)
calling the man, who said he will have the ability to hit Americans in their beds with nuclear weapon, "rocket man", explains a lot about trump. by the way, what other president would have this move? actually, "rocket man" made the dictator thinks he is not that bad evil he though he was
Dgeon Dugh (10 days ago)
Translators around the world... struggling between literal and allegorical translations for this vulgar expression ("s**t hole countries"): "trou à merde", "pays arrieré", "merdier", "rear end of the world", "toilet infested countries", "rats' hole", "countries where birds have no nest", "bad countries". For a non-politician, I think the president expressed himself FRANKLY FOR EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND the severity of the immigration problems, from its point of origin to the end result (and possible future consequences for the USA).
KnightInShiningASMR (10 days ago)
KnightInShiningASMR (10 days ago)
Lloyd Powell (10 days ago)
Call a spade a spade. They are SHIT HOLES!
ThE BeSt ! (10 days ago)
🛎🚨🛎🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump just got caught cheating on his wife with XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX what a shit hole president ! 😊👉👌🎭🇺🇸🇺🇸 what a scumbag ! Just like Bill 42
OH Yeh! (10 days ago)
This is ridiculous ! I support our President Donald Trump 💕🇺🇸🇺🇸