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**** UPDATE CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS ON THIS CHANNEL !!! TO SEE WHAT THIS EX SWIFT DRIVER IS UP TO NOWADAYS !!! NEW CHANNEL NAME TRUCKER2CHAINS. !!! ALSO CECK OUT TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM !!! SWIFT TRANSPORTATION Driver tries to save the day but has no luck... Tried to pull a driver out of the way at receiver today. Almost had it but he had a air leak so the wheels locked up, the gate arm came down and I busted three load straps... but hey, I tried... Pulled other trucks out of the mud and snow with less but anyway...Gave it a shot. Onroad showed up bout thirty minutes after I got out the way... THANKS FOR WATCHING, PLEASE COMMENT,LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE !!! SUPPORT TRUCKERSFINALMILE.ORG
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TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 day ago)
Greg Egan (2 days ago)
If he was out of air, then how would unhooking the trailer help, unless I'm missing something.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (2 days ago)
At first he wasn't out of air. The plan was to disconnect his truck so I could move his trailer... I wasn't aware he also had a air leak along with a blown motor... Thanks for Watching and I appreciate the comment !!! Check out the rest of my videos on my channel !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
StrongManMattt (4 days ago)
I guess God really didn't want that guy moving from that spot...
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 days ago)
That's what it seemed like !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
Lyle Raustadt (4 days ago)
I had a drive shaft drop coming out of a location with an old tractor and empty trailer. Of course a cop was there getting pissed I parked blocking a lane. Gee officer look at part laying on ground. Oh he says. Than I see one of our steel hauler s go by loaded and knew he would be back by empty. He finally stops on return , he say s "I have no chain" but by that time Im pulling a strap off a roller. Trick is to at least double it and be smooth it wount break , thank s I say and cop leave s . Oh yeah have 90 psi!
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 days ago)
Yup, you can do a lot with a strap if your careful !!! Check out the rest of my videos to see what I am up to nowadays !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Fuzzy Butkus (7 days ago)
I started my career 38 years ago before trucking school in heavy duty tow trucks. On every corner. Better call your garage and see if that pull start is ok.Some of the Volvo’s have ridiculous pull limits with out motor running. The front oil pump in trans isn’t turning and can burn up a trans in a heart beat. If you pull a truck with a high mileage transmission might not damage it but if something is already wrong with it and you can’t prove it your buying that man a new 10- 15k trans.Look at service warning on Volvo I shift. It states they prefer you pull driveshaft to even pull it off the road to hook up.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (7 days ago)
Just trying to get him out of the way... not trying to start him... Check out the rest of my videos on my Youtube channel !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Syed Nazeer (9 days ago)
We should help each other not ignore each other .trucking that is
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (8 days ago)
Exactly !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
Zraupp10 (9 days ago)
Always use chains, why would you try straps ?
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (9 days ago)
Did you notice, until his brakes locked up ( which I didnt know at the time ) I moved his truck several feet... I have pulled more with less. It wasn't until his brakes locked up that the straps broke. Also, I used what I had on me.. there wasn't time or a desire on my part to go shopping for the "proper" equipment... Check out what I am doing nowadays on my website !!! Also check out my more current videos on my YouTube channel, Trucker2chains !!! Thanks for Watching and I appreciate your comment !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
Jim Palmore (12 days ago)
slow wagons in fast traffic, stop whining I'm friggin trying,, sure wish I finished training..lol
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (12 days ago)
Check out the rest of my channel to what this SWIFT driver is up to now !!! Website too !!! Thanks for Watching !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
Colin Childs (15 days ago)
We need drivers like you that help out other drivers god bless you
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (15 days ago)
Thank you !!! Check out what im up to nowadays at Trucker2chains.com And check out my other videos here on my channel !!! Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
eventualentrophy (1 month ago)
you're one of the good ones. I too hope good karma will come your way.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (29 days ago)
I appreciate the comment !!! Please check out the rest of my videos on my channel !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
moveed hassan (1 month ago)
US Trailer (2 months ago)
They have skills. Rent your Dry Vans for only $99 a month at http://USTrailer.com
Steve 100 (2 months ago)
Nice try !  Swift should replace those load straps, you tried your best. BTW your truck looks in great shape and you are a good guy. Let's stop all the bad press about Swift drivers, eh ??
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (2 months ago)
Been trying for years !!! Hey, I switched to chains !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Jeffry Blackmon (2 months ago)
Where were your 2 chains? (Sarc)
safcforme (2 months ago)
"His starter went out at the gate" so before that his starter was in then? lol
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (2 months ago)
His starter was fine.... His motor was locked up... Trucker2chains
Mason Neal (2 months ago)
Well damn if it ain't one thing its another
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (2 months ago)
Right !!! Check out the rest of my videos on my channel !!! And see what Im up to nowadays !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Chet's Jug (2 months ago)
Hey here's an idea: call maintenance to have them come turn off the electric gate!
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (2 months ago)
Did you notice the guy in the cart with the tools... That was The Maintenance guy... Parts of the video you dont see/hear are the conversations with security about the electric gate was locked in the up position but that failed too... Be Awesome !!! Thanks for Watching !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
jim crawford (3 months ago)
Brakes dont lock up due to an air leak but whatever
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (3 months ago)
When the air pressure is below 60psi the brakes are applied... Is air pressure had bled down to 0psi. Trucker2chains
jim crawford (3 months ago)
I work on these trucks every day the "air leak brakes locked up" is nonsense he hit the brakes because he was scared
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (3 months ago)
He hit the brakes to keep from hitting the bar... It was after the ordeal of moving the bar that his air had bled down. Thanks for Watching!!! Trucker2chains
Jon Poklop (3 months ago)
I think you need to look up the definition of epic.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (3 months ago)
epic A word, whose meaningful definition(s)and correct applications are now obscured and have been raped to death mostly by the 25 and under crowd. It has been overused as "the" catch phrase used to describe a situation, person, event, movie, taking a shit,etc. The abuse and birth as a catchphrase has its origins among avidgamers and pretentious English majors. Your Welcome... Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Damon Davis (3 months ago)
Did you'll let the airbags down if loaded
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (3 months ago)
He had a air leak. And his starter went out... Check out my new adventures at TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM And the rest of my videos !!! Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Ray Witte (3 months ago)
Always Carry a good chain on two. Can't even think how many times it saved my ass. And help out so many other drivers. And yard trucks.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (3 months ago)
Good Advice... Check out my website and the rest of my videos on my youtube channel and THANKS FOR WATCHING !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
Michael Mustin (3 months ago)
Fuckin freightliner brakes
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (3 months ago)
Mario Garza (4 months ago)
Its a swift driver come on
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 months ago)
Yup... I was a swift driver... you got me.... Check me out now !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM BAM !!! Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Joseph Deffendoll (4 months ago)
The dip was driving the swift truck
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 months ago)
Check out the DIP now... TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Thanks for watching... Trucker2chains
David Sparks (4 months ago)
I used to put glass in Swifts trucks there in Phoenix, AZ at the dirt lot...not much room in there and Slavelite pushed us to put th hose windshields in with one man...(all windshields are a 2 man set..ever see the commercial where 1 man sets the windshield with a mechanical are and cups...I was hurt badly just before they came out with THAT VERY SAME DEVICE!!!) I DID NOT KNOW I HAD ONE YEAR TO SUE...NOW I AM WITHOUT...BROKEN MAN...(BELRON INDUSTRIES IN SOUTH AFRICA IS OWNER OF SLAVELITE) I LOST BIG TIME...STILL IN PAIN 20 PLUS YEARS LATER...ANYBODY KNOW OF A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT???
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 months ago)
Im sorry to hear your story... I wish you only the best.... Trucker2chains
Trucker Ike (4 months ago)
Hey man this was great to see; we should be helpers to one another especially in this industry. Hat off to you; you are the MVP! I was wondering what cam setup you have to see from the rear like that???
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 months ago)
I appreciate the comment !!! Have you checked my channel ??? Maybe some of my other videos ??? TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Ethan Cooper (4 months ago)
most people would just drive by you however are a good man trying to help out another driver.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 months ago)
Thank you... TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
Alex Henry (4 months ago)
Just my .02 but I would have let the driver being towed strap it up, just in case of any damage.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 months ago)
I hear you.... TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Turd Ferguson (4 months ago)
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 months ago)
A word, whose meaningful definition(s)and correct applications are now obscured and have been raped to death mostly by the 25 and under crowd. It has been overused as "the" catch phrase used to describe a situation, person, event, movie, taking a shit,etc. The abuse and birth as a catchphrase has its origins among avidgamers and pretentious English majors. For me, The word Epic in the title puts the video into a different category... I was only using the word as a discription for the hour long "fiasco" that helping this driver turned into... Thanks for the comment !!! Please be sure to check out my other "epic" videos !!! Trucker2chains TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM
Burger Meister (4 months ago)
I think that it was a nice thought but helped me to see that I need to let the other driver call whoever they are supposed to be calling. You are a nice guy. But my last boss pointed at me and told me I was slow enough and to get to work, lol. Thank you for your time.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (4 months ago)
Thank you !!! Sometimes slow is good !!! Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains
Dwight Arnold (5 months ago)
Sorry I didn't know you were a swift driver. My apology.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (5 months ago)
No apologies necessary.... Please, see what I am up to now... TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
Dwight Arnold (5 months ago)
See what I fuck up today.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (5 months ago)
First its.... See what I fucked up today. Im not ashamed of my previous employer or being an owner operator for 8.5 years with Swift... You should check out what I am up to nowadays... And I can say probly wouldn't be where I am today if it wasnt for Swift Transportation... Here's a link to my website... TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Enjoy !!! Sincerely... Trucker2chains
blackls400 (5 months ago)
You sure tried, but what do they say...no good deed goes unpunished LOL
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (5 months ago)
True.... Check me out now !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
Patrick Connelly (5 months ago)
I cant even remember all the truckers Ive helped that were broke down in the last 20 yrs but its been quite a few. From stuck in the snow, dropped trailers, out of fuel, broken air lines and on and on. I keep up with my maintenance and repairs so Ive only been stranded a few times but I can honestly say in 20 yrs not once did another trucker ever offer to help me in any way. So much for "Good Kharma"
tony alejandro (1 month ago)
You'll get your good karma on other ways
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (5 months ago)
I would help you.... Trucker2chains
laverdadesmejor (5 months ago)
I get all the "good deed" comments and helping out another trucker but what I don't understand is why this driver needed to use his starter at the entry gate???? Wouldn't the truck already be running or did he stall it as he began to move past the gate???
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (5 months ago)
Your supposed to shut it off so the gaurd can hear you on the two way intercom... This happens alot at the entry exit to facilities..... Thanks for the comment !!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains
Mystic Thunder (5 months ago)
But you tried to help, and at the end of the day that makes you a real bro in my books. Keep it up, driver!
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (5 months ago)
Thanks !!! Make sure you check out my other videos to see what Im up to nowadays !!!! TRUCKER2CHAINS.COM Trucker2chains...
Woodrow Kirkwood (6 months ago)
Chain and jumper cables
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (6 months ago)
Oh yeah, what were we thinking ??? We used what I had with me.. His truck was way past the point of jumper cables... I should have walked across the parking lot and got my tow truck !!! But I do appreciate the comment And I hope you check out what Im up to these days... Trucker2chains.com Valley Transportation.
robertsims56rls (6 months ago)
Just back up
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (6 months ago)
To where ? His truck was broken... Trucker2chains
NC Styles (6 months ago)
4:28 “You ain’t going nowhere baby!” 😂😂
doug towns (6 months ago)
I helped a swift driver today I backed his truck up in a tight spot it was easier for me to do then trying to tell him how to inching a trailer is not easy to do when you never had to do it before
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (6 months ago)
I am sure that he/she appreciated the help... maybe someday he/she will be good enough to return the favor to another struggling driver !!! Good on ya !!! I hope you subscribed !!! Thanks for watching !!!! Trucker2chains Trucker2chains.com
Bugz Murphy (7 months ago)
Seems like some days you just can't win.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (7 months ago)
Its all good !!! Check out our website trucker2chains.com !!! Be Safe !!! Trucker2chains
Elvir Hadzic (7 months ago)
They did that gate on purpose, I know they have cameras, and that gate been up the whole time, and they slammed shut on that driver truck, I would be making a report on that facility
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (7 months ago)
Theres a sensor... once the truck clears the sensor it closes the gate closes... Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains.com
danthedewman1 (7 months ago)
who knew towing was so technical...
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (7 months ago)
It shouldnt be but, not much is easy these days !!! Thanks for watching !!! Check out the website !!! Trucker2chains.com
Jane Lawrence (7 months ago)
Thank you .nobody helps like that now . Security is ...what ? Walgreens is wasting 1.5 million to save a container of imported diapers from Indonesia ..? And we pay for it . Yeah I know Check the seal number . Meanwhile Dick and Jane and the government STEAL 7.5 large from the people who elected them . Good system huh .?
siuL Chalo (8 months ago)
Fack Swift
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (2 months ago)
Check out what Swifty is up to nowadays !!! Trucker2chains
Brian Thomas (2 months ago)
And pack em from the rear
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (8 months ago)
Yeah !!! FACK EM !!! trucker2chains.com
Jack Hayes (9 months ago)
This is exactly why I carry a couple tow straps. The load straps aren't meant for this kind of load. I too have pulled out more with less, but eventually you break enough less and should just buy the tow staps.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (9 months ago)
NHA Marketers (9 months ago)
next time you go and try to help someone move and the air is down. pull beside the truck and hook both of the emergency (red) airlines that go to the trailer together and push in both the trailer parking brakes. some may have to hold the button in. This is a way to air the truck up to release the brakes. May take a little while but it will work. Old mechanic's trick when you dont have a wrench hehehe.
NHA Marketers (9 months ago)
@TRUCKER 2CHAINS Ah, copy that
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (9 months ago)
I meant after " helping" for just over a hour, I had to go... I was aware of the air trick just had spent too much time there and the air thing didnt happen till the end... Just FYI. The leaving the city thing isnt true... if the brakes are pushed in and you are in control of a moving vehicle you should be on the driveline... On the property of shipper/reciever you can generally get around that... If you get into a accident or pulled over for whatever reason and your NOT on the driveline its your Butt in a Sling !!! Safety First !!! Srry for the book response... Thanks again for the comment !!! I may do a video on E LOGS... Trucker2chains.com
NHA Marketers (9 months ago)
@TRUCKER 2CHAINS Not sure how the electronic logs work yet lol, but by law if you do not leave a city and you are driving, you can log it on duty not driving. js
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (9 months ago)
I ran out of time... But thanks for the comment !!!
NHA Marketers (9 months ago)
I usually have the driver in a situation like this put it in 6th gear and pop the clutch to start it. its a good gear to do that in
Shawn Hammack (9 months ago)
Yup, they do hire some real wieners.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (9 months ago)
Trucker2chains.com Check out my website and the other videos on my channel to see what Im up to now !!! Thanks for Watching !!!
Brandon croy (9 months ago)
Atleast you tried but it seems there was a greater force at work here. .. see most including yourself look at this as a fail but please listen closely with an open mind okay ... This was an act of God and I can almost prove it... you being the guy you are trying to help and all wasn't failing but was actually succeeding ... GOD almighty arranged this divine intervention for you to be held up instead of going down the road which kept you out of an unfortunate circumstance (wreck) in which you or some other person may have died or both ... No sir, this was not an epic fail but a glorious success ... thank our Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that this event took place ... be safe be happ but most of all be blessed in Jesus Christ name. ..
Debi Burge (9 months ago)
Yes at the very least there are ppl who try to help..i carry everything possible to help others because I'm a darn old school trucker..straps won't help pull but a good towing chain will..
Phil's Midwest Classic Cars (9 months ago)
That truck sounds like my 69' El Camino just before I decided time to restore. I just can not believe its a Swift truck, but I do see you aiming at that trailer
Kyle Bosshart (10 months ago)
Dam nothing but rotten luck
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (10 months ago)
I agree, but I gave it a shot !!! Check out my website trucker2chains.com and the rest of my videos on my channel !!! Trucker2chains
David Tyler (10 months ago)
The barrier coming down
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (10 months ago)
Most people harass me bout the straps !!! Hahaha.... Be sure to check out my channel to see what Im up to now !!! And my website !!! Trucker2chains.com Thanks for Watching !!!
David Tyler (10 months ago)
I knew that was gonna happen
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (10 months ago)
Which part ??? Trucker2chains.com
Eli Jackson (11 months ago)
You know every time you put a knot in a rope or sling you reduce its capacity dramatically. Tie a hitch where it will not knot and your slings will last longer.
Mark (11 months ago)
What no chain???
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (11 months ago)
My chain got stuck in a front bumper pulling a guy out of a snowbank in Iowa 2 years previous... Check out my website trucker2chains.com And my other 100 + videos !!! Thanks for Watching!!! Trucker2chains
David Anewman (11 months ago)
That's about what I figured would happen with that little strap.
Steven Brown (1 year ago)
At least you tried. When I drove for WERNER my home dropyard had a gravel parking in the back. There was a big rut in the back corner and loaded trucks got stuck all the time. We called it the mine field cause it swallowed your drives. I went and bought a tow chain so I could help out newcomers to the yard as they were more likely to get stuck.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
Helping other drivers is becoming a lost art nowadays... Good on ya !!! Be sure to check out my channel !!! And website !!! Trucker2chains.com
L Rodriguez (1 year ago)
sell that international for parts
Damnit Bobby (1 year ago)
Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? - Samuel L. Jackson
bizzarrogeorge (1 year ago)
Did the company make you pay for the broken straps?
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
My truck.... My straps... Check out my latest videos and check out my website.... Thanks for watching !!! Trucker2chains.com
Life on the road with Yeshua and Trucker Ray (1 year ago)
what a waste of time watching this
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
Not everyone can be pleased... Check out my channel to see what I am up to now.... Also check out my website trucker2chains.com I do appreciate you watching and the comment. Trucker2chains
62202ify (1 year ago)
I am a school bus driver right now, but am thinking of going into trucking, I watch these kinds of videos as a means of seeing how accidents occur with trucks and how to avoid making the same mistakes, Of course I know a bus is much different from a big rig, and I commend you truckers with all the driving you have to do and dealing with cops, other cars, and weather conditions, your paycheck does not tell your worth, after all, you get supplies to places.
thomas cooper (1 year ago)
love how swift driver just stands there lol
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
The Swift Owner Op driver was me, doing all the work... The other driver was with a different company... Thanks for watching!!! Check out my channel to see what I'm up to now !!!
SV ARGO (1 year ago)
I saw that coming. (The straps and the bar) But I love to see truckers trying to help one another
62202ify (1 year ago)
Last year I a bus driver had to go into a gates community, I hated those gates, I always was afraid that sumbitch was going to come down and bitchslap the top of my bus, whoever made those things and their timers is a moron.
Helva XH834 (1 year ago)
I commend you for trying so hard. Not many drivers bother. When my friend - let’s call him Bob for chuckles - had his truck’s starter motor go out and the shop wouldn’t open until 0600 (we’re local drivers) we push started it. I should point out a push start is hard on the engine and can stress and warp your rods so don’t make a habit of it. We were just trying to help a friend and if it hadn’t worked the first or second time, we would not have kept trying because it is so stressful on a cold engine. His first load was due at 0500 and our fleet had no spare trucks and he had loads to pull. My mentor told me about how a push start was done and so I made the suggestion to Bob and two other fleet mates who had come to help. We disconnected Bob’s trailer, used load straps to pull him out from under it, towed him to a nearby slope in the yard - it was a very slight and gentle slope but a downward slant nonetheless - and disconnected the straps. With him at the wheel and the two others helping me, we pushed the truck until it was rolling really good and picked up more speed on the slant. Bob had his key turned and the truck in 2nd gear but the clutch in until we got enough speed. When it coasted up to roughly 10 mph, he let go of the clutch and the momentum forced the drive shaft to turn, compressing the diesel at a high enough ratio to ignite it and the truck finally started. He had to run it all day - thankfully it didn’t have an engine shut down timer set - and our driver leader was aghast at us doing this but my friend got his loads delivered (on time) and the shop was pleased we didn’t have to bring it in until the evening. After that, the lot of us push started another truck or two for practice (and for funsies) and then went to Bob’s house for drinks and burritos.
Fuzzy Butkus (7 days ago)
It’s not the motor but if motor isn’t running front pump on trans isn’t Turing and can burn up a trans in a heart beat especially Volvo’s.Take a look at the service procedure for a tow Ain’t like the old days. Some say a few feet unless the driveshaft or axles aren’t pulled. High mile trans can burn up and your buying a new trans.
Helva XH834 (9 months ago)
Happy Days considering we couldn’t get much speed built up, we were concerned it would stall it as soon as it started if it was in too high of a gear. The shop checked it over and said it was fine but not to make a habit of push starts because it can warp the rods over time. Though it’s not like we were gonna be starting the truck that way every day as a bypass for having the starter motor serviced. All that mattered was it worked.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (9 months ago)
This truck had electrical issues beyond the starter.. Thanks for Watching !!! Trucker2chains.com
Happy Days (9 months ago)
Samara Draven > It doesn't hurt the engine if you put the transmission in high range and let the clutch out, low range usually stops you in your tracks.
Keith Michael Rau (1 year ago)
I'm curious why the hell they never tap the side of the starter with a hammer probably would have got them going and he wouldn't have to do any of this bullshit.....
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
The starter wasnt the problem...Hence we didnt tap the starter... Thatz why we went through all this bull$h!t... But I do appreciate you watching!!! Please check out some of my new videos !!! Trucker2chains
Wayne Swicegood (1 year ago)
It good to see someone willing to help. There’s way too many children posting videos laughing at someone else’s misfortune. I’ve been driving for only three years and so far I’ve been accident free but one thing I’ve learned is that it’s a dog eat dog world out here on the road. You’ve got about as many friendly faces as a Junebug swimming over a bream bed does.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
All True..... Im going on 9 years and it blows my mind everyday... when I was growing up my uncle and I would stop at truck stops and I would see him shake hands with other drivers and he would intoduce me to the drivers by there CB handle.. Now days, your lucky if anybody looks you in the eye as they walk by..... I appreciate you watching, and thank you for the comment !!! A.K.A 971155
Darrin H. (1 year ago)
u needed bailing wire and duct tape with that hillybilly plan lol always helped my dad !
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
Built a bridge once with paperclips and toothpicks... Thanks for watching!!! A.K.A 971155
4F Productions (1 year ago)
Now THIS is the trucking industry I like to see! :) others helping others.
Wayne Stenning (2 months ago)
Helping each other used to be a normal thing to do years ago..not so much anymore..Everyone is just out for themselves..The trucking industry has gone south with so many inconsiderate drivers . .so sad
nabil aichouni (1 year ago)
I would help a trucker if i can. Because i always get help from truckers when am on the road
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
A trucker for president??? THANKS FOR WATCHING !!! A.K.A 971155
Bill (1 year ago)
I think you should help when you can. But, in this case the plant should have been the ones to clear the road.
MrCrash698 (1 year ago)
i love the last statement "now this i know i can pull"......ya just cant back it..........lmfao
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
Please check out my channel !!! Not your average driver... Thanks for watching !!! A.K.A 971155
Gino Tarabotto (1 year ago)
Oh wow man, crazy.
Vince Hennigan (1 year ago)
Waste of time watching this.
Terry Reyes (1 year ago)
I think the truck being pulled wasnt even in neutral though.
Lucas Cruz (1 year ago)
You gave up easily.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
HUH ??? I was there for just over a hour !!! I had a delivery to make and after finding out he had multiple issues I decided it was time to cut the cord... But I do appreciate the comment !!! Thanks for watching !!! A.K.A 971155
ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed (1 year ago)
And some people are ok with computers running the world
blackericdenice (1 year ago)
This is the reason I don't help people who drive old trucks. They don't fix small problem like air leaks. When a big problem come alone. You have to deal with both. Also this probably wasn't his first time having this problem.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
He just started with the company and they gave him crap to drive, No worries. Thanks for watching !!! A.K.A 971155
MrCanadaSucks (1 year ago)
2 swift guys...double trouble ;)
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
I was leased onto SWIFT, He drove for someone else. I do appreciate the comment !!! A.K.A 971155
jamesbulldogmiller (1 year ago)
no good deed goes unpunished
Banana Monkey (1 year ago)
I saw that arm coming down..... And the ratchet straps breaking too
Arkansas Kid (1 year ago)
jesus christ no wonder the fuckers couldnt do shit right its fucking SWIFT
Bomani Erasto (1 year ago)
Lessons learned
clifford davis (1 year ago)
All you had to do when dropping the trailer was give the landing gear a couple more turns then on your dash dump you airbags on your drives and it would have take. The trailer weight off. Is this normal when it comes to one swift driver helping another lol. Glad you helped but that’s kinda the blind leading the blind isn’t it. Atleast your heart is in the right place.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
His air had already bled down.... bsides his electical problems he also had a bad air leak I didn't know about. I should have posted the entire 60 min video so all my viewers could see and hear our conversation.... But I do appreciate the comment and the view !!! Thank you!!! A.K.A 971155
1Lucky 7 (1 year ago)
Real trucker! your problem is our problem.
FixItStupid (1 year ago)
Hit The Stater .....Put KEY Over To Start...Then Hit THE STARTER OFF DEAD SPOT.....Ok Get A Bigger Hammer
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
He had bigger issues.... Thanks for the comment !!! A.K.A 971155
Mike Kazemirchyk (1 year ago)
Good guy, tried help him
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
👍!!! A.K.A 971155
wisdom4life (1 year ago)
All you people criticizing him for not unlocking the wheels of the disabled truck with his truck, here's the appropriate response: So What I Friggin Tried.
a476716048 (1 year ago)
The name of trucking company is blurred out... then you type it in the title???
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
a476716048 .... I was driving for Swift at the time... the truck I tried to pull out of the way was a different company... that name is blurred. ... A.K.A 971155
Val Kyrie (1 year ago)
Those straps' load limit is around 3,000 pound x 3 = 9,000 pounds. The weight of what you are trying to pull is more than 3 times of that if not more if he was loaded.
George Jungle (1 year ago)
Whose robbing this train?
timsalways (1 year ago)
There's nothing like a good movie, and already knowing how it will end.
tegf4 (1 year ago)
Use your glad hands to pump up the other air tank.
Steven Jennings (1 year ago)
That's why a driver should carry a good long chain
Angela King (1 year ago)
This is what we fellow and lady truckers should do and that's have one another's back. Much RESPECT TO YOU 👏👏❤😇😎
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
Thank you !!! Just trying to help out..... Check out my other videos on my channel !!! A.K.A 971155
Angela King (1 year ago)
I'm a swift driver and I thank you for being a true trucker 😊
Roy French (1 year ago)
I've had success with rapping on the starter while someone else fires it. Sometimes I hate this job.
TRUCKER 2CHAINS (1 year ago)
+Roy French He had bigger issues..... Thanks for watching !!! A.K.A 971155
Smooth Walkin Lizard Man (1 year ago)