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REAL TALK: Being a Delivery Driver

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In this video I'll talk about my experience being a delivery driver for Domino's. I'll also give some advice to people who are already a delivery driver and to people who want to be a delivery driver. Thanks for watching! ♡ SUBSCRIBE ♡ I post videos every Wednesday and Sunday! https://youtube.com/channel/UCMbxzrgnv-Tf-GvSSZ0O0tw?sub_confirmation=1 ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA ♡ instagram ⇛ https://www.instagram.com/kirademarco/ twitter ⇛ https://twitter.com/kira_demarco FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT sponsored. Hi, I'm Kira! Thank you for watching my video and scrolling all the way down in the description box. Please be sure to check out my lifestyle and beauty videos that are to come! Thanks for watching and I really hope you enjoyed the video!
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Zac Commons (2 days ago)
In Australia, the store doesn't ask you for money if you're robbed. In our training we're told to give it to them if they threaten you because our lives are worth more than our float/money
diego rodriguez (5 days ago)
Canh Nguyen (6 days ago)
I am also domino's driver. Depend on how busy and where you deliveries to. Someday i make 30-40 in tips. Another day I could whopping to 100 tips in 10 hrs work. I have to paid for gas, tear n wear, oil change, traffic ticket maybe, car break down, and chance of getting rob. 80%+ black people dont tips that reason why it a turn down for me and hate it so much because my area mostly black folks. Anyway, I make a decent living. Better than many other jobs out there.
Nelson4207 (5 days ago)
You pay for gas??? Ouch. Pay is 12-18$ an hour here after gas and mileage paid.
cool dude (8 days ago)
Im a driver and i get paid 12.50 an hour plus mileage and tips, they always tell me to drop off my money in a locker in the store and i can only carry $15 for change
LeeAnn Stumpff (12 days ago)
Why the fuck would you say you keep your money in there on the Internet?!?
LeeAnn Stumpff (12 days ago)
Also you should be doing drops pretty regularly between deliveries. So you wouldn’t have a ton of money on you.
Antonio Mathews (13 days ago)
I always try to tip at least $10-$20 and you can tell how much the drivers appreciate it! Those type of reactions never get old ❤
Trey With a basketball game tomorrow (14 days ago)
They call me the fastest driver around 13’ Focus st I’ll have it there in half the time the guy before me did.
Ryan Dillashaw (19 days ago)
I'll be starting at Domino's as a delivery driver in a few days. And I can't believe they don't cover the cost of theft, if you're robbed. How is that any different than someone coming into the store and robbing it for all the money in the register. They would cover that. So if you make a police report, then dominos insurance should cover it.
Scott Dreyfus (25 days ago)
Domino's 4$ delivery charge is complete bullshit. I don't know how much goes to the driver but I always tip well. I think it's a crock of shit that on an 11$ order I had to pay 17$ with tax, call it 20$ with tip. It's a complete scam by Domino's.
Vishsl Daksh (25 days ago)
How much money per month
Christopher Nevins (30 days ago)
I also work for dominoes and I agree with everything you are saying about the job, but then you took a dark turn. You need to move. The only thing I fear down hear is if I forgot their soda.
almighty salchicha (1 month ago)
Men should be the drivers and women inside being managers tbh
Brandon Gomez (1 month ago)
How old were you when you started
Keith A. Neubert (1 month ago)
Some good, practical info! Thanks from Maine.
Muhammed Anwar518 (1 month ago)
Hi I'm from india i have bike &car Dubai license can i get any food delivery jobs in UK or Ireland....??
Cesar Cardenas (1 month ago)
If this girl show up at my door step i be like u forgot to put ur phone number on my receipt
Toxik (2 months ago)
Starting my training as a delivery driver tomorrow, should be fun, hopefully
Toxik (29 days ago)
@Strafez But if you love driving and meeting new people while also playing music in your car, you'll love it. I personally enjoy making the pizzas too
Toxik (29 days ago)
@Strafez I'm guessing in Australia it works differently, because for me it's awesome, I love working there and I get paid 18 an hour, plus an allowance for using a personal vehicle, which is roughly 100 on top of the pay, and because I get a lot of hours cause I'm one of their best drivers, or at least I think of myself as so, which lands me at 430 a week, just for working 21 hours, plus the 100. Also the first pay takes a month to arrive but it adds up all the money you earned from those weeks, I ended up getting 2000 from it and was able to afford myself a good laptop that I use to make my videos. If you're not in Australia I'd probably ask people who work there, cause I don't know how the pay works there
Strafez (29 days ago)
Hey how is it so far? Do you like it? Is it worth it? (Is the money you make worth it and is it worth using your car for it)
Zoqti (2 months ago)
This is fake and the 0.00 is edited, smh
Isây I (2 months ago)
hello friend a question you choose the horium to work dominos to deliver pizza in draiver
Steven Brumley (2 months ago)
I've been thinking about delivering for a lil while this summer. Jus hesitant about messing up my car. And I'm really surprised men don't go back in there pockets once you get there. Your the most beautiful pizza delivery person I've ever seen.
123 123 (2 months ago)
lol if you get mad for not getting tips you shouldnt work as a delivery driver not our fault youre poor
Al Ramz (2 months ago)
who pays for car accidents while working at dominos?
Al Ramz (2 months ago)
FBI AGENT (2 months ago)
Holly cap that's terrible....l make 100 minimum on the slowest nights....normal nights is 130 to145 cash tips including the 1 dollar n change for mileage...l take about 24 to 27 runs
FBI AGENT (2 months ago)
I work for dominos .You should not carry more than 20 bucks in change..all drivers have safe boxes to turn cash in from every run
Good Humor (3 months ago)
I subbed & liked because I like how you confident you sound!
Good Humor (3 months ago)
I wanna start vloging my day at work!
No Body (3 months ago)
People forget that often: *The delays are mostly due to the kitchen *Drivers have to go to bad neighborhoods and get robbed all the time (sometimes they'll double up for safety but that's costly). And no that doesn't make pizza racist *Most states pay drivers LESS than min. wage due to assumed tips being received *Drivers wear down their car for you *They have to put up with your stoned/drunk or angry attitude constantly *Quadruple the fear if you're a female driver (drunk guys + bad neighborhoods = LAME0 *They have to go all the way back if your order isn't proper or good enough for you (again, KITCHEN's fault). Going back and forth costs gas and customers generally don't tip for errors For those of us who have worked in the service industry, we mostly know better and tip better (although we can be more insulted by bad service if we were good at our jobs). It's also better having $ go to the worker rather than the greedy corporation. If you want to save $ COOK AT HOME! Don't expect to get a cheap deal with delivery on top. Seriously, if $ is an issue you'd be cooking for yourself.
Anthony Neelands (3 months ago)
Did she work for corperate or individual? I work for individual and thinking twice now.... Domino's don't pay for vehicle damage? I am totally ?screwed!? Only job I have, now my car doesn't work, my paycheck is "HALF" of my min. wage friends, and.... my poor car(only car)! Quitting tomorrow! F#$%^K this!
Anthony Neelands (3 months ago)
I'm going to show my "boss" this. Everyone says he's the owner but he is the "Top" of the chain told by my asst. managers. Wish me luck.
Steven Crosby (3 months ago)
Very honest video..thank u
kevin lam (3 months ago)
Does domino provide you gps in the car?
Mac Neoh (4 months ago)
Not to be rude, but this sounds like the worst job ever. I know Michigan is Democratic shit hole, but there has to be some better way of making money. Everything you talked about sucks....the pay, hours, depreciating the hell out of your car, traffic tickets, getting robbed...possibly killed. You are letting a multimillion dollar corporation use your car, gas and insurance. How the hell are you making anything? Is it really that bad in Michigan? Get a minimum wage job and park your car for 8 hours. You will be much better off. I'm almost willing to bet you are paying to work. This is what 8 years of Obama got us. Again, not trying to be rude, you seem like an intelligent person and you have good work ethic. You should be making a fair wage for your talents.
ROSA_LES88 (4 months ago)
I'm 31 living here in Japan n have an interview this Friday. Hope I get it. Just something for now til I can find something better.
adu1991 (3 months ago)
Domino's is worldwide, lol. I think it's a good entry-level job. It's very similar to UPS. The two differences are that packages/gifts are being delivered(instead of food), and I'm helping the driver out as a helper. I wasn't the one who drove the UPS truck. I wouldn't mind having it for a year. McDonald's was far worse.... There was a manager there who yelled at me on the first day and criticized me behind my back for the duration of my time there.
Eyes of a Tragedy (4 months ago)
Why the heck are you not storing your cash in the locker they assign you? I work for dominos too and I have a mini locker along with the other drivers to keep money in for, you know, our safety?
Jacob Roth (13 days ago)
Eyes of a Tragedy You’ve got the negative attitude that all these old people walk in the store with. Talking about, “Where’s my damn pizza?” Like chill Eugene, it’s been 7 minutes. + grow your eyebrows out ma’am, they’re supposed to be even with your nostrils.
Listenio Listenio (4 months ago)
Do I have a chance of getting the job if I only just got my licence literally yesterday??
Maya Sage (4 months ago)
Probably not, most places require at least 2 to 3 years of experience!
VV Wolf (4 months ago)
Hi ,what about the gasoline ? Do they pay something ? Thanks
Green Sakana (6 days ago)
When I drove they'd give you a certain amount per delivery. For me it was $1.00 but that was in 2016.
Jonny (4 months ago)
If you need to tips to survive ,you need to choose another profession. Hate drivers or waiters that complain about not getting tip , like stfu bitch I don't HAVE to tip. I never tip. What's the purpose of a tipping
SuperSpaceGirlHDTV (4 months ago)
Watch out for Flair! She will steal your Domino's Pizzas
Lola & Mayukii (5 months ago)
That's good you talked about this. Because i might and hopefully get the job. But at least i know what to look out for.
Kooking with Kasper (5 months ago)
I’m a driver and I stay strapped, it’s a 22 but it’ll still protect me
American Patriot (4 months ago)
ChronicBuscemi weak but better than pepper spray
Michigan Mitten (5 months ago)
I was thinking about being a delivery driver and I’m not sure if I will deliver now because of the wear and tear and chance of being robbed so I’ll pass
adu1991 (3 months ago)
@JOHNPHILLIP8619 I'd actually love this job. A lot of driving, listening to my own music, doing deliveries.... Some people use "robberies" and being alone as downsides....but the former is a problem if you don't keep yourself safe, and the latter is for people who like to be around others nearly all the time. I don't mind working by myself. In some cases, I'd actually enjoy it!
adu1991 (3 months ago)
I'd take this over working at McDonald's(even though the pay is alright for both.... I've worked at McDonald's and didn't like it).
JOHNPHILLIP8619 (4 months ago)
@Michigan Mitten every new job is a gamble. But if you dont mind driving alot ,it's a pretty easy job with decent pay.
Michigan Mitten (4 months ago)
JOHNPHILLIP8619 you thibk I should maybe do it?
JOHNPHILLIP8619 (4 months ago)
Def worth the money. I've done it for yrs and never had anything even close to being robbed. And also cruising around listinin to music or somethin all day is pretty chill
Stefanie L. (5 months ago)
Yes. You make $5.50, but if your tips don’t make you exceed the minimum wage, your employer will have to pay you the difference. It’s federal law. So don’t everyone feel too bad.
The Magicman (3 months ago)
@JOHNPHILLIP8619 Hey thanks for the reply! is that when your working about 40 hours a week?
JOHNPHILLIP8619 (3 months ago)
@The Magicman I live In Chandler AZ. Crime isn't to bad and I live kinda in the poorer area of town. My rent is about 800. Also I do not have a vehicle payment. Paid off but getting a new vehicle soon. My checks totalled everympnth are about 600 to 800. Not much but I make well over 1k in tips a month.
The Magicman (3 months ago)
@JOHNPHILLIP8619 hi, i'm currently a delivery driver and i'm collecting data on where would be a good place to move and deliver pizza as a job that has the best tips/vs rent vs crime rate. is the crime rate low in your area? how much is the rent? mind sharing apx where you live? like what state?
JOHNPHILLIP8619 (4 months ago)
I'm a driver and only make 8/hr from my job but my tips easily double that every hr. In a whole day I've never made less than 15/hr. And that's a minimum. Average is easily 20-25/hr
Michael Spencer (5 months ago)
As a delivery driver you are still using your own money for gas and upkeep on your car. Fuck you for thinking 7 or 8 dollars an hour covers peoples gas and repairs. Let alone living expenses!
K. Hadel (5 months ago)
One time before I worked at Domino’s I worked for Papa Johns and my first week I had to call 911 because someone followed me for 6 miles and tailgated me aggressively and they followed me into the neighborhood I was delivering to. They didn’t fuck off until they saw me pull my phone off my windshield an dial
2 Speed (5 months ago)
I work for pizza hut in charleston. We get pay 9 dollars in the store and 4.50 on the road.
SiriusXAim (5 months ago)
From a London point of view. I work for Pizza Hut. They provide us the bikes. My rule number one is to stay clear of any delivery job that asks you to use your own vehicle, or worse, employs you as a sub contractor, unless the pay is 30% higher than average and you're ready to punish your vehicle with intensive use. Because even if they pay for gas, you'll have to fork out maintenance, depreciation, insurance and tax out of your own pocket, greatly diminishing your earnings. (A car costs about 50 cents per mile to run, including fuel). If they have their own fleet, you ain't got to worry about that. Pluses of the job - If you like driving, it's relaxing, no one is on your back, so pop in some music, light a smoke and enjoy the drive. Minuses - It's exhausting. There are risky areas where you might need protection. It's at antisocial hours, weekends and evenings. Can get boring if restaurant is quiet.
SiriusXAim (3 months ago)
@xSPIDER_MANx122 EU/UK law is more protective on this one. Your car, your rules. Else you use company car. And like I said, we used mopeds there...
xSPIDER_MANx122 (3 months ago)
Touchè, I work at a pizza hut in the states and I use my car. We are prohibited to smoke while taking the food.
SiriusXAim (3 months ago)
@xSPIDER_MANx122 Over exaggerated really. Cigarette smoke wouldn't affect a pizza, especially if windows are down. If so, it would catch the smell of the air freshener. And in London, we use mopeds, so the point is invalid there.
xSPIDER_MANx122 (3 months ago)
Probably shouldn't smoke in the car with someone's food in your back seat.
William (5 months ago)
Nearly every delivery job in America will have you use your own vehicle
dmkccR2ventureMade (5 months ago)
Thank you
Ruthlessnoodle (6 months ago)
I would NEVER deliver into areas that blacks live in. The statistics of being robbed or hurt is 53x more! Fuck that!
prancer1000 (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for your advice. It was very helpful.
ADucksOpinion (6 months ago)
being a girl must be harder.. I bet people try to hit on you and get ur number all the time but i bet they tip a cute girl more then a guy.
adu1991 (3 months ago)
Well, it's harder(or easier)....depending on the nature of the person. Someone actually tried to stalk Ashley Tisdale while being disguised as a pizza delivery boy and sending food to her house. He also sent to her 18,000 Tweets. True story.
Mike Head (6 months ago)
Pepper spray is terrible for defense exspecially if the attacker is high, get a tazer. They drop and you can keep them down.
Elysium Rod (4 months ago)
@Mike Head this is what I wanted to see buddy
slackerboy14 (6 months ago)
@Mike Head damn man your a delivery god
Mike Head (6 months ago)
Also I drove for 6 years get a money pen dont take cash on poarches with no lights. Change oil monthly rotate the tires often, get warrenties on them. For bigger tips keep, crushed red pepper and parm packets in the car along with plates and napkins 2 of each sauce, a 2 liter of each kind you can put these back at the end of a long shift or replacw throughout the night, ask each customer if they need anything at the house. Take down the trash on 3rd floor apartments or tell them youll get it on the way out, I would make 600-750 in tips in 4 days working plus hourly. I would double some of the other workers and noone knew how those are some secrets. Call on the way remember frequent customers name we have phones that store 1000s of phone numbers in them. Stand out as the best experiance they can have it will turn your 2-3$ tips to 5-6, your 5$ to 10$ and your 20$ to keep the change handing you a 50$.
Tyler T (6 months ago)
"I'm not a very good driver, I ran over a curb." Thats ok, i'm not a very good pilot.. almost crashed a few times.
TheAmazingFirehawk (1 month ago)
xSPIDER_MANx122 (1 month ago)
@Yuh Boi why does a duck have so many feathers on his ass? ....to hide his buttquack!
Yuh Boi (1 month ago)
xSPIDER_MANx122 it was pretty funny joke.
Toxik (2 months ago)
@xSPIDER_MANx122 True
xSPIDER_MANx122 (2 months ago)
I got the joke. It just wasn't funny.
Taylor Jason (6 months ago)
Hey kira, im currently a driver for dominos in australia, opinion should i just get another job if i dont want my car to be potentially thrashed, they provide company cars however it is never always guaranteed to drive one as there are others who either have really good excuses for not having cars or people who simply start before me. i think its time for a job change... thoughts?
The Magicman (3 months ago)
Hi, i'm a delivery driver in the usa and I'm collecting as much data as I can on the hourly rates other people make for delivering. May I ask how much you make in Australia? with hourly wage plus tips and mileage? What is the crime rate? What is the rent monthly there? Thanks for any information! My overall goal long term is to relocate and travel around.
kira faye (6 months ago)
it honestly depends on if you think it’s worth it. i don’t work there anymore for a combination of a couple things. i didn’t feel safe in the area i was delivering in and the roads in michigan can get really bad. the state doesn’t take good care of their roads so there’s tons of pot holes and during the winter, it’s really difficult for me to drive bc of the snow and ice (i’m from california so i’m not used to it lol). so i would say take a good look at the roads and how the weather can be bc those are honestly the biggest factors in how thrashed your car can get. if you feel like the money is worth it then don’t quit your job. it’s really up to you.
jesse ortega (6 months ago)
Couldn’t watch past 3 minutes because of her voice🤦‍♂️
Lalo 27 (5 months ago)
You wouldn't be saying that if she was on top of you
mary ann gonzalez (6 months ago)
jesse ortega because it sounds like she’s crying?
Robbie Noon (6 months ago)
Dang my interview is tomorrow.....sounds like I need to pack heat for this job! I'm just looking for a side hustle to pay for tattoos and spending cash.....
Nelson4207 (5 days ago)
@Nick weidenhamer You probably shot in the air because you were scared by someone. Im sure you were defending your life and not trying to show your wang huh? ;-) So did you murder the guy robbing you? No. That didnt happen bud. You keep pullin thay trigger on your glock 40 gangsta delivery bois! Repezent pizazz on pizza ave!!!
Nelson4207 (5 days ago)
Dude your a fukn loser. XD
Nick weidenhamer (4 months ago)
I carry a .40 caliber glock gen 5 after getting robbed. I've actually had to pull the trigger on the job. I was fired and didn't give a shit. My life is worth more than a $300.00 paycheck.
Robbie Noon (4 months ago)
@D A its awesome!!! I'm making way more than I was truck driving! I quit the truck driving gig and went all in delivering pizzas....making that $$$$$
D A (4 months ago)
@Robbie Noon how is it
Best P k videos (7 months ago)
hi.where you working city I want working Pizza what you help me mis
It Sick (7 months ago)
I’ve been a dominos delivery driver for a few years now to put my self through college. You can get car insurance through dominos, which isn’t that bad. But please don’t carry more then $20 on you. It’s for your safety. I live on the easy coast and people have tried to rob me (unsuccessfully), rather lose $20 bucks then $100.
Robbie Noon (5 days ago)
@Nelson4207 it's your own vehicle, I'm pretty sure you can....and if you do get fired...its a pizza job, not the end of the world
Nelson4207 (5 days ago)
@Robbie Noon you will be fired quicker than i can laugh at you to! It is not legal to carry a firearm to deliver pizza to college kids. XD You are a representative of that company, not a civilian with a firearm.
Robbie Noon (4 months ago)
@RogerDa Rev if you're an American you can
RogerDa Rev (5 months ago)
If you have your ccw can you carry on the job? Just wondering
Jessie Kilgore (7 months ago)
Some places pay 10/hr plus mileage for delivery drivers, like big restaurants, Domino's is a company ran by cheapskates
Rachel T (5 months ago)
Josh Reid WTF? Where do you live, because after working here now, we don’t get anything extra per run and average anywhere from 5-20 at MAX for 8 hours. Plus less than 30% customers tip.
Josh Reid (5 months ago)
I made 8 an hour plus 1.30$ per run I took and avg 28 runs per 8 hour shifts working 50 hours been robbed 3 times got all my stuff back my because cops are your best friend. But also you drop your money after every delivery... never carry more than 20$.. that's standered and carrying weapons will make it worse.. But I mean if you want quick cash while your looking for another job go delivery for 2 months on avg walking out every two weeks with 1700
Rachel T (6 months ago)
Jessie Kilgore I just got the job today and am here because of the scary crime gossip. I’ll be delivering til 2 a.m. and they don’t pay for gas. I’m scared now o.o
Nunya Business (7 months ago)
Why does she sound like she is going to cry any second 😂
Georgie2500 (2 months ago)
It's a hard knock life
Kris Radke (2 months ago)
Cause she works for Domino's.
The Observer (6 months ago)
Delivering summed up
Rocky Delgado (7 months ago)
kira faye sup ma
Shahbaz Malik (7 months ago)
Am Pakistani boy need A job
Robbie Noon (4 months ago)
Bring me pizza
Miggie with da 'fro (8 months ago)
Can you explain how the pay works? I recently started a few days ago but not even the general manager explained it. She said she doesn’t do deliveries so she doesn’t know how the pay is calculated. Ridiculous
REED MUSIC (1 month ago)
@Muse Russell23 yes..it's usually per run. Not per mile
Neil Parmar (7 months ago)
Miggie with da 'fro if the GM hasn't ever delivered before I would quit. If they've never delivered themselves then how do they know what you go through out there?
Muse Russell23 (7 months ago)
@Galaxy gamer 2 Boi theres no way you pay drivers 1.35 per mile, maybe 1.35 per delivery but even that's higher than my store. You're claiming that if a driver took a 10 mile round trip for a delivery them they would get paid over 13 dollars just for mileage, I dont buy that at all
Galaxy gamer 2 Boi (7 months ago)
Hello, i work for Domino's as an assistant manager. Drivers here get paid $7.25 while inside the store. When they are delivering, they get paid 4.75 per hour on the road. The tips usually make up for the 4.75 pay rate. They also get paid a certain amount per mile. Ours is $1.35 per mile. Your pay rates might be different depending on where you are located and which store you work at. Hope this helped you understand!
kira faye (8 months ago)
i don't think they have strict pay guidelines that every store needs to follow, so it'll probably be different at your store than it was at mine. the way it usually goes though is you have a base hourly pay and then you'll get a set amount per delivery plus mileage. you get to keep all the tips you make, though. i'd tell your manager she needs to figure it out bc that's important lol. that's very unprofessional i'm sorry you have to deal with that.
DirtyBird_1978 (8 months ago)
Jets in michigan pays $7.50 an hr plus $3.50 each run. Hungry howies pays drivers $7.25 an hr plus $4.50 a run. Dominos pays the least.
Neil Parmar (8 months ago)
I wish people would come get their food themselves if they don't want to tip.
#Will2Times (1 month ago)
FBI AGENT (1 month ago)
Say it again bro. They want to take advantage of the system
Leeroy Jenkins (3 months ago)
Miggie with da 'fro (8 months ago)
Is the pay good?
Josh Reid (5 months ago)
Pay is always based on you.. depends on how hard you wanna work for that money. I tell all my drivers that before I hire them some walk out with 20$ a night and my top drivers walk out with 160
Muse Russell23 (7 months ago)
It depends on your location. Actual standard pay is not good at all (the wage the store gives you, very low on and off the road). Its basically completely dependent on tips, if you work in a busy area then you can do pretty well, if you work in a slow area then it's not worth it at all because of the expenses for your car. Generally college towns can be fairly busy if you are by a big school
Hector Garcia (8 months ago)
Is your nose piercing a problem with working at dominos as a driver?
kira faye (8 months ago)
the general manager at the store didn't care, but the district managers did so i just took it out whenever they were there. if you're going to work at a corporate store, they're probably going to be way more strict about that.
Miggie with da 'fro (8 months ago)
Hector Garcia at my location it is. Maybe for her location is doesn’t matter or she wears a plastic stopper
Cap10Ahab (8 months ago)
Thanks, Kira.
retta1960 (8 months ago)
You be safe out there. :)
Flymke1200 (8 months ago)
I always pay my delivery driver good. 9 dollar tip for a 34 order.
YoungGonzalez (2 months ago)
If I ever fucking see you in real life, I’m buying you a beer
KHABIB TIME!!! (3 months ago)
Raymond J HERO🔥🔥
Leeroy Jenkins (3 months ago)
Thanks man. No kidding.
TaeKun (8 months ago)
You are a good man.
Declan Tumler (9 months ago)
@kira faye YOYO I just got a delivery job at dominoe's and i'm making $11.50 an hour plus tips for like $22 an hour LOOOOOOOOOOL
Gnosis Seeker (9 months ago)
Basically basically basically
Evan Pysher (9 months ago)
Here's a tip coming from an experienced delivery driver...just use your brain when you drive. You'll be fine, just try it.
Aldo Jaquez (4 months ago)
Jesse Garza (9 months ago)
How did the insurance go with the car accident? I had an interview for a driver position yesterday and now the issue is spooking me out
Muse Russell23 (7 months ago)
@kira faye you can call up different insurance companies and just ask what policies they have available for delivery drivers at chain food stores such as dominos. I know that GEICO's Rideshare policy covers uber/lyft/door dash/Amazon flex etc., so that may include chain stores like dominos as well since they cover deliveries (even though they are gig economy jobs- independent contractors- as opposed to employee at a company)
kira faye (8 months ago)
it was a very minor accident: both cars only got small scratches. the guy waved it off and we didn't use insurance so i'm 100% sure how it would work if we had involved insurance. i'm sorry i'm not much help with that!
Coleman Fly (9 months ago)
You need to tell your Insurance company that you’re using your car for delivery driving ! I️m a delivery driver for jimmy johns and I have State Farm , if they don’t know you deliver, you probably aren’t covered if you wreck while working . You’re energy is dope by the way !!
Robbie Noon (4 months ago)
If you work for Jimmy John's how do you get your insurance company to cover you?
Muse Russell23 (7 months ago)
@LONE WOLF it's completely dependent on your location. I worker at a slow place for a while and it was not worth it whatsoever, I then worked at a busy college town and you make decent tips
Coleman Fly (9 months ago)
kira faye np !!
LONE WOLF (9 months ago)
I deliver for Dominos is Mississippi so i know and it's my night job. I've worked for them before but at a different location and i left because i wasn't getting tipped hardly ever and this location is alot worse..SMH.. Not worth it in my opinion.
LONE WOLF (9 months ago)
There is no probably,if you aren't covered under your insurance for work/delivery related jobs then it will be bad for you if something happens..
dontsleep 963 (9 months ago)
what's your minimum wage in Michigan??so I can kind of estimate what I'll make,I start Monday
Imran vhora (9 months ago)
@kira faye Hello I m imran from India and I working now in dominos last 5 years as associated manager. Please I want your help for dominos pizza work there so I want your help please way to me how to applying there for job in dominos. I m like USA I love USA I have my dream for USA dominos work please help me I am waiting here for your reaply WhatsApp number::+91 9898616629 Please sponsor me
kira faye (9 months ago)
@dontsleep 963 good luck!
dontsleep 963 (9 months ago)
ok cool,I start on Monday in Chicago,well see how this goes,RN I'm currently doing rides for Uber
kira faye (9 months ago)
dontsleep 963 regular minimum wage in michigan for non tipped employees is $9.25 and i’m not sure what the actual minimum wage is for tipped employees but my hourly was $5 at the store i was at
Jimmy Wadsworth (10 months ago)
Does Domino's do drug test
Jacy Viho (4 months ago)
full background checks tho
Steven Irizarry (8 months ago)
No they do not
Miggie with da 'fro (8 months ago)
Jimmy Wadsworth my location does
kira faye (10 months ago)
i worked at a franchise store it might be different at a corporate store idk
kira faye (10 months ago)
the one i worked at didn’t
Carlos Flores (10 months ago)
WOW 🤩🤩
Dâniël Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Your so pretty :$
adu1991 (3 months ago)
She is ;)
DirtyBird_1978 (3 months ago)
@Sheriff Hoyt that's what I thought..ya goofy cunt rag.
Sheriff Hoyt (3 months ago)
@DirtyBird_1978 It's actually pranknet ( i am not pranknet) & I don't expect them to get too many views. If you look at pranknet they average 15k views over 10 years. But I post them for myself not for anyone else. Lol u h8ter
DirtyBird_1978 (3 months ago)
@Sheriff Hoyt YOUR* prank call vids are lame. That's why they have 0 views. Haha
musicbyniko (10 months ago)
this was helpful. thanks lol i have my orientation thursday. btw i was very shocked to see that you have such a small channel, the quality of everything is like what a big youtuber would have and you're also really good at talking to the camera. good luck to your channel :)
Master Mix (4 months ago)
already did you get her number?
kira faye (10 months ago)
thank you! good luck at your orientation!
Alex Urrutia (10 months ago)
im about to become a delivery driver for dominoes !
youngmoney565 (10 months ago)
u look like this singer clairo lol
Austin (21 days ago)
bruh that was my first thought
Ian C (11 months ago)
Thinking about pizza delivery. But how would you handle giving out change?
iixnullxii1 (9 months ago)
@kira faye just to clarify for others, you're not giving your own money as the change, the tips you get are yours. You give money from the cash orders you take. If you need a new bank exchange a $20 from a cash order or exchange from your drop box.
kira faye (11 months ago)
they'll give you a "bank" of $20 and that should take care of the change you need and it'll just come out of your tips at the end of your shift
OG Ankou (11 months ago)
Start my first day tomorrow but it's a bit different in the UK.
Imran vhora (9 months ago)
Hello I m imran from India and I working now in dominos last 5 years as associated manager. Please I want your help for dominos pizza work there so I want your help please way to me how to applying there for job in dominos. I m like USA I love USA I have my dream for USA dominos work please help me I am waiting here for your reaply WhatsApp number::+91 9898616629 Please sponsor me