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WHY People Are FREAKING OUT On Olivia Wilde, Eminem, Nick Cannon & What The IG Report REALLY Says...

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Text Comments (4397)
Jon Durham (11 days ago)
It’s weird that all 17 omissions and errors all worked against the president. Whether you like him or hate him it is very hard to see no bias, if you watched the full senate hearing the IG mentioned many instances that sound like complete bias. Side note, listening to Adam schiff is a know cause of ear cancer so look out peeps
Serhiy Semeniuk (12 days ago)
I miss these teeth
R H (30 days ago)
@9:30 is her face broken? Put her ass in a horror movie
markcferg (1 month ago)
So, basically this is no different than the absolute horseshit "When They See Us" which makes up in its entirety the motivations, actions, interviews and interrogations of the Central Park Five. Duvernay confirmed she dramatized it, and the cop involved (a Hispanic, non white American--included because the film pains this otherwise) as a racist along with the prosecutor. It excludes attacks openly acknowledged by the young men. The modern press does seem to have some issues with honesty and it's feelings towards "white men" since that's one of the many repeated comments. However, in Eastwood's case, I'd be more inclined to trust someone that isn't basing his entire story on fiction.
Snr. Froggy Mooopew (1 month ago)
That announcing the articles of impeachment kind of sounded like someone doing a bad Trump impression lol
Shay (1 month ago)
i miss phil!!!
gigglyme2001 (1 month ago)
For the record Olivia Wilde, I always call James Bond a whore if I see one of the movies on tv and I told my dad, there’s no way that male slut doesn’t have STDs
lewis garrett (1 month ago)
I'm drunk and all I heard was butt-chugging.
FoxyRodgers (1 month ago)
Seriously...the Clintons got off...so will Trump
FoxyRodgers (1 month ago)
Just got my first defranco gear ever!!! All for Christmas!!! 3pr of socks...common sense jacket...tshirts...man what a great day...happy to be helping the nation while representing it
Come to daddy (1 month ago)
That 100T hoodie thou. Love it
AMc2781 (1 month ago)
why do we "need" to talk about nick cannon?
Joshua Hutton (1 month ago)
18 mistakes in FBI's fisa application... Yeah... no biased there... I guess the FBI are just terribly incompetent? Even James Comey? Complete dumbass or lying dickhead. Pick one.
Joshua Hutton (1 month ago)
Joshua Hutton (1 month ago)
Philip pls look at the OTHER side STOP just showing Shifty Shiff and that other dumbass giving IDIOTIC accusations. Where are the Republican videos rebutting their DUMBASS Democrat arguments? Why arent U showing them? Afraid it might make the Republicans look good? Hence, Trump as well... lol
angela evans (1 month ago)
Honestly, I think it's funny that the media is all butt hurt about someone taking creative license on a story about real people. LOL, Nick be trying.
Jarin (1 month ago)
Also obviously Nick just wants some attention which tbh he needs, I actually feel genuinely bad for him.
Jarin (1 month ago)
Media is sometimes shit but doing the same injustice to a deceased journalist that you’re trying to rectify done to the subject of your film seems ironic in a bad way
Paul Heyn (2 months ago)
If that's true then let it be true for Christ six Hollywood has been told that they can't tell us the truth unless it's in a story like form that doesn't seem true get it so it's okay to tell us in a fantasy story with only 2% to be true life facts. And if that's the truth then you should do a movie on our government and Princess Diana and JFK and how Ronald. And if that's the truth then you should do a movie on our government and Princess Diana and JFK and how Arnold Schwarzenegger still there shit the tuna go on in this world that will never going to find out fact Love You Phillip peace out brother
Stephen 1982 (2 months ago)
How can anyone not believe the media has turned bad, especially after the last 6 years? It's unbelievable how dishonest it's become (on both sides).
John Tallo (2 months ago)
Nice 100thieves hoodie
ॐNeo_White _Rabbitॐ (2 months ago)
Why don't you put time stamps on all your videos. Do you forget sometimes?
Phil The Logician (2 months ago)
*If a movie isn't a documentary isn't kind of obvious that not everything portrayed is going to be 100% true, nor did they ever claim it to be true. It's a movie.*
Nostalgic Universe (2 months ago)
I really don’t understand the saying “lying on my dick” what does that mean.
Sierra Symonne (2 months ago)
The ajc can rot tbh but it is rather fucked up to think it's okay to paint that reporter as basically a prostitute when she can't even defend herself. She was a real person, and im sure her family wont appreciate it. In the end her son was not found guilty, and there are still plenty of people who regarded him as the hero he was and still do.
Kayleigh (2 months ago)
I'm sorry, but the press have never been good. The press can be absolutely horrible and definitely full of themselves. If you're offended over the movie then clearly that means you've done something wrong 😂😂 it's a movie. No one thinks that everything is 100% true
KatMan Foo (2 months ago)
LMFAO my friend who never watched the news, who lives at a trump supporter house has no idea about the impeachment process and I went through his living room to the bathroom to take a shit and find this video, I walked thru family time around the TV watching Fox news. I found it hilarious. I get to now go to his room and highlight why exactly Trump is u set the gun for impeachment process
Chapo (2 months ago)
Obstruction of congress = checks and balances
Meg Lea (2 months ago)
What if “Erin Brockovich” had been struck down?
lelwut (2 months ago)
IG report: Yeah, FBI faked shit and lied, but who cares about that wooo! We broke laws, who cares woooo! We did send spies but people will only watch our MSM buddies reporting on this so they will be clueless wooo!
Chad Reno (2 months ago)
Who led us into Iraq under the pretense of "WMDs"? Who led us to believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11? Who led us to believe that Libya and now Syria need to be given "muh freedom." Who led us to believe that a $3 trillion waste of a war in Afghanistan that's taken thousands of American soldiers' lives and thousands more civilians actually produced a result that managed to quell terrorism when it didn't. Who led us to believe that they were "taking babies out of the incubators." Who led us to believe "Trump, Russia, Collusion!" Who led us to believe that we needed to fight in Vietnam? The same type of yellow journalism that's led to countless pointless wars, causing thousands upon thousands of deaths (literally a million if you include Iraq), just as it always has, continued to lie to the ignorant public in order to push an agenda; As I'm concerned fuck the media.
Grizzly Adams (2 months ago)
Once again you remind me just how bias you are Phil. You are pro-democrat (which is fine). But you really need to advertise your news outlet as such. You are not neutral in any sense of the word otherwise you would give the political perspective from the other side of the lane as well. EVERY video I watch of you is nothing but slander towards republicans.
Newbyrock23 (2 months ago)
Diss tracks are a cancer. I’ll never understand why they are necessary. If you have so much to offer, you don’t need to boost yourself by weight of comparison. How childish...
Polly g (2 months ago)
how ironic,i bet those same reporters forgot what their fellow reporters did during the Munich olympics they filmed live a swat team entering a window of a room full of terrorists and hostages,we all know hotel rooms have TVs,people were killed, yet once again the scum media got away free
DuffinThe Muffin (2 months ago)
So AJC can dismiss a decimation lawsuit yet they get all upidy when they get defamed
Ted Comet (2 months ago)
2:34 Wait wait wait the AJC is upset that people reporting things falsely
Alex Davies (2 months ago)
ironic that an organisation that reported untrue things as news because they didn't commit to research is slamming someone for publishing something untrue for entertainment?
COSTAFINKEL (2 months ago)
You got to be kidding me. Most reporters ARE vampires!!!! They prey on people for stories and will destroy anyone for a good story!
Princess Rose (2 months ago)
I hate trump but it’s true, news media is your enemy that’s just a fact
lelwut (2 months ago)
funny, because news media is what's trying hard to make you hate him ;)
Eric E (2 months ago)
Nick Cannon has been writing that diss track for 9 years
Bizz (2 months ago)
Yes, you aren't allowed to criticize or Parody mainstream media. Only they can do that, and if you criticize them your a Trump supporter I guess? They need to get off their high horse.
Cody Williams (2 months ago)
hahahaha @13:50 phil belives WaPo stuff
Cody Williams (2 months ago)
@9:34 it is IN the national interest of all americans to get information that is relevant to an election. Why do they want to hide Bidens dealiings so bad?
pablo munoz (2 months ago)
...so the media hates it...the media says its trumpish...I'm watching as anything the media associates with trump tends to have nothing to do with trump and turns out to be a gem.
Tonatiub (2 months ago)
It always brings a smirk to my face when journalists still act as if they are the heroes of the people and act outraged when people treat them like the trash they are. You reap what you sow.
Ryan Beattie (2 months ago)
I like the rep of 100 thieves by Phil :)
Joshua Purinton (2 months ago)
Obstruction of Congress isn't a thing. Obstruction of Congress is literally being in the Executive Branch... the whole point of the 3 branches of government is that they get in each others way.
Timor Khanagov (2 months ago)
Oh the irony... Clickbait smear merchants whining about a movie not being nuanced.
Lady Owl (2 months ago)
Man Nick is really grasping at straws to stay relevant. Hes just mad Eminem made Mariah feel ways he never could 😂
ScrewFearMe (2 months ago)
damn, thats a good one
hoorayfortyler (2 months ago)
We really do live in an age of softies...wtf is going onnnnn
luoi sant (2 months ago)
You forgot to mention the fact that CIA lawyers and FBI lawyers knowingly falsified court documents
M. E. (2 months ago)
Nick Cannon is still mad Mariah cheated on him with the white boy from Detroit 😂😂😂
Holly Totallyarealname (2 months ago)
"you bougie fuck" is probably a better slam than all of nicks track and also my new favorite insult 😂
YouTube Luver (2 months ago)
Thank goodness Nick stopped wearing those dumb turbans......at least currently, on Masked Singer
John Doe (2 months ago)
Wait,why did Phil not say that the surveillance was illegal?wtf?
John Doe (2 months ago)
ScrewFearMe lol
ScrewFearMe (2 months ago)
@John Doe lol
John Doe (2 months ago)
ScrewFearMe apparently trump was spied on which their was no evidence for until this past week on the ig report.
ScrewFearMe (2 months ago)
Goofy's son Max is HOT (2 months ago)
You know the comments are gonna be cringy when you see Eminem in the title
HeWhoHates (2 months ago)
Of course 50 had something to say about that shit
Stewie griffin (2 months ago)
I haven't watched this guy for 5 plus years. Still the same, quality content.
RockawayCCW (2 months ago)
the dems trying to distract from their own unethical behavior by accusing Trump of unethical behavior... and most Americans are dumb enough to fall for it.
Green Ranger (2 months ago)
I think its stupid to impeach trump, no matter how much of a garbage human being he is. If we impeach him we should have impeached Obama but because he was attractive, smooth talker, and respected his wife in public everyone loved him.
Ralph Dennis (2 months ago)
No, it's Ironic that the journalists are crying for the film allegedly doing the same exact thing they do every day. Fuck mainstream media.
Isaac Chay (2 months ago)
They are saying orange man bad about a movie that hasn't even come out yet ??
Isaac Chay (2 months ago)
so the movie didn't come out yet and they already label as some trump supporter white man ewwy film that you definitely shouldn't see. Now I am definitely going to see it.
Panda (2 months ago)
Funny how leaches get their name out there by 'dissing' Eminem.
Marinus van Zyl (2 months ago)
"Publically acknowledging that some events were imagined for dramatic purposes, and artistic license and dramatization were used in the film's portrayal of events and characters. " Hmmm. Can't ever remember a liberal leaning movie ever having to do so when portraying "real life events"? :P
Avery Martin (2 months ago)
Even Eminem is afraid to diss Eninem.
The Neo-Epicurean (2 months ago)
That is NOT a good summary of the IG report, I've written the true findings below: Firstly, there is a 'low-bar' for opening an investigation, anything would be a reason, and only in absence of any reason at all would it be reasonable to claim that it must have been started due to a bias - so the main headline that the investigation was 'opened without bias' is virtually a meaningless statement. Secondly, after that point almost all decisions were made in absence of a reason! Horowitz explicitly said that documents were doctored and then used to get a surveillance warrant and there was evidence of anti-Trump bias as the reason for that. Horowitz didn't want to make up reasons without evidence, but it doesn't take much to look at the text messages of the FBI and work out what that mystery reason for their actions was. You claim that Christopher Steele had a relationship with Trump family - thus a pro-Trump bias - The truth is he shook Ivanka's hand at a public function and sent her an email! That is not a relationship! - I haven't actually looked at the evidence for the claims that he was anti-Trump, but that claim has been made and uncontested. And finally, just to get the actually summary of what happened - The Democrats wanted dirt on their political opponent in an US election - they put money into the company Fusion GPS to get dirt on Trump - they found a foreign agent - Christopher Steele trying to sell a dossier of information on Trump - that included this story that Trump pissed on Russian prostitutes that was filmed and used to blackmail by the Russians. The Democrats bought this and gave it to the FBI. At this point the Clinton campaign started acting like they had something big on Trump and all this Russia talk started. The FBI investigated the 'Steele Dossier' and found out that Steele was not credible and the sources for his 'facts' were stories told to him in a bar, and the person that told him was interviewed and he had no sources. Now, the FBI knew this dossier was rubbish, but used it the FISA court to get surveillance permits for the Trump campaign (and also doctored documents to make Trump team look suspicious) - there is a high bar to surveil a US citizen under 4th Amendment rights - so they would not have got this if they hadn't lied to the courts, as there was no other evidence of Trump being involved with Russia. The fall-out of all this is that fact the Democrats believed through all these investigations that the allegations were actually true, they thought that they would be able to impeach Trump guaranteed - but at the end of 3 years of investigation they had nothing. All the preparation they had in place was not going anywhere. So now we have the Ukraine allegations, which are a last minute attempt to keep the impeachment plan alive. The reason that Trump has been talking about fake news so much, is that he knew that all these allegations leaked to the media were false! These FBI and Democrat actions have been so decisive and damaging to the country, they should really be held accountable for their actions.
Ryan Z (2 months ago)
I love how with the Richard Jewel story, they're completely okay that they ruined a mans life while he was alive by portraying him as a terrorist but god forbid the movie say the reporter traded sex for information.
ScrewFearMe (2 months ago)
yeah, its ironic and hypocritical
DarthCoffeeBag (2 months ago)
so ajc didn't consider the impact their article would have on the guard , but demands Eastwood be considerate of their rep . haha
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
Classic trick to say a bunch of convoluted stuff and let the majority of people come to their own conclusion about its meaning. Shame on you Philip for what you said around the 14 minute mark
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
Who is that person what is the context of why it matters that I'm hearing about some dudes text messages? We go from the Steele dossier to claims of what's not Foul Play and then going into evidence for foul play but not necessarily stating in what. The simplest explanation is that this is intentionally convoluted. That my impression that somebody did something wrong and is a trump supporter was the desired effect, not clear understanding.
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
So there's no chs, but the CHS were Trump supporters...
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
Who commissioned the Steele dossier?
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
How much the truth benefit from people asking more questions on all the sides of a problem?
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
Would it be okay if Trump produced something like the Steele dossier?
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
What is odd about this Channel's coverage of the impeachment is failure to include Arguments for and against and rather chooses to focus predominantly on only the unsubstantiated portion.
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
Olivia Wilde is brilliant and you should listen to what she has to say.
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
Ultimately it comes down to people claiming that outrage is more real than the substance being discussed.
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
A movie that demonizes people based on things that reflective real world. No say it didn't happen oh no! Hippocrates
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
They deceive
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
ninja (2 months ago)
trump wins
Mike Abner (2 months ago)
Rockin' the 100T merch
Baked (2 months ago)
You are lying Horowitz said it was inconclusive.
Baked (2 months ago)
when u dont like someones policies you accuse them of abuse of power. Democrats are skanks.
Space Wizard Pip (2 months ago)
I swear Eminem is just minding his own business and people write distrack on him.
Bygkakpolak (2 months ago)
100 THIEVES!?!?!?!?!!
Chev J (2 months ago)
That 100 thieves shirt though.
seekandestroy77 (2 months ago)
Nick only a rapper on his whack ass show.
Tradedancers (2 months ago)
Philly D flexing on me with his 100 Thieves hoodie
Amish Butter (2 months ago)
I think it would be a bigger power move if Eminem just didn't respond
Justice /s (2 months ago)
Did he start off the video hitting the whoah ?
L 1711 (2 months ago)
Your intro phrase/voice reminds me of christian Slater in heathers lol
eg6gsr (2 months ago)
Nick Cannon has a great career and while he has had something not be so great he's still made a name for himself and has made a lot of money from that so I have NO idea why he keeps trying to get his rap career kick started.
hyper fox (2 months ago)
The press is the enemy of the people though.
Caleb Lee (2 months ago)
The "nation' makes it sound like he's Malcom X talking about the Nation of Islam.
DestinyKiller (2 months ago)
If Clint Eastwood were trying to be 'political' about "fake news" why hasn't it shown up in any of the other recent movies he's directed? It feels like they don't think their criticism of the movie itself and the way the AJC is portrayed would stand up on its own so they are basically throwing an "Ok, boomer" at it. If he's so dead-set on being political in his movies show me another movie that is directed by him that is overtly political
SwordBreaker925 (2 months ago)
I cant wait to see these bullshit impeachment attempts to fail. They're only helping Trump. The vast majority of the US population knows this is purely political
SwordBreaker925 (2 months ago)
Maybe if the media stopped shoving biased nonsense in our faces 24/7, they'd stop being "Demonized". And no, i'm not just talking about left or right. All mainstream media sucks. Though the vast majority of mainstream media is left-wing.
SkarletShadows (2 months ago)
Okay is it just me or is keeping up with the impeachment stuff too difficult. I've lost track of what was going on since. like.. the start. i need a re cap of the entire fking thing like holy crap
Marcos Martins (2 months ago)
He might not have had a chauffeur but he definitely had a "d" in his mouth!
Curtis Green (2 months ago)
""why don't you let him cheat in one more election" Wish we could have a two year long investigation to find out if Trump cheated in the first election. Oh wait.... Well at least it's clear how much salt is needed for the last half of the video based on bias. The amount is skip it and find a different video. You're better than this, Phil.
EnigmaDrath (2 months ago)
Eminem calling Nick Cannon a 'bougie fuck' made my day
Hieillua (2 months ago)
Can't stand the clickbait on this channel. It's also just a bit more classier Keemstar. It feeds off on so much drama.
Lorraine (2 months ago)
The movie thing is really icky... They could have made a good movie without all the made up shit
Jeff And WW3 (2 months ago)
"Nick Canon better back the fuck up, I'm not playing, I want to bag you punk" -Eminem responding to Nick Cannon's diss track in his 2009 song Bagpipes from Baghdad