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How to Make a Human Pot Pie

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First you're gonna need about 500 potatoes, 300 carrots and 5 to 6 moist humans. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST Zac Oyama Cynthia Kao Grant O'Brien Katie Marovitch Siobhan Thompson Mike Trapp Shane Crown CREW Director - Ryan Anthony Martin Writers - Zac Oyama Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator- Francesca McLafferty Director of Photography - Luc Delamare 1st AC - Christian Armada 2nd AC/DIT - Matt Richardson Gaffer - Vince Valentin Key Grip - Justin Lee Production Designer - Rick Mader HMU - Kathleen Pardo Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound President of Original Content - Sam Reich Vice President of Production- Spencer Griffin Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks Supervising Producer- Alex Edge Production Legal- Karen Segall Production Accountant- Shay Parsons Production Accountant- Chetera Bell Production Assistant - Caroline Bible Production Intern - Helena McGill Production Intern - Sharilyn Hernandez Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart Editor - Ryan Anthony Martin Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez Head Assistant Editor - Jess Green Assistant Editor - Spencer Kombol
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Text Comments (1473)
shaymin965 (6 hours ago)
Anyone else see the illuminati eye on the bottom of the pie at 1.59?
Flippy (2 days ago)
If there was a giant HD video on a giant HD camera, and were to watch it on a regular sized screen, would it by the most HD video in the world?
Alec S (2 days ago)
His fingers are gross
Hi, I am a cat! (2 days ago)
what did you use the salt and pepper for?
Ater Nefarium (3 days ago)
After video, everyones roof to there houses just get lifted and next thing you know, the anime attack on titan is born.
Baklol Master (3 days ago)
If you look close enough, the giant is also a human and these guys are tricking us with their editing.
Logan Duhon (5 days ago)
Why is it not called a "People Pot Pie"
Jullien Harris (5 days ago)
this scared me lol
gunboss201 (8 days ago)
Why do I get this feeling that this sketch's script could be written by one of the vintage Collegehumor staff in the background?
Cool gamerX (9 days ago)
This was horrible XD
Hannie Kong (11 days ago)
Did anyone else think the triangle at the base if the cooked pie looked like another illuminati easter egg?
please insert name here (12 days ago)
Do other people see bill cipher in the pie?
SCP Intelligence Agency (17 days ago)
Paul Bunyan.exe
LadyRavenEyes (21 days ago)
i would like to request more cooking with the giant videos
Cake Behaviour (21 days ago)
F giants I know a titan chef when I see one
Starmadien2019 (23 days ago)
Wheres the moisture you're a gonna need about 1000 cans of cream of mushroom, don't forget seasonings like garlic, pepper and for a little spice ass cracked peppercorns about 10,000 to the recipe, also you need to add more humans preferably the younger ones and they make for a more softer taste due to their their cartridge not yet turning into bones. you can find the younger ones in buildings labeled schools. it must be like a veal factory or something because they put them in closed rooms and tiny living quarters. of course be sure to grab them between the hours of 8a.m-3p.m because then they'll go home and it will be hard to get that many.
mrsniper12333 (24 days ago)
Shouldve said titans
Jonite (26 days ago)
For me the humans are very distracting. The humans dont stop making noise. is there a way I can shut them up while i still leave em alive
Starmadien2019 (23 days ago)
Put them in a large jar make sure it's big enough so that they don't run out of air, then put a lid a on the jar so you can't hear them. or you could just remove their tongues with a pair of tweezers , but due note that this is a very difficult thing to do. I find that even after years of making this recipe i still occasionally mess up. good luck
Carex Antibacterial handwash (27 days ago)
Jesus christ that is dark
Marion Lewis (27 days ago)
Can you make a video of how to train you humans?i feel like There are some many great uses for them,even though I do love human pot pie,humans are great to do work for you,be a great present for a birth day,and even making them entertain for you!! Ps I find that adding cheese to human pot pie makes it have a more smooth taste!!
phantom freddy (28 days ago)
Well... I tried this and the wrapping they use as clothes is too fibery for me, so I took it off and carefully removed the genitals, dropped a few cows in there and boom! you got great taste
Dulaj Viduranga (29 days ago)
Very happy that collegeHumor is trying again. They were going down for some time but I think they are back again
Human Experiment (29 days ago)
This legit was terryfying...
no name (30 days ago)
this was very helpful I was wondering how to make human pie
Noah G. (30 days ago)
Damn I'm out of potatoes.
Random Pikachu (30 days ago)
I like how zac was hit in the head by his own leg
the Wildcard (1 month ago)
This... is actually horrifying...
Silly Susan (1 month ago)
anyone else notice the iluminati after its baked
Cheesycurve 54 (1 month ago)
I like this for someone.
Tim Yandle (1 month ago)
Okay. That was horrific.
Kaye Iral (1 month ago)
I want more of these, please.
Lily Traska (1 month ago)
we need more of these
Ben String (1 month ago)
omg Illuminati in the pie, collegehumor I love you.
Aya Taimish (1 month ago)
do the clothes taste good?
CJ *Gameplays-Animation-Edition* (1 month ago)
this made me hungry :)
MegaMagikarpY (1 month ago)
That guy kinda reminds me of my uncle
Jhun Cruz (1 month ago)
Reminds me of the Walking with Giants Youtube channel...
KDot Kana (1 month ago)
i think that's still too much S&P. might wanna bring it down to about half a pound and 2 pounds pepper
lunayoshi (1 month ago)
How does this have so few views? I've laughed harder at this vid than I have in a long time!
Karen Daniel (1 month ago)
Seid ihr das Essen?  Nein, wir sind der Jäger![
college humor are illuminoti
STUPID - KITTY (1 month ago)
Amethyst Armadillo (1 month ago)
Goodness me I found way too many problems with this meal. 1. It was much too dry. Without any main source of water the crust crumbles very easily which is a big problem. 2. There are still clothes on the people. The humans can either make or break the whole dish and with the clothing on there is way too much fiber. 3. (Personal recommendation) I would recommend skinning the potatoes before cooking the human pot pie. With out the skin, the meal is much fluffier and goes down easily. If I could, I would rate this recipe ⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Fancy Feline Gaming (1 month ago)
OMG his hands do look big
Preston Sheckels (2 months ago)
Make this a short series like with different foods just Change the meat.
Sora Flare (2 months ago)
Good quality video
FX VIRUS (2 months ago)
I like the iluminati sighn
Ivo Iliev (2 months ago)
I am 13 ;-;-;-;
CHaOS_GuiltySpark {Cynical_Shadows} (2 months ago)
that was disturbing....
Samantha Vidas (2 months ago)
Clothes and all?
House Cat (2 months ago)
The top right face in the pie strangely looks like Markiplier
Jennifer Samuel (2 months ago)
The outro is really awkward because I never feed him clicks and I am just staring at a dude air eating
Gaurav K (2 months ago)
I am hungry
TheGoldenSubway (2 months ago)
buzzfeed ad on a college humour video, ironic
TheSodaDragon (2 months ago)
thanks for this recipe! tasted delisious but took me a while to find a volcano... should it be active or just like warm? also i now have two loose somewhere and im pretty sure they are reproducing. should i kill them or let them for a better source of humans?
Matthew Beadle (2 months ago)
make more of these
Rosie Low (2 months ago)
They could've eaten their way out.
Enterurn4me (2 months ago)
Lmao I thought this was a walking with giants parady
MickJames (2 months ago)
Ok I'm confused isn't the giant human too?
Mr Same (2 months ago)
Where's the pot??
袁子盁 (2 months ago)
Um this is scary
juustgowithit (2 months ago)
HazellNut Gamer (2 months ago)
"And don't worry, if they give you too much trouble, just squeeze them until they die
mr krabz (2 months ago)
I heard that vegan humans are bad for other humans because the vegans ones infect the other humans into vegan humans by showing them a video so I recommend getting your humans from a McDonald's restaurant because they have more fat and less vegans tend to go there so the meat is always good and healthy, if you have a pet human then I recommend feeding it more meat than veggies because if you feed them too much veggies then they are gonna die, if you see any vegan humans in your house or anywhere then kill them because they are pests
Lily Gamer (2 months ago)
Liliana Villalobos (2 months ago)
remeber to add your preferred spices!
Lochlan McNeill (2 months ago)
Greyson Last name (2 months ago)
That was cool AND dumb 🤣
Ruby Red (2 months ago)
Do morr
Emily Belkowitz (2 months ago)
I want more of these 😍❤️💗
Quix (2 months ago)
This is a regular meat pie recipe, pot pie doesn't have a lower crust. Damn ogres and their lazy pie-making. Trolls are the ones with all the good recipes.
Ugh Okay (2 months ago)
Shouldn't you strip them naked? You don't wanna eat clothes!
THE MEGA LUCARIO (2 months ago)
more of theese
BaconedCake (2 months ago)
Dear Gorf, I have watched your cooking series from the very beginning when you made the roasted shark recipe, and since then I've turned to you for culinary help. When I first moved in with my spouse they were very angry because I was no use in hunting or making meals or collecting ingredients - even the easy ones like trees. Our relationship was fragile because we had a hard time surviving on our own, because my spouse was too busy dealing with rogue humans. But when I found your channel with all your helpful tricks and tips from the best livestock enclosures to pillage to things to avoid while collecting things near a sea. I gained the confidence to provide for my family and I did. You helped me overcome my depression over my uselessness and my spouse is a part jealous and part grateful because I can whip up a giraffe meringue better than anyone he knows. I've seen your channel grow and I grew with it. So, thank you. Love, A fellow giant PS: I think I saw you when you cooked the humans because I live near that volcano! I can't believe I came that close to meeting you!
Jack Pipe (2 months ago)
Damn, that was actually horrifying O.O
turtlelover59 (2 months ago)
Guys, I gotta say: I don't know if the things they call "clothes" work very well with the tastes of each individual Human. Now, I don't know about you guys, but to me they just don't _taste_ right.
Richard Servello (2 months ago)
Clothes would get stuck in your teeth.
Roe Rott (2 months ago)
my godzillas watched this and now all of japans population is gone.
Abbi O (2 months ago)
I love College humor but for some reason this really disturbed me.
dumpling321 (2 months ago)
I feel like you should have show the process of cutting and serving the pie, it looks delicious and I would have liked to see how the filling turned out.
mind_combatant (2 months ago)
the double end slate is weird.
ThatAsiann (2 months ago)
I thought it said hot pot..
whosthedaddy30 (2 months ago)
that was just disturbing
TheTymeIsRyte (2 months ago)
This is the opposite of walking with giants
Vic Lin (2 months ago)
way too funny
Gian Carlo Fermin (2 months ago)
This would be a good series
M vids1 (2 months ago)
I'll definitely recommend this to em
Relle M. (2 months ago)
Watching this at 3am. I love it and yet I'm disturbed at the same time. Way to go CH! :D
Yuki Kazua (2 months ago)
This was actualy disturbing lol
Dan Wells (2 months ago)
no kitty this is mah pot pah
Niniischill (2 months ago)
Meateaters be like lol you can't eat people- they feel things! But of course all other animal grows off trees and can't feel pain!!
Pixel Bytes (2 months ago)
MAke a second one!
You wish You were Lin (2 months ago)
Is that a triangle with an eye in it at the bottom of the crust??? Yes!!
Spicy Bunny (2 months ago)
Some of the supplies that the giant used are from Cost Plus World Market...😂
Munching Pie (2 months ago)
Plz do more
I -heart- Human (2 months ago)
That took a big, dark twist. 😐
The Swan (2 months ago)
Still less appalling than Buzzfeed.
Jared Foote (2 months ago)
Andrea Tutty (2 months ago)
Stallya (2 months ago)
Doesn't even peel or boil the humans beforehand and no gravy? That's gonna be dry as the Sahara desert. 1 star