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How to Make a Human Pot Pie

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First you're gonna need about 500 potatoes, 300 carrots and 5 to 6 moist humans. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST Zac Oyama Cynthia Kao Grant O'Brien Katie Marovitch Siobhan Thompson Mike Trapp Shane Crown CREW Director - Ryan Anthony Martin Writers - Zac Oyama Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator- Francesca McLafferty Director of Photography - Luc Delamare 1st AC - Christian Armada 2nd AC/DIT - Matt Richardson Gaffer - Vince Valentin Key Grip - Justin Lee Production Designer - Rick Mader HMU - Kathleen Pardo Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound President of Original Content - Sam Reich Vice President of Production- Spencer Griffin Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks Supervising Producer- Alex Edge Production Legal- Karen Segall Production Accountant- Shay Parsons Production Accountant- Chetera Bell Production Assistant - Caroline Bible Production Intern - Helena McGill Production Intern - Sharilyn Hernandez Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart Editor - Ryan Anthony Martin Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez Head Assistant Editor - Jess Green Assistant Editor - Spencer Kombol
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Text Comments (1276)
Y2K Blackout (1 day ago)
This was fucking disturbing!
Matthias Reith (1 day ago)
I found illumiati at the crust
pinchpeak5203 (1 day ago)
you forgot the gravy!!
FlyingCheezBurgers (2 days ago)
I can't believe they actually included and all seeing eye and no one has confirmed the illuminati yet
Samantha Reagan (2 days ago)
That pot pie is gonna be dry af there's no sauce or anything
anima099 (3 days ago)
Hey CH Loving your content since early last year. I always loved them but they got better last year. Don't know what you did but you just keep doing them! From a fan since 2009
Haven Swan (3 days ago)
Please make this a series!
Empyro Blitz (4 days ago)
Is it weird that I thought this video was gonna be about cannibalism?
Charlie P (5 days ago)
Looks dry.
StarSailorMars (6 days ago)
Plz make more
Sarah Alice (6 days ago)
Honestly more of these should be made.
killmeplz (6 days ago)
lol instead of cooking with giants
Melli _Chan (7 days ago)
Yeah that just happened
Film Empire (7 days ago)
1:52 illuminati sign in the pie crust
Pewpew (7 days ago)
pointy morper (8 days ago)
This is how I want to go out
Tamás Viola (8 days ago)
perfect video to promote veganism lol
MUSIC & MORE (8 days ago)
wow thanks!
Beauty, Grace, Dorito From Space -peridot (9 days ago)
1:55 Gorf is cool cat confirmed.
jungcock (9 days ago)
I LOVE THE AGONY. does this make me a serial killer
Micah Burgess (10 days ago)
I want more of these videos
Tim Franks (10 days ago)
Actually tried to click on the 'golden eggs omelette' video. The disappointment on my face as I hopelessly clicked and clicked again...
Arman Nangia (Inferno Fire) (10 days ago)
Lmfao do more plz!!
steamfans (11 days ago)
you know what goes good with a human pot pie? fava beans and a nice chianti
Pigface (11 days ago)
i acctually hoped the links would work
Fwimmygoat (11 days ago)
instructions were not clear got d*ck stuck in toaster
Vicious Servant (12 days ago)
You kept their clothes on? That's just archaic and primitive. I suppose you'd also add whole eggs into a recipe shell and all? Disgusting. And where's the sauce? Gravy? Meat and vegetables by themselves are nothing without spices. Honestly this is why you can't trust giant cooks. They do nothing except RUIN anything they try to make. Absolutely FUCKING HORRIBLE. You aught to be ashamed of yourself.
Vicious Servant (2 days ago)
+SamWes Puckett to the palette of a more dignified mythical creature one would tell that human blood is merely a salty tang of iron. Good for a meal where the meat is cooked on its own but ultimately resulting in a dry, sad, husk of a pie.
SamWes Puckett (2 days ago)
Vicious Servant The humans blood acts as a nice substitute for any kind of sauce.
ᕼᕮᗩTᕼᕮᖇ ᒍᑌᑎᕮ (12 days ago)
is it just me or at 2:01 did anyone else see Bill Cypher near the bottom of the pie? It might just be late night delusions though...
blox rocks (12 days ago)
THIS ISNT RIGHT you forgot to put in the filling
Leigh Marcotte (12 days ago)
Is this a parody of walking with giants
Saito Hiraga (13 days ago)
Gorf can you teach us how to make Human French Fries?
Luca Veneziano (13 days ago)
I would sub to glarf as long as he does not decided to use wiscosinites as his main ingredient
Lord Manedor (13 days ago)
You Suck At Cooking has changed a lot.
this channel is crazy (13 days ago)
those veggies didn't really seem to fill up the whole crust. and there should be a gravy or something. also, wouldn't their clothes be inedible? and shouldn't he scrape all the meat off the bones so it won't be so crunchy? if he did that, he could grind the bones up to make his bread!
CheshireCatz 2319 (13 days ago)
This must've been so fun to film for the cast members
seba nebulosa (13 days ago)
Daan van Coevorden (14 days ago)
Ordinary treatment trend succeed finish knife weigh extent hence.
Pokemon Maniac Jak (14 days ago)
Please make this into a series!
the nyeh of nyehnia (14 days ago)
this seems like a parody of cooking with giants
Aloysius Cheong (15 days ago)
Illuminati sign on the cooked pie crust at the bottom
Cody LaTorre (15 days ago)
Please do more this was so funny
My Roanoke Nightmare (15 days ago)
That's some sausage party shit
Karina Paciorkowska (15 days ago)
well good thing most humans don't eat living, feeling things... oh wait
crafty kitty (15 days ago)
this is kind of like <<walking with the giants>>
Andy Moon (16 days ago)
Why aren't them humans naked?
jungwoo choi (16 days ago)
make more giant cooking videos
David Stucky (16 days ago)
1:56 look near the bottom. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
senjour (16 days ago)
he ate them with their clothes on ?they should be naked ..well katie at least
Blu Scythe (16 days ago)
LoveAndSnapple (16 days ago)
That was very disturbing. It made me want to vomit....
WhoReadsThisCrap (16 days ago)
Is it the volcano that crimps the edges of the top crust?
France. (17 days ago)
:O make more of these
Mr. Idiot (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who feeds him clicks?
Nisa A (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who tried to click fee-fi-fo-yummy egg recipes to go to his channel?
Mr. Idiot (17 days ago)
No i tried it to
KaosFireMaker (17 days ago)
Dear Gorf, While leaving them alive during the cooking process does produce an excellent visual effect there are numerous draw backs to improper butchery. the most obvious one is the unpleasant contents of the large intestines, which is liable to cause a nasty bit of food poisoning as well as tasting foul. more troubling is that you are not removing the neural tissue, which if you consume enough can cause nasty prion diseases such as mad cow. No flavor should be lost if you butcher them immediately before hand. simply spine, decapitate, and disembowel. Sincerely, a concerned deity, P.S. I myself advise farm raised humans, although I am even pore partial to pork, which has more meat over all, but that is my personal preference nothing more
batjoker12 (17 days ago)
I like this do more please
ObscureReference (17 days ago)
I wanted to subscribe to the giant!! And Zac's doing well with his videos lately, first the AirPods and now this! Love it
David Sherman (17 days ago)
I got ASMR
David Sherman (17 days ago)
I got ASMR
Daniel Wood (17 days ago)
Wheres the gravy???
Daniel Kim (18 days ago)
Stavol2Dual (18 days ago)
Tommy Evans (19 days ago)
*takes notes* though is it OK if there's a radiation plant nearby instead of a volcano cause that's all I can work with giant: why yes if it can cook anything smith fine me: thanks also I recommend some Canadian or new York humans instead the Canadians taste so nice and the new York humans have an attitude so their sweet or sour put them together yummy
Whodini Blewitt (19 days ago)
Thanks Gorf
Nathan Ng (19 days ago)
when did you put the salt and pepper? did you even put it in? and it looked like not enough carrots peas and potatoes
Sam Auciello (19 days ago)
no gravy!?!?!?
Christina Kersten (19 days ago)
That's so messed up
Joey Hagner (19 days ago)
if your a vegan use vegetables (I am awful)
Thomas Zhao (19 days ago)
Please make more Giant Recipes!
Thomas Zhao (19 days ago)
385 people were put in a human pot pie
Safiuddin Salahuddin (19 days ago)
should mince then first
StarCrusher (19 days ago)
this is my fetish
TheEverseer (19 days ago)
OMG that was SOOO GOOD!!! I haven't had a laugh that good in such a long time. Thanks for that way clever vid!
CN5N _ (20 days ago)
I want more.
Gazerac (20 days ago)
Make this a series!
anime nobody (20 days ago)
please... make... more
pontuskillen (20 days ago)
wtf is this
AwesomeEthan 2.0 (20 days ago)
pontuskillen your mom
Jordan W S (20 days ago)
This made me laugh a ton... Great job y'all! XD
Motley (20 days ago)
Andrew'sComputerChannel (20 days ago)
Omg ch is at 11,420,something subs
Dalla Style (20 days ago)
2:00 he has a spare nutsack at the top right
Matiss Ricards (20 days ago)
EmoNekoChan101 (20 days ago)
Well... that was dark.
Masked Kitty (21 days ago)
I felt so weird watching this
Hi, I am a cat! (21 days ago)
who else noticed that we didn't need the salt & pepper?
The Farewell Gentleman (21 days ago)
no, no. this is wrong. you have to skin the humans before cooking them. i know that them being cooked alive gives you a nice presentation, but the skin of a human is like the skin on pudding.
Nia Moore (21 days ago)
anyone else notice the illuminati symbol on the pie?
Maitesy (21 days ago)
Aayel Mejia (21 days ago)
That salty Peach (21 days ago)
What about cannibals?
Chrice Chiu (21 days ago)
Ew. Clothes. Innards. Hair.
JJ Lore (21 days ago)
I never knew why giants have deeper voices, especially if they're talking and you're watching their point of view. If any case, shouldn't they be normal voiced and the smaller beings be higher pitched? :)
psycold (21 days ago)
I'm sure it's good but I usually peel the humans first.
turtlelover59 (21 days ago)
Illuminati on the pie cover XD
EpicUltraKingSmizzy (21 days ago)
the potatoes were HUGE, and then they turned smaller and fit the scale better, if you actually had so many real potatoes, why not use them for the other scenes?
Lily-Nicky McFlowal (21 days ago)
Please, more videos like this