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Why jet engines are NEVER protected in the front?!

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Get 20% discount on Brilliant.org 👉 https://brilliant.org/mentourpilot/ One of the most common questions I get on this channel is why we don't mount some kind of mesh, in front of the jet engines to protect them from birds and other debris. In todays video I will try to crack this mystery in a few different ways. I hope you will enjoy this episode my friends and continue to send in your questions to the channel. If i get enough, I will make a video about them! To join my app community and chat with me and other aviation enthusiasts as well and pilot students and commercial pilots, get my FREE app below! 👇🏻 📲https://mentourpilot.com/apps/ To support my channel, and join my Patreon crew, click below! 📲 https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot To follow me on Instagram, use the link below! 📲 https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot A huge "Thank You!" to the channels that were featured in this episode! See the awesome full versions using the links below: okrajoe (Chinook engine) https://youtu.be/rsP-f0ikPpg marioyhector1 (testing the GE90) https://youtu.be/jTKfFxwpbUU
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Text Comments (1868)
M D (12 hours ago)
It wasn't seaguls it was Canadian geese.
Saul Savelis (21 hours ago)
you can put the mesh 2 metres away of the hole and most of air will be sucked from sides, not from the front
Saul Savelis (21 hours ago)
I was thinking the same 2 months before this video appeared after watching the video about a man sucked into an engine
Marcio Astor Pooter (1 day ago)
What on earth are birges? Why do they get sucked into jet engines?
man goodwoman (1 day ago)
Why not have a retractable mesh that only operates at takeoff and landing?
Dan Coulson (1 day ago)
An idea I had: Would it be possible to have a ring of bright LED's around the engine intakes, that strobe rappidly while at low altitude? It might make the plane more visible to birds, and they'd avoid it like any other obstacle? I know the birds wouldn't know what the strobes actually mean. But they'd still want to avoid flying into an object, and if they can see the object from a greater distance, it might help.
Ken Nichols (1 day ago)
So, Sully is the reason why we don't hear from A Flock Of Seagulls anymore.
HELLH0WND (1 day ago)
I actually like the smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
brian hilligoss (1 day ago)
So do pilot’s get in trouble for bird strikes? Always wondered.
Cowboy Animal (1 day ago)
Video starts at 2:05
I hate idealism (2 days ago)
Kfc ad, u got me here.
Patony Brooks (3 days ago)
How about a pyramid type mesh ? The flat one will cause the bird to stay stuck on the mesh but a pyramid or triangle type one would eject it to the side It doesn't have to be small mesh but big enough hole to allowed air in.
Pavel Götze (3 days ago)
This protection had ORENDA jet engines already in 50s. After overall experiences with rapid performance loss and fuel consumption increase was not used later. So today its not used after long running worldwide experience in jet engine industry.
PRO - HORSE PUNTER (3 days ago)
How about a massive parachute that opens when all fails lol
XxYorWrstNigtmre (3 days ago)
this is my first time watching this guy, and i completely understand everything he said and agree. but i hate how he makes me feel stupid, very annoying
Bláde (4 days ago)
Why can’t you just remove the engine so birds don’t fly into it? Cmon guys it’s not rocket science
Ultra (4 days ago)
Umbrella or cone shaped mesh so the birds deflect ?
Corpse Grinder (4 days ago)
video starts at 2:06 this kind of behavior is a great way to lose viewers
Mohammed Dashti (5 days ago)
How come there is no camera to see which engine is damaged instead of playing smell the chicken?
SergeantSquid (5 days ago)
Just have someone with a shotgun on each wing near the engine to shoot the birds out of the sky
Bill R (5 days ago)
Well not really. A huge screen would reduce airflow into the engines, over heat the engines and collect debris like a filter worse than a rare bird strike.
Vicente Perea (5 days ago)
Put a finer lighter durable mesh and make it stronger, a working engine with partial coverage is alot better than no working engine at all. And yes I watched the whole video and understand the drag and all that stuff but that what innovation is for.
Daniel San (5 days ago)
It waznt Seagulls but Canadian Geese
Daniel San (5 days ago)
Capt Sully had Canadian geese hit his plane
Troy Carpenter (5 days ago)
The mesh needs to be cone shaped.
enthusiasticGeek (5 days ago)
"the only indication we get is we get a strong smell of kentucky fried chicken"
Zachary Drummond (5 days ago)
Do figher planes ever have bird strikes? Are their intakes too small?
Gsup7s (6 days ago)
4:15. I knew you were going to say some stupid as s*** like that. A wire mesh would not significantly decrease inlet airflow by any noticeable amount. It is attitudes like that give flying a bad name. Famous last words. " It'll be fine". You should be ashamed for perpetuating such Miss-information. Yeah I know you're just vomiting up what they tell you. So you can pretend no plans ever crashed from a bird strike. When you know as well as I do. That that is preposterous. When they obviously do. So you're obviously full of s***. Now I know you might try to come up with the excuse. If the bird hits the mesh and causes the mesh to go into engine. Then you would have a real problem. But obviously it's just the mechanism of attachment and the kind of mesh. There's no way that a twisted strand titanium alloy is going to break from bird strike at that velocity. The only way that bird strike would inhibit airflow at that point. Is if you hit so many birds it literally completely blocked the inlet. But if you hit that many birds. You're going down anyway. So come on man. You have literally zero excuses. This is the first and last video of yours I will ever watch.! I wish I was subscribe so I could unsubscribe. !!!!!!
E90_Boris (6 days ago)
@Gsup7s you obviously don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about, what's your background and proof that disproves what he said ? And you're aware that at that velocity a mesh isn't gonna stop a bird but just slice it into little pieces ?!
Gsup7s (6 days ago)
Also that tennis racket s*** is not applicable. Because no mesh would be that dense. And what is difficult about moving a tennis racket is the weight and leverage. Not the air resistance. Dumbass. !!!!!!! I literally cannot even finish watching this video. I'm sad that you're the same species. And I hesitate to call you a human. For your distinct lack of humanity. You obviously don't give a s*** about your passengers.
ottawa (6 days ago)
KFC should also sponsor this video!!!
Nexalian Gamer (6 days ago)
Wait how can you smell chicken if the plane is sealed?
Pacific Traveler (6 days ago)
Great explanation. Birds almost unavoidable if they come ur way then you on ur own
ensuens (6 days ago)
I mean no disrespect, I just want to point out that your accent and pronunciation requires some getting used to before it's clear what you say
flyerh flyerh (7 days ago)
The Bell 212 helicopter has an inertial bypass filter. Imagine the air intake as a horizontal pipe that the air flows straight through, but half way along has a vertical pipe leading to the engine intake. Enough air can change direction to the engine intake but relatively large particles can't and their velocity take them past the vertical pipe and safely out of the horizontal pipe.
Common Ground (7 days ago)
Considering the speed at which the plane is traveling and the pressurized cabins and cockpit, it amazes me that the burning could be smelled inside it.
Common Ground (6 days ago)
@Thomas Russell Thanks for explaining that.
Thomas Russell (6 days ago)
Pressurization of the cabin is done by bleeding off some of the intake air in the engine compressor stage.
NicleT (7 days ago)
But what about having a mesh system that can deploy itself only on ground when the plane is near humans working around?
Lycerion (7 days ago)
2:08 Video starts here
Aanthanur DC (7 days ago)
A cat sticker on the front of the engine
Quan Li (7 days ago)
automatically engage mesh at low altitude and dis-engage at higher altitude.
Michał Michał (6 days ago)
Check mig 29 there is option to close air intakes and get air from above wings.
That Guy (8 days ago)
This isn't actually 100% true. For civil aviation this may be the but I've seen jet engines with meshwire protection. And the su-27 has adjustable intake shutters because it's engines are extremely sensitive. While not deployed in flight in temperate climates they can be used in arid conditions as to take in less air and therefore sand and debris while flying cas or other low altitude missions. Russian airfields tend to be quite dirty and if you don't limit intake of debris, you will most definitely destroy a damn fine plane and might even harm or kill yourself and/or others due to sand and tiny pebbles being sucked into the engine. It's not a mesh wire, but there are quite a few jetengines that do have intake protection. So.... your video title is an incorrect and malinformed opinion rather than the fact it's made out to be.
Steve Armstrong (8 days ago)
How about elongated cone like screens that stick out in front of the engines about at least five foot that would come close to being able to allow the intake air to be close enough to equal the inflow necessary for top performance? I thought of this Idea way back in 1984.
AdrianOkay (6 days ago)
@Pex_the_Unalive Drunk don't worry, we all thought about that, but if they haven't been accepted for some reason it is
Pex_the_Unalive Drunk (7 days ago)
IKR? I was thinking if saying the same thing when I clicked on this video...it makes me wonder if German engineering is really all that clever. Also, there's gotta be some other simple solution if a cone mesh doesn't work...and it wouldn't cost thousands of dollars to install. People are morons. Scientists especially, they can't think outside the box.
Steve Armstrong (8 days ago)
I have pondered that question for many years..
Sponsi (9 days ago)
3:40 the air from the engines goes inside? WTF? So when it's burning, it goes inside? WTF?
Edward Rivas (7 days ago)
The air conditioning of a jumbo is generated in both engines, left for cockpit and right for cabin.
Jon Can (9 days ago)
Can they put a horn on aircrafts to scare away birds?
Jason Drennen (9 days ago)
How about instead of a mesh you use a ball design pretty much like that ball hanging behind you. That would allow plenty of airflow in. plus it would push the birds off the sides and away from the intake. You wouldn't have to make it fine mesh just big enough to stop debris large enough to take out an engine. That ball hang behind you would be a perfect guard. So instead of a flat mesh across the front make it a ball on the front. It would be stronger it would prevent build up and allow plenty of airflow. Hell you could even make it light blades so it would cut the bird small enough not to destroy the engine. That alone could be design do not obstruct Air at all
Okay Great! (9 days ago)
Cone shaped mesh might work
Prespa (9 days ago)
So again its the fuel problem ? The airlines will lose money ?
J13Arrowz (5 days ago)
The other reason is that installing a mesh wouldn't help with bird strikes. The plane is going so fast that the birds could get chopped up by the mesh and still go in the engine or the mesh could brake and get sucked into the engine with the bird. And even if the bird stayed intact it would stay stuck on the mesh and prevent air from entering the engine.
Rick Zander (10 days ago)
Video starts @ 1:22
lombardo141 (10 days ago)
Any one want grilled bird ? 👀
Jason Lajaro (10 days ago)
Your intros are to long.
jrw (10 days ago)
Very thorough explanation, but please don't say "okay?" every time you make a statement. It's insulting.
Spencer Xiong (10 days ago)
How about people throwing coins?
cliberg (10 days ago)
7:28 — Not seagulls, rather these were Canada geese, as i remember it.
Oscar Gr (9 days ago)
That's what I remember as well. I remember thinking what's so Canadian about Canadian geese.
TC time (10 days ago)
Answered all my questions 👍
Chris Noren (10 days ago)
"Not live birds but chicken stuff " what ?
Florin (7 days ago)
They shoot chicken meat in there, I presume.
Firebrand VOCALS (10 days ago)
Wee Bird hits Big Bird
Beeb (10 days ago)
Make a mesh made of razor blades doesnt have to be small mesh to chop up the bird as it enters the turbine. Wont create as much drag and makes sure no matter how many birds hit it shouldnt do as much damage
Ovi Haliuc (11 days ago)
Answer basically starts at 4:13
Chad Hinton (11 days ago)
If you look into the engines you'll see a swirl of paint. Birds actually see it while it's spinning. It frightens them and they will generally steer clear.
Alex _The5g (11 days ago)
Ey u got my idea why not put some mesh on engine
James Axelrad (11 days ago)
i recall a bit from reading about the F-117 which DOES have covered intakes that they put in a lot of effort in dealing with ice forming on the intake covers. i would think that regardless of the other problem with them, that's going to be the biggest strike against using them outside of specific circumstances. i haven't found it yet, but did you ever do a video specifically about the gravel kit for early 737's?
Kean4711 DUB (11 days ago)
how much could a mesh really do against hitting a bird at 700 mph??? saying this before watching. like what if it piles up like bugs on a car radiator siphon some of the power going into the engine? it would cause many problems and that bird will already be dead too edit: I was right
Эдуард Д. (11 days ago)
to many pizdezha.
Slay Thrash (12 days ago)
Put flamethrowers on the engines
jt (12 days ago)
Che is in thus for the money. Always pushing his products
HDredneck (12 days ago)
MathewAldrin faraira (13 days ago)
Can we use those birds in the engine to eat🤔
Juce Lee (13 days ago)
Mesh would influence the airflow to the engine.
Zechariah Rademacher (13 days ago)
He’s a pilot and said seagulls but the birds were geese in Russia it was another story
Chas S (13 days ago)
7:27: The bird or the Band ?
Gage Öhrn (13 days ago)
LOL a strong smell of KFC. thats the funniest thing ive read in ages
pw10a2sal (13 days ago)
Thank you for your patience explaining this. Have always a safe journey.
Jesus Gonzalez (13 days ago)
What if we built airports as 10 000 meter high towers? The planes could safely take off above the height of birds and safe fuel on initial climb....
Jesus Gonzalez (10 days ago)
@Konstantinos Katsos You could trade height for speed for a bit, you're at ten thousand meters after all
Konstantinos Katsos (12 days ago)
that would be dope 🤪 though with the air density at 10000 ft you would also need 10 km runway just to reach V1
Jimbo B. (13 days ago)
My guess is that the screens would probably cut down on the engines efficiency and airflow costing them money. They probably figure the risk of NOT having the screen is negligible. My opinion.
Алекс Колесник (13 days ago)
What if we will build mesh in conical form ?
Raj Kumar (14 days ago)
So it's justified to compromise on human lives to save some extra ⛽
David Jao (9 days ago)
Yes, considering that running out of fuel is likely to be more dangerous than a bird strike. You can't just carry more fuel unless you sacrificed some cargo and passenger volume, which would result in more (and more expensive) flights to carry the same number of passengers, and increasing the number of flights (yup) adds more risk than the risk of bird strikes.
Trever Mitchell (14 days ago)
I had this thought of mesh, but easily imagined they would get clogged with birds or debris.
kjeld H.Schulz (14 days ago)
smell in site okayy so gas is going in site too?????
Ron (14 days ago)
You should have mentioned the F117 Stealth Fighter. It has a meshed intake designed to deflect radar. But also mention it has half the flight time of a 747 and requires multiple air refuelings to make it from Missouri to wherever it's headed in the world. It's also not designed for high speed.
Max K (14 days ago)
Regarding helicopters, there's an additional risk because they don't use airfoils for lift so the engines are not only the providing thrust but are also the only things keeping them in the air, making engine failure a much more serious issue than on a plane.
Milan 43 (15 days ago)
How would you land in an earthquake?
Republican Scumbags (15 days ago)
Shallow Cone shaped grill, might work, birds would be deflected on impact, air intake unobstructed, but new problems would be loss in engine performance by less air being nested, more parasite drag. There could be a design solution but it's not worth the probability of accident vs production costs. Engine eating bird still better solution.
Aminul Hussain (15 days ago)
Have laser burners fitted and only activate when it detects that it will hit something.
Lee Edmondson (15 days ago)
the birds that caused the hudson landing were Canada geese not seagulls
Darwin Risdon (16 days ago)
It was Canada geese, not seagulls! Much bigger birds.
Neil Gibbons (16 days ago)
Parth khaladkar (16 days ago)
Hey! Isn’t Prevention of detection of the jet by a radar the reason behind Russian fighter jets having covered inlets? Cuz I think they cover the inlets so that the radar can’t detect the blades of the jet engine to maintain the otherwise stealthy plane.
Jack gaming # (16 days ago)
I know why we wouldn’t have mesh as the engine would suck it
Stephane Metellus (16 days ago)
Thank you I’ve been asking myself this question for years now I understand
Al Grayson (16 days ago)
Enormous aerodynamic drag. It would have to be very heavily constructed to withstand a Canada goose at 300+ mph! Ever raise the screen of an open window of your house? That gives some idea of how much drag a mesh creates.
Dimitar Dimitrov (16 days ago)
Real reason is that is much cheaper for the air companies to pay your funeral if something happens than making improvements of the design of the aircraft. Mesh can be designed to not cause drag, to hold and shred the birds and to be fuel effective. Even fuelless engines can be designed. Larger wings. But all this add cost. So is always cheaper to pay your funeral. Mesh can parabolic, so any bird hitting simply will be redirected away from the engine.
HDredneck (12 days ago)
Holy shit, what kind of world do you live in? Your entire comment is is nonsense and I hope you don't have anyone that's trusts you for anything.
Amar Dave (17 days ago)
Mesh is such an old technology. Why don't you install a self directing laser with automatic targeting system in the nose cone of the plane. That way you can see the bird getting zapped and the people below get to eat free KFC!
Anubis Smite (17 days ago)
So what about having a type of mesh placed 4 feet away and in front of the engine?
Rodney Kaputu (17 days ago)
3:16 😂😂😂💪🏽
Shift (17 days ago)
What if the mesh was in a shape of a cone so it would deflect the bird? 😏
Pex_the_Unalive Drunk (7 days ago)
Lets make the birds wear Prada...that will solve everything.
Rios Salvajes (14 days ago)
@Chadd Steinberg ...Yours, bad idea. And worse "joke". Ingenuity and wit are not present in everybody.....
Chadd Steinberg (14 days ago)
Ya well! What if we put mesh outfits on the birds and place them where the engines should be? 🤯 I know..just keep re-reading it, you’ll get it. Cone isn’t exactly a good idea anymore, now is it? 😏
Rios Salvajes (15 days ago)
That's a good one.... Love when simple ideas like yours can change the established point of view.
Christopher Robert (17 days ago)
What about what is used on russian fighters ? Obstruct the "lower" intake to decrease the risk of FOD, then open it in flight for better air flow?
SubZero (17 days ago)
So then we should remove our air intake filters in all cars, especially turbo ones so that we don't have the additional drag 😂🤣😂🤣
The MeanestKitten (17 days ago)
Why they don't have any covering...math thats why
Cranjis McBasketball (18 days ago)
Tell this to Sully!
XxAngel xX (18 days ago)
😏 Let's jus use eagles sounds lol Birds won't get near there lol
pastor of muppets (18 days ago)
Question is...what was an 80s pop group from England doing flying over the Hudson river anyway?!!
Erik S (18 days ago)
Best solutions is to fit all birds with ACAS (collission avoidance system) 😉