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Why Apple Fails in India (& Why it Matters)

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PolyMatter (9 months ago)
If this stuff interests you, you should check out Lei’s video on the same topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn3OW45U0e4 and Rene’s (somewhat) related video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR-DTDPLnoU
michael moses (1 month ago)
just like most people realize the existence of god & start believing in god eventually at some point in their life similarly, "A LOT OF PPL AROUND THE WORLD HAVE SEEN, REALIZED & EXPERIENCED THE REAL INDIA" Things shown in this video are true but a lot of things were outdated as well & if anyone who wants to talk about INDIA, THAT PERSON CAN EITHER show such STEREOTYPICAL THINGS WHICH IS 40%(MAX TO MAX) OR THAT INDIVIDUAL CAN TALK ABOUT THE REMAINING 60% AS WELL
simple guy (2 months ago)
We don't buy products to make a company happy, we buy products that make us happy at the right price.
Aditya Jain (3 months ago)
I'm from India & can afford an iPhone & understand it's brand worth which is useful to me "BUT" last year I bought an iPhone never to buy one again because Apple decreases it's performance through updates to force customers to buy new one, it is a betrayal. My phone started showing issues 1 week after the warranty expired & phone OS update. I've convinced atleast 17 sure to buy customer to not buy an iPhone & will continue to protect people from greedy apple!!
MrKhoji (4 months ago)
Indian economy is sliding now Figures are really bad
Thích đi du lịch (5 months ago)
PolyMatter thank you for sharing
galactorsus. inc (50 minutes ago)
OnePlus is the best brand, cheap, very good and long lasting.
Yasmin Lee Shin (1 hour ago)
They needed to buy cheap phones as soon as possible to subscribe to T-series plz don’t hate me
AlexisBubba15 (3 hours ago)
They are greedy. That's why.
priyansh daga (3 hours ago)
, show me india's picture *U mean poverty? Why TF does everyone only show poverty in india??
IGOT7 green ocean (3 hours ago)
I'm so not happy with the videos portraying India. I don't know which era y'all live in but showing India as a dirty, overcrowded and underdeveloped nation is just reinforcing stereotypes which aren't true and please, we do have Wifi.
TheMatrix1101 (4 hours ago)
In India the iPhone is more like a luxury than something owned by everyone.
Oliver Lonely (6 hours ago)
Most of the 1.3 billion in India cant afford iPhones i think so they go with cheaper ones
YungSock (8 hours ago)
india understands that apple is not nice
mraeece (8 hours ago)
Indians want big screens big battery’s android and lots of gimmicky features. It’s hard to explain until you actually visit the place. They absolutely love gimmicky features like what those old Android phones have. Like weird gestures and all sorts. And price. Apple is too expensive. There are cheap tacky brands in India that people love there.
Yuv.S Estd.98 (9 hours ago)
You too are one of those blind sided apple fan right? And only in india but even in the states people are realising the apple is looting everyone.
OFFICIALLY ME (10 hours ago)
Dear indians pls support America's apple product , cause they support us in political manner
Patrycja Katafiasz (11 hours ago)
Apparently Indians are smart enough to not spend their monthly salary on some overpriced shit.
Sheldon Chang (13 hours ago)
love to India from China!
Agent 69 (14 hours ago)
We Indians are so poor we buy phones from cheap electric repairing shops as you shown in the video .How can we afford iPhones dear😌
FlippinFudgeYT (17 hours ago)
Because of T-Series! Lol
Jose Studios (18 hours ago)
So Apple is for rich or more wealthy people
#GiveJimin'sLeftShoulderMoreLines (18 hours ago)
Damn, that transition into the ad for Brilliant was so seamless......I aint even mad, well done man, you get better and better at this every day
Jose Studios (18 hours ago)
5:06 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
DAILY GAMING VIDEOS (18 hours ago)
because people in india are poor😂😂😂😂
Just Some Guy with Blue Flames (21 hours ago)
They cant use iphone for their youtube videos lol
Just Some Guy with Blue Flames (21 hours ago)
Here in the philippines if you're not careful enough you will lose your phone every 1-2 years even months forcing you to buy another one
Dhananjay singh (22 hours ago)
Makes video on the most premium phone. Shows slums and 1970s Population. Seriously 😂😂.
FBI (1 day ago)
Indians are broke as McDonald's ice cream machine.
Rahul Sondhi (1 day ago)
एप्पल की मा का भोसड़ा ! साले चूतिए अमरीकी, 1लाख रुपए का फोन ! मेरा मोटोरोला क्या मस्त चलता है । नया लिया था 10,000 का कोई दिक्कत नहीं आयी और चोटी बहन 2 I phone बदल चुकी है । अमरीकी बिगड़े बाप की अमीर औलादें ।
g43654 (1 day ago)
Honestly though, I live in Sydney and we have a huge number of Indian students studying here. There are two types: 1. The wide-eyed, recently arrived ones with Android phones, 2. And then there's the rest of them, all using iPhones 7, X or 11, after presumably working multiple jobs. They can be seen FaceTiming their family everywhere, all swinging their arm holding their phone out like a gun lol. I got smacked on my back a few times so I know.
Glitchy Glitch (1 day ago)
>apple makes good phones No, they don't. They're making pieces of shit that are supposed to fail ASAP.
BTS i purple you (1 day ago)
No no to india i was harassed there 😵
BTS i purple you (1 day ago)
Akash Waghmare (1 day ago)
Moron do research then talk about india what you talking is myth you must visit indiain order talk about reality.
Shambhu prasad sah (1 day ago)
If if India is poor then why Samsung S and Note series is successful in India Apple is failed in India because Indian are smart Indian give values to money
preet inder (1 day ago)
Indian ministers need money....if you want to invest in India,,, red carpet goes through safes of politicians and bureaucracies
Rofern Fernandes (1 day ago)
It seems like many people in India don't want to sell their kidneys
thisarunima (1 day ago)
Weird I’m watching it on my iPad while using my iPhone while my Apple Watch charges
Kaushik Kurudi (1 day ago)
Wtf was that at 8:15. That's not a mobile phone outlet you fucking morons. There are huge mobile stores in India why don't you show that why stereotype? And it's not even a true stereotype that was a small electronic repair shop some guy owns.
Money (1 day ago)
Simple - they're smart.
admiralprestoncole (1 day ago)
iPhones are the lemonade in the Cult of Apple
kamal gurung (1 day ago)
Sumsung is better phone than Apple in India
kamal gurung (1 day ago)
Samsung is best phone
Delro (1 day ago)
These western Idiots still dont understand how apple is making them buy new phone in every 2 to 3 years by messing up the consumers phone. There are some idiots in India following the same trend, but most of us have common sense so Apple is never gonna make a revolution in Indian market ever. THIS POLYMATTER M*****RF****R is a fucking idiot!
Pig_catapult (1 day ago)
Perpetual growth is an unsustainable model that incentivises increasingly unethical behavior.
Bhanu Prakash (1 day ago)
"People are happy with what they have" good to know that
Poke Emblem (1 day ago)
So basically Apple is like that bougie guy who was how sh*t at home but goes somewhere where he’s nothing.
Anonymous Author (1 day ago)
My sister literally switched from Apple to android
Tom Texas (1 day ago)
I dislike apple. But god dam it is rather have apple be the top phone retailer in India then a chicom, government backed one.
Zafras Frozen (1 day ago)
Not a fan of Apple, companies that like to overprice things are just not my thing. Good job India.
The Definition of Oatmeal (1 day ago)
guys i think i have claim india
Nindya Wulansari (2 days ago)
Apple actually only success in USA
ChoppersBBQ (2 days ago)
Well the market is at fault. You can only saturate what is there to saturate. Apple have simply maxed out the iphone market. If growth is expected then those who expect it deserve a loss. Greed is a disgusting thing. They should be happy with what they have, the rest is just outright greed. Dear Apple shareholders, stop expecting more you greedy twats. Regards, someone smart enough to never touch apples shite.
Bob_Bobington (2 days ago)
I mean its pretty simple. Culture in India hasn't made it socially mandatory to pay quadruple the price for bad, cheaply made, delicate and out dated phones each year for no reason.
RANDOM DUDE what will u do knowing my name (2 days ago)
The real reason why apple fails is because apple costs 40 percent more than in us. It costs 1500 dollars for iPhone x (if converted). And costs like 700 follows to change back glass. Wtf, I mean really.
George Cowsert (2 days ago)
Honestly it's a pretty smart move on India's part. iPhones are way too expensive for what they are.
Salman Essar (2 days ago)
They should incent a phone every 2 years but at least change something so it is sold out faster and wider
Mr. Donut (2 days ago)
Because in India everyone is poor
Noore Aswad (2 days ago)
iPhones cost more than the value of an average person's liver.....
Bablu Yogindre (2 days ago)
With 1000$ we can buy a bike
Rimgaile Kasnauskaite (2 days ago)
I dont even like Apple so i have no idea why am i here. I am an Android user
Ultra Gaming312 (2 days ago)
Lol because Indians are probably the first people who make knock-off apple products
aniket more (2 days ago)
We don't need over costly phones like iphone which has less features with higher cost
nagarjuna pasupula (2 days ago)
Iphone 11 pro 1200$ in usa... But in india 1700$ almost 30000rs extra... Reason:if u made a product in india.. It will cost less(low tax) and get some jobs to people.... If u not made a product in india then taxes are so high.. So it over priced.
Vinay Unnikrishnan (3 days ago)
Great video but Lol at those videos of India used. I understand that is India too but western media's consistent unwillingness to show more developed, cleaner, modern urban parts of India is still there and it's sad.
dark wind (3 days ago)
Stop saying iPhones are premium they are the same shit every year.
Mr. Cosmos (3 days ago)
Indians are too smart to get ripped off by Apple. Hahaha
Jeram Pinto (3 days ago)
indians have brains if u say no why nasa have many indians ?
Nadira Baig (3 days ago)
Simple Indians are not iDiots
Jacob (3 days ago)
"apples are for eating, not for playing"
Sanjay Sivam (17 hours ago)
All Indian moms.
Uzi Kalashnikov (3 days ago)
As an Indian, Id rather get the Note 10+... its functionality > brand value of apple.
Uzi Kalashnikov (5 hours ago)
@Varelity The Note 10+ comes with Samsung Dex. Its essentially a usable desktop and a phone in a small form factor and worth the cost. 12 GB RAM? Can do great photo and some light video editing.. gaming on the dex seems to be a good experience as well.
Varelity (7 hours ago)
Nah, get the Samsung A20. It’s like a 5th if the price of a premium phone and performs very well
SamTheDog puppylover (3 days ago)
They are the largest android users
BUX BE (4 days ago)
I woke up and switched to Android.
Maddy G (21 hours ago)
BUX BE Wow so deep and #woke
vilius zagarys (4 days ago)
Apple sucks anyways soo...
RHEC 951 (4 days ago)
I'll take that dare. In California the stores out here are always half empty
copa8 (4 days ago)
@0:24 - India has been having potential for forever now...and probably will keep having potential.
Abhay Roxx (5 days ago)
You didn't even talk about xiaomi (best for India )
multiBen -fit-aCTIVE (6 days ago)
Why do speak like you r about to cry??
Luis Aveiga (6 days ago)
Wow! Even your ads are informative 👏👏👏
Galaxy Gamer (6 days ago)
-Toyota’s Corolla RRL - * appears * Me - dies of laughter
CITY OF JOY (6 days ago)
Do you know about Xiaomi... Every day 1500 Xiaomi smartphone are selling in india. Xiaomi want Best quality smartphone in low price...
vermatushar9 (6 days ago)
Poor research dude
Nitish Kumar Jurel (7 days ago)
I am an Indian and just want to ask how many western people think apple is overpriced?
tnz hshm (8 days ago)
man, India doesn't even look like that, these are all such stereotypical footage lol
MacLe More (8 days ago)
I think people in India are probably willing to afford $250 to $350 for a phone. If Apple could come out a phone with that price tag, that could be attractive.
MacLe More (8 days ago)
Apple got to come out mid to low tier cellphones for developing country markets
kiran dev (8 days ago)
Ahmed Nabeel (9 days ago)
*Here in Pakistan my brother wanted an iPhone so i installed iPhone launcher in his android phone*
Rushat Parihar (9 days ago)
Mate, the market share is not reflective of how many people can actually afford the iPhone. People who can, 9 out of 10 of them buy iPhones
Good Life (10 days ago)
I would never everrrrrrrrrrr purchase an Apple device.
Amal Prakash (12 days ago)
Omg, that wasn't even a phone shop. That was an electrical repair shop.
Ruslan Zhao (12 days ago)
Man i respect Indians so much for not falling for the Apple iphone scam.
MrVipinbhai (13 days ago)
In India "value for money" is the primary concern in buying things...in average indian perspective...all the features in I phone will get in low cost android..then why need to buy apple?....in India people think.. whoever buys apple devices were show off..guys..to show I have an apple device
CombatHD (17 days ago)
I swear, all Iphone sales are in punjab
Alex _The5g (17 days ago)
Pewdiepie: We hate you india
Alejandra Quintero (18 days ago)
I wont go back to Apple after realizing that there are dozens of phones that are just as good if not better for less of a price.
Nigerian Prince 219 (18 days ago)
Cause the iphone has the cost of an arm and leg and most indians probably can't afford the overpriced iphone when there is other similar phones for a much cheaper price
Rational Insider (18 days ago)
The thing in India is we care about the value for money we paid. If i phone X would have had 3 high megapixel cameras with optical lens ultra wide, 2 front camers, a 5k mah battery 6/8/12 gb ram and 256/512gb hard disk, the sales would have been 10 times more even with that same pricing. The configurations provided by Apple, whatsoever the quality may aren't high enough for competitors from China. Even Samsung realize this and is providing good configurations with competitive pricing even better then thejr flagship. Compare M series with S series. Brand value matters but at the same time when it comes to the tech world, if you wish to succeed in India, provide us the configurations. Joke of 2018 i phone x r had just one rear camera of 12 megapixel 😂😂 Shameless Apple wanting us buy that shitty budget mobile for a price wherein i can get triple the configurations from other manufacturers.
Connors Lego (19 days ago)
Who else is watching from a plane?
vamsi krishna (19 days ago)
Apple please learn from MI redmi ..phones we need quality with less price ...lol
Elinga Udoviè (19 days ago)
sweet. Thanks. 💗
Sashko Dee (20 days ago)
Most Indians can't afford a 1200 USD smartphone that will be obsolete in six months. There, mystery solved. And you don't have to hear these peter puffers stretch the answer into a ten minute long monetized video.
Strike938 (21 days ago)
ill rather buy a one plus , honor , asus(in my budget of course )...and they all are better than iphone
Mike Lau (21 days ago)
I prefer more control and customization on my phone, dont like everything preset for me.... I choose huawei android