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UPS Semi Truck Prefect U-Turn

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Text Comments (6)
Wampas Womps (8 months ago)
Yeah that's pretty easy in a day cab truck with a 48 foot trailer
Wesley Hammer (9 months ago)
nice thing about a single axle is you can do a u turn on a 2 lane road with wide shoulders dragging a 48 with the axles slid all the way forward.
bluettr250 (10 months ago)
Tim Manzanares (1 year ago)
It a perfect u-turn because he driving a single axle tractor
Just Me (1 year ago)
...but IMperfect spelling on your part! lol  It's *PERFECT* not pREfect :)
Sun Set Trucker Cascadia (2 years ago)
Power of freightliner cascadia