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Two Legal Gun Modifications

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HowStuffWorks explains two ways that gun owners are modifying their semi-automatic weapons to fire like automatic ones.
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Jim Crenshaw (11 months ago)
So lets see...if you make those items illegal, make a bump stock free zone, outlaw scopes and sites, then when one of the criminal corporations (states, courts etc) come after us, it will be easier. Got it!
t q (11 months ago)
Now we know why your channel is so dead.. its ran by a bunch of soy boys
Dan H (11 months ago)
I like how they show an AR-15 Carbine as a "NORMAL SEMI AUTOMATIC RIFLE". I think my Ruger 1022 or a Remington Woodmaster is a normal semi automatic rifle. This is nothing but propaganda for the anti-gunners
chrome4ks (1 year ago)
I call bullshit on your thinly veiled leftist propaganda. Whoever posted this is either an idiot, or quite conveniently forgot that individual states and cities regulate these things.
Michael Norman (1 year ago)
Now we get to see the channels bias. It wasn't blatant but the wording and the tone was clear. The rate of fire is still one shot per trigger pull. No matter how fast that's performed, it's still semi auto.
Papa Eriko (1 year ago)
R.I.P Bump Stocks.
Kenny J (1 year ago)
So bias and poorly informed.
PennNayme (1 year ago)
Gae Gae Gae. Y'all hear that tone? Chill tfo.
Mal Coates (1 year ago)
Jack Robinson (1 year ago)
Fuck you, you'll never disarm the people
Kundry (1 year ago)
These are artifacts of gun control. They exist because gun control has made legal ownership of full auto and select fire weapons expensive. Don't worry though. As necessity is the mother of invention I'm sure there will be, and already are, ways around any proposed prohibitions. Some of these solutions will be legal and some may not but you can be certain they WILL exist for as the Nobel award winning economist, Milton Friedman has said, "Where there is no free market there is a black market."
CallMeColt (1 year ago)
If you've messed up this bad on explaining how this stuff works, I can only assume all your other videos are false as well. You're rifle model is wrong. You didn't even explain how either device works. As of October 2017, fake news like this video is still legal under federal law. Unsubscribing & never watching again.
LS88 (1 year ago)
This channel went down hill didnt it
Killer Cross (1 year ago)
As someone who was behind a M249 SAW Belt Feed Machine Gun in multiple war zones for almost 20 years I can easily tell you that it never is how fast you can shoot but how well your aim is. I carried 1,000 rounds with me as a full load but hardly ever shot faster than three round bursts. The only things fully automatic fire increases is collateral damage and waste of ammunition.
David Fleisch (1 year ago)
First of all, I can get the same RoF without a bumpstock as I can WITH one. Second of all, 400 to 800 rounds ? Get real, largest M-16 magazine holds nowhere near that and are not belt fed, we have magic reloading powers to achieve these proposed rates of fire ?
Leon Sivils (1 year ago)
Referring to your December 2, 2010 go to: https://youtu.be/Cp25EqyKlww You asked if there was a conspiracy. It appears to be a fact. I was not certain you would see this comment on your 2010 video
BariumCobaltNitrog3n (1 year ago)
HOW stuff works. You forgot the HOW part and showed a factually inaccurate video proposing "stuff works". Why is that? We felt we had to say something about guns. Something that might prevent it from happening again? HAHaha fuck no, something annoying. You know, so people talk about it.
magicbuskey (1 year ago)
This channel is getting political. Is it even affiliated with the How Stuff Works Website?
Demosthenes Locke (1 year ago)
I am a gun totin 2nd amendment advocate! And both of these modifications should be illegal. Bad people follow rules and abide by what's legal...right?
Black Eugene (1 year ago)
My first comment in years. I didn't subscribe all those years ago to a channel showing how things work to have a political agenda pushed on me, regardless of whether or not I agree. This is how you lose subscribers
Checkpoint (1 year ago)
I had a gat crank in the 90s...those suck.
Hairysteed (1 year ago)
-Standard semi-auto rifle, unmodded -Thumb through belt strap -Let the rifle bump its trigger on the thumb Conclusion: Ban belt straps!
wertyjsdfgvb (1 year ago)
There goes my subscription.
bert_Michael (1 year ago)
Unsubbed for being a liberal ass hole .....i used to love this channel ..o and the sad music was over doing it
Horse horse Tiger tiger (1 year ago)
Completely disingenuous. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at least the bump stock has been available since 2010-ish? Your outtro card makes it appear that they just been made legal. While I agree that they should not be sold in the US, I believe your tactic here is dishonest.
Q Tip (1 year ago)
Russian Bot aka CNN's Anonymous sources (1 year ago)
Dear how stuff works, I've been subscribed to you for the last 5 years. Been as in past tense. So at what point did you allow Vox to take over your editing? (Right down to the sappy muzak) you know this evil bump fire thing you're talking about doesn't require an aftermarket part to do. it just makes it easier. If you don't believe me look up bump fire rubber band trick right here on youtube. According to the ATF there are over 400,000 legally registered full auto machine guns in this country in private hands. there have been 2 violent crimes committed with them since 1936. one of them by a police officer ;) . Before you start waxing poetic about my hobbies and my second amendment perhaps someone should look into removing your first amendment since apparently Constitution doesn't matter, f*** it right?
Robotic Nerd (1 year ago)
Sure... This showed how these mods work, but this video is purely meant as a guilt trip. Propaganda. If you just made a video explaining it that would be great. But putting on depressing music and effectively saying "it is because these are legal that this shooting happened" is unnecessary and pushing an agenda. I'm not pro or anti gun, but God damn it people. Stop with this political bullshit!
Notelun (1 year ago)
showing how guns work is political propaganda
JackTradesman (1 year ago)
Because everyone wants one of these stupid accessories and then just uses a standard capacity magazine, right? *rolls eyes* Yeah, lemme just go try to cram 500 rounds into a 15 clip...
Wyatt F. (1 year ago)
Why the sad music also unsubscribed for this propaganda
Kevin Waters (1 year ago)
I usually don't post replies to videos, but this one warrants one. I usually enjoy your videos, but this one does not accurately show how stuff works and contains allot of bad information. Even if you were going for a n anti-gun or control agenda you could have done better. I am going to stay subscribed, but I hope that you will be more informative and less political in the future.
stoney4474 (1 year ago)
Didn't realize standard ARs had suppressors. Wish my standard AR did 😂
badgerbadger_badger Poppy? (1 year ago)
How is this gun control propaganda? How is this politics? It's saying that you CAN do this stuff, and showing you how it's done.
David Fleisch (1 year ago)
Rainfall And Bonfires because they are exaggerating the RoF
Kurtis Westphal (1 year ago)
40-60 rounds per minute that is wayyyyy off, you can shoot any semi automatic gun faster than that
Todd K (1 year ago)
Change your channel name to howpropagandaworks. Lame fuckbags.
Johnny Giddings (1 year ago)
This video is obviously in response to the Vegas shooting, and the sad music obviously gears it towards gun control. Political (and wrongly political at that) are not what I subbed for. Second, I call bullshit on those numbers. Get your facts straight and maybe fire a gun or two before making a video about them.
Russell Dickson (1 year ago)
okay. nice to know.
walking michigan (1 year ago)
Justin Joens (1 year ago)
I'm not going to us-sub, but i like HSW for its objective point of veiw, and while I don't mind the message, I think HSW should have given this video a more objective context.
Nerrvih (1 year ago)
Only the government can be trusted with weapons. The populace must be disarmed, for their own good.
izziam (1 year ago)
cool where do I pick one up?
Will Alfaro (1 year ago)
So what's the average rate of fire for a semi auto? What if we all decided to shoot one round every 30min? This is a bull shit anti gun propaganda!! Unsub right now!!
Alex O (1 year ago)
Unsubbed. by limiting ourselves the terrorists win.
NAKEMORAGOZEN (1 year ago)
How Stuff Works. Click Unsubscribe Button... and I'm Unsubscribed.
Sean McGuigan (1 year ago)
Super weird. Unsubbed.
Jared S (1 year ago)
Jared S (1 year ago)
Do you want these to be illegal? If they are illegal, what crime is that going to stop? Oh no! Bump fire stocks are illegal! I guess I am not going to shoot someone now.
pumpkincontest (1 year ago)
OK fellas and gals. Leave a comment on the best gun deals you find. This video has inspired me to buy, buy, buy!
zedirich7 (1 year ago)
Shows how it fits on but where's the how it works? What's with the scary music? You know most gun owners are technologically inclined. Not idiots like many portray them as, just FYI
Mark Harris (1 year ago)
The https://www.slidefire.com/downloads/BATFE.pdf BATF says in a letter on file that a weapon that fires one round with one trigger pull is considered a semiautomatic rifle. The bump stock is placed in that category because it only allows on shot per one trigger pull.
JohnTyler (1 year ago)
Why does the "normal" semi automatic have a suppressor?
Lorne Peddle (1 year ago)
Oh Canada!
Petronald Green (1 year ago)
What a stupid video.
Mr3344555 (1 year ago)
I like how people feel attacked. The channels name is how stuff works. The stupidity and ignorance is high on this video. Now I know to talk about guns to trigger hicks!
KUNGFUFUMAN (1 year ago)
Don't condemn the innocent for something criminals have done.
Ivan J California (1 year ago)
1st of all we should be able to purchase full auto firearms. The NFA is unconstitutional that infringes on our rights/freedoms. Now they want to regulate on semi auto? That's bull shit.
Ivan J California (1 year ago)
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Keep on infringing on our constitutional rights and freedoms. You think we live in a police/spy state now? Wait until the crown only "let's us" have single shot firearms and we will be under a tyrannical dictatorship.
Jeff Grey (1 year ago)
ah. falling in line with gun control agenda i see. well , i have news for you. go fuck yourself
Chris D (1 year ago)
I have a bump stock for my AR15 and I love it. Basically an automatic after installed and almost every website to buy it from has stopped selling them due to the recent events. Get them while you can!
lil ' Larry unleashed (1 year ago)
This is total bullshit.
Billy (1 year ago)
LOL and add the saddest music possible to make it seem like it's an epidemic like abused cats and dogs. Goodbye.
Aaron565 (1 year ago)
boo only the misinformed think full auto is more dangerous than semi. Or that a 60yr old vet with a bolt action cant take you and five others out from 300m in a second each. People actually always preferred semi for accuracy. Bump stocks are considered pump action, IE they act like shotguns you have to rack it to your chest to seat a round. If you had a shotgun in the same configuration it would be more accurate considering you get shit accuracy using a bump stock with sights. Nobody uses them and if they do its a novelty. After 75 yards auto isn't accurate, you could very easily be 20 ft off thinking you're on point.
Princess Pottymouth (1 year ago)
Here's how stuff works: You can bump fire with a fucking stick. Last I checked, sticks have not been outlawed. So how about stick your channel where the sun don't shine. Thank you and goodbye.
Steven Mion (1 year ago)
What is wrong with you and this pathetic video? You guys just gave a real nut the know how to make one and use it...and....just remember, you aren't gonna take the guns away, ever! ever!!
MattVega (1 year ago)
Unsubbed this shit is stupid
Marcus Royale (1 year ago)
Why are so many people triggered like someone is taking away their guns, it is a slideshow, not an agenda.
Cυlтυяє (1 year ago)
Cυlтυяє (1 year ago)
Trigger warning. Lol
Tyler Hovind (1 year ago)
unsbbed for being needlessly political, yo neglected to mention that a bumpfire stock is not necessary for bumpfiring, and that bumpfiring with or without a special stock tanks the accuracy.
TheNinjaDC (1 year ago)
45-60 rounds per minute. .. Um, that is rate if fire of a bolt action rifle. Most people can get 300 to 400 RPM from semi auto firearms, and professionals getting double that.
TheBlackCobra81 (1 year ago)
So apparently this channel is a part of the leftist anti-gun propaganda. Yes they are legal under federal law they are novelties anyone who has used a real machine gun will tell you that these things are horrible in comparison. I’ve seen people shot just as fast with just fast fingers. Instead of posting a short video of two things get into the subject and she the whole truth.
Zimmar (1 year ago)
usa citizens need to be disarmed!
M Guerrero (1 year ago)
So....are you for or against?
blacksheep837 (1 year ago)
Why would they do that? If it's for the military everything should be legal. And if it's for private use hunting or something like that why would they legalize It? And unfortunately very bad timing after the shooting in Vegas. :-(.
Name of User (1 year ago)
More bullets does not necessarily mean more kills.
Truth Is Buoyant (1 year ago)
Bump stock isn't shit. It's the picking away of these little rights with a much bigger picture in mind. They don't want us to have any guns.
DerDoenerInMir (1 year ago)
The Gat Crank seems retarded
poke (1 year ago)
how stuff works more like how to lose subscribers
Princess Pottymouth (1 year ago)
Effective! I unsubbed. 😀
M Guerrero (1 year ago)
Poke true I just did 😂💁
gary tru (1 year ago)
How stuff works you suck!! unsubscribed. Trump!! 2020!!!!!!!!
StillBlazin561 (1 year ago)
Was the video intended to be informative on how those parts work or subliminal for gun control? I say keep it legal!
P Rex (1 year ago)
Propagandist nonsense. Unsubscribe.
M Guerrero (1 year ago)
Same af f this
badgerbadger_badger Poppy? (1 year ago)
Wow, I never thought propaganda was How Stuff Works, actually showing you how shit fucking works.
khanman v.3 (1 year ago)
Wth is this
Seth Key (1 year ago)
Where are my pearls?!? They need clutching!
Princess Pottymouth (1 year ago)
Seth Key I lol'd. I'm gonna steal your comment so I can use it one day. 🤣
xmike925x (1 year ago)
Wtf is this anti gun shit
Grouchy Ed (1 year ago)
Clearly, no agenda here... how stuff works?? More like, how propaganda works. 👎🏻👎🏻
DaBoogie (8 months ago)
How was this propaganda?? Lmfao. You’re incredibly stupid..
Powder Blue (1 year ago)
Us is the only western country that still has mass shootings as a problem. Go fuck yourself. I bet you are "pro-life" but for allowing weapons of death. A living contradiction.
ThinkingOutSideTheBoxingring (1 year ago)
that crank thing just looks silly
BdowN (1 year ago)
Was a M240 B the type of gun used in the Las Vegas Shooting? https://youtu.be/hCa76XajGTg
Dawud G Delves (1 year ago)
Wouldn't that high rate of fire compromise a regular M4 barrel?
Raw Colelyoly Gaming (1 year ago)
At least teach me how it works. This is why I subscribe. It seemed like an unfinished video
AgentOracle (1 year ago)
william keller Let me try and help: A bump fire stock works by harnessing the guns recoil to make your finger "bump" the trigger, by turning a precision rifle into a jittering mess of inaccuracy. First off, a normal rifle is held braced into the shoulder to minimize recoil force and maintain accuracy through shots. A bump-stock rifle requires that you push the front of the gun, via forward grip, *forward*, and pull the grip *backwards* in order to pull the trigger. Once you pull the trigger, the gun will recoil, "bumping" into your shoulder, and then spring forwards again, causing your finger to hit the trigger again. Sound uncomfortable and overly complicated? It is! It's also horribly inaccurate and prone to *massive* amounts of gun walk... watching professional shooters use this thing from 25 feet yielded 3 hits out of 20 shots fired against a human sized target. The first three. Though, considering the Vegas was shooting from 300 feet in the air down into a massed crowd of innocent people, accuracy was not his primary objective.
Cory Sennett (1 year ago)
I can kill multiple people in quick succession with a spoon. Let’s all ban spoons
Bryce Mckinnley (1 year ago)
Im really disappointed that you would use your channel to further your political agenda.
Cory Sennett (1 year ago)
Oh for fuck sake you anti-gunners are complete retards. Being in the military I’ve fired AR-15’s and own one with a bump stock and it sounds nothing like Vegas shooter. He was using a belt fed SAW or equivalent. And a 5.56 doesn’t even carry enough velocity to damage anything at 400 yards.
Zander (1 year ago)
I don’t get it, are they against it? The spooky music tells me so, their lack of opinions/arguments about it tell me otherwise. Honestly, if I could own a gun I would do what they just instructed.
glycerin256 (1 year ago)
This video is stupid. You can put your gun next to your hip and your thumb through the trigger to your pants belt loop and fire quickly. Are you going to ban my finger next? America is about liberty. Stop stepping on mine. Do videos covering a whole topic, not half-ass bullshit with sappy music like this.
Zimmar (1 year ago)
america is liberty. if i ever go there, i'll get me some liberty and stuff it in your ass.
matthewweaverworks (1 year ago)
Stay scientific, Jerry! I do not support the prohibition of any of these devices.
matthewweaverworks (1 year ago)
Zimmar oh come on. They didn't just make the video for entertainment. Also everything has political elements.
Zimmar (1 year ago)
this is literally just a slideshow, no agenda whatsoever.
Jiffypistol (1 year ago)
Unsubbed for stupid gun control propaganda
Russian Bot aka CNN's Anonymous sources (1 year ago)
Analogy Accepted let's see where to start. we have the Vox Style video right down the jerk off session music the completely ignoring the fact dude was insane Gee we should change the laws make this thing illegal. That will work... so was mass murder not illegal when he did this let's put some more laws on top of the laws don't work so the new laws don't work so we can make some more laws that don't work so we can make some more laws and regulations that don't work So eventually you can't have anything. Oh God the evil bump fire stock you're on YouTube look up rubber band AR-15 bump fire or you going to band rubber bands next?
Rosco Harris (1 year ago)
If you insist on pushing your political opinions you could at least show how stuff works.
DaBoogie (8 months ago)
Rosco Harris Are you retarded?
Papa Eriko (1 year ago)
How was this political opinions?
Rosco Harris (1 year ago)
@Zimmar If you have an actual argument to present I don't mind debating, but what's the point of just posting...?
Princess Pottymouth (1 year ago)
Zimmar Except for the fact that you can bump fire with your own finger. How about some actual facts about the bigger picture? Not fear-mongering propaganda.
Zimmar (1 year ago)
lol the video was literally a slideshow of facts...
Juggalo Jesuit (1 year ago)
And, yet I still think they should remain legal.
Ferguson101 (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/_G6hUPg2y4c no bumpfire stock 700 rpm ^.
Ferguson101 (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/A8O05T77pgY Using a bipod.