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Top 5 Budweiser Shootout Finishes

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Theses clips are of the Budweiser Shootouts and they do not include the Busch Clash races. Only include clips from 1998-2011 #5 2011- Winner Kurt Busch #4 2009- Winner Kevin Harvick #3 2008- Winner Dale Earnhardt Jr #2 2004- Winner Dale Jarrett #1 2000- Winner Dale Jarrett
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Text Comments (35)
michael88h (2 months ago)
The first shootout finish was the year of two car tandam. It was an absolute joke You can tell the announcers didn't even like it.
Tom R (2 months ago)
Loved dj
Jo Bckts (1 year ago)
%80 of all NASCAR videos are blurry. Like 1979 Daytona film. Can’t see #s. More HD please.
NicoAW (2 years ago)
how about you actually put effort to find HD videos. and the budwizer shoot out 2012 kyle busch and tony Stewart was way more crazy than all of these, over all teribble video.
JMJRulz (2 years ago)
3:18 Should've stayed in front of Harvick.
ToasterGaming (3 years ago)
In my opinion, this list is not right at all
Vine Wood (2 months ago)
ToasterGaming (3 years ago)
#3 you shouldn't have picked that one just because jr won
Naz Idoura (8 months ago)
It was a good finish. Stewart had an equal shot to win.
M6A2shooter (2 years ago)
ToasterGaming his fandom is showing big time on that one. It wasn't a tight finish at all
The Underdog (3 years ago)
where's the 2012 bud shootout. that was the closet one ever and the best
F-4Ace (1 year ago)
This was uploaded literally two weeks before that race.
KingOfShock (3 years ago)
You should do an update on this and add Peyton Manning to the list
Justin Trebell (5 years ago)
DJ #1 and 2 hell yea
Justin Trebell (5 years ago)
DJ #1 and 2 hell yea
Tiny Tree Music (5 years ago)
Can't wait for this year!
Caden Thure (5 years ago)
FANJG24 (5 years ago)
Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr. are up at the front in almost every one of these. 2 of the greatest restrictor plate racers of all time.
Jeff Sandy (1 year ago)
+ Tyler Puszczewicz. I disagree. They both learned there drafting and plate racing skills from Dale Sr. Even Gordon said in an interview that Dale Sr. was the greatest super speedway and plate racer of all time.
FANJG24 (4 years ago)
@Tyler Puszczewicz Yep - Exactly! 
Tyler Puszczewicz (4 years ago)
@FANJG24 You're right. The Shootout is what you've said. It is much more exciting then the All Star race. This coming Shootout should be awesome, since they've increase the field size.
FANJG24 (4 years ago)
@Tyler Puszczewicz Yes but I wouldn't really count the shootout as an actual race - As you can see above, drivers usually let it all hang out. That's what makes it so exciting every year! 
Tyler Puszczewicz (4 years ago)
That is true, those 2 are the best plate racers of all time. Although the past 3 Shootouts, Jeff has had 3 DNF's in a row.
Shredder guy (6 years ago)
in #5, Denny Hamlin pretty much screwed himself because when they got to the checkered, Dennny was still behind Ryan and had Kurt and McMurray beside him
Gustavo Palacios (6 years ago)
Should have waited 3 more weeks
Brandon Narine (6 years ago)
want a cookie
Kevin McCormick (7 years ago)
go Jr!
tylernascar17 (7 years ago)
3:08 THAT was pack racing
Jackson Watkins (7 years ago)
3,000th viewer. I should get a prize
BookemDeno (7 years ago)
@MnMRacingProductions yeppers
nascarfan4888JJ (7 years ago)
should make a video on tonights finish
Matt Muir (7 years ago)
One word about making an edit to that list - tonight
BookemDeno (7 years ago)
@jclark300 thanks man
Марио (7 years ago)
@JRRacing64 true
JRRacing64 (7 years ago)
McMurray gave that race to Harvick in 09. Should have never pulled down low.