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5 SHIPPING SECRETS Fedex, UPS & USPS Don't Want You to Know!

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Save a bunch of money this holiday season with these 5 amazing secrets I discovered! WANT HUGE FREEBIES? ► How to turn on your alerts to get deals first ► ►Free 2 Day Shipping From Amazon Via Prime: I've been shipping about 5 items per day for the past 7 years and almost every post office will accept the USPS cube boxes as a small flat rate. The large regional boxes have worked for me sending out packages all over the country under the "large" flat rate box umbrella although please check for restrictions with your local post office. We have never had an issue with one package. In this video The Deal Guy is showing you 5 shipping secrets that the shipping companies don't want you to know! These fedex hacks and ups hacks are some of the best you'll find on the internet and usps hacks as well! These 5 shipping tips are great for your holiday shipping. Don't miss these shipping hacks and ups secrets but not just them but also fedex secrets and usps secrets!! This works for amazon shipping too! GET MORE IN STOCK DEALS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Some of the links used on this YouTube Channel have Bitly performance tracking codes, some are from third parties, and in some cases affiliate links. While third parties and YouTube advertisers benefit directly, the talent on this channel (including interns) do not make a commission.
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McShockz O (2 days ago)
The Raider (2 days ago)
I have been selling on Ebay for three months and I am thrilled to get this infor. Thanks!!
Rhys Emerson (7 days ago)
I love your vidios
Justin Anderson (12 days ago)
This is awesome. You learn a new thing every day!
Leonardo Martinez (17 days ago)
great info
Andrea Elliott (17 days ago)
Helpful info. Thanks
Amber Barney (21 days ago)
I'm really glad I ran across your videos. Thank you
John Bennett (22 days ago)
Do the dance
using tubes (22 days ago)
dang he makes those boxes look YUGE
Mark Barrios (25 days ago)
Please remind you subscribers to click that bell I do admit I forgot about your channel since I have so may subscriptions!
Leo Sandoval (1 month ago)
Dance Dance Dance away.....
Al Collins (1 month ago)
you need to Dance!!!
Elaine Marie (1 month ago)
How does the USPS get away with false advertising? I've noticed that often it takes double the time quoted on mailing timelines. If this is true consistently across the board, then why aren't they honest? I thought mine were outlier stats, because I ship packages so rarely. A few years ago, my state of Arizona changed how mail was done. All mail is shipped to Phoenix, one city in the whole state. Yes. I live in Tucson, a metropolis of nearly one million people. Mail used to take overnight within city limits. Now it takes 3-4 days. Any suburb, add one more day. I've had it take a week! Crazy, I say. But, TY for the tips on USPS shipping boxes, that is good to know since it's confusing.
Metrix (1 month ago)
That large box comparison is insane, like it's almost double the size for the same price
Marvin Lawrence (1 month ago)
good advice
Frank Bagnato (1 month ago)
good info!
Andy Vo (1 month ago)
Just subscribed! Thanks for the tips & savings :D
dale reibold (1 month ago)
I'm not a robot
Brandon Perez (1 month ago)
how do you see a third party seller package?
shadowstorm657 (2 months ago)
I worked at fedex in the Irving plant in texas. Please guys, if you are going to use a small box to ship something over ten pounds, please put a sticker on it or mark it in some way to tell the package handlers. I have been nearly knocked out by heavy boxes on top.
ryukdluffy (2 months ago)
i hate fedex. They didn't knock and I was home. They just left a note. Fucking assholes.
Joel Jankowski (2 months ago)
I say dance away😀
brian marsh (2 months ago)
Thanks Matt, keep up the good work.
MagnifyTV (2 months ago)
This was helpful
joe aquino (2 months ago)
Dance dance dance
G35mik (2 months ago)
David Alves (2 months ago)
thank you Deal Guy, seriously thank you, i don't know if you will see this but if you do i want you to know that you have saved me many many dollars on shipments as i was not aware of the different sizes between small medium and large. David
TwoTiming Timmy (2 months ago)
not a large flat rate its a regional box much different... thumbs down
blake lowe (2 months ago)
best youtuber but i want my mail to arrive
John Sobecki (2 months ago)
Love your enthusiasm! Go Indians!
Music_Lights (3 months ago)
I am looking on their website and I do not see the cube box or the big box. I also went to my local post office and it was not there either. How do I get the large box. My large flat rate box is so small.
Max Stone (3 months ago)
digging your channel
Debra Spencer (3 months ago)
Thanks Deal Guy. I LOVE the deals..have chosen some for my family. Keep the GREAT deals coming. I couldn't find the comments section on my S7 & finally remembered to check while I was on my PC...I'm hoping that I'll be one of your lucky viewers one day to get the giveaway. Have a MARVELOUS Monday........ Debra
Jim Kuckie (3 months ago)
just seen this, do you use FedEx and UPS invoice auditing software to audit your own shipments?
Evan Pekovich (3 months ago)
3 videos and you earned a sub
westcoastwazz (3 months ago)
Great info in each video! I'm so glad I found you guys!! Keep up the good work!!!
DENNIS JASON (3 months ago)
Good info. Thanks!
Ben frank (3 months ago)
sucks I never seen this video earlier, but now I know something for the future :)
Vimmi Swami (3 months ago)
Jennifer Sanchez (3 months ago)
I vote to bring back the BOOGIE ! Love your vids !
angel james (3 months ago)
Angel Ramos (3 months ago)
hi i just subribed to your channel
Daniel Hart (3 months ago)
Sola (3 months ago)
There's a lot of info you're missing. Flat rate boxes are perfect for sending heavy stuff that's under 70 lbs and traveling far. The price depends on how heavy , how far and how fast you want your package to get to its destination when you're not using priority flare rate boxes. 😊
Ozark Ed (3 months ago)
Here's another shipping secret. The USPS is cheaper per package to ship because they operate at an annual deficit of more than 5 billion dollars. Guess who pays for their operating deficit? The US taxpayer.
Bryan Morehead (3 months ago)
That's some great tips Matt!!
Davis Tee (4 months ago)
Awesome videos bud look forward to more.
Davis Tee (4 months ago)
Awesome videos bud look forward to more.
King Lujan (4 months ago)
Awesome Advice I'm A New Subscriber,and Use the USPS on a Weekly basis...GREAT to Know Looking forward to Future Tips KEEP IT UP...
The Deal Guy (4 months ago)
Glad to help! Hope you have a great day!
Kartik Dabas (4 months ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️📱📱📱📱🗽🗽🗽🏟fav utuber
David D (4 months ago)
Love the dancing, you're happy, it's nice to see!
tradersato (4 months ago)
Thanks for The insights
Marlena J (4 months ago)
JC Munoz (4 months ago)
Does weight not apply to the boxes anymore?
Sola (3 months ago)
JC Munoz it does. But not on the flat rate boxes. Just be careful to read which one is flat rate and which one isn't. They all look the almost identical.
Hish Aam (4 months ago)
nifty!!!!! as always love you
RoboTronix (4 months ago)
Subscribed!! Not because of the give away stuff, but the tip on saving money shipping!!! Also that tip on just paying a few bucks more to have it wrapped and shipped directly? Priceless!!! (I am sad too.... Sad that I did not see this video before Christmas lol)
Christine Coniglio (4 months ago)
How did I miss this video, I really could have use this info. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.🙋 Don't listen to them, we love your dancing!!!
Carl de Prado (4 months ago)
I love the dancing
Kenny Armour (4 months ago)
just discovered your channel, very nice. I look forward to more great videos
dp1903 (4 months ago)
Some greats tips on shipping items. Thanks for the info
LILO G. (4 months ago)
i kinda like the dancing lol
LILO G. (4 months ago)
i love you show !
The Deal Guy (4 months ago)
Thanks! You are amazing! hope you have a great day!
Mike Whipp (4 months ago)
I love brunch!
Preston Burns (4 months ago)
Nice info
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yea just click on his head lol
Donna Earl (4 months ago)
Dance, Dance! Do more of what you love!
The Deal Guy (4 months ago)
Robbie Babb (4 months ago)
Ok finally I found the place to comment been trying since I started watching love seeing all the new tech stuff the honest info thanks
Johanna Gh (4 months ago)
Thank you! Perfect information!
The Deal Guy (4 months ago)
You are welcome! Hope you have a great day!
Matt Metzker (4 months ago)
Hey Matt, i needz me a freebeez
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really??? the dancing is the best part!!!
Amanda Rettig (4 months ago)
Your so smart Matt😁
Armando Escandalo (4 months ago)
Thank you so much
Jet Earlewood (4 months ago)
I'm sorry.. typo.. come to my house, not cover. and didn't even make the effort.
Jet Earlewood (4 months ago)
Can I share my FedUp story? You can delete it if you wish. FedEx in the 3rd World tried to charge me duty tax on a credit card. They wanted $36.00 for a card. Unbelievable, right.. it's True! and they said the package was undeliverable.. hey FedEx! You don't even make the effort to cover to my house! Seven yrs ago instead of delivering parts they made me go to their office, pay for the forms, made me sit and wait for approval while the guy in changed read his news paper.. total crap..
JOY Finzzuti (4 months ago)
Good info, thanks.
Lord-Andre (4 months ago)
i wanna see dancing :(
Samson Davis (4 months ago)
Dude your giveaways are so lit!
AJ Virani (4 months ago)
Are these available at the post office or just on
dmv073 (4 months ago)
Lol! love you guys, love your enthusiasm, I don't know what people are talking about, I love it when you guys dance! Most importantly I love all the great deals you inform us about. Keep up the great work.
Gabriel Aguilar (4 months ago)
Maybe if you choreograph the dance a little more? I'm fine with it. You guys really helped with christmas, thanks.
c0pyimitati0n (4 months ago)
Pro-tip make your own box if what you have is too big. I cut down boxes and tape them together to make my own.
c0pyimitati0n (4 months ago)
Thanks for the info but dude... It's very old car salesmany...
v.venkateshwar reddy (4 months ago)
I u we
Michael Tribbey (4 months ago)
i wanna win some stuff
Batt Dude (4 months ago)
Woops I accidentally pressed the subscribe button. "Accidentally" Good video
BLESSEDFLYDIVA (4 months ago)
Abundant Blessings to u & ur family!! Thanks for caring & Sharing!!
Nick Lango (4 months ago)
Keep up the great work
Ruth Sanders (4 months ago)
You are are a great teacher...short and to the point! Learn a lot from you! Thanks!
Leslie Jordan (4 months ago)
wow thanks for explaining the box deliveries. Great way to save some money
Penelope DeYoung (4 months ago)
I want to win
Angela Ellmo (4 months ago)
Wow! Good to know about different box sizes/pricing!
Ramir Sioson (4 months ago)
very helpful tip! this is awesome!
Steven McWhite (4 months ago)
This saved me a LOT of money for sending presents this last holiday season. Even gave some advice for people to send me stuff for my birthday right afterwards! Go USPS!
Emily Pike (4 months ago)
Love the enthusiasm and the dancing! Thanks for the deals.
Troy Tuttle (4 months ago)
I Love your dancing .....Keep it up
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Great info Matt!
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I think you should dance anyhow! dancing is my fav!!! lol
The Deal Guy (4 months ago)
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keep dancing, it is your channel. thank you for the give aways
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great advice
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thanks for testing and searching out deals