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5 SHIPPING SECRETS Fedex, UPS & USPS Don't Want You to Know!

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Save a bunch of money this holiday season with these 5 amazing secrets I discovered! WANT HUGE FREEBIES? ► How to turn on your alerts to get deals first ► ►Free 2 Day Shipping From Amazon Via Prime: I've been shipping about 5 items per day for the past 7 years and almost every post office will accept the USPS cube boxes as a small flat rate. The large regional boxes have worked for me sending out packages all over the country under the "large" flat rate box umbrella although please check for restrictions with your local post office. We have never had an issue with one package. In this video The Deal Guy is showing you 5 shipping secrets that the shipping companies don't want you to know! These fedex hacks and ups hacks are some of the best you'll find on the internet and usps hacks as well! These 5 shipping tips are great for your holiday shipping. Don't miss these shipping hacks and ups secrets but not just them but also fedex secrets and usps secrets!! This works for amazon shipping too! GET MORE IN STOCK DEALS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Some of the links used on this YouTube Channel have Bitly performance tracking codes, some are from third parties, and in some cases affiliate links. While third parties and YouTube advertisers benefit directly, the talent on this channel (including interns) do not make a commission.
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Jeremy Parsons (1 month ago)
i will give you the best free hint, never ever use fed-ex to ship to philippines, their customs people will flag it and charge you 10 dollars a day storage just because they know they can do it, they will make up total crap reason why they did it. they know you must then create a fed-ex account and pay the fee, and 100 dollars is if your lucky and catch it fast.
The Indigo Son (26 days ago)
Kimglenn Wolfe well I had to fill out a bit extra info because it was over seas. I used our local usps.
The Indigo Son (26 days ago)
Kimglenn Wolfe I literally just picked up a random box that fit the stuff I sent, added the address, and gave it to the people behind the counter.😂
Kimglenn Wolfe (26 days ago)
The Indigo Son and how did you send stuff to the ph?? what method did you use??
The Indigo Son (26 days ago)
Jeremy Parsons this is perfect. thank you. I've sent stuff to PH and plan to send more.
Morgan Cherry (5 days ago)
Just to clarify the cube and the bigger large box are NOT flat rate. Their prices are determined by weight and distance traveling. In most cases though if you have an item that won't quite fit in the small flat rate the cube is almost always cheaper than either medium flat rate box. You kind of have to watch out with that large non flat rate one though. Be aware of how heavy the items inside are. I have had a few instances where it was cheaper to split up a customer's shipment into a couple flat rate boxes than leaving them in the big one. And when in doubt you can always take a plain box in with you to use if another shipping option is cheaper.
Heather Pendleton (7 days ago)
You should definitely keep dancing.
Melinda Engler-Juarez (7 days ago)
A video without you dancing, is like a day without sunshine. Say it ain't so....
Debbie (9 days ago)
thanks for helping decipher the different shipping box choices!
Keeping it Real with the Millers (9 days ago)
Do you have a list of these different box names for ordering on USPS?
drgil65 (11 days ago)
Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is never cheap
Party (12 days ago)
Sherry Workman (12 days ago)
Great information ty
BootlegFilly7 (13 days ago)
I'm not subscribed
Veronica Soto (16 days ago)
I wanna see dancing lol
The Old Crone's Twisted Orphanage (17 days ago)
I had no idea they had two different size large boxes. Thank you for the info!
Peter Berger (17 days ago)
Really depends on size and distance on which service will be cheaper. And it really helps to have a business account through fedex. Also, USPS regional rates can save you big money. Saved us a lot with sending laptops vs med flat rate.
Elizabeth Lux (17 days ago)
Thanks for all the help!
Jasdeep Sandhu (19 days ago)
That's nice
Beau Morehouse (20 days ago)
Thanks for the info.
The Deal Guy (20 days ago)
Thanks for watching! I really appreciate you being here.
Web Fam 4ever! (20 days ago)
Thank You
Blackpelt ofConfution (21 days ago)
This will help me out with all my 60$ shipping rates at ups
Crystal K (22 days ago)
Awesome! Thanks for the tips!
pedro fernandes (22 days ago)
Just to win a giveaway.
davenwin1973 (22 days ago)
I used to work in a UPS hub in Chicagoland, and I can tell you one way to save money. Any package that can arrive at a UPS terminal within 6-8 hours by semi, don't bother with 2 or 3 day shipping. Those get shipped by ground, even if it says air shipment on it. Also anything that says next day air, and can get to a UPS terminal within 4 hours, also goes via ground. So after working for UPS, I almost always use traditional ground shipping. If I'm that desperate for something, the only time I use express shipping, is if it's coming from California, Oregon, or Washington state. Estimated shipping times via ground to Chicagoland from the west coast, is 5-10 business days estimated. Also, during my time working for UPS, ground shipments from hubs that can arrive within 6-8 hours on the road, leave the hub by semi for sure. If it would take more than 3 days on the road, then the trailer gets loaded onto a flat bed train car, to reach destinations within 3 to 10 business days. In cases like that, those shipments will go to another hub to be resorted, and shipped to the final terminal.
Malikcat Gaming (23 days ago)
Pick me
Shor Zed (23 days ago)
Thanks for the tip
Nightshade Phoenix (24 days ago)
Great info. Keep up the good work
Peter Piper (24 days ago)
I don't get how people are all wound up and screaming when a package is late. Let them go back to the Pony Express days is what I say. CHILL OUT, PEOPLE!!! It's not the end of the world.
Ausamatbh1 (24 days ago)
Cool info good to know
wvumaniac87 (24 days ago)
Crazy the different sizes are the same price
Yeet Lord (24 days ago)
daniel meyran (24 days ago)
Great info! For those who don't think this is good information... all information, useful now or not is gained knowledge. And I'd bet the next time you pack a box to be shipped you will think of this video, so in turn this video became useful. Same for the other videos! Great videos my friend!
Steve Kemme (25 days ago)
Great info on this as we will be sending out more boxes of goodies this year
William Qu (25 days ago)
good gob
Stephen Shettler (25 days ago)
Hiren Parsana (25 days ago)
Good inform dear
Miranda Sterling (25 days ago)
this is so cool man. I'm impressed for sure
The Deal Guy (25 days ago)
I really appreciate you watching! Thanks for the feedback.
dzivri (25 days ago)
What do you mean the cube is the same as the small flat rate box? What?
Mark Nazario Velez (25 days ago)
Pretty Awesome. Thanks for the info!~
The Deal Guy (25 days ago)
Hugely appreciate you watching! Thank you :)
Cerus98 (25 days ago)
That larger flat rate box was discontinued before this video was even made. Also - USPS is NOT always the cheapest option. It depends on the origin, destination, size and weight. You cannot say which shipper is cheapest especially with USPSs recent rate increase. In general, smaller boxes will have USPS ahead. Unless you're shipping something extremely heavy and can use a flat rate, a box around the size of the medium flat rate will be cheaper with FedEx or UPS. For me, FedEx almost always ends up being the cheapest option with UPS nearly tied.
Avbitten (26 days ago)
i like boxes
Clifton Thompson (26 days ago)
That is GREAT information to have, Thanks Matt!
Lisa Ash (26 days ago)
thanks for the information
1998LegoFreak (26 days ago)
Good little facts there! Also the lady at the end is cute 😂
The Deal Guy (26 days ago)
THANK YOU so much for watching and I'll tell Casey :) She's with me a lot of the time for videos.
Aaron Wadzinski (26 days ago)
Marrian Angeles (26 days ago)
This is a pretty cool channel
The Deal Guy (26 days ago)
Thanks for checking this out!
Mae_ 27 (26 days ago)
Cool vid
The Deal Guy (26 days ago)
Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate you.
Gary Baker (26 days ago)
Dance fever
The Deal Guy (26 days ago)
You know it! Thanks for watching :)
Pea Jay (26 days ago)
Great info! Dance your heart out! 😆
John Smith (26 days ago)
Thank you this helped me so much
The Deal Guy (26 days ago)
I am honored to be of assistance. Thanks so much for the post!!
Emma Roy (26 days ago)
This was helpful!
The Deal Guy (26 days ago)
Thanks so much for watching and for taking the time to leave a comment!
Kars Noordhuis (26 days ago)
Pay by size of box? Wauw, we pay by weight. Only €6.95 for 10kg of stuff delivered the next day (sometimes 2) and tracking included via postnl. Or 3.95 for up to 15kg untracked and you have to pick it up from a ups point but hey, its cheap. Ok the netherlands is a small country but postagewise im glad i live here.
Ra Leo (26 days ago)
I hate thumbnails with red circles, it triggers in me dislikes.
The Deal Guy (26 days ago)
I will make sure there are no red circles in my thumbnails moving forward. I am sorry this upset you.
Giovanni Cagliari (26 days ago)
This channel is awesome
Jarod Eloff (26 days ago)
Why don't people like dancing?
scarrence (27 days ago)
Dont let them crush you, dance. Dance the night away!
Steven XCEL (27 days ago)
So you've been using the cube boxes (#4) as small flat rate. lol We should report you to the Inspection service. More than likely your poor recipients were having to pay for your eagerness to save a few bucks. You shoulda covered weight and distance vs flat rate. Then cover regional rate vs flat rate. oh and the USPS has switched over to a UPS and FedEx system of weighting and calculating postage as your package is going through the sort facilities. if the weight has been understated they'll now just charge your shipping account.
gr56 Energy Solutions (27 days ago)
stuff is good.
Ezra Maldonado (27 days ago)
Fav youtuber
Ezra Maldonado (27 days ago)
Great info to save money
Vibinator (27 days ago)
Oh! cool channel
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
I'm so happy to hear you like it. Thank you for being here! Have a great week.
BeachGal1966 (27 days ago)
I paid the fee to use a USPS Overnight Box (for flowers) and it didn't get to the destination for 2 days. Disappointed recipient and dead flowers. Never again will I believe them!
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
I've been there too many times! Thanks for the feedback. Really sorry you experienced that shipping issue.
Shannon Conley (27 days ago)
Sweet great job
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate the post.
keng keng (27 days ago)
That is good to know , awesome ..
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
Thank you so much!!
darth neighbor (27 days ago)
Mankirat Dhaliwal (27 days ago)
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
I'm so honored.
Mankirat Dhaliwal (27 days ago)
I have been binge watching all of ur videos
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
+Mankirat Dhaliwal thanks for watching !
theprogamer9001 (27 days ago)
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
Nate Ruehr (27 days ago)
Just found this account and subbed
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Awesome!! I really appreciate the sub. You rock. Thanks so much.
Michael Platt (27 days ago)
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Ashleigh Watson (27 days ago)
Thanks for the tips.
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
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Krypton 114 (27 days ago)
No offence but are you wearing make up? Your face looks smoother than a babies ass
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
I work on television so sometimes... like for this video if I shoot during our commercial breaks on, I have make-up on - just like all of my colleagues :)
Kacie Conti (27 days ago)
Much cool
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
Thanks so much for watching!!
chris sr (27 days ago)
Just started watching your Channel and it's very interesting
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
Awesome!! I'm so happy to hear that and I'm really happy you found me.
Cannabeard Glass (27 days ago)
As a person who ships for a living... I can tell you had to turn off the this video... the shipping dates you pay for ARE GUARANTEED. If the item doesn't show up with in the time your told they refund you.
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
I've had that success with FedEx and UPS just never with USPS. Thanks for the feedback. I may adjust my tactics :)
Cannabeard Glass (27 days ago)
The Deal Guy I ship hundreds of packages a day using usps, FedEx, and ups. If they don't get my packages they absolute refund my priority. Maybe it's just how I deal With them. But I can also tell you that I know many others who have the same experience
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
Try getting a refund from USPS. I ship 10 - 15 packages per week just through them. Your answer from them: "Our delivery times are an estimate and we do are best to meet those deadline but they are not guaranteed."
Torbjørn sh (27 days ago)
The Deal Guy (27 days ago)
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Geest video thanks!
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I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks for watching.
marta Lis (28 days ago)
Very useful
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Mostafa Mohamed (28 days ago)
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Mostafa Mohamed (28 days ago)
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CRAIG B3AK3R (28 days ago)
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Assaf Levy (28 days ago)
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The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I had a lot of points to make in a short period of time. Also... I'm not selling anything.... this is a video on shipping.
I'm The Guy Behind Seeker (28 days ago)
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The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
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YouTube Junkie (28 days ago)
Do you have a segment on a local news station in the Seattle area? Komo 4, King 5? Don't recall which
YouTube Junkie (28 days ago)
The Deal Guy That's awesome, I watch YouTube more than any other media. Keep it up, I'm subbing.
The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
Hi! Yes. I have a segment on KING 5. I'm syndicated so I air across the U.S. although YouTube is my priority.
FerdyLA (28 days ago)
Ginger Moon Wolf (28 days ago)
Awesome! Thanks!!
Alex Fouse (28 days ago)
I'm curious.. What's the 5th shipping secret? 1 -- Carriers dislike other carriers' packaging (Sorta, but really only USPS can get away with not delivering it) 2 -- When ordering online, ship directly to your giftee (True) 3 -- 2-3 days is not necessarily 2-3 days (During the holidays yes, otherwise false (again, except for USPS)) 4 -- Different size boxes exist (... True, but, why does this need to be said?) 5 -- Profit?? Shippers don't dance? Different size boxes exist again?
The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
Hi. Thanks for watching the whole video I appreciate it. My 2-3 shipping comment was about USPS. I ship at least 15 packages per week via USPS so it's correct during the non holiday shipping times. #4 was exploit the difficult to be found "cube box" when possible since it fits much more than a small USPS box for virtually the same rate. And #5 was... there are often two "medium" and two "large" box configurations for the same or similar rates.
sam feeney (28 days ago)
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Donald Smith (28 days ago)
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The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
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RainaRavenwood (28 days ago)
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Joshua Newton (28 days ago)
Thanks for the tips!
The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
Thanks so much for watching! You rock :)
Noble Valerian (28 days ago)
Except Amazon regularly ships damaged/broken/non-functioning items or the wrong item. Not sure I want to gift wrap an Amazon order for someone just to find out they got a box of crap.
The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
I'm sorry to hear you've had that experience. Thanks for watching and for the comment.
Kylie Lapinski (28 days ago)
Kylie Lapinski (28 days ago)
The Deal Guy not a prob 😍
The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
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Michael Furness (28 days ago)
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I'm really happy you found my channel too! Thank you.
Bashar Saado (29 days ago)
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Mic k (29 days ago)
New sub in in the UK but still helpfull as I send via ups
The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
I love UK subscribers. My sister lives in London. Thanks so much for watching and for the feedback.
Colton Nelson (29 days ago)
I work for the post office. It's not much of a secret. We ship over 10billion packages a year worldwide. 9 times out of 10 yes it will be 2 to 3 days depending on when you get it to the post office or if you have it picked up from your home (which is free pick up service as well) but with that many packages it's going to happen. A package may take a little longer to get there, it gets out into the wrong cart, it's delayed because of a truck breaking down. It happens, but also fun fact, depending on what you are shipping there are even cheaper options not many know about. Media mail. Or Even first class. We have different options to fit the customer that needs it.
The Deal Guy (28 days ago)
Thank you for watching this video and for taking a time to leave this comment.
CraftyPaws (29 days ago)
So glad I found your channel!
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Love your energy. Refreshing.
pds tech (29 days ago)
lame content. they don't care if you know or don't know. there are some great clerks that'll be very helpful in helping you decide which box is best everyone doesn't know these things? -1 #735 oh and btw, USPS 2-4 day shipping 99% of the time I get it in 3 days or less. in over 150 shipments in past 5 years, one time it took 7 days, and once it was 9 days yes FedEx is high. use DHL instead.
The Deal Guy (29 days ago)
You made good points! I'm sorry you consider my content lame. I'm trying my best.
John Pallas (29 days ago)
The Deal Guy (29 days ago)
New Doctrine Equals Heresy (29 days ago)
Don't stop dancing...- Creed Great song!
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