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CNN tested the new iPhones to find out if they’re worth an upgrade

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The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are now on sale. CNN Business tested the phones in the real world to find out whether they're worth an upgrade. #CNNBusiness
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Text Comments (34)
ionutz car (19 days ago)
02:34 yeah it raise the iso to compensate the lack of light but this also lowers the quality of the photo
Alen Zulfic (23 days ago)
You told us nothing. Worthless Video.
john wayne (24 days ago)
Apple 11? I give it 1.1 out of 10 for being a rip-off! Piece of crap ..no thx
Oh now you can take pictures of your pets? Never could do that before zzzzzzZZZZZZ.
Oh darn no 5g cancer with it. Nope I don't want it
ONESOLIDO (25 days ago)
This might be the worst phone review on YouTube 😐
Troy Stone (26 days ago)
Nice production... So CNN doing tech review videos now? Hope you guys keep this same energy when the Google Pixel 4 and the Sony Xperia 5 release. Can we get a Galaxy S10+ review? A OnePlus 7Pro review? The Huawei P30 Pro? The Asus ZenFone 6? Most of the world, most of the country isn't using iPhones in case you weren't paying attention. Google took care of that little Apple problem... Let's get some Android reviews too.
5D girl (26 days ago)
Apple is a terrible choice for a phone.
Eric Paul Goldie (26 days ago)
CNN stick to what your good at, bad political polling :p j/k Big fan of Cuomo, Lemon, Blitzer and the Coop! p.s. remember that time Jim Acosta had his press pass revoked then the judge gave it back. Bet there were high fives in the lunch room that day :p
zimtuff (26 days ago)
Is Apple still deliberately slowing down older phones with updates so you have to upgrade?
Ruslan Novikov (24 days ago)
Yes, xs,xs max and xr are already slowed down
zimtuff (26 days ago)
Most people don't need to spend more than $250 to get a phone that suits them. At that price you can upgrade every year.
Adrian Johnson (26 days ago)
It’s dumb to upgrade last year iPhones to a new year photos they the same phone just different camera view you basically paying for the pictures you can take on the phone
MAVIC 514 (27 days ago)
We want 3D touch
Coco Taveras (27 days ago)
To whomever reads this I hope you have a lovely day :)
get lost (27 days ago)
Only an idiot would spend 700 dollars on a phone...lmao
Prem Garu (27 days ago)
Aaww you're so gorgeous and that's a great review. Thank you. Had no clue that CNN did Tech reviews. But I'm sticking with my XS Max 'cause the camera on that is good enough for me. Subscribed.
malayneum (27 days ago)
i will buy it. because its still cheaper than a pro DSLR.
jrukawa11 (27 days ago)
Typical dropper on the first week use
wolf blitzer (27 days ago)
Samsung and Huawei far more superior phones people are sucked into the apple dream
JayDee (26 days ago)
Michael B (27 days ago)
its all the same people. Phones today dont warrrant an upgrade. especially not for $700
Coco Taveras (27 days ago)
Michael B I have to agree. I'm a simple person, all I need is something that gives me the ability to call, text, or watch videos and maybe if I feel bored play some simple games. That's why I still have a 5s with no plans to change it in the foreseeable future.
Marko Mladenovic (28 days ago)
Major changes to get stupid peoples money
Steven Young (28 days ago)
Should you upgrade? Well only if your a vaped selfie junkie. If the apple selfie box actually does anything else they don't have a damn clue.
Smugod Official (28 days ago)
Adam & Eve 🍎
Zen = Yen 🔴 (26 days ago)
Been 8 years since I've been using Android, ( Blackberry and Symbian s60 before that) And it's been 25 years since I've NOT USED IOS MACOS, just NOT seduced by APPLE.
Scotti Pimpin (28 days ago)
Pick a option woman. Did you drop it or not?
Alexis Moreno (27 days ago)
She drop both but want the refund for at least one
andyatuvic (28 days ago)
Apple has been pushing products with older technology compared to other smartphone makers for years now. The only thing Apple is selling is their brand. They can sell a carrot and put an Apple sticker on and it will still sell.
Michelle Dube (28 days ago)
I always wonder how much they would’ve improved when I can afford them 😂😂😂😂
shaafici cabdullaahi (28 days ago)
I won't buy this. Rather buy GYM and spa membership for 3 years and improve my health, strength and fitness, pamper myself and enjoy life. Better than paying for a piece of plastic which does the same thing as every other model, and will become "old" in 9 months when iPhone 12 pro PornHub edition gets released, with all the same features but one extra pixel and penis ID to unlock the phone only for £6,969.69
ionutz car (19 days ago)
haha penis id
Comrade_ Savage15 (28 days ago)