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Best of the Week! | Helping Hand!

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Here's what the human race got up to this week... some epic fails, awesome wins, heartwarming moments and much more all in JukinVideo's Best of the Week. Your weekly dose of the best videos on the internet! SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo Submit your video here: http://bit.ly/3-submit-here LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoFB FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoTwitter Short vids on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoInstagram Shorter vids on VINE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoVine JukinVideo is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. We love videos and find the best ones to share with you here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer tricks to a baby reacting to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. The JukinVideo team scours the web 24/7 to find the latest trends and hottest videos. Subscribe to see them first! To license any of the videos shown on JukinVideo, visit Jukin Media at http://jukinmedia.com/licensing
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (708)
saghy ebady (6 hours ago)
يارا و كوزمو (5 days ago)
3:45 Oof
franklin pineda (6 days ago)
OMG. this is the first time i saw a cow playing football. I swere to God
LEROY101JANKON S (10 days ago)
I just thought the blue ice cube was cool.
Mike Espresso (10 days ago)
Are malaka
Biman H. Saikia (10 days ago)
0:50...that cat must have taken catnip... Haha..
gaby samano (13 days ago)
Yarael Poof (20 days ago)
lol at 0:52 I was a kitty strip pole lol
Ken Dela CRUZ (21 days ago)
5:15 AANG!!!!!
Big daddy- BOUNCER (22 days ago)
Haahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhaahahahhaahahahahhaahhahahahahaahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah ha I cant breathe 0:42
Tankcraft MC2000 (23 days ago)
the video good!!!
Phil Mish (28 days ago)
why the turd is the poor puppy in a cage
I love cats (1 month ago)
3:46 it says I’m gay!!
Joe Smith (1 month ago)
Calls the bird an IDIOT LOL
Jeanette Marie (1 month ago)
Cat fighting a pole, how much catnip did you snuff?! 😅... and the first clip, I need that hand, my cats always want my attention when I'm busy lol.. but I don't mind! 😁💖
Stephanie Chaki (1 month ago)
0:24 he won anyway
LargeBlueWhale (1 month ago)
4:05 Bad boys Bad boys trying to kill you
Monty Singh (1 month ago)
Hey you are my brother- SCTOOR SHUFFLE
Anthony Myers (1 month ago)
Did that guy ever get his phone
ColdBoltz (2 months ago)
5:00 the water is so clean~
Bhaskar Nandan (2 months ago)
0:35 -you hit the window prrretyyy hard!aawwww-you idiot 🤣🤣lmao
Wynton Scott (2 months ago)
5:39 when the remote is not working just got the baby to throw it out
ShaydenSione Sipinga (2 months ago)
Guy: you hit the window pretty hard, AHHH (bird hits window) oh you idiot. At 0:34
Joshua Kessler (2 months ago)
that dude screaming in the second video is even funnier than the fail
black darkness (2 months ago)
1:37 sqeeky bird
Espen Rama (2 months ago)
2:41 the dog is just screaming
Dianna Marroquin (2 months ago)
Dianna Marroquin (2 months ago)
Helen Sandham (2 months ago)
3:43 the dude's reaction is priceless! He actually sounds like Seth Rogen...🤔
Alex Borgmann (2 months ago)
The cow vid makes me mad sad.
Jason (3 months ago)
Now I know who dropped the cell phone in my car's windshield.
Michael Johan Bosco (3 months ago)
You hit the window pretty hard... Arggggh... You Idiot!
Noah Joe (3 months ago)
whats the name of the song at 6:02
Collin C (3 months ago)
MethAnt (3 months ago)
that bird is hilarious....
PRIMEVAL543 (3 months ago)
4:45 I wonder if the phones still ok
Sandhu Jatt (3 months ago)
@5:17....wtf is Tht?
VarietyOfThings _Sapphire (3 months ago)
The first one weebs will get. It shigaraki. Aha
Savage Spikes (3 months ago)
1:37 I see all that beer and wine I bet that bird got some of that and got him drunk
Willam Snyder (3 months ago)
7:50 the fuck bitch, not anymore
Wallace Luna (3 months ago)
3:30 i just cant man ferrets are adorable lil evil shits. its like a cat with the attitude of a lil ankle bitter and it gives no fucks love those lil bastards
rahorin (3 months ago)
I hope that biker was smart enough to sue the city after the cop ran him over...video evidence secured him a pretty good pay out. Say what you want but cops are held to a higher degree of responsibility. If they are running people over like that how can we trust them to do more difficult tasks required for that job?
Yotahead 420 (3 months ago)
That cow was a obviously a dog in his previous life
Kayla Kostic (3 months ago)
2:32... that father should have NOT had his daughter on the couch especially since he was busy on his damn phone. He's lucky he even caught her
enterthetekken (3 months ago)
0:10 #Meowtoo
Chris M (3 months ago)
0:41 OMG that shit was *hilarious!!!*
Eric Nelson (3 months ago)
The hand caught fishing video at 3 minutes was edited
daseklo (2 months ago)
Yeah I played that one in frame by frame and his other arm was edited out that was holding the fish.
Yuba Zemouri (3 months ago)
The cow playing that ball is like higuain
DerEntscheider (3 months ago)
9:45 Mother of the year is filming 😠
mike maceda (3 months ago)
2:35 *PEDDDOOOO!!!*
Madison Elane Vandergriff (3 months ago)
Birds can’t see glass apparently
Dumbo Dingus (3 months ago)
Kay M (3 months ago)
0:38 has me dead!
Orange Sweet (3 months ago)
1:20 omg
Parker Nettles (3 months ago)
4:29 is that ninja in the background
BefreeFPV (3 months ago)
I died at the parrot😂😂😂😂😂
Bat Mann (3 months ago)
I'd like to pay to see @0:45
pyro hamster hudda (3 months ago)
Yummy 5:47
Kulraj Limbu (3 months ago)
Unbehible what
Shane Keelinghamm (3 months ago)
I see a lot of shitty videos where people fuck with kids skating at skate parks or just young kids acting like idiots and running around all over the place but :55 I was actually happy to see both those kids collide act as polite as possible and used the park for its intended use.
Tekk Solstice (3 months ago)
Why the f*ck was he looking at his phone, officer?
Gabriel F. Céspedes (3 months ago)
1:36 -Mom! I think your bird is broken -Again??
I NEED A XBOXONE (3 months ago)
The dude that got run over by the cop 😂 wtf so funny
Flat Foot (3 months ago)
Something tells me that robot hand in the first clip has been on that chick too.
Leslie Wood (3 months ago)
2:13 That man was like well SHIT!!!
ii_lxnghty (3 months ago)
5:37 when i was a little kid i threw the remote of the lights in the aquarium lol
Alexander Coulbourn (3 months ago)
Well we can't have the cow losen weight because that's less hamburger's
Fortnite Clips (3 months ago)
She oofed at 1:51
Fortnite Clips (3 months ago)
She oofed at 1:36
KARL-Matteus Minderberg (3 months ago)
0:34 XD
abi. (3 months ago)
1:24 i live literally up the road to where that happened, proud times!
DahBuddas Nz (3 months ago)
0:34 ahahaha
Marie A (3 months ago)
ppl call birds dumb for flying into windows,, but I don't think they can see glass
Able Tv (3 months ago)
5:15 " But me and my brother discovered a new avatar... "
ItsKarnage (3 months ago)
4:49 I guess you can say, it was an AirDrop
sunshine s (3 months ago)
sunshine s (3 months ago)
0:12 Justin’s idea from wizards of waverly place came to life
The Lighthouse Keeper (3 months ago)
7:22 what will be if to mix Dachshund and Retriever
DOODOO HEAD15 (3 months ago)
9:03 Plug Walk
Gregg Iacobucci (3 months ago)
0:42 I literally died of laughter
BaileyDaHorse Perry (3 months ago)
God need more cowballs the cow sounds high
Technimechanical (3 months ago)
5:24... now where did i put the remote!? I cant find it anywhere.... HONEY WHERE'S THE REMOTE!!!!
ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ (3 months ago)
Madeleine Fairweather (4 months ago)
1:39 my washing machine.
BIG BRAIN MUSIC (4 months ago)
Red Gamer (4 months ago)
0:34 funniest one
Pete Smith (4 months ago)
Fake parrot sucked.
Moirana2012 - Archive (4 months ago)
What is the intro song?
luis romero (4 months ago)
1:35 Looks like a friend lol
evanelliv (4 months ago)
9:13 That baby just doesn't care
KoYkOuRoYkOu44 (4 months ago)
daaamn i want a hand like that too scratch my balls in auto mode!!!!
Steve Rogers (4 months ago)
I get an ad about how to make an ad
UnkownsourceofRoblox (4 months ago)
0:05 is the hand is from courage the cawordlydog?
Jaca boi (4 months ago)
Mum. how was school Me. 0:40
Jed Del Favero (4 months ago)
this is more funny than try not to laugh
Johannes Grosz (4 months ago)
9:12 great sound!
Sharkboy 979 (4 months ago)
Sea world is real right?
Its_adventure_time Games (4 months ago)
Must of given that cat on the bar one to many bars of catnip
Ice Cool Acer (4 months ago)
Why would you want to miss out on massaging a cat? It’s relaxing for both of you unless the cat is a feisty one.
TGA GAMING (4 months ago)
U see the 1st seems to be a ancient cats civilization thing