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How Amazon Shipping Works ft. UPS, FedEx

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Wonder how Amazon Prime can get you a product within one/two days? Amazon’s Distribution network is intricate but efficient. It’s fulfillment centers are the heart of the operation and connect to other distribution centers. It still mostly relies on 3rd party logistics providers like UPS and FedEx. Its own fleet of planes and trailer trucks is gradually growing but still only responsible for a fraction of the packages. This video was an oversimplification. For a more thorough analysis, you may want to check out this website. https://www.innovationtactics.com/amazon-business-model-part-1/ Amazon F.C credit - Rauglothgor Sources: https://anotepad.com/notes/j4ryf5
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Text Comments (55)
One_who_watches_you_at_night (1 day ago)
Online shop in our country takes 2-3weeks to deliver but when i tried ordering on amazon, i received the item in just 7days.
Ravnish Sandhu (18 days ago)
Yeah well I guess you can’t be my company emazon Not sounds not not keeping well sound not
solid (1 month ago)
Ordered on the 3rd and my shit aint coming till the 24th
ShortzYT Transit & Gaming (1 month ago)
Anyone else watching because they’re waiting for an Amazon package?
Glowworm (2 months ago)
I was here from 💯 subs I knew this was going to be a good channel
Huda Hashmi (19 days ago)
Fun Channel! (2 months ago)
How come Amazon drivers don’t go to rural & remote areas and towns? Where the Usps gets so overwhelmed with a lot of amazon packages.
Ali xkiller (3 months ago)
I love your videos great work with editing and info best of luck
Nick Dinh (4 months ago)
In 10 years it’s going to be 10 minutes delivery
Duwwop K (3 months ago)
Nick Dinh nah more like 2 hour delivery
Gone withthesummer (4 months ago)
Fuck amazon
Benjamin Chin (4 months ago)
I’d love to see a video on what would happen if Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook combined
Dave Cirlclux (1 month ago)
You forgot Google. Google is stronger than Microsoft
Nikoli Elite (5 months ago)
Am I the only one that is watching this because im waiting for a package? :D
FNHot (6 months ago)
How is the last mile costing the most, ironic?
Sawyer Black (6 months ago)
This video would have been better if the last mile consisted of backing a van into a basketball hoop and driving through someone's yard.
C Smith (6 months ago)
LOL, I wonder what happened to her, I hope she just got a warning.
Ali Labeeb Alkoka (6 months ago)
It is called Amazon Flex the delivery armies for Amazon Prime.
A K (6 months ago)
How Amazon Shipping works: Work your employees to the bone and replace them when they complain about it.
MrPittsburghJ (6 months ago)
With robots.
howl (6 months ago)
Fuck Amazon and fuck Jeff Bazos, greedy bastards feeding off of their workers whilst they can barely afford food and rent....meanwhile JB is the richest man in the world....fuck this video glorifying this shit....is this sponsored by Amazon??!
howl (6 months ago)
And whilst Jeffy boy makes billions off of the backs of suffering workers who barely earn enough to buy food, can't even take toilet breaks and have to decide whether they have time to eat lunch or not, American's enjoy same day shipping and obliviously order away, supporting an incredibly immoral company....but wow look at how they ship! So amazing...🙄😒 Everything comes at a cost and this one comes at the cost of humans, but nah just keep being ignorant and turning a blind eye. This seriously feels like an ad for Amazon....
C Smith (6 months ago)
@howl I just looked you only have to work 20 hours a week to qualify for health benefits, and 401k, that's pretty darn good, health benefits are easily worth $1000-$2000 a month, how long is a shift?
howl (6 months ago)
@C Smith I guess you haven't seen/know about their anti union policy. They will fire anyone who tries to unionise. They literally make new employees watch anti-union propaganda in their training videos.
C Smith (6 months ago)
It sounds like you need to organize an Amazon union.
Snake Plissken (6 months ago)
American's won't buy the better product if they can't get it within two days? Well consider me an outlier then, because I am happy to wait a week if it means I get a better product especially for the same price. This is just more proof that American's are becoming the worst of the worst.
howl (6 months ago)
I will never ever buy from Amazon, not until they give their workers a living wage, toilet breaks and proper lunch breaks. I don't understand how so many people can pretend to be ignorant when we have all seen what happens to workers in those distribution centres, it's really disgusting that so many American's seem to have no problem with it as long as they get same day shipping. So I can see why you think this is proof that American's are 'becoming the worst of the worst'. It just seems like capitalism has gone too far and now they ignore the suffering of human workers because a deal is just too good to pass up....very sad.
Jimmy Norris (6 months ago)
Why is no one actually using the headphones?
Josh Magda (6 months ago)
I am really hoping Walmart designs a better online site and steps up their game soon. Bezos could by way of capitalism strangle hold the future.
HoustonionTheGreat (6 months ago)
Dude, your videos are always fantastic and it's a crime that you don't have 1M subscribers.
Aspect Equity (6 months ago)
Glad you liked them!
pearlmax (6 months ago)
Amazon is fucking retarded, as are the customers who shop there. Sellers overcharge, buyers overpay, never see pictures or an accurate description of the item. Not to mention Amazon's packing methods are god awful. They take a box, throw your item in there with a couple of partially deflated bubbles of air that serves virtually no purpose. Your item is rattling around in the box the entire way. Regardless of whether or not it matters is beside the point. It is unprofessional and lazy.
BiggBenn (6 months ago)
Great video! Could maybe use some (quiet, non intrusive) background music. Maybe it's just me, but the silent gaps feel kind of off.
gegessen (6 months ago)
Actually I'm pretty happy it is without music. I never liked that.
Jim Li (6 months ago)
huh, just found your channel, awesome vid
Aasim (6 months ago)
You had me at "I'm too lazy"
X-Raym (6 months ago)
Human workers conditions should not be ignored. In this storage facility, the conditions are terrible. Pain, depression, stressfull timings... It is hard for employees to stay more than 6 months. Also, prime is an ecological disaster as trucks can go without being full. These are the price of Amazon Prime.
fordcabriogt (6 months ago)
but then again, nobody forces them to work there and maybe if it wasn't for the minimum wage laws they wouldn't be so stressed at work trying to create value close to the minimum wage, their labor is simply not worth the minimum wage and because you can't pay them below minimum wage you make their work harder to account for that. it's just how things work, and you can't invoke greed either because amazon didn't make any profits for years on end. and what ecological disaster? there's no proof that co2 is bad for the planet or that human activity is causing the climate to change globally, the only "scientists" supporting this bullshit are funded by governments and they make their fake studies based on unreliable computer simulations that were run tens if not hundred of times to give the result they wanted... oh and those simulations don't even take into account the sun's activity. how about we worry about not dumping chemicals into rivers or cutting forests mindlessly destroying local environments instead of something that even if it was true, we couldn't do anything to fix it anyway.
X-Raym (6 months ago)
@Aasim Ah yes many thanks, here is the link : https://youtu.be/d9m7d07k22A @Aspect Equity Please take a look, it is the other side of the coin.
Aasim (6 months ago)
John Oliver did a whole segment on Amazon worker conditions. Great video, terrible business practice
Aspect Equity (6 months ago)
Ah yes, working conditions in FCs are known to be extremely stressful. I probably should have mentioned that somewhere
Martijn Wo (6 months ago)
Great and interesting video!
Curious Thought (6 months ago)
Awesome video. Amazon keeps diving deeper, getting faster and faster shipping. Other companies try and catch up, but Amazon will just keep pushing until they exhaust their resources trying to compete or give up. By the way, where do you find all your clips? :-)
Curious Thought (6 months ago)
@Aspect Equity Ah, interesting. I've been nervous to use advertisements bc copyright, but I guess it's fair use. I think you using ads is a good idea because it shows the logo a ton and you can get footage that's precise to what you're talking about. By the way, it's probably not that helpful bc of how generic free videos are, but pixabay has a section for copyright-use free videos.
Aspect Equity (6 months ago)
Advertisements. It's not ideal but I really can't pay for stock video at this stage
MadMax (6 months ago)
You've finally uploaded yay
HSW 53 (6 months ago)
Awesome video as always Amazon is still yet not very popular for international shipments to 3rd world countries and chinese companies like aliexpress beat them there Maybe you could discuss that ?
Aspect Equity (6 months ago)
Well that depends on the country. In India for instance, Amazon is widely popular. Will keep this in mind
Voulty (6 months ago)
pretty based video
Crazytrain2015 (6 months ago)
Now I know how Amazon shipping works. Great video 👍🏻 Imagine a world where drones delivery our products to our homes O_O Welcome to the future
Crazed Dutchman (6 months ago)
Kurzgesagt AND AE uploaded? epic
Crazytrain2015 (6 months ago)
What animation source do you use to make this video?
Crazytrain2015 (6 months ago)
@Aspect Equity wow thx :)
Aspect Equity (6 months ago)
I make the illustrations myself with Illustrator then animate them with After Effects
Crazytrain2015 (6 months ago)
First for no reason