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Qasim ali shah lecture 2019 | Bhera Sharif

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Qasim ali shah lecture 2019 | Bhera Sharif #qasimalishah #syedqasimalishah https://youtu.be/XUEL4dsq4TA Qasim Ali Shah is a Public Speaker, Teacher, Writer, Corporate Trainer & Leader for every age group, Businessmen, Corporate executives, Employees, Students, Housewives - Networkers, Sportsmen and for all who wish everlasting Success, Happiness, Peace and Personal Growth. He helps people to change their belief & thought pattern, experience less stress and more success in their lives through better communication, positive thinking and spiritual knowledge. - Qasim Ali Shah has been associated with the field of education since last 20 years. - He got his education from the leading trainers and scholars of Pakistan. - He has trained CSP Officers in MPDD and thousands of government school teachers and headmasters in DSD. - He has taught moral values to prisoners in jails and also trained Police Officers in Police Academy. - He is the member of different HR and Marketing Forums and Literary clubs. - SAMAA TV has presented a documentary of his Success Story. Latest Naat Sharif 2018 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHZ198UnO6gTMR3dv21J3rEhuw09_Do__ Asad Attari Naats 2018 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHZ198UnO6gR30_qoRGvSe2BOSt9qp2QG Subscribe Our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/NaatsPk Visit our Website http://naats.pk Like our Facebook Official Page https://www.facebook.com/naatepk eDome Audio & Video Production Mehfil Milad Video Album Recording Live EVENT FILMING. About This Channel Naats PK and eDome Production is a islamic channel and a company we record naats and speech and islamic fuctions we have rights of our own videos by the all naat khawan's and others so vist our channel for islamic video and for islamic informations.
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Text Comments (150)
Syeda Gulrukh Ali (3 days ago)
zabrdst, great speach
Jan Alam (4 days ago)
Shah sb GOD bless you
Aftab Haider (8 days ago)
ماشاہ اللہ بہت خوبصورت باتیں ھیں ,
Saima Academy (8 days ago)
Syed Rohan (9 days ago)
Allah pak apko kush rakay ap bohat acha kam kerrahay hain kush raho bhai
Khan Abid (10 days ago)
maa shaa Allah
Khan Abid (10 days ago)
Tufail Malik (10 days ago)
Aoa sir..........how we contact u...?
Saeed Ahmed (11 days ago)
پہلے اپنا تعلیمی نظام تو بناءو۔بنیاد غلط رکھتے ہو امیدیں بڑی بڑی۔پر غلامی کی۔
Saeed Ahmed (11 days ago)
وجہ آپ جیسے اساتذہ ہیں۔بات اپنوں سے اور مثالیں دوسروں کی ۔
Wajid Jutt (11 days ago)
Great brother video
اسلام پیارا دین (11 days ago)
Basit Cheema (12 days ago)
nice sir 😁😀👍👍👍
muhammad saeed (12 days ago)
Confidence creativity character contributor.....ماشاء اللہ شاہ صاحب تعالٰی آپ کے علم میں مزید اضافہ فرمائے ۔
Hina Zia (13 days ago)
Bacho Mai kesy daln Allah ka khuf or Allah pe iman
Nadeem Butt (13 days ago)
In haramzadey molviuoo ko kia samjh ani he Ye sab sehtan he kutty jisi dahri waly badsurt bhonkey waly kutty he ye molvie
Tayyab Mughal (10 days ago)
Allah AAP ko is negativity se nijaat dy.
Naseer Jalali (14 days ago)
کانفڈنس کوروٹی کرکٹر
Naseer Jalali (14 days ago)
ماشاءاللہ بہت خوب
Naila Ahmad (17 days ago)
Sir Jee, I feel very honoured to be listening to you since 5 years.
RR AA Info (11 days ago)
It’s very good to get guidance from speech
RR AA Info (11 days ago)
Naila Ahmad me too
adnan farid (18 days ago)
Sub'hanAllah, Jazzak Allah
Muhammad Irfan (19 days ago)
Sir Meri ab se Bari problem ye ha ke ma tension boht leti ho ma kesi dor kro
Rani Rani (20 days ago)
اللہ آپکو خوش رکھے
SHAFIQUE BISWANI (21 days ago)
Muhtaram Mubarak Baaaad
Ghulam Jilani (22 days ago)
Allah Kareem bless you Shah sb
Ghulam Jilani (22 days ago)
Ma Sha Allah , and out standing lecture , , keep it up sir JAZAKALLAH
Tahir Butt (23 days ago)
Good speach
Iqbal Ahmed (26 days ago)
اللہ پاک نے آپکو اس قوم کے لئے ایک اچھے استاد کی شکل میں رہنما بنا کر بھیجا ہے. اللہ پاک آپ کے درس کو اور قوی کرے اور اس پاکستانی عوام کو شعور دے تاکہ آپ کے درس کو سمجھ سکیں
صابر محمد (28 days ago)
Sir you are great . I am crazy fans of sir qasim Ali Shah.
Ali Imran Pfuj (29 days ago)
ماشاءاللّہ قاسم بھائی آپ زندہ ولی ہیں، اللّہ رب العزت آپ کے علم اور اندازِ بیان میں میں مزید استقامت عطا فرمائے۔ آمین
abo waqar (29 days ago)
بہت اچھی باتیں ہیں اللہ پاک ہمیں عمل کی توفیق عطا فرمائے آمین
Haleemasamo Haleema (30 days ago)
Asalam0alaikum R/sr Ap ne is lecture m Allama Muhammad Iqbal ko Molana Roomi ka mureed bataya hy. Molana Roomi beshuQ buht bare darwesh the, or us ke or js kisi ne bhi molana Roomi ko parha hoga, wo us ka Mureed hoga. Or is lecture m ap ne bht saare famous logon ke examples diye hen. To definitely ap ne Sindh ke bht bre shair Hazrat Shah Abd Lafeef ka bhi nam zaroor suna hoga, or wo bhi Hazrat Molana Roomi ke bht bre Mureed the. To hope ke ap ne Hazrat Shah Abd Lateef ko bhi zaroor study kiya hoga. To m chahoogi K plz ap ek bar Hyderabad akr Hazrat Shah Lateef ki taleemat pr bhi Roshni dalen. Thank you.
RMWS (30 days ago)
بہت عمدہ و قیمتی لیکچر ہے۔ سب کو ایک مرتبہ ضرور سننا چاہیے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
awaisali awaisali (1 month ago)
Literature ma innovation zaroor Ani chahiy hum aj b Urdu literature ma whi purani cheezon ko rata lagaty rahty han literature parny waly students ko is sa Kia faida
Shahzad Anjum (1 month ago)
God bless you
Abdulbasit qadri official (1 month ago)
صلی الله علیہ وآلہ وسلم
Abdulbasit qadri official (1 month ago)
Abdulbasit qadri official (1 month ago)
kmaal sirrrr
Abdulbasit qadri official (1 month ago)
sorry to say but pakistan maximum k skols me tmaam teachers he students ka character tabaah krrhy hyn .kuch apny kirdar +look se r kuch apni zbaan se
Abdulbasit qadri official (1 month ago)
nice 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Malik Princess (1 month ago)
Sir bhot alllaaaa h Ishq he Ishq.....
Sidrah Bilal (1 month ago)
jazakallah qasim ali shah sahb
waseem sardar (1 month ago)
31.13 four C
Aziz ur Rahman (1 month ago)
پاکستان میں قاسم علی صاحب جسے لوگ ہو تو پاکستان ضرور کامیاب ہوگا انشاءاللہ
Shams Tabreazzi (1 month ago)
Khoshan ba Haly ous Waldain pr , jinhein Allah e Azeem ny ap jese beta Bakhsha hy Ata farmaya hy ...Allah apko lambi omr dy amin....inshaAllah
Shams Tabreazzi (1 month ago)
Jesy Riyakar ko agr apny andr ki talash ho jaye to apny andr Hayat ki ruh k mqsad ka ilm o marifat momkin ho sakta hy ...lekin qu k tmam omr samajha nahein moot sy pehly 12 , 24 hours ousy bakhoobi ahsas ho jata hy ky kiya khoya or kiya paya .....Allah Hu Akbar. .. La ilaha ilallah. .....Muhammad ur Rasool Allah. ..Ala huma Sale Ala Muhammadin wa Aalihi
Shams Tabreazzi (1 month ago)
Illahi amin illahi amin , Allah apky Dadi or peer sahab sy Razi ho..... Alhamdulillah MashaAllah jazakAllah
Shams Tabreazzi (1 month ago)
Illahi amin illahi amin , Allah apky Dadi or peer sahab sy Razi ho..... Alhamdulillah MashaAllah jazakAllah
Shams Tabreazzi (1 month ago)
Apny kaha curage dijiye .. creative bnaiye .....yahan jahanom ki Zindgi jety hyn log , jahan feverity or rishvat or resist ho wahan apki Anmool batoun ka ASR nahein .... kiya apki taraf sy koi bihishti shukhs hy jo mery rishtadar ( Nojwan ) ky kam A saky , ousy pushup kary , motivate kary ? College my ousky mazmoon ko nahein sonna giya ....jis ladky ky mazmoon ko bnany my madad ki wo to first Aya , mgr is ka kod ka kiya bna sahab ...... teesry chotty namber pr isy wait karay giya .... Ye Naqis Asateed Aetimad waly ladkoun ky Aetimad ko Qasdn or Amdn , zaya kr dety hyn..... aesa Koch kr kr ky ounky Aetimad binNufs ko Maiemal kar dety hyn.......
Shams Tabreazzi (1 month ago)
Sir Allah ny apko qemti Pearl jo sheIl my bdy hifazat sy bnaya ......i don't know may be luk was with you sir , otherwise in our society nobody let a able person to get their own success ,and take a seat like some people are nothing but they fell you down nd push up their salves to reach , they never let some one else to come at the top or to become a great ...nd find out their destiny .....first in our society they never give an opertunity to a 18 or 19 years students , they don't motivate them .......a good idea nd presentation wants to appriciate nd motivate ...... students wants motivation but provider are not in good condition to give them better tasks to approch them ...I also waiting for my relative, especially in this age of eighteen full of new thoughts Ann ideas , power of thinking, ability of talking nd speeking but no one else be found to give him chance ..... first listen what he wants to say , but alas nobody here to listen him ? ...Lacturears and teachers training must be well up there for students .... otherwise our brilliant people in pakistan never be found any more ...they will fell a sleep .... ( yahan especial logoun ko bnaya jata hy , or ounky pechy bdy Haath hoty hyn ) dont mind sir jis ka koi nahein or sifarish bhi na ho wo dhakky zaroor khaty hyn ? , Log apny apny admi ko banaty hyn............ ap khair kahoun ka Aek team bnaein or ounhein her suboun my bheaj dyn yahan humary taraf bhi Zaroor tashreef ly Aein .....
DR Raana Mahmood (1 month ago)
Hello Mr Qasim Shah, please read and support my book name is, " The Courage To Say No." My book explains the true teaching of Islam and It is my true story to stand up against sexual exploitation, human trafficking & financial corruption, as a result I was forced to leave Pakistan. Book is published in New York and available on Amazon and kindle. Here's the link of my book on Amazon. Warmly. Dr.Raana Mahmood. https://www.amazon.com/Courage-Say-No-Pakistani-Exploitation/dp/1510742247/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1567796195&sr=8-1
Sabiha Naz (1 month ago)
Brilliant Sir Brilliant
S.A Hussain (1 month ago)
"Jo dilon ko fatha karle wahi fathe zamana".... Ye apko sun k yaqeen ata hai... intehai positive and pure soul... MashaAllah..aik teacher ko lazman ap jaisa hona chahye
Khan Ahmad (1 month ago)
1) confident 2) creativity 3) character 4)contributor
Afzal khan (1 month ago)
Masha Allah Allah apko salamat raky
Robina Kausar (1 month ago)
شا ہ صاحب میرا ایک دلی مخلصانہ مشورہ ہے آپ وزیر اعظم کے مشیر بن جائیں پلیز بلا شبہ عمران خان ایک مخلص آدمی ہے مگر لوگ جو اسکے ساتھ ہیں وہ اخلاص والے نہیں آپکے اندر معاشرے کی اصلاح کی تڑپ ہے اللہ ایک کاوشوں کو کامیاب فرمائے۔ مجھے جواب ضرور دیجیے گا پلیز
Robina Kausar (1 month ago)
آپ سے ملاقات کے لئے اپائنمنٹ لینی پڑتی ہے؟
Hasnain Hasnain (1 month ago)
bht bht nic sir ma apko apna teacher manta hu thanks my teacher ap na mujhe aek new souch de muqsad dia love you sir by Hasnain
Playlist My fav songs (1 month ago)
Merey bachon mein yeh sab khasosiat hein per woh society mein akeley per gey hein kiunkey society jhoot,gheebat aur indian actors k Styles per base kerti hai
Nadeem Raza qadri (1 month ago)
From bareilly masha allah agar sabhi log apke jaise jo jayen to duniya me gurbat khatm ho jayegi
muhammad shahid (1 month ago)
Azeem insan hay.ager pehly melta tu may bohot bara hota.
Pari Khan (1 month ago)
Business Times News (1 month ago)
well informations
Umar Farooq Choudhary B.Shahar (1 month ago)
India mein alhumdulillah in sab cheezon per deeniyat education mumbai bahut kaam Kar Raha h
Umar Farooq Choudhary B.Shahar (1 month ago)
Masha Allah aapki Soch bahut achchi h
Arif Fiazee (1 month ago)
Thank you very much sir,
Arif Fiazee (1 month ago)
I am realy impress the motivational lectures of Qasim Shah
SP95 ntR (1 month ago)
THYEKEYDAR (1 month ago)
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy competent you r
Ahmer Waheed (1 month ago)
U are the best motivational speaker
Bilal malak (1 month ago)
Shah ge tusi great ho MashaAllah
K Saleem (1 month ago)
saima arif (1 month ago)
I love u brother i would u say v thanks to u promote my hazrat muhamad thanks v thanks
Ahmad Sarwar (1 month ago)
Great job bro
Lion Heart Lion (1 month ago)
Philosophy of life
Pari Khan (1 month ago)
Lion Heart Lion (1 month ago)
Outstanding presenter of ideas and philosophy
Lion Heart Lion (1 month ago)
@DR Raana Mahmood we are together with you in these tough situations
DR Raana Mahmood (1 month ago)
Lion Heart, stay blessed, my prayers are with you always ! All of my accounts including Face book, Instagram and LinkedIn have been hacked by those evils I mentioned in the book , now I am trying to create against. Let's see. I will inform you In a day or two. I created my Instagram account today, again.
Lion Heart Lion (1 month ago)
@DR Raana Mahmood Yes. God may always bless you. Innumerable thanks
DR Raana Mahmood (1 month ago)
Hello Lion Heart, I think I have given all your answers you asked !
Lion Heart Lion (1 month ago)
@DR Raana Mahmood Respected Madam. I am highly indebted to your kindness and great deal of deference you have shown by giving answer of my comment. Surely, I would follow your given link. It is your highness that you have offered me for reading your research. As I am also PhD research fellow in Artificial Intelligence. If you have your Facebook Id or Whatsapp, I can have great help in research and fruitful discussions on varied topics. My Whatsapp no is +923072548534.. I will feel happy to have a nice conversation with you ..a laureate and intellectual person.
Mohammad Sarfraz Lodhii (1 month ago)
Ho h jahaad
Mohammad Sarfraz Lodhii (1 month ago)
Sir g Muslman sb ak jism hn ak ko taklif ho to baqi ko bhi taklif ho gi Gorry ko ak hi zaban samjh i gi
Chuhadry Haroon (1 month ago)
I am also from Gujrat sir....!!!
Asim Munir (1 month ago)
Great shah g yahi hi deen ha
Wali Muhammad Talpur (1 month ago)
Good speech contains wisdom and knowledge
Faisal Nadeem (1 month ago)
La jawab speak
miss khan (1 month ago)
Superman Shah Sahab
imran ali (1 month ago)
Aslam o alikum sir ap thory se bemaar lag rahy hein by face 😕
Ibrahim Irfan (1 month ago)
Vjk. Nk8477377uue8iee654rr43
ALI FAIZI (1 month ago)
yes for sure he is not well
Amir Shehzad (1 month ago)
Very good
LEGEND KHANS (1 month ago)
Sir aap ka o page artughurl serial konsa hain plz
Khadeer Anees (1 month ago)
Best Lecture
Mo.Danish Mo.Danish (1 month ago)
Shah ji I love you so much From India... U r every questions answer...
Shanza Khan (1 month ago)
Allah pak aapki lambi zindgi kry....ameen.....nice speech
Shaheen RAZI (1 month ago)
Brother G ap really very very great ho mashallah May Allah always blessings you protecting you ameen suma ameen 🤲🕋🤲🕋🤲🕋🤲🕋
Faisal Nadeem (1 month ago)
Mubarak Hussain (1 month ago)
Sir ap ka lacture sunn ka bohat maza ata haa lakin bech ma sindi,punjabi or dusray language bol nay say hamay samaj nahii ata Ap say request haa ke urdu or english language ma lacture day gay to mohtaram sir tumharii maharabanii hogee
Neha Ch (2 months ago)
No doubt Sha ge is a true gem ❤❤❤❤
Niaz Ahmad (2 months ago)
what is a sin? is laziness a sin? is wastage of time a son?
Farhan Mahmood (2 months ago)
loqman g (11 days ago)
Tahira Rauf (25 days ago)
Sir you are best teacher.....
Arooj hashmi Hashmi (2 months ago)
Galy may card wahoooooo........
Arooj hashmi Hashmi (2 months ago)
Assalam o Ali kum Sir ap university of UOK AZAD KASHMIR may nahi A sakhty ....idr be aiye
Naveed ul Islam (2 months ago)
Great work sir g
tariq javed (2 months ago)
The great lacture
shoaib majeed (2 months ago)
ho nahi sakta k sehra main phool khil jain kanto k bichono py skoo mil nahi sakta jazba ho foladi irada ho manzil ko pany ka karwan ruk to sakta hai mgr sr jhuk nai sakta. shoaib Majeed
IT pioneer (2 months ago)
Great sir g
taahirsandhu (2 months ago)
A_O_A .Shah Sahib MA SHA ALLAH you Are delivering Ineradicable Job Million of people are Benefiting from you Lectures . MY Humble Request and Suggestion is Sir if you can Kindly Use A Word Hubb-e- Mustfa instead of Ishaq-e-Mustfa Please Please.
Shamim Quazi (2 months ago)
Very nice
Lun Maru (2 months ago)