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Gift of home for the holidays - Air Canada Advert (2014)

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Air Canada Adverts & Commercials Archive Gift of home for the holidays The Ambient Advert titled Gift of home for the holidays was done by JWT Toronto Canada advertising agency for brand: Air Canada in United Kingdom. It was released in the Dec 2014. air canada christmas air canada christmas miracle air canada ad 2014 air canada gift air canada advert Brand name: Air Canada Agency: JWT Toronto Canada Soft Citizen The Solidarity Union Country: United Kingdom Category: Airlines
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (4)
Maria Ln (2 years ago)
Yet they have revoked travel privileges for employees on disability and maternity leave. They cant even take care of their own. Get hurt on the job or want to start a family? You get punished. Disgusting.
Gaston Palavicino (2 years ago)
awww that is a touching commercial, moving....They are giving tickets to those Canadians abroad to go back to their families who miss them :) That is what you call the best Christmas present to ever have :)
corp0076 (2 years ago)
corp0076 (2 years ago)
After you treat your customers like shit all year,you come up with bullshit?Put more effort in service instead!!!!