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IDIOT Drivers - Epic Driving Fails Compilation 2018 #790

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Text Comments (104)
Ray Watson (1 day ago)
how is 6:39 a 'driving fail'? the person isnt driving; it doesnt even look like anyone is in the car so ???
C G (4 days ago)
9:38 Sometimes the music on the radio is so perfect for the situation.
Chris Harper (4 days ago)
I'll stay inside today, it's safer ! 😮
rjmidnite (7 days ago)
How about painting lines on the street daaaaaaaaa!
rjmidnite (7 days ago)
They just stop in the middle of road no reason,run intersections ,drive straight into someone, turn in front of you, pure fkn idiots, is there like no laws there. retarted!
rjmidnite (7 days ago)
Pure idiots!
AngryTank Killa (8 days ago)
7:22 I thought the dog was gonna get hit
Derpity Derp (8 days ago)
В какую автошколу эти люди пошли?
michael maxwell (9 days ago)
How fucking stupid are these people come on where did they get there license in the mail or cereal box WTF
Baggie Shorts (9 days ago)
These drivers have no depth perception and cannot judge the speed of other vehicles. The pedestrians are walking idiots. In other words what stupid people they are.
DJAnarkros DJ & Youtuber (10 days ago)
2m 10s (give or take) thats 1 hell of a pot hole.. 2m 45 seconds.. tractor with a huge pass only on the right sign, being driven on the far right... crazy place..
Firedcylinder (11 days ago)
Russian crosswalks are the scariest things on earth.
john Baldock (11 days ago)
The Quicker Russian is Wiped off the world Map The BETTER!!
Kamil Czerwionka (12 days ago)
Sasha Mkai (12 days ago)
1. How do you make the time from a video blue? 2. At 2:05 how or what did the car owner do to the windshield of his car? That looks really neat. Does anyone know if it is safe? Is it legal in the US? 3. Doesn't everyone know that turning right from the left lane is asking to be hit? 4. For all their driving problems I do think that Russians stop more than anyone when it comes to helping people in accidents. And helping elderly people to cross a dangerous road.
Sasha Mkai (12 days ago)
Oh it seems it did it on it's own. hmmm Yes, I am VERY technical when it comes to things! NOT! lmao
seker7 (13 days ago)
On last one - luv to see one with 4x4 - put it in low gear - and start pushing the POS with it....
Bent Neatly (13 days ago)
If you want auto insurance in Russia you have to buy a camera. Thats how drunk and stupid that country is. In russia its never your job.
Bent Neatly (13 days ago)
These are suicide attempts? Makes America look so superior....
Staci Garrison (13 days ago)
Bent Neatly smarter, yes...superior-lmao
Oliver Vigilia (13 days ago)
4:15 - very lucky to have an ambulance around... the paramedics jumped out immediately to help! :)
brooks hill (13 days ago)
wow they drive very angry....DAMN.
MR GHOSTER (13 days ago)
In the 1920's and 30's the Futurist's used to in visage "Flying Cars in Cities! Fuck could you imagine the Carnage! lol!
MR GHOSTER (13 days ago)
I thought Kamakazi's were Japanese not fucking Chinese? lol!
jenshairfan (13 days ago)
Can't make my mind up whether Russian drivers are brain dead, very angry, wear blinkers, totally stupid, never taken a driving test or desperately in need of spectacles. Give them a cross roads and they haven't a clue. Insurance premiums must be sky high.
Paul Smallriver (13 days ago)
the answer is yes.
Richard Seidon (13 days ago)
I'm so glad i just bought a dashcam from www.cartrend.store !!! Now i'm sure i got 100% proof against insurance frauds against me on the roads!! :D
Yaya Living (14 days ago)
So because I know I would like this video I checked like before it came on. Come on people, pay attention to what’s going on...best vids anywhere
Shine Flame (14 days ago)
8:57 wtf just happened?
Staci Garrison (13 days ago)
Shine Flame power guys working on electric cable, then dropped cable... My guess.
David Stratton (14 days ago)
The bigger the Mercedes . . . the bigger and balder the white guy is.
Im Tylito (14 days ago)
Other countries never get sun.
Ramen Noodlz (14 days ago)
4:08 if that scooter would’ve kicked up the stand on its own
BigBear BangGang (14 days ago)
That first 1 one was goin a bit fast 😵
Aleksander Moniewski (14 days ago)
7:23 OMG That was like meeting two idiots
Rickjames The Gunsmith (15 days ago)
Gotta love how the cunt at 1:08 almost gets hit while jaywalking and then tries to blame the driver. The nerve of some people's children.
Simon Kapss (15 days ago)
5:50 someone tell me that song please please please.
Staci Garrison (13 days ago)
Simon Kapss well the background was it, until they spoke, ugh. But it is beautiful!! Hey! THANKS for the info, I started listening and what a relief! And Ditto Simon, if you find anything else👍 Stay well and may your ears ever be blessed 🎶
Simon Kapss (13 days ago)
None of the those are even close to it but, i just found this (Jay Z - Dead Presidents) Buts it's not the original the original is actually (Lonnie Liston-Smith - A garden of Peace). But thanks for responding and if you find anything close please get back at me mate, cheers.
Staci Garrison (13 days ago)
Simon Kapss another search brings up "Im Free by V-O-ice" rap.
Staci Garrison (13 days ago)
Simon Kapss Long Nights by King I was so hoping it was a classical, then I heard the "N" word. Garbage music.
Ben Walker (15 days ago)
Russians are crazy
Gereon (15 days ago)
Where do you get all these Clips? You upload so frequently ... ^^
Staci Garrison (13 days ago)
Gereon possibly steal or bought.
Luaigi Rasgoni (15 days ago)
3:01 broken shoulder you say!?
Bo Damkjer Hansen (9 days ago)
🚨 Why the hell is he riding the bike so fast on a pedestrian street but he may learn not to do it again with that broken shoulder 🚨
DC Steve (13 days ago)
deserved it for riding down a pedestrian walk like a mad man
Tamerlane (Timur) (15 days ago)
8:02 nobody saw that lady standing there ? is she ok?
Dimitris Loukataris (8 days ago)
yes she sees the maroulia anapoda
Bo Damkjer Hansen (9 days ago)
Friedrich Uckhauff 😂 FUNNY 😂 but I hope she's okay
Jonathan han (10 days ago)
Tamerlane (Timur) p
Friedrich Uckhauff (13 days ago)
Yeah she's ok, although she's feeling a little...tired.
Tamerlane (Timur) (14 days ago)
I was just hoping shes ok, i mean alive atleast.
Greg Bowlan (15 days ago)
I like how people are talking when they get hit, and never miss a beat and just keep on talking....lol
UNdashcamNRW (15 days ago)
how not to drive - stupid honks 👍😎
joe Schlotthauer (15 days ago)
Did that woman standing next to the sign survive at 8:07?
tomeo (15 days ago)
change ur shitty intro
jimmelay71 (15 days ago)
Sometimes I get triggered watching these.
Mauricio Rodrigues (15 days ago)
na russia so tem idiotas dirigindo?
Michael Coffey (15 days ago)
Crazy !!!!!!
chad lynch (15 days ago)
After watching so many of these videos, it seems to me that when it comes to traffic, Russia is just one big Tijuana, only everyone is angry and full of vodka. Chernobyl now makes much more sense.
Bard To Death (14 days ago)
chad lynch .... 😂 👍🏼
TheSportsBoffin 89 (15 days ago)
In Russia you dont break Lada, Lada Breaks you!!!!!
Sasha Mkai (12 days ago)
what is Lada?
SMH dumb drivers !
Red 13 (15 days ago)
2:36 Neither one saw the other?😕
Red 13 (15 days ago)
0:37, 0:46 As is so often the case, can't see if the way is clear, but pulls out anyway.
Acnologia (15 days ago)
1:11 wut?
YonOtto (15 days ago)
Russians should be banned from driving. They have no awareness at all. Inbred retarded nation. Nuke them all.
shot forshot (15 days ago)
I am not responsible for laws in these places or anywhere, but it strikes me that many of these aren't :accidents" they are reckless public endangerment or attempted murder.
Mr Ed (14 days ago)
shot forshot Yes! Skidding on icy roads, compulsive overtaking regardless of oncoming traffic, driving far to fast for conditions. Even with kids in the car! All preventable with just a modicum of restraint and patience. Should be criminally liable, as well as civilly.
RoyalKingA73 (15 days ago)
How could these people drive so fast and just body slam into folk? These are like the crash test videos but at crazy speeds! Excellent compilation tho.
benm mbk (7 days ago)
These drivers do NOTHING to avoid a collision, even when they could AVOID it. I am unable to understand this. Is the Govt giving them an incentive to crash? ? ?
Becky Cason (14 days ago)
Stupid is as stupid does.
girlsdrinkfeck (15 days ago)
asians thats why
Sourav De (15 days ago)
White morons never learn to have patience
DoctorBohr (15 days ago)
we are too busy inventing democracy, free speech, the rights of man, steam and combustion engines, flight, jets, penicillin, atomic energy and space travel to have patience for morons on the road!
Jeremy Pike (15 days ago)
Says same for your country, doesn't know his country.
Sourav De (15 days ago)
Ralf S same for your country bro
Ralf S (15 days ago)
Reported for hate speech
GPO (15 days ago)
Sourav De you know that halve of the clips are from china right
TeddyOnFire Daniel (15 days ago)
_Nice video! A bunch of stupid people got what they deserve_ . _But remember what "your bunny wrote" to the good people from 1ХБЕТ who reminds you of their motto while driving:_ *_I DIDN'T SWEAR!!_*
Scott Traynor (15 days ago)
In moooother Russia, its illegal to drive without inbibeing at least a quart of Vodka
Adrian Smeria (15 days ago)
6:01 Is the "right priority" (the one on the right has priority of passing) a law in Russia? In the East, Central and West Europe the blue car (the one hit on the left side) had priority, even if he would have gone straight away. I am not sure in which direction he wanted to go, but anyway, the other car (the black car) should have given priority based on the "the car on your right has priority if all the other conditions/rights are equal" law.
Adrian Smeria (13 days ago)
Daniel Mores Even if (the blue) he was going out of the main road, he would have still been the car with the right to go first. Black is fully at fault if the rule "the car coming from right has priority if everything else is equal". Only a Russian can clear this for me :) - or someone who knows the Russian road rules/laws.
Daniel Mores (13 days ago)
Sorry, I got blue and black confused. Basically I was saying the same thing. Blue was going the right way, following the bend. Black car was going straight, leaving the priority road.
Adrian Smeria (14 days ago)
That is not correct. In (Eastern/Western/Central) Europe, the blue car had priority. The black car was leaving the main road as well: he should have given priority to all the cars on the "priority road" coming from his right. The cars on the other roads to the intersection should have given by default priority to any incoming vehicles on the main road. The blue car had priority there if the rule "the car coming from the right has priority".
Daniel Mores (14 days ago)
The road bends to the left (from our view), so as long as you're following that road, you're "priority". The blue car went straight, thus leaving the priority street. Meaning they need to yield to whoever's coming the other way along the priority street.
Gysore Mclibee (15 days ago)
Can't stand; idiot drivers...
Gysore Mclibee (15 days ago)
i am ASIAN i DO not drive in Asia neither...haaaa
girlsdrinkfeck (15 days ago)
this is why id never drive in asia ( yes russia is in asia as in land mass )
Servus Bratans und Sestras (15 days ago)
Скоройю помощ не нужно! Вас бох поможит
chaosdemonwolf1 (15 days ago)
В самом деле?
Mahesh Odedra (15 days ago)
Nice friend
chaosdemonwolf1 (15 days ago)
Привет, снова товарищ
Gökhan Alıcı (15 days ago)
ilk yorum