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Inside a Google data center

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Joe Kava, VP of Google's Data Center Operations, gives a tour inside a Google data center, and shares details about the security, sustainability and the core architecture of Google's infrastructure.
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Text Comments (7028)
RAVENS MC (5 minutes ago)
Sophorn Phai (1 hour ago)
I wonder 100 years ahead, people no use google. What will they do about this place ?
kevine De'clarize (2 hours ago)
Can someone do me a favour and cut any pornsite main cable...
Frank Bucher (3 hours ago)
They think so good that’s why so many people are leaving them. Collecting people information so they can sell it on. Don’t use google search engine anymore. Only use YouTube because no one can complete. Now I’m signing out & I’m on a vpn 🤮.
Sarah (3 hours ago)
We living in a Computer.In a brain Computer !!!
????? (4 hours ago)
Apple is better
????? (4 hours ago)
You do not have security you Gus sell user data
Not Lord Gols (12 hours ago)
Linus do Petabytes Project Google: oh. . . cute
David Buckley (15 hours ago)
And this is where another one of the piper box will go.
Bixx (16 hours ago)
May I know why you stopped investing in Android?
Gregory Thorson (17 hours ago)
Fabian Marci (20 hours ago)
Duncan R (21 hours ago)
Google makes sideline profits by selling user data.
Davinia (1 day ago)
Why did YouTube recommend this today?
happy A (1 day ago)
Me : i have 1 ssd .. Google : 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 HDD
social3ngin33rin (1 day ago)
I wish :(
K C (1 day ago)
Don't believe it. 13 breaches by humans in a few years . Although they will deny it. What data company is immune ??? None . Google lies just like everyone else
IcyBloxx (1 day ago)
Googles got the fastest hand in the west when I comes to selling your data.
Jarne Veen (1 day ago)
Nice hat 1:45
Ard-Jan van Etten (1 day ago)
but can it run crysis?
Im_Verum (1 day ago)
6.9k comments nice
Adityavk108 (2 days ago)
The funny thing is that this video could very possibly have been stored in one of those data centers
Sri Rejeki (2 days ago)
Great make a job....^_^....i want work in Google ^_^
DeTar62 (2 days ago)
One day, all this info will exist on a pin head. Really !
Vince Chin (2 days ago)
This is a lie. 2:54 There's no way that excess heat increases efficiency. In every data center, higher temperatures equates to higher power draw from client-side components/servers and such due to higher demand for internal and external cooling. Higher amperage draw per client/server = less efficient. Heat is an unfortunate byproduct that every data center has to deal with.
Avem (2 days ago)
Now that's cable management.
Simon Byrd (2 days ago)
"It's the pancreas of the internet!"
Johnny Shumway (3 days ago)
Whoa whoa whoa did that say Alligators present? WTH Google!
J Will (3 days ago)
Gotta love the ☠️
It is I (3 days ago)
Thanks for providing quality service Google.
Turki nasser (3 days ago)
4:03 google useing apple
rRobert Smith (3 days ago)
At time 1:34 see that electrical switchyard behind them? THIS is where 25-30% of your power goes to now....this is why we need to build 5th generation nuclear (carbon free) thorium power plants.
Edin Fifić (3 days ago)
If they are really serious about energy efficiency, how about using the excess heat to heat a small town or a building, add solar panels on the buildings, and use skylights to eliminate or reduce the need for artificial lighting during day.
AJMAL HUSSAN (4 days ago)
Whenever google is down
jake (4 days ago)
Jeff bezos can probably run a couple thousand frames
thao nguyen (4 days ago)
Thank GSuite
Political Theater (4 days ago)
1:01 mac instead of pixelbook 🤔
DAVID O'DAY (4 days ago)
I wonder what kind of EMF's are rollin' through that place!
Horom Limited (4 days ago)
Google the sky is the limit, thank you.
Dylan Smith (4 days ago)
"protecting our users privacy" Yeah okay.
Ryan MacFarlane (3 days ago)
Exactly. They have invested so much in protecting all the data because that data is their key asset. It's the mined ore they bring to market.
pratik kumar (5 days ago)
They use MacBook I guess chromebook has no command lines
Bryan McVay (5 days ago)
RIP Scooters @ Google :C
anand G (5 days ago)
Switch off the main board 😁😂,, Then there will be no Google to find Google 😂😂
Robert Muckle (5 days ago)
How much coal was spent into the atmosphere by this submission by me I wonder?
Syamsul huda (5 days ago)
little boy (5 days ago)
Thank you so much ❤️ for everything keep it up.we are with you forever . We support you and we love you into infinity into infinty into infinty into forever into forever + 1 into beyond infinty :)
MaksimIzer (6 days ago)
0 lost time incident...... never knew punching keyboards and mashing pencils was dangerous work
diskuse diskuse (6 days ago)
Pretty much an evil villains lair - only thing missing is laser beams on the crocs heads.
Fusion (6 days ago)
50% of those machines hold all the searches that you hide. If you don't know what I'm talking about you are so innocent
Phil Sim (7 days ago)
Me, a tech,, seeing their hard drive crusher knowing that I can still recover most of that data.
Psm (7 days ago)
So so many advertisiment
Psm (7 days ago)
Looting poor countries
Jomar Repent (7 days ago)
Hey Now (7 days ago)
You mean there’s another building besides churches in South Carolina? Probably the only building paying taxes, but hell it’s South Carolina,...god will provide
anonymity undisclosed (7 days ago)
3:05 legendary cable management
Adam Walker (7 days ago)
WatchDogs Principle Google=Blume
karim escid (7 days ago)
Hhhhhh My photos are pink, all the information you have in the world can be sacrificed at any time
Kristine Jeffels (8 days ago)
Google says it has different country home pages that are helpful for that specific country. That’s bs because, it always goes directly back to an American web site! Not helpful at all!
A I Sourav (8 days ago)
Is there any chance to lose data from my Google Drive?
Nandan Kaushik (9 days ago)
What about the data on the bad hard disc?
_ Deathb4Surrender _ (9 days ago)
I wanna see the highest level of security
scott loiacono (6 days ago)
There is probably more security here than the white house
ENSAR ALTIPARMAK (10 days ago)
Instead of crushing the hard drives, give them away
Jordan De Bow (11 days ago)
So is that Server cooling system perpetual?
Avlin Ærbødig (11 days ago)
could they use their waste heat from the servers to heat housing or make new electricity?! would be nice!
Xsniper0 (12 days ago)
Google: different levels of security. Ethan Hunt: Hood my beer 🍺.
Cees Klumper (12 days ago)
Why the silly background music?
Baris SAGLAM (12 days ago)
wow. :) want to work in any shift, does not matter at what hour it is.
supergeten2 (12 days ago)
Inside the propaganda center...
Hashim C A (13 days ago)
in 2120 this hall will be size of a peanut
Frank (13 days ago)
You need to work to get hurt
Francis (13 days ago)
Where is Barney Calhoun and his Franchi SPAS 12 and Glock?
fb pliegorrivero (13 days ago)
URGENT you are contributing enormously to GLOBAL WARMING. Please do something quick and now. You are destroying life on the surface of EARTH. Don't lie to yourselves and to the rest of the world.
Jamered (14 days ago)
Waste of hard drives
Artair (23 hours ago)
Not at all.
Neal Ramsey (14 days ago)
Ha protecting users data. You mean selling it or giving it to the NSA.
Asian Asiann (15 days ago)
Do they have alligators protecting the land?
A P Developments (15 days ago)
This is the start of the Matrix. Where’s the human power cells
Abbas Raza (16 days ago)
How much electricity bill does google even get?😂
DarkGrey Ru (16 days ago)
Looks like Abstergo corporations building in AC2 😅
Yalson Noorcahaya Pratama (16 days ago)
3:19 behind him is my private google drive folder
LG Cooperation (16 days ago)
CleverleyDone (16 days ago)
Ok, so you're generating thousands of litres of hot the just cool it down...I came up with a solution similar to 4:38 on this video in 2007 that actually used the heat from this to generate electricity though a heat also used this heat to heat the rest of the building. Let's chat if you want to know more :)
Mark Turner (16 days ago)
All that roof space and no solar panels......
Technical Doctor (17 days ago)
All YouTube video store here!
Jestoni Mark Maceda (17 days ago)
Let's don't deny that as an IT Professional we hope we'll be given an opportunity to work there 🙏
Andrew Stasionis (17 days ago)
Google have an operating quantum computer
Tyrannus (18 days ago)
Mmmmmm....selling your data.
Sin Nombre (18 days ago)
i love the dog
48retrop (18 days ago)
Instead of using old fashioned mechanical hard drives which generate a lot of heat, why not use solid state drives instead which generate much less heat?
Alan Z (19 days ago)
How much to return my data to me???
STAK (19 days ago)
How do you even get a job like this ?
Muhd Harith (19 days ago)
when they called data center, we start to feel guilty of what we post on the internet, coz everything end here and here where it start spreading
EyenOf Abasi-Oh (19 days ago)
Scooters??? Dogs???. in the data center? this is demonic to use your ppl against the rest of the population. Today, your dog ATE some cables and pooped in the server racks. oops
Iulian ivascu (19 days ago)
D Wetick (20 days ago)
Push-to-go scooters?...No emissions, right? How many cloud centers are there? Where? I can understand the need and feasibility of cloud computing. No more maintaining your own data centers...90% of IBM''s revenue is from the cloud...a big, big change from when I visited there in 1968.
IT Learning TechTube (21 days ago)
google protects our data.....and makes money out of it... How ?
IT Learning TechTube (18 days ago)
Do Google really sell data to make profits.
Alan Z (19 days ago)
By selling your data to companies.
Mouath Alasmi (21 days ago)
We love google
minhpicasa (22 days ago)
Bruh google use macbook
Hampoon (22 days ago)
There's everyone's data that they're selling and making so much off.
MrHDtom (25 days ago)
I allways ask myself whether it´s a good or bad idea to centralize the whole information process.....
LechPoznań PL (25 days ago)
Energy cost?🤣