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Inside a Google data center

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Joe Kava, VP of Google's Data Center Operations, gives a tour inside a Google data center, and shares details about the security, sustainability and the core architecture of Google's infrastructure.
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王子明 (4 days ago)
this video you're watching now may from any of machines on the rack
May Pop (6 days ago)
Did anybody noticed the rust on the warm water cooling plant?  Wonder if the units above is leaking onto the white containers.
May Pop (6 days ago)
The military wishes this operation was theirs.  This is impressive!
Ajitesh Singh Bhati (6 days ago)
are they normal pc hard drives ??
Gyan Hindi Tips (7 days ago)
Wow wonderfull
Camunitys (7 days ago)
I hope one time I will visit any data center abroad.
Habeeb Rahman (8 days ago)
I liked the cooling procedure that google is using.
Marvin Mediavillo (9 days ago)
Helpful comment For those using metric system, the temperature of the data center is 26 degress celsius in metric
Juan Veneroso (11 days ago)
But can it run fortnite?
evan (12 days ago)
data center is the memory "hard drive" of the internet
Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (14 days ago)
3 million man hours for what? what did they accomplish? i didn't understand. 1:18
The Rush Zone (15 days ago)
Back in my day, one computer took up an entire room... Now one room can fit 1,000 computers or more...
rajesh kushwah (16 days ago)
Nice video
Ahmet Leone Popaj (18 days ago)
How does it work?
Jane Smitherson (20 days ago)
They try to provide a fun environment so they don't leave. It works the same way if you pay the employees low wages. It distracts what they are making. OMG they still use ide drives. Shouldn't they be on SSD?
William Peng (21 days ago)
Will they ever run out of space? Hundreds of YouTube videos are uploaded every second
Karenni Boy (21 days ago)
Lets connect those all into my gaming comupter and lets see what happens
zyzo99 (21 days ago)
Impressive...At least you wont suffer from lack of hot water supply ))
Dubstep Coast (21 days ago)
But can it run Crysis ?
Felicien Genuine maniragaba (21 days ago)
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Saumya Jana (24 days ago)
Ohkk so Google data centre uses Mackbooks for their work.
RazRBLX (24 days ago)
Turn off all the power there
Silver Fox (25 days ago)
The camera went through all the security with ease. Never removed items for the metal detector....I see a security flaw.
ツJerrY (25 days ago)
Soo i cute a cable and the google is disabled 😌
Daniel99oslo (26 days ago)
Imagine mining bitcoin whit the google servers xD
Darren's Tech Tutorials (26 days ago)
Amazing all that computing power in one place, mind blowing!
J Bakes (26 days ago)
More companies need to take notes from Google. Scooters, bikes, casual attire, dogs in your lap and yet they're one of the most successful companies in the world. Suit and tie is not the way to go.
ʀoмeυ (27 days ago)
*Ping 1000 +*
Earth Angel (28 days ago)
Inside Your DNA
David Martins (28 days ago)
How can you increase the size of YouTube several thousands videos a day without deleting anything?
Your Mom (28 days ago)
This is mind-blowingly amazing.  I can't even wrap my head around how this center was made, let alone the billions upon billions amount of information flowing through it.
rt Idiots (28 days ago)
Sir my help software development ke liye
Cio Dokop (29 days ago)
So this is where My GCP VM is stored
Leonardo González (1 month ago)
best global dns servers. >Google dns:, and
Cormac Phillips (1 month ago)
I love you Google
chris mendez (1 month ago)
I'd love to work here
Igor Della Pietra (1 month ago)
when they take out a hard drive and replace it.. is the data gone? or is everything backed up? imagine a fire that destroys the bulding, can that cause a website to go down? stupid question but i cant find the answear anywhere ^^
A. Rozi Hazrul (1 month ago)
Instead of 'soft' alligator, Google should replace with saltwater or nile crocs to complete best of the best maximum security physical and virtual environment.
Roy Tuber (1 month ago)
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww 😍
ALOR VUBON,আলোর ভূবণ (1 month ago)
Nidhish pv (1 month ago)
Abishek 001 (1 month ago)
I'm abishek studying in 11th std my dream is one small home and care of agriculture and CEO of Google
이명후 (1 month ago)
It will be keep 100 year for future
이명후 (1 month ago)
Big revoultion
Mr Ahmand The Music (1 month ago)
Priyadarshan K (1 month ago)
白小白 (1 month ago)
皇室婚禮 (1 month ago)
World peace come One mission complete
Danial khan (1 month ago)
How many nodes of Google data centers are there in entire world?
DINESH MONDAL (1 month ago)
Movie At Glance (1 month ago)
lollypup buzz (1 month ago)
Future data centers will be driven by nano tech. Just a peanut space will hold all the data.
c.sagan (1 month ago)
What if the Internet was erased !!!?
Arkanese Studios (1 month ago)
This is not YouTube Propaganda
The Good Guy (1 month ago)
Can it run PUBG?
Ryan Distaso (1 month ago)
I spy a MacBook... Lmao 😂
Carlos Alejandro Argel Trujillo (1 month ago)
Missing subtitles in Spanish and a brief presentation (Subtitles) of engineers
Ray Guevara (1 month ago)
What happens if some of those coils with water burst?
Ravi RKO (1 month ago)
Wave of extreme (1 month ago)
Appreciate simply cool tech
shitfeed (1 month ago)
what if you pull of one wire?
Pawan Kumar (1 month ago)
Very best
Nemusíš byť starý,na to aby si bol múdry. (1 month ago)
google become god for naive people.
Michael Op (1 month ago)
maayu janiam (1 month ago)
we can keep everything around the world on small place. What wonderful thing?
Joe Siu (1 month ago)
whats a women hour then
adminos15 (1 month ago)
google video posted on google server
Theodore Constantine (1 month ago)
What if the drive that keep my files failed?
Dmitriy Mod (1 month ago)
And all buildings are full of SSD
Sebastian Sandoval (1 month ago)
No sphere turning inside out? bummer
Youtuþe (1 month ago)
This actually seems like a job i would want.
Kazi Mehdi (1 month ago)
thanks Google for saving my data in very much affordable cost.
Carl Anthem (1 month ago)
Massive <3
Marth (1 month ago)
this stuff is scary
AWESOMEGAMER (1 month ago)
my xserve raid Is initializing... 18 gigabytes done... 12 more terabytes...
Kristian Wiborg (1 month ago)
Welcome to the centralized internet :-)
sillygamerboy (1 month ago)
lol i live about 15 miles away from there it looks like a small city out there
Nandukumar Raj (1 month ago)
Nice mind blowing🌏🌎🌍👍😃
J P (2 months ago)
Wait...Google, you're not using SSD to read/write much faster. Looks like you're using RPM drives. Why?
Nohan Saiud dawami (2 months ago)
I want to work on Google "amazing"
Marcos Lucio Silva (2 months ago)
or center of universe
heiknuuwter (2 months ago)
thank god google is free to use.
Jackie Chan (2 months ago)
This guys title must be pretty high to do this. They didn't say who he was
Matthew Doyle (2 months ago)
It’s kinda cool that all of your google photos are stored here
C Bireley (2 months ago)
I would LOVE to work at google! I would love to work at google oh did I say that.. Sorry.
Wallace Raleigh (2 months ago)
Inside a Google data center's employee coffee room: full of Macs.
Super Sloth Games (2 months ago)
2:16 geez Google slow down
Miko (2 months ago)
Its google team but uses macbooks LUL
Wheels Holland (2 months ago)
Look its SkyNet. Thank God we'll all be safe as soon as it takes over.
Darkshadow Knight (2 months ago)
Hm ok lots of data ... Wait is this what i think it is??? So this is where my hacks gone google just stole them i will get them for this
Agung Pratama (2 months ago)
Oh my, the worlds largest data center internet.
hello moto (2 months ago)
it's just a building with servers, it's not really high tech security, your center walk through is glass, front door, glass, private sector open with a metal detector... Google has failed it's people by being unsecured to the peeps
Aleksandr Taranovskiy (2 months ago)
super job project!
Kynatix Speed (2 months ago)
Amazing ;)
james tomlin (2 months ago)
Imran malikimran (2 months ago)
Our ANDROID futcher is a tacking to
elevate111 (2 months ago)
This is where all the censorship happens
SwiftCross (2 months ago)
Fuck Google
GABRIEL URBANO (2 months ago)
Google is automated already, why the humans?