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Inside a Google data center

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Joe Kava, VP of Google's Data Center Operations, gives a tour inside a Google data center, and shares details about the security, sustainability and the core architecture of Google's infrastructure.
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Text Comments (4988)
Mehrdad (5 hours ago)
Birthplace of the Matrix 😂
Linus Holmgren (17 hours ago)
Discover historical while pqhiyz away outcome psychology independent medium.
TurboCoin (22 hours ago)
Why every Windows version sucks; Why Windows 10 sucks
Amencorner at bibleforums (1 day ago)
I have a little video I would like to share ...
God Eater (1 day ago)
Security dont give that bullshit what about users security.
Joshua Erb (1 day ago)
just got my bitcoin mined from 0.02btc to 1.99btc. thanks so much
ravi kota (3 days ago)
laden is moving in his grave
BS Troll (3 days ago)
BIGREDMACHINE (3 days ago)
I cant believe they actually had rust on the cooling tanks!!!!wtf google???
Cabrio Driving In The Alps (3 days ago)
why not SSD? Quiet, less energy, cooler :)
Flushhed (4 days ago)
Wow, sure wish my data center would let us wear shorts..
Hai Wang (4 days ago)
this is the place where superintelligence where be borne. yay!
Jeff Caligari (4 days ago)
Wait, dont tell me. *Facepalm You still use 110v then into individual PSU's that then transform it into 19, 12, 5 and 3 volts. INSTEAD of running power cables holding 19 volts and removing all the transformers. I know. How sad. When they build tomorrows Goole v2 thats how it will run. Kind of like the City I have designed. Not seen anywhere in the world. See how many building went up around the world in 10 years? They were obsolete 11 years ago.
Jeff Caligari (4 days ago)
This is like those discovery channel shows: "Here is the new top secret weapon, its vulnerabilities are here, here, here and here. It can do this and that but not the other. There are 200 of these located here and there."
Unanimated (5 days ago)
Has anyone ever fallen of those scooters?
വസീലി സയത്സേവ് (5 days ago)
This is from where they spy on every human being on earth
Shemar A. Genahsyde (5 days ago)
1:00 why is apple shown in this video
Dennis Emmet (6 days ago)
Skynet... Terminator 😐
ucheucheuche (6 days ago)
Forgot Americans don't say "day-tur" centres. Was very quickly reminded 😬
ucheucheuche (6 days ago)
Forgot Americans don't say "day-tur" centres. Was very quickly reminded 😬
Mr.Fantastic (7 days ago)
Can you play Fortnite max deatails on it?
Tomato Edits (7 days ago)
Imagine if Marcus Holloway got a hold of that place
NTDTV (10 days ago)
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Cobra unit (10 days ago)
The perfect job to get some sleep, all u need is a pillow n a cover.
Tim Nelson (11 days ago)
If this is a representation of Google, then Comcast must have a plywood shack with torn asphalt shingles.
x x (11 days ago)
Sophisticated theft
Mark Wiles (11 days ago)
What good is data center security when you just hand over peoples data at will?
Bedus Made (11 days ago)
i like aligator attack
Andre Gomez (12 days ago)
Im shook
xOptic_Zero (12 days ago)
1053 Exabytes: ur mom gay
Cosmin (13 days ago)
James Damore did nothing wrong
Sufiyan Ansari (13 days ago)
Crispy Cream (13 days ago)
*G o o g l e s p i e s o n i t ' s u s e r s*
King Alfred (14 days ago)
lost time incidents? How are you going to get hurt in a data center? I'll bet anything the last incident was someone getting hurt riding their scooter or roller blades or getting their finger pinched in the fooseball table.
mark layton (14 days ago)
It's day-ta not dat-ar
AnDroid-iFy N (14 days ago)
USB killer vs Google data center...
Asriel Dreemurr (15 days ago)
so they have scooters, dogs, and games around in their offices? while working to provide the entire planet earth the google search engine and ect? while also keeping it from burning up causing immense damage to search engine everybody uses? *beep boop boop, boop beep beep* hello google can in work at your facilities?
Kenneth Pace (15 days ago)
James Bond bad guy security with alligators! and frickin' laser beams! You can't make this up. And they probably know what color underwear I have on. Austin Powers, where are you!?!
Shiro (16 days ago)
Destroy it.
Mr Scopophiliac (16 days ago)
Nezello (16 days ago)
So why does Google love gays, Jews and the devil but hates conservative Christians traditionally married and filters what they say...
Белоречанка /Belorechanкa/ (16 days ago)
Вот так я себе и представляла все это;)
AndriO (16 days ago)
*Who would win?* A huge center of data with super computers weighing more than 2000 kilograms *Or* The amount of times that the word 'porn' was searched
somil srivastava (17 days ago)
Guys try the cheapest web hosting here...
Cole Alexander (17 days ago)
Cable management to a whole new level
cool name (18 days ago)
Lol, That's not true!...
Pradeep Soundalgekar (19 days ago)
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AnonymousGamer (19 days ago)
wait what? google use macbook wtf
Sarkar Tanzil (19 days ago)
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Diaz Netamor (19 days ago)
I love Google
Alex Roseno (20 days ago)
Дмитрий Д (20 days ago)
Nice cooling solution. Simple and effective.
L Bandara (21 days ago)
They use pit bulls in all four corners to protect your data.
AAsd GUuu (21 days ago)
Lol i can hack into this easily i got like 300 exploits on an hdd that encode the servers
Arcade Players TV (21 days ago)
I woud wanna work in youtube office:(
Jango_23 (22 days ago)
What happens with the shredded pieces of the shredded drives? Do they recycle them?
Felix Brito (22 days ago)
Sascha B (22 days ago)
Time to switch to Blockchain Private Storage > Oyster Pearl Protocol
danp220 (22 days ago)
I would love to work for Google one day
RealCraftIV (23 days ago)
all my filthy porn searches be in there somewhere
Principality of Saint Stephen (23 days ago)
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ryder4782 (24 days ago)
He's basically a librarian from the future.
stebin v b (24 days ago)
How can I get a job there?
Nexo- Games (24 days ago)
Behind every PC is a human?!
John Rambo (24 days ago)
is this how Hillary got the idea of crushing phones to destroy the trace of her private server?
Chris Hayhurst (24 days ago)
That one buildings gotta b holding a billion dollers worth of servers n everything
Chris Hayhurst (24 days ago)
Working for google is like the best job's like your not even working.....your a lucky person to get hired there...thats awsome
Auchen (11 days ago)
Chris Hayhurst (24 days ago)
Dudesbgettin around on a damn razor scooter n its condoned haha how cool
Kujivs (24 days ago)
I wish I worked at google
Kujivs (24 days ago)
12 year old kid: “HACKER YOU HAVE AIMBOT”
bernard sabatier (25 days ago)
Security must be the first preocupation
Prince Udih Chukwuemeka (25 days ago)
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zrol rol (26 days ago)
a horrible place
Jeyaraman T (26 days ago)
work google pleace 9944192003 thamilnatu -palani
dadan mulyana (26 days ago)
20sentryboy (26 days ago)
God almighty, how much electricity are they drawing to run these places. It’s disgusting really.
Moises Sequera (26 days ago)
How many Macbooks?
Benjamin Allan-Clark (26 days ago)
They switched from retinal scans to iris scans because the employees kept confusing the word retinal with the "other word."
Dawson Wehage (28 days ago)
I wonder what the cinebench score would be.
Nicolas E. Solano (28 days ago)
Marat Ousmanov (29 days ago)
I installed application "goodev" on my android. Can you decrease volume in youtube videos ?
Simran kaur (30 days ago)
Watch dogs preety
_B r a n d o n_J e a n_ (30 days ago)
So this is how my hentai is stored
Roberto Alex Figueroa (1 month ago)
A Linux paradise :)
Guarionex Batista (1 month ago)
So what happens if I blew it up
Aquafilter RO PLANTS 8604558300 (1 month ago)
Aquafilter RO PLANTS 8604558300 (1 month ago)
Huy Pham Official (1 month ago)
4:04 MacBook Pro? Apple? :D
vsonic86 (1 month ago)
Dude this is so fucken awesome. It is a lot fun than my data center. :(
amine mk (1 month ago)
Lots of porn is in there
Cuatacho Munoz (1 month ago)
4:03 scooters for life!!!
Marat Grigoryan (1 month ago)
Evan DeBiasse (1 month ago)
Your information is SUPER secure inside out data center..... because we want to be the only ones to use it. Google.
ابو عبدالعزيز (1 month ago)
one day chains will win
Владимир Падара (1 month ago)
сколько железа !
Rick Jasper (1 month ago)
If you want to destroy the computer data on those hard drives, talk to Hillary. She's an expert on that subject. Bleach bit anyone?
richard mohler (1 month ago)
oh the humanity...
Micro friend (1 month ago)
@ 3:24 ..... looks like they have one LED burnt out...kinda hard to see it tho
Conor Climo (1 month ago)
Down w/ Big Tech!
yuriy tykhyy (1 month ago)
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Harry DK (1 month ago)
well, I need this cooling systems for my home PC. Who to call?
HimKioo (1 month ago)
And all this is built to preserve all the child pornography, beastiality, necrophilia and rape, etc pictures/videos. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much Google.