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Inside a Google data center

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Joe Kava, VP of Google's Data Center Operations, gives a tour inside a Google data center, and shares details about the security, sustainability and the core architecture of Google's infrastructure.
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Text Comments (6482)
gamer guy (9 hours ago)
In my next life im wanna be the Google server xD
Da Eel (11 hours ago)
What happen if no Internet and what will happen to all data?
Da Eel (11 hours ago)
What happen if all machine stop working?
Da Eel (11 hours ago)
This need ALOT of maintenance lol
Da Eel (11 hours ago)
Is this place fire prove?
Da Eel (11 hours ago)
This is where my picture and privacy saved?
Varun Bharadwaj (13 hours ago)
My dream job 😍😍😍
Kakashi Hatake (21 hours ago)
This building knows more about me than I know myself.
Eye Candy (23 hours ago)
Truly amazing. Google has defined technological success and it's amazing to be living during this time to see Google and their genius team members excell in mastering technology. And they have a very fun working environment for their employees at Google which is awesome
IMadeYouReadThis (1 day ago)
So rich yet they have razor scooters
alfian gawski (2 days ago)
the question. Why google engines cannot reach deep web sites?
Ashish Patole (2 days ago)
Missing Solar Roofing...! 🇮🇳
Chandru Raja (2 days ago)
🤔😐 how large process in my single search !!! But too fast Really great
Jayson Barja (2 days ago)
When google server is down there could be reason like a alligator attacks!
Hemanth Sai tammu (2 days ago)
Why Google doesn't release or make any reality products like watches, cameras, powerbanks etc.....
Patel Vidhu (3 days ago)
Amazing security and most energy efficient data center.
Rene Trujillo (3 days ago)
Cheaper to build in Alaska
jess jesse (3 days ago)
3: frontend = webpage designer till the backend = the security handler authority key chodmod or sha mh5 = letternummbers keys
jess jesse (3 days ago)
2: library books today digitale library ! Same organized index catergory a-b-c -d-e-f till letter z! Video movies books recks !
jess jesse (3 days ago)
1: it an stored digitale paper library index systems ! Just organized on catergory index a- till z !
no pe (3 days ago)
not worried about others getting in, worried about what you do with that info, do not trust anyone working at big data
Abhi Redmi (3 days ago)
Fake video
The TeenBoss (3 days ago)
My dream job! I am currently learning php, mysql, html, javascript, css and jquery. I hope i will be sitting there someday!
GEN XOX (3 days ago)
What happened if google not work for 1 day
GAMING FUSION (4 days ago)
Somebody noticed Google using apple macbook rather than chrome book if yes then pls like 👇 1:00
md sahif hossain (4 days ago)
google data center uses a macbook at 1:01
snykan (4 days ago)
Really great.
hafis rizky (5 days ago)
rejith n (6 days ago)
in like it
Mathias Ncube (8 days ago)
The Holy Mecca for The Biggest Nerds...!!!
Kagiso Gaelesiwe (8 days ago)
My direct question to google is: why do you have so many servers yet you encourage everyone else to scrap theirs? "Careful when a naked man offers you a t-shirt to wear" - Maya Angelou
David Niquot (9 days ago)
.... heat the water .. send it to the city to heat houses ... !
Filip Bačík (9 days ago)
WTF the main building of Google is guarded by aligators!?
Sync Swap (9 days ago)
Arif Setiawan (11 days ago)
Next Mission impossible movie : hacking google data canter.
Anshul Bhandari (12 days ago)
am I the only one thinking of pulling off Mission Impossible in this data center?😊😊
Prestige M (12 days ago)
I wish to work with you
Josh McDermott (13 days ago)
Wait so one of them drives in a data centre has my stuff on it or?
BF Scenes (13 days ago)
lool Google company uses Apple products even though they have their own laptops etc...hmm
Komal Rawat (13 days ago)
I love Google company .I am dame sure one day . I got job in Google .
Kamran Muhammed (14 days ago)
Privacy hahhaahhah
Evolution and Extinction (14 days ago)
2:18 - so they keep alligators for guard. Goggle's secret way of saving money for security. 😂😂
Ar Gon (14 days ago)
Umm, Google is not innovating anymore. They are just copying everybody else.
Rizwan Qureshi (14 days ago)
Apple laptops in Google datacenters :D
birdyLOL (15 days ago)
That liquid cooling at a larger scale lol
Adrian Saint (15 days ago)
I love the idea of my data being protected by alligators!
PEKANBARU on CAMERA (15 days ago)
Amazing water cooling system
Nir Singgih (17 days ago)
LANISHER BEATS (17 days ago)
Where all our Youtube videos are saved
LANISHER BEATS (17 days ago)
i wanna work for google
Real Pulgoso (18 days ago)
So how to apply to this job ?
hook blieght (18 days ago)
google should be chopped up , biase and corruptions
dittybur (19 days ago)
wow that looks so complicated
VSS / (19 days ago)
Noting but Group of transistors... Switching between 1 & 0....😁😁
Alex Pronker (19 days ago)
0:59 Boss: Why do you want a promotion to work here? Employe: I want to bring my pug to work.
Angelique Jones (20 days ago)
Google your simply FANTASTIC! I am just waiting on YOU! Everyone has a STORE! I'm like (Okay GOOGLE!) 🤔 WHERE IS YOUR STORE? Don't worry I will be Patient! Your very Busy! You are also another Bright Idea! 😉😃 AMEN
MrVM77 (20 days ago)
An electric bike also for the VP please!
IAN GAMING (20 days ago)
Soon i will be there
pluisenbol kuper (21 days ago)
Wtf the dude has a mac!!?
Elf Machine (21 days ago)
That's what I call a cooling rig.
Elf Machine (21 days ago)
I wonder if the alligators are legit.
Ross Meldrum (21 days ago)
So are they going to create AI based robots that can take their jobs from them? So why dont they take the excess heat and use it to heat the homes of those who live in the area?
Prabhu S (21 days ago)
I don't know what is your intention in recommending it.
Barry Campion (22 days ago)
Obviously never heard of memory cards 🎴
_ROBLOX_ Boiis (22 days ago)
But can this computers play Crysis on 60fps ???
Jimmy Allan Mummert (22 days ago)
Go ahead and reinstall the Apple products Nationwide software and the solar system solar reserved and go ahead and reinstall the glasses eyeglasses any of the issues they're having with the to be restored in a nationwide Network I all the networks for running MetroPCS
Edward Pule (23 days ago)
How does google make money?
christopher wilson (23 days ago)
Sabuz Ahamad (23 days ago)
বিদ্যুৎ tv (23 days ago)
Ali gujjar (23 days ago)
This is where they store all my electric bills
Gary Rushton (24 days ago)
Hallowed hall stability
vikky Rock (24 days ago)
Oh Relentless (25 days ago)
Would've been a good video but I can barely hear people over the music.
2wirrallads Sneakers (25 days ago)
I bet you cant play Jet Set Willy on it...
Abdul Basit Shaikh (25 days ago)
So so many MacBooks..
Robot (25 days ago)
They have got an alligatorwall in stead of a firewall...
StrangeProfile (26 days ago)
Why r all the data centers in the Carolinas...
Riotix / ARandomnub56 (27 days ago)
most internet browsers nowadays don’t even use their own results *they use google results*
Petru Lutenco (27 days ago)
the "I just laught" was... uhhh... badasss
Smart'z Geetv (28 days ago)
This video is so romantic j
Waseem Siddiqui (28 days ago)
thank you google team i like वीडियो
davidhertzberg (29 days ago)
Why would cold air flow under a computer and be pushed upward to cool the servers? Cool air sinks... would it not make more sense to have the cold air ducts above the servers??
Pavan Bharathan (29 days ago)
Its a dream for me to work with Google Data centers..
I still wonder what would happen if an earth quake disaster destroys all these servers and data is gone , haha
FeuerCandy (30 days ago)
From 3:01 to 3:08 Just love the way the wiring and cabling was done, looks so organised and neat!
Sribiswajit Sau (30 days ago)
Very very beautiful video
Scrotus Maximus (30 days ago)
LAML TV (30 days ago)
Doomsday heist!! :O
Ron Moes (30 days ago)
I don't believe this could go on and on and on, even for goolge! the costs of energy versus new space for people to upload is going to end sometime. in any case isa going to wake up sleeping dogs sometime. and then? who is going to take the blame ?!!
Manly Electronics (30 days ago)
What happened to shipping containers ?
Labu # (30 days ago)
It is surprise to see Google center still use manual human intervention , less automation & robotic
sujit kumar majhi (1 month ago)
Google is the 1st mothernd father in our generation on the Earth.
Neoi Selini (1 month ago)
So is no one gonna talk about the aligigators sign?
J Basra (1 month ago)
Real question is how much Google pays for electricity bill?
UthrA S (1 month ago)
Amazing gaint database...
K G (1 month ago)
Extraordinary 3 (7 days ago)
Where these Waste is gone?
Gavi Ciment (1 month ago)
Love how they all use Macs
ned pod (1 month ago)
Where is that paper clip ?