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UPS Feeder Tractor Pretrip Video

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BILL PAXTON (24 days ago)
My Pre-trip consists of a quarter second glance in the side mirror to make sure my trailer is attached and boom im rolling hard down that open highway.
NJ FunFriendly (28 days ago)
Where PPE safety gloves when doing pre-trip? Safety first. Ups you need to provide your CDL drivers with full PPE protection, not just a vest, but protection eye wear of clear and shaded Safety first. As CDL driver why the shorts and not pants, don't you have check under the trailers. CDL drivers read over and know your OSHA rights.
rzorNvme (1 month ago)
Say “clear”when closing the hood.
Travis Ginther (1 month ago)
Is this guy working at an auction?
Rusty Shackleford (2 months ago)
Sorry but kicking a tire is not a proper way of checking it’s inflation pressure. 80 psi will kick just like 120 psi. Difference is 80 psi will eventually build excessive heat causing tire to breakdown and fail. Low pressure will also use excessive fuel.
Irish Joe (2 months ago)
Mayday! Mayday! We are coming in hard and fast!!!
Irish Joe (2 months ago)
It's like watching a bad comedy.
Frank M (2 months ago)
Im going in on wednesday for feeder, its been a while for a indepth pti
Terence Washington (3 months ago)
Omg I will have to be at work one hour ahead of time
michael smith (3 months ago)
Must be a corporate trainer... More hours doing this than behind the wheel.
Art Olmeda III (3 months ago)
Is this a race? My goodness way to fast!
Diesel Kenny (3 months ago)
You do this in your head in like maybe 5 minutes. Anything out of wack ud notice right away on visual subconscious check. The mind is extraordinary
Cpt. Insano (3 months ago)
talks to fucking sloppy like god damn man
A slice of heaven (3 months ago)
At 8:57 He said 4/32 tire thread depth but earlier he said 2/32 tire thread depth. This detailed of a pretrip is fucking ridiculous. Dot doesn't even make you recite that many items.
A slice of heaven (3 months ago)
How long did it take him to memorize all this? Longer than 5 days I bet.
Gera Meva (4 months ago)
Im going to have my test next week but you talk too fast lol
Wildcard (4 months ago)
Good lord ,, wtf
Mike M (5 months ago)
King Reef (5 months ago)
He got 🔥 later for stealing company hours lol
Gera Meva (5 months ago)
Holy, and Im going feeders next week
vikings844 (6 months ago)
If I did this I would get a warning letter for taking to long to leave hub.
joe cairo (6 months ago)
Damn that’s a long pre-trip mine get out look around the truck it looks good boom I’m out but damn it’s impressive this guy can retain all that information
Adam Fierro (6 months ago)
you have to go through that process even if you had already a CDL class A?
Chin Brumback (1 month ago)
Yes adam,b4 we start driving that's required
Terence Washington (3 months ago)
HeinSenBerg 130...are you forreal....omg
HeinSenBerg 130 (5 months ago)
Adam Fierro yes you do. It's the ups way.
oof (6 months ago)
I'm in school to get my CDL and want to get a feeder position. Is there orientation ? If so, is it at a certain location?
Paul Grimm (7 months ago)
I drove UPS for 39 years. This is how I was trained
James Heath (8 months ago)
Now thats a very very serious pti.
Linda German Shepherd (8 months ago)
the company just worry about yard time that's why you are running all the time
Jokes On You! Excel (8 months ago)
My job wants us drivers to pre trip and connect in 15 minutes!
J j601 (9 months ago)
I had to mute it......
J j601 (9 months ago)
I hope he's not my trainer if so imo get in the truck n not say anything hopefully he wont be talking.
Lakia Bookhart (10 months ago)
Why is he speaking so fast? This video is not useful. Wow UPS.
cummins24v (12 days ago)
youtube has the option to play in slow motion altho i understood every word he said just fine
J j601 (9 months ago)
Lakia Bookhart i had to mute it
Matt's Van Life (10 months ago)
Then proceeds to follow at less than a second exceeding posted speed limits in excess of 15 mph over.
Homefront (10 months ago)
I am starting with UPS Special Services Tomorrow... yaay
vikings844 (6 months ago)
What is special services?
Lauren Cody (11 months ago)
I luv Ups go brown
BKISCADDENJR (11 months ago)
This guy is moving way too fast and is so unorganized, jumping from one end of the tractor to the next, Jesus I wonder if he passed his test.......
christian garduno (1 year ago)
the instructor must have been doing this for years due to his language speed..
QP300 (1 year ago)
And when did you say we were gonna deliver some actual goods??? And then again... By reading through the comments you discover, that there is an actual EXAM to become a feeder driver... I mean, come on - I am a truckdriver myself, having app. 25 stops a day on a roundtrip that's app. 500 km long - and I have never had any exam besides my drivers license... Now, correct me if I'm wrong - but feeder-driving is, as far as I know, driving between two hubs. In Scandinavia, we consider that the easiest kind of trucking - something you typically let the newbies do, until they learn to handle the vehicle... How on earth can that be something that requires an exam - get in the truck, take your trailer, get the papers, drive. Why make it so complicated?
Cpt. Insano (3 months ago)
vikings844 I have six months till I can drive. I load theses trucks full time right now.
vikings844 (6 months ago)
QP300 That's why UPS is the best of the best son. They demand the best drivers because they are the best pay and benefits in trucking. Another thing. It takes years to become a UPS feeder driver. You start out loading trucks part time and after that if you have enough seniority you sign a bid for full time package driver. After a few years of that you might get lucky enough to win a feeder bid. You don't just apply for a feeder job it takes years to attain.
Katie Crumley Weaver (9 months ago)
That's why we are the best,safest, and correctly trained trucking company in the country and world. #ProudToBeAUPSerAndUnionMember
Balanced Chaos (11 months ago)
UPS is the best of the best. They have an amazing safety record, and their pay/benefits package is off the charts. In return, they want you to be amazing.
Marqus Gary (1 year ago)
Thank u lord for permanent position for UPS FEEDER DRIVER
Cruiser007 (1 year ago)
You forgot to check your slack adjusters.
superpoop gamer (1 year ago)
I could not understand him ,he was talking to fast
Chris Borbon (1 year ago)
Great video as a guide. I'm currently going through the feeder training. A couple of issues though, when he says 4 way flashers are flashing in sequence, that is incorrect. Sequence means one after the other. Flashers are flashing in unison is the correct term. He also doesn't call out the water pump, alternator, air compressor and steering pump during the engine inspection. I'm only pointing these things out because they are important.
Mostapha Oulhanafi (1 year ago)
Is there any one to answer my question i applied for ups and failed my driving test u think i can try again and if i do they would call me for an interview thank you so much some one answer me please
vikings844 (6 months ago)
Lol, a lot less money there! Nobody pays UPS money
Matt (1 year ago)
Mostapha Oulhanafi just go work for swift
NavyDave219 (1 year ago)
In real life this takes a minute lol
wy wybulldog (1 year ago)
Something tells me Fedex doesn't bother with any of this....
Javachick D (1 month ago)
Yup, drive for a FedEx contractor. We are not tested on this, and perform minimal pre trips. I rarely see drivers even do the basic pre trip. Sad, but true from what I see anyway. We do make less money. The trucks are also on their last legs and falling apart. Good thing we do not have to go through weight stations. The trucks my contractor has would fail miserably:0
Shawn Miller (2 months ago)
wy wybulldog thats prolly why they make much less lmaooo
JayF8st- WithDreads (7 months ago)
wy wybulldog your dead wrong bud
Enrique Pizano (1 year ago)
That's my old preload manager Mike Perez cool guy
mtman1 p (6 months ago)
Yes 1000 line
mtman1 p (8 months ago)
Enrique Pizano You worked in Rio Hondo Center?
cory drysdale (1 year ago)
After doing all of that, break time. LOL
fsharp 1 (1 year ago)
Jesus that's a lot of info to remember
Cesar Cruz (1 year ago)
fsharp 1 he making it more complicated than it is
Carlos Jimenez (1 year ago)
He better hurry up he has to be off the yard n 17mins ... wait a min this video is longer then 17 mins and he still has to get his load are he still has to get a empty trailer ... this is a perfect pre trip ... whoever sets the schedule need to watch this video say they will kno wtf is a pre trip
A slice of heaven (3 months ago)
Carlos Jimenez ........smfh
MoKush 4Me (1 year ago)
Just made it to feeders..I've watch this video about 4x to help me pass my pre-trip test
Frank M (2 months ago)
Oh boy im taking the roadtest wednesday, its been awhile since ive done an indepth pti, 🤞wish me luck
Stefan Wizzen (7 months ago)
Oh ok, so I should have time to do a 3-week class.
Stefan Wizzen (7 months ago)
I literally just hit my year last week lol. I'm in preload. Do you have an Instagram or Snapchat?
Stefan Wizzen (7 months ago)
oh yeah, the position is for the cover driver. The next class is the 8th of April but I wont be able to make it into that and she says that she doesn't know when the next one will be.
Stefan Wizzen (7 months ago)
I field my application today. If she calls me and tells me a class is open before I am done with the CDL school can I tell the HR lady to schedule me for the next available class? I think my hub has to hire 140 feeder drivers.
BrewMonsta (1 year ago)
Just buy A new truck before a trip lol
Daniel Torres De Luna (11 months ago)
Daniel Torres De Luna (11 months ago)
BrewMonsta 4491541391
Kent Olsen (1 year ago)
My buddy Mike doing the pretrip!
Kuffoh (1 year ago)