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Bernie Sanders: The right to vote should be extended 'even for terrible people'

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said he thinks everyone should have the right to vote -- even the Boston Marathon bomber. Asked at a CNN town hall if he thought felons should be allowed to vote -- even while they're incarcerated, not just after they're released -- Sanders said the country needs more people to vote. "This is a democracy and we have got to expand that democracy, and I believe every single person does have the right to vote," he said. #CNN #News
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Text Comments (2919)
Shenly Jean Dematawaran (3 days ago)
Wtf happened to CNN?
Connor Goss (5 days ago)
“I love Bernie he’s so pro women’s rights and so progressive on race relations” *Wants rapist to vote on women’s rights issues and Dylan Roof to be able to vote on issues relating to race relations* 🙄🙄
Sean K (6 days ago)
Bernie will not win the nomination. And don’t get me started with Hillary Clinton being ahead of Obama in ‘07. Bernie is nothing close to a Barack Obama. If anyone is going to make a big uprising like Obama did it’s Harris or Buttigieg
Born Yesterday (9 days ago)
Bernie is king of jews
Juan Lopez (15 days ago)
Voting rights for prisoners and illegals 🤦🏻‍♂️.....keep it up with the bullshit and they will lose to Trump again
xerakis (19 days ago)
So I guess criminals and degenerates vote Democrat , only reason they'd want to give them the vote. Why would this great Nation want to be led by people who are criminals and degenerates ? God Bless Trump , MAGA !!
A A (19 days ago)
I'm a Conservative and I plan on voting for Donald Trump again. But someone give me a good reason why prisoners should not be able to vote.
D ray (19 days ago)
Dems literally have ZERO backbone. If the popular trend was to est cow shit, a Democrst would support it for fucking votes. The reason why they want felons to be able to vote is because felons will always vote left. Like gtfoh.
Dumisa Nzama (20 days ago)
No one, literally no one: CNN: Democrats want Joe Biden to get in the race.
Ben J (20 days ago)
Look, Bernie is wrong on this entire criminals in jail should vote thing.... I mean, does anybody like the idea of Donald Trump voting in the next election??
Nic (20 days ago)
They allow gay people and trans to vote and it is a crime in the eyes God but they don't allow prisoner to vote it's stupid
Mea Domenica (21 days ago)
Dear Bernie, I wish you worked at Massachusetts General Hospital on 4/13/15. I wish you saw little Martin an innocent child blown up while cheering on his family. I wish you meet with all the people who lost limbs. I wish you met all the first responders who did their best. I wish you saw the look on my mother’s face as she gathered her courage and her family to find safety moments after the second bomb went off. But clearly after that statement you don’t care. BOSTON STRONG!!!!!!
CHEW ON THIS... ... ...China scans millions of faces on a daily basis. And authorities have developed a so-called "social credit" system based on monitored behavior – they are given scores and ranked according to rules set by the government. "Model" citizens enjoy perks such as reduced bus fares, but those with low scores lose certain rights and are blacklisted. AND YOU WANT TO GIVE PRISONERS RIGHTS?
Unfiltered Truth (22 days ago)
CNN=Communist Nonsense Network. What's next? SJW prisons lol lol.
garycoulier (23 days ago)
Hey lets let dogs vote too
Brian Murphy (23 days ago)
In response to one of the many bull**** spin smears to come from the mass media machine this week: "Committing even a serious crime shouldn't strip people of their basic right to be a citizen and active participant in our democracy. I have been attacked in recent days by President Trump and others in the media for my conviction that people who are incarcerated should be given the right to vote. I make no apologies for that position. Our country has had a long and shameful history of voter suppression. At our founding, despite rhetoric to the contrary, only land-owning white males were given the right to participate in our democracy. Lower income people, Women, Native Americans, African-Americans, and young people were excluded. We have been engaged in an ongoing 243-year project to expand participation in our democracy. Thankfully, we have made much progress in that struggle. But our work is not done — not even close. If we are serious about calling ourselves a democracy, we must firmly establish that the right to vote is an inalienable and universal principle that applies to all American citizens 18 years and older. Period. As American citizens all of us are entitled to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and all the other freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights. We are also entitled to vote. Yes. Even if Trump’s former campaign manager and personal lawyer end up in jail, they should still be able to vote — regardless of who they cast their vote for. This is not a radical idea. Vermont and Maine allow inmates to vote and more than 30 nations — including Israel, South Africa, and Canada — also understand that voting rights for all citizens is a basic principle of democracy When we look at the history of why our country has banned incarcerated people from voting, we must understand that the efforts to rob citizens of their voting rights was a legacy of slavery and continuing racist attitudes post-Jim Crow. After the ratification of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, which extended civil and legal protections to formerly enslaved people, many state governments rushed to create new felonies to put black people in jail and then institute lifetime disenfranchisement as a way to protect their own privilege and power. Indeed, our present-day crisis of mass incarceration has become a tool of voter suppression. Today, over 4.5 million Americans — disproportionately people of color — have lost their right to vote because they have served time in jail or prison for a felony conviction. It goes without saying that someone who commits a serious crime must pay his or her debt to society. But punishment for a crime, or keeping dangerous people behind bars, does not cause people to lose their rights to citizenship. It should not cause them to lose their right to vote. This should not devolve into a debate about whether certain people are “good enough” to have the right to vote. Voting is not a privilege. It is a right. In my view, the crooks on Wall Street who caused the great recession of 2008 that hurt millions of Americans are not "good" people. But they have the right to vote, and it should never be taken away. The reason why this issue is so important right now is that Trump and cowardly Republican politicians all over this country are working overtime to suppress the vote. Instead of trying to increase voter turnout, they are making it harder for people to participate in the political process. In Florida, the Republican legislature is trying to undermine the will of 64 percent of the people who voted to reenfranchise formerly incarcerated people. In Georgia, we have a Republican governor who took office by instituting barriers to voting for people of color. In Tennessee, the Republican legislature is trying to shut down groups who do voter registration work. In New Hampshire and Iowa, the Republicans have tried to make it harder for college students to vote. The point here is simple. At a time when voting suppression is taking place all across the country, we must make it clear that casting a ballot for American citizens is not a privilege. It is a right. If you’re an American citizen who is 18 years or older you must be able to vote, whether you're in jail or not." -Bernie Sanders
Captain Crunch (24 days ago)
Sorry voting is not a privilege it's a right. REMEMBER why the colonies rebelled against Great Britain; because of the lack of a vote in parliament.
Anand Prakash (22 days ago)
And convicted FELONS loose that right as part of their punishment. And now you can see how it should be viewed as a privilege. Your point?
Jesse (24 days ago)
They're literally gossiping conspiracies around the table talking about how they must end Donald Trump lmao! Guys, why do people tune into this?
john arnold (25 days ago)
The dumbest shit ever this stupid old crazy dumb AF asshole
Robert Sacher (25 days ago)
This is what I like about Bernie Sanders. He's not afraid to assert a position, one in which he knows most may not agree (especially those who prefer vengeance to rehabilitation for inmates), but he has the courage to stand up for what he believes is correct. You may or may not agree with it and we know many have not in the past, but you can be assured that Sanders will stand up for what he believes and that's more than all the other politicians in America, combined… That's why Bernie Sanders has been outside of the mainstream of politics for most of his career but that's exactly what I like about him.
stockjonebills (26 days ago)
The same reason Democrats in California want to lower the voting age. Get more liberal votes because thats the type of people that would vote liberal. This is going to kill Bernie's momentum for middle of the ground liberals. Politicians say and do the dumbest things ever to gain votes.
Google User (26 days ago)
Thats because every criminal is a DEMOCRAT!!!!! ....... Old stoner Bernie needs to push his communist agenda in Cuba!
Stavros Kassinos (26 days ago)
The moment you think voting is a privilege and not a right, you’re no longer living in a democracy
Vuts Man (26 days ago)
Terrorist have the right to vote but babies born alive, don't have a right to live!
Rick rick (26 days ago)
Jeffrey Toobin was a student of Dershowitz who CNN refuses to bring on anymore because they think he supports Trump too much. So much for unbiased free press. Toobin hasn’t said a word to protest this. Just another highly paid yes man
The Gorn (26 days ago)
As Bush Jr said "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, won't get fooled again".
ptviwatcher (27 days ago)
I don't think we should have roads, electricity, running water nor communication networks, otherwise felons or bad people in general will have them too! I'd rather live in a cave! So, Bernie is crazy, obviously... giving the right to vote to everyone is ludicrous! No matter what the Constitution say! In fact, the only article in the Constitution that matters is guns, guns, guns! Can't put laws restricting people from owning guns... slippery slopes... yada yada yada.......... but freedom to vote and participate in Democracy, just hold on a God'damm minute!! (PS: people who don't understand sarcasm should read this very very slowly.... over and over again)
Brian S (27 days ago)
Mayor Pete, the only one with half a brain. Batshit burnie.
paul ferrell (27 days ago)
Why do these pussys keep bringing up the Boston bomber? Is he the only guy in prison.
Lasombra (27 days ago)
Bernie is still the better candidate compared to the others. No matter where you stand on voting while in prison, don't forget, USA has some of the lowest voter turnout around the globe, do we really want to hinder voting rights more? I'm not sure, I am neutral on this.
Nickolas Kupper (27 days ago)
I have more respect now for Fox News after seeing this garbage.
FRWHELAN (27 days ago)
The real reason is that Bernie is assuming all felons would vote for democrats. Which...says a lot about the party.
YA HIBACHI (27 days ago)
Starry Nights (27 days ago)
CNN SUCKS . I never liked Fox but I respect them more for not doing what you guys did to Bernie
none yabizz (27 days ago)
RETARD! Voters in Florida allowed convicted criminals who were convicted of NON-SEXUAL/MUDER/TERRORIST CRIMES the right to vote. This mofo specifically asked about a terrorist being allowed the right to vote and Sanders said yes. Terrorists. Murderers. Rapists. These psychopaths think they should be given the right to vote. Florida voters would never have voted for that.
Hello World (28 days ago)
🖕🖕🖕🖕 CNN
Willie Hawaii (28 days ago)
Give criminals the right to own guns too
Fiddly Phuk (28 days ago)
Bat Shit Crazy doesn't even begin to describe the lunacy of this old fart or of CNN or democrats in general for that matter.
Maria Vancheri (28 days ago)
Crazy crazy idea
Maria Vancheri (28 days ago)
No way
Thomas MacKelly (28 days ago)
Is voting a goddamn right or is it a privilege? If it is the former, then Bernie's proposal solidifies that reality. If it's the latter, than you open the door for politicians to arrest you in order to deny you the right to vote. Very, very convenient.
Fiddly Phuk (21 days ago)
​+Thomas MacKelly It's the former- but bernie is, as usual, crazy shit wrong and your idea that politicians may have you arrested just to keep you from voting proves you think in the same crazy terms as bernie. Clue: You have to first commit a felony and be convicted to subsequently have your right to vote revoked along with all your other rights. You really support the Idea of incarcerated murderers still retaining their right to vote ?? If so then why shouldn't they still have the right to leave the prison when they want to exercise their right to buy a gun? Both those rights are granted by the Constitution and are revoked for felons (except in bernie's crazy reality). Can't revoke one only to grant the other, that is, unless you're a leftist hypocrite.
Thomas MacKelly (22 days ago)
Am I wrong though?
Willie Hawaii (28 days ago)
Give them back the right to own guns too. And give child rapist back their children!!!
Fiddly Phuk (28 days ago)
You, sir, should run for president in 2020. That would be the biggest favor you could do for President Trump to guarantee his re-election.
mooseman12100 (28 days ago)
Funny how you scum don't think law abiding people have a right to their second amendment but you want criminals to have their voting rights.
Thomas MacKelly (28 days ago)
there are states in America where if you go to jail, you lose your right to own guns for life. Still support this suspension of rights nonsense?
Chris Martin (28 days ago)
CNN is fake news. Brian Stelter has no credibility. No one there really does.
wheelmanstan (28 days ago)
what a nutjob, cuomo asks him if the boston bomber should get a vote and he flat out says yes, this is a guy that also said white people don't know what it's like to be poor!
Jo Murray (28 days ago)
give it up...y'all suck
Dexter Jackson (28 days ago)
We nominate BERNIE SANDERS we will lose point BLANK
Alleyup1994USA (28 days ago)
So many liberal morons upset CNN is telling the truth about this communist rat
Jean Jones (28 days ago)
At Bernie's age, you don't make any four-year commitments. As per my grandpaw's advice. There's more to do at this stage of life than golf and drink at lunch. You've obviously got a talent for teaching, and a lot of young people want to hear what you have to say. But NOT as president, and not as a candidate who's overstayed his usefulness.
Robert Sacher (25 days ago)
I respectfully disagree. Bernie has worked his entire political life to earn this moment in time. Now that the socio-political world is finally catching up to him, you can be assured that the corporate media elite and the corporate donor elite will do what they can to remove Bernie and his ideas from the race. Bernie has earned the respect of the progressive wing of the party and he deserves to be the fair and legitimate choice of his supporters.
Duke Makedo (28 days ago)
Sooo, there's really nothing that a citizen can do that loses them their right to vote. Mass murderers, and successful terrorists have not earned enough credit? "Nah, we want them voting. We want them to elect government officials." You are sure? "Yes." Kamala Harris also said she wants felons to vote. These people have broken loose from the moorings of common sense. They're either stupid, or they've conceded that path to election is to act conciliatory to every class that's non-rich. I think Bernie is stupid. I think Kamala has done the math, and that's what guides her moral choices.
razumfrackle (28 days ago)
My question to Senator Sanders is as follow, "So Bernie (you halfwit moron) should Dylann Roof be allowed to vote for Trump in 2020 after he murdered 9 people who likely would NOT have voted for Trump in 2020?"
Charles Morgan (28 days ago)
Bernie Sanders is a piece of traitorous shit. Him Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Cortez, and Omar need to leave this country of their own free will before we the true American Patriots carry then over our heads and physically through them over the border.
Michael Marette (28 days ago)
Bernie will never survive the presidential debates if hes the democratic front runner. He akw3ays deflects any question asked of him and never answers directly. You think Trump had fun with destroying Hillary. It would be graphic if he destroyed Bernie. It might not even be watching on tv! L.O.L.
Brian S (27 days ago)
If Breadline Burnie runs against Trump, he will win about 10 states and the election will be over with 5 or 6 hours before polls close.
Michelle Swanson (28 days ago)
America we need some new faces! We don’t need another Communist Jew who wants a ‘New World Order’ 🌎🌎🌎 ruled by 🇷🇺 Russia and that maniac Vladimir Putin!! Look 👀 at what Trump promised us! Trump promised to ‘Make America Great Again’👍👍instead, Trump made America ‘Horrible Again’👎👎Put your faith in God and Jesus🧖🏼‍♂️👼😇👍👍We must pray that we get a President who loves America❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚
nirvana896 (28 days ago)
Wow the left is really getting desperate for votes.
Donald Drumpf (4 days ago)
+nirvana896 its not about being desperate. its about giving American citizens the right to vote. theyre in prison, but that doesnt stop them from being Americans, these policies still affect them. I guess you dont want to live in a democracy. "This was manufactured by cnn which is as left as it gets" CNN isnt left at all. They wouldnt be constantly attacking Bernie if they were a left wing news organization. CNN is always supporting centrist Democrats over actual left wingers. CNN favored Hilary over Bernie.
Walter W (25 days ago)
+nirvana896 Ahh, I see. I don't follow mainstream news because it all seems pretty baised so figured it was right wing news, but it makes sense since last election there was an attack on Sanders by democrats too. But still, in terms of Trump, I'd still rather vote Sanders than for someone that placed fossil fuel beneficiaries at the head of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
nirvana896 (26 days ago)
This was manufactured by cnn which is as left as it gets and this was a response to a question about Sanders call to allow felons to vote which included the Boston bomber and Sanders was not opposed at the idea that his policy would allow someone like the Boston bomber to vote. Please delete your head from your ass and vote Trump2020! Have a nice day.
Brian S (27 days ago)
+Walter W He absolutely said something wrong. He wants convicted felons to be able to vote.
Walter W (28 days ago)
But this was manufactured by the right. I'm shocked that you are all eating this up. How do you not see? Sander's didn't even say anything wrong. Especially considering context. In context voter suppression is a real thing that many areas face. He's saying the right to vote is inherent to democracy. You're a product of propaganda because 1. you did not appreciate the context it was said in; 2. you did not realize that this isn't any kind of issue that is being pressed by Sander's himself, this was a random response to a question; and 3. It was your right that was pushing this whole subject out of context. In this case, the right are being a bunch of bastards. It's really embarrassing when you actually look at all the details because the headlines do not represent the reality.
Brad Wells (28 days ago)
The left will take any vote they can get
nemesis032886 (29 days ago)
He just fucked his chances
Conrad Gifford (29 days ago)
Bernie is ridiculous but I do think if an ex con comes out of prison and proves they’ve learned the error of their mistake and are leading a normal life with a job and making relationships then they shouldn’t just be allowed to vote but in fact have their rights fully restored. Obviously this would never apply to someone serving life in prison or even on death row (and I’m not pro death penalty)
Brian S (27 days ago)
He wasn't talking about ex-cons, he was talking about cons.
Adam Mcgrath (29 days ago)
Bernie says we need violent criminals to vote. Just like we allow African American and women to vote.... Ironically comparing them all
Adam Mcgrath (29 days ago)
Cnn is fake news and a bunch of snakes.
Megadog (29 days ago)
This guy is a joke !
Marcus Aurelius (29 days ago)
I would rather just abolish democracy instead of letting terrorists choose my leaders.
Marcus Aurelius (29 days ago)
Bernie Sanders says Dylan roof is just as important as you are to democracy. This is how you subvert the Republic.
DrSourPurp (29 days ago)
CNN should do a story about why all of their Bernie Sanders videos are downvoted so much. I guess it kind of means people disagree and want Bernie to become President. I guess it means all corporate media is trash.
Mikki Lean (27 days ago)
its no wonder Bernie is for felons to vote, most prison inmates are democrats! (7 in 10 inmates are Dems)
TechSoldierOfficial (29 days ago)
Most people may hate CNN who like Bernie Sanders because they do attack him relentlessly, they have plenty of subject matter to do so as well. However to get all upset because they actually have a decent opinion on allowing Prisoners the right to vote simply because they're attacking your candidate is ridiculous. There are times where I side with CNN against Trump and he was the first Republican I voted for. People need to start making decisions for themselves and not have politicians doing it for them it's like watching a bunch of blind sheep fall off a cliff.
PROD. July (29 days ago)
Bernie has more friends in Fox than in CNN at this point😂 RIP dems are throwing away their only hope agains Trump.
Chris Miller (29 days ago)
Give their GUNS too, 2nd amendment, eh? You want 16 year olds to vote, but take away their other right? Wow!...... Whoduthunk???
Michael Rostine (28 days ago)
We have more important things to do with the taxpayer's dollar than spending money on a voting system for prisoners. They can vote again when they get done doing their time.
Black Trailer (29 days ago)
Gangstas will help Bernie to become the next President of US
john L (1 month ago)
Could you really imagine any news station saying "This is great. We finally got the poor terrorist in prison the right to vote". Even these actors on CNN couldn't bear that.
john L (1 month ago)
This is the problem with Party voting. If you just vote for someone because he/she is in your party then you will get nuts like this in politics. Before you know it you will get their crazy ideas as laws. Very scary.
sorrowsuperstar10 (1 month ago)
What fukin trash ! Bernie Sanders is an old burnt out idiot ! CNN go screw yourself !
Christ Bearer (1 month ago)
CNN watchers mock Fox watchers for watching Fox. But many of the comments in this comment section compare CNN coverage to Fox coverage. Guess Fox has many viewers from the left but they just refuse to admit it. 😂
GameNTech (1 month ago)
If you KILL someone you have taken their life and their right to vote, therefore YOUR RIGHT should also be taken away! Its CRAZY how far Left these dems have gone!
Orlando Santa (1 month ago)
And yes I am anti Bernie.
Orlando Santa (1 month ago)
What an idiot. Sure rapists murderers child rapists sure they should be allow to vote? Democract party is going to extremely to the left and off the cliff.
The Kehwanna Coast (1 month ago)
Sanders can't get a break. He shames centralized government, praises honest business owners, and still gets accused of being anti-market. He's pro-Democracy and wants to avoid going down the "slippery slope" of denying voting rights, and people still conflate him with authoritarianism. He answers multiple times the constant question "how can we afford it" and people still say he's giving "free handouts", and no he didn't say wealth taxes would pay for all his proposed programs. His policies get compared to the U.S.S.R when he is actually pushing for a Nordic Model in the U.S, which is still free market. I can only wait to hear the questions CNN ask Biden at the next Town Hall followed by their endless praise. Sanders for POTUS 2020.
Brian S (27 days ago)
He does it to himself. He's a senile Marxist idiot.
Jack Wolkitt (1 month ago)
They already are, THEY'RE KNOWN AS democrats!
Evette Collins (1 month ago)
Maybe Bernie thinks two birds one stone maybe it will help some people getting locked up to take their voting rights away and get every American involved in their democracy ?
Betty 1966 (1 month ago)
Translation: when I go to prison I still wanna vote. Why don’t they discuss something like the homeless problem. This is NOT an issue. How , with all the problems we have THIS is how they waste our time and money 🤔
Jon L (1 month ago)
Fuck CNN
Tina Cortes (1 month ago)
CNN is fake news. CNN forgot how to report real news, instead CNN exploits the chosen, to increase their ratings. Looking towards the future. BERNIE 2020 💙💙💙💙🇺🇸
MicroCam (1 month ago)
Brian S (27 days ago)
Bubba the child rapist here. I'm voting for him, but they have to let me out of solitary for a few hours to get to the polls.
Colin Journey (1 month ago)
You can report videos for being misleading guys.
WhatTheHawk38 (1 month ago)
The only person who should be voted president in 2020 is Trump.
moparmon (1 month ago)
So a white supremacist in prison can vote CNN?
Snow owl 15 (1 month ago)
Q.. should convicted pedo's be able to vote! Bernie... only if they vote democrat!
milwaukeegregg (1 month ago)
sanders is a commie crat......
Andrew Jones (1 month ago)
I agree with Sanders. And I’m not socialist. Believe me, in time this conversation will be at the forefront of our national conversation. It will become less of a controversial topic.
random channel (1 month ago)
Best vid CNN has done yet.
Kyldrian Studios (1 month ago)
Bernie is a FUCKING idiot
Patricia Pinilla (1 month ago)
It's not about Boston Marathon Bomber. This is what the corporated propaganda wants you to focus on. It's about democracy: Thousends and thousends of people are in jail without been really criminals. And often they are black and other minorities. Bernie is right. All have the right to vote in a democracy. This is scare propaganda, propaganda that appeals to fear. CNN and all corporate media believe we have so small brains that we will succumb to it.
Brian S (27 days ago)
Guess you didn't hear the question to his response. He was asked if he would give PEOPLE LIKE THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBER AND CONVICTED RAPISTS the right to vote. His answer was the most idiotic answer to a question by a politician in the past century. And no, thousands of people are not in jail without being criminals. They committed a crime, and had their day in court, that's why they are in jail.
That Guy (1 month ago)
Patricia Pinilla (1 month ago)
#Bernie2020 CNN is not credible
afguy19831 (1 month ago)
CNN= Corporate News Network- Ted Turner screwed us all the people. Fox was way more fair to Bernie, Chris Cuomo and his millionaire status doesn't care to be fair, he is all about got you questions. I'm a veteran and no longer watch cable or pay for cable because of how the corporate elite only want to keep the status quo. I talk to a lot of people and the good news is more and more true Americans are seeing thru your Bull$hit. It's time for a real progressive to be the President of the United States. How much taxes does Chris pay on his 2.5 million dollar salary from CNN? I bet it is less than 20% this year.
LUCY LOVE (1 month ago)
Bernie always seems angry.
Ong Xuanzong (1 month ago)
Democrat definitely know who their base are. 😂
Vang Cha (1 month ago)
Bad people are allowed to vote... until a bad person kills someone you love... would u just say yeah, that person who murdered my love on can vote. Hahahahaha. Libbies are full of doodoo
Mona Moore (1 month ago)
Go Bernie fuck you cnn
Jack Crow (1 month ago)
The ONLY reason this is a issue is because its gets Dems vote. Its such a non issue that I am stunned its even being discussed. Well, 33% of the black male population has a felony, so its a way to pander to them. The dems will keep you locked in poverty, but you can vote!!!!