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Forget Baseball — Cricket Is Worth Way More | CNBC

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Cricket has been around for centuries, since the 1500s. With 104 nations as official members of the International Cricket Council, it's one of the world's most popular sports. But cricket is most profitable in India. The Indian Premier League, or IPL, is a relatively new league. It’s only in its eleventh season and has already generated more money from sponsorships than Major League Baseball. According to advertising media company GroupM, the IPL made $1 billion in sponsorship money in 2017. Compare that to the $892 million the MLB made in 2017, according to IEG, a sponsorship evaluation firm. In 2017, the IPL was valued at $5.3 billion, according to financial advisory firm Duff & Phelps. The IPL saw a 26 percent increase in its value from 2016, thanks to new broadcasting deals, the value of its title sponsor Vivo, and an increase in brand value for all of the teams, Duff & Phelps said. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Forget Baseball — Cricket Is Worth Way More | CNBC
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ajay limbu (3 hours ago)
World : Football and Cricket Americans : eggball and base ball
Royce Hogan (1 day ago)
so cricket has more viewership than baseball 1 billion people in India vs 300 million in America think about it
Galaxy (1 day ago)
Wtf is cricket ? FOOTBALL FOR LIFE !!! cricket sucks !!!
Hunny (3 days ago)
I started watching baseball a bit and soon found it much boring than even test cricket, you americans need to give chance to t20(shorter format) cricket, i bet you will find it much better and entertaining than baseball.
Adnan Adnan (2 days ago)
Hunny u should watch playoff baseball
Hunny (3 days ago)
Why you only mentioned trinidad, players come from all parts from caribbean to play in league. Carribean has well known international team too known as West Indies, combined of all carribean islands.
Tayne Hollywood (3 days ago)
Twenty20 cricket is probably the worst style of cricket out there, yes it’s quicker and more explosive but there’s no real strategy behind it other than hitting the ball as far as you can , real cricket fans much prefer the longer formats one days or test matches
BrandonjSlippingAway (2 days ago)
One day cricket is kinda crap, it's like 20 over cricket but with 30 overs of poking the ball around in the middle. Test matches are the best for tactical arm wrestles, and T20 for explosive action.
Alex Oh (3 days ago)
Baseball is still more exciting
vagyashri bora (2 days ago)
Alex Oh its way more boring Than test cricket
Toa Ninjis (3 days ago)
Or you could be smart and enjoy both
Kartikeya Srivastava (3 days ago)
Cricket is life is cricket
Farrukh Shabbir (4 days ago)
Way to go on snubbing Pakistan. The heart of cricket.
C2 (2 days ago)
P Ray (4 days ago)
Americans need to play cricket lmao
The Flying Pig (4 days ago)
Just to clarify.. I'm in New Zealand and the IPL is completely irrelevant.
SP _29 (4 days ago)
Baseball> Cricket
jakesweet1000 (4 days ago)
they remade the australian 20/20 league recently and its way more popular than before
Rahul gm (4 days ago)
Come on guys this is America..They don't know anything about Sports..But they pretend like they know everything 🤣🤣😂😂
Sarang Shastry (4 days ago)
Who misses Sachin, Sehwag,Dravid,Ganguly ,and VVS.
vikrom dutta (4 days ago)
Sir, its hard to be live that American are playing cricket now, because cricket is being played in Americas decades ago by west Indies players and also by many Indian sub continent players in limited over cricket decades ago to popularise cricket and till now baseball remain the most popular sport in America. And cricket is being mostly played by the south Asian countries and a few from other countries.
keraptis blackrazor (4 days ago)
Talk about the IPL, show the MCG.
Kyle Kariba (4 days ago)
West Indies ❤
Bhujang Patil (5 days ago)
Football is the most popular game because u need much more talented boys with lot of skills to play cricket..
Michael Weidokal (5 days ago)
It's not even close. Baseball is worth far more than cricket, as it is a leading sport in the world's 1st, 3rd, 10th, 12th and 15th largest economies (US, Japan, Canada, South Korea and Mexico) along with many other areas (East Asia, Caribbean, northern South America). Cricket is huge in the world's 6th largest economy (India), and is big in its 5th and 13th largest economies (Britain and Australia) as well as South Asia and a few parts of Africa and a small part of the Caribbean.
Tayne Hollywood (3 days ago)
This might be hard for you to comprehend but you do realise that is only one of the many leagues out there? There’s three formats of cricket ranging from Twenty20, one day, and test matches , each major cricket country has their own domestic leagues for each format England, Australia etc, Twenty20 and one day cricket have their own cricket world cups which is viewed by millions respectively while holding the number 1 spot for test rankings would be the most prestigious of all
uday bhaskar 0022 (4 days ago)
Michael Weidokal your view is on a country and economy standpoint, but in the video they are addressing crickets strength from a major sports league standpoint. That's how cricket is worth more than baseball.
Lee Torry (4 days ago)
ZDNum (4 days ago)
Curtis Kelly (5 days ago)
0:45 — Indian Premier League (IPL) logo over the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) while a game of Australian Rules Football (AFL) is playing.
zeus star (5 days ago)
Eat that Pakistan
photoshopknight (5 days ago)
one of my classmates did a presentation on cricket. excited for watching IPL any way I can. which team should I root for?
Hammad Shah (5 days ago)
Indians should spend some money to build toilets India. A nation can spend billion dollars on game but don't have dough for building toilets in their houses. Quite strange.
Ohm Sharma (5 days ago)
The MLB takes in way more revenue than the IPL. And of course the IPL is profitable in India all people do in India is either watch cricket or some reality TV. MLB players still get paid more and the best MLB players like Giancarlo get paid way more than guys like Tendulkar. Hey NBC, you were wrong about the election and you’re wrong now. Gosh you guys can be worse than fake news CNN....
zack black (5 days ago)
I am just glad that these idiots don’t call baseball cricket and gave another name to cricket like football
mattpytlak (5 days ago)
Cricket may get more money from sponsors but the MLB is worth way more. MLB is the second biggest sports league on the planet by revenue. Only the NFL generates more revenue.
jackson ahkila (5 days ago)
Simon Weaver (5 days ago)
This video was just awful, completely missed the point. Do some more research CNBC!
Duggie Bader (5 days ago)
I like baseball. Prefer cricket but only because I was raised surrounded by it. I love basketball too. NFL ... don't get it. Not saying it's bad, just prefer Rugby Union by a huge margin.
Nate Mauratt (5 days ago)
So it's better because sponsorship is higher in a country with 4 times the population? Please. Nobody cares about cricket in North America and never will.
Anonymous Nino (5 days ago)
Baseball sucks period
Vishwan Purandat (5 days ago)
Trinidad is not counted as a team but part of the only team that plays international cricket which is not a country. The West Indies. Confused?? Well its cricket.
Somali Pirate Whos Actually Somali (5 days ago)
2019 cup has only 10 teams. Cmon icc get more teams
Q K (5 days ago)
IPL is a mickey mouse cricket tournament. It's just paid short vacation for international players. India got a billion of people and all they all watch is lousy Bollywood movies and cricket so revenue numbers are obviously not surprising. But cricket sure is a fun sport.
Wayne Dsouza (5 days ago)
Indian Premier League is cricket's version of Barclays Premier League. It's very popular among all cricketing nations and is second in popularity only to ICC trophy's and World Cup
Franz Cardoz (5 days ago)
Forget cricket, football is the biggest (not American football)
faris taj (1 day ago)
Nate Mauratt Or maybe they don't want a concussion in every single game
Nate Mauratt (5 days ago)
Franz Cardoz American football is too complicated for tiny Euro, South American and African IQs.
Kartikey Singh (5 days ago)
India is most dominant country in cricket field.
Romi Arkan (5 days ago)
If Cricket wants to become global, T20 is the way to go. Cricket purists will bash me for this, but a game of T20 cricket is defo more exciting than a game of baseball. ODI and Tests require more consistency and patience, but in countries where cricket isn't that popular it's considered tedious to watch. I mean, you'd expect teams to score 1000+runs in a test match that lasts five days, right? No. The average test cricket score teams can manage in test matches is about 300 to 400-ish. Meanwhile in T20, teams average around 200-ish runs in just 20 overs (120 bowls). This encourages urgency at both ends in a T20 game. As the batting team will look to score as many as possible, keep their best batsmen in the field, and take the risks with their shot selection. The bowling team will look to dismiss the best batsmen (usually the ones batting first to fifth/sixth in the order) as fast as possible or just make them struggle to keep the run count down. Scoring low when batting first will put a lot of pressure on the team when they bowl later on. Scoring high will put a lot of pressure on the opposing team when batting. Scoring, say, 200 in 120 bowls sounds easy on paper but one not well-hit shot going straight to a nearby fielder later and the game's outcome might change drastically. Sometimes all it took is one poor shot in the fifth over and the whole batting team might get bowled out in ten overs (it takes ten dismissed batsmen before twenty overs are up for the batting team to be declared bowled out). Strategically, if one of those good batsmen somehow gets paired with a bottom order batsman at the closing stages if the inning, they can play to have the good batsman bat as many as he can. And according to ICC, the easiest form of cricket to get into is T20. Nations require separate licenses to be able to play in ODIs and Tests, and ICC don't give them out of vending machines.
R Nacnud (5 days ago)
Eventually with all the bidding for viewing rights the game of cricket will decline. As prices go up for subscriptions to pay per view channels the number of new followers to the game will go down.
Pepper Squad (6 days ago)
What about South Africa
Mohannad Sayed (6 days ago)
Todays. Cricket is for woman
Lasitha Prabodha (6 days ago)
This is a paid ad of ipl. Not an intro to cricket.
mR. fast (6 days ago)
Players are dying to play IPL
AJ (6 days ago)
Baseball is just really dull. They need a way for there to be more hits & runs.
Kaleem Babar (6 days ago)
Fun fact: The first ever INTERNATIONAL game of cricket was played between Canada and the United States of America. Ironically, most Canadians and Americans don't even know what cricket is.
Kaethish (6 days ago)
Test Cricket is better than T20. Test cricket is like a complex prog rock song while T20 is like a four chord pop song.
Michael-Francis Polios (6 days ago)
Test matches, for the purist, is still where its at...
Anubhab Thapa (6 days ago)
Cricket is dying everywhere except india.
Mohammad Khan (6 days ago)
This was about the “IPL” not cricket.
Yashveer Bains (6 days ago)
Hey America, Welcome to Real Sport
wayne king (6 days ago)
no game is tougher than test cricket. Its feels like a game of chess sometimes but sadly its a dying format everyone wants to be a mindless sloger these days.
Sourish Saha (6 days ago)
looks good being an Indian
Aidan Chen (6 days ago)
0:46 when you show the MCG during an AFL match...
NIKHIL NIEKO (6 days ago)
If u asked per house in entire county !!! Their everyone wanna be a cricketer !!!
jay C (6 days ago)
Ummm not just Trinidad, the West indies
Vince Paul Francisco (6 days ago)
Cricket is not the 2nd most popular sport in the world, it was replaced by Basketball which is more entertaining. Unlike in cricket, Watching Test Cricket for 5 days straight is boring af and so as T20. In the FIBA World Cup there are 32 teams qualified for the tournament while in the ICC World Cup there are like 10 teams qualified wtf lol.
Vince Paul Francisco (2 days ago)
Virat Choudhary yeah i know that, but cricket is heavily declining mate.
Virat Choudhary (2 days ago)
Basketball is still at 900 million fanbase whereas cricket has 2.5 billion fanbase google it bro
Aashkaran Dhillon (6 days ago)
Sometimes I feel that 1.2 billion people of India are the lifeline for this sport whose viewership is much restricted to the sub continent. You see 104 countries are enlisted but how many teams actuall go playing around in the events apart from the same 10 nations we have known for years. Contrary to that you see football worldcup...so many nations big and small playing and fighting it out. For cricket, where did Kenya, Nambia, Scotland, Ireland, Zimbabwe go?? Just one addition Afghanistan in all these years? Saddening if you see from macroscopic point of view.
The Mojo Card Box (6 days ago)
Just because it’s worth more doesn’t mean it’s better. Learn That
FIVE SALEM (4 days ago)
usa + sports= garbage
Swapnil Sinha (6 days ago)
Yanks don't have brains to play or understand cricket...They are better with their baseball.
Baasim Rehan (6 days ago)
And who knows how much more money they make if the teams selected Pakistani players :(
Silly Gamer (6 days ago)
371 million viewers in one week remember that.
Silly Gamer (6 days ago)
Cricket is huge thing in India.
T Nelson (6 days ago)
Baseball is much much harder. You take some MLB guys like Mike trout and give them a flat bat it would be game over.
mr8I7 (6 days ago)
Finally they’ve noticed
satish kumar (6 days ago)
Cricket - Technique + muscle power = Baseball
Abhisek Nanda (6 days ago)
Market Coverage: 50bn (india) Low end entry ticket Price - $4 onwards (lucky if u get at the print price) Timing: Summer Vacation (TV rights and New product launch and new ads) Pure Entertainment Hence these huge numbers
Mr. Anonymous (6 days ago)
#Bleedgreen Pakistan for lyf
JetAirways007 (6 days ago)
mike04535 (6 days ago)
20 over cricket is not really all that new. I am English and 83 years old and when young I played 20 over cricket regularly in an amateur league. Often on Sundays there would be three, sometimes four, games being played simultaneously on the local sports field. The modern version has been tarted up and some rule changes made. The only real cricket played nowadays are the three day county games and at the highest level the five day test matches.
andy chauhan (7 days ago)
Hopefully one days these Yanks will have cricket players.
Wonder WhyZ (7 days ago)
Here to see the American comments 😂
Wonder WhyZ (7 days ago)
Atleast Americans didn't name cricket something else 😂
pravat aryan (7 days ago)
Any Pakistani here?
bongo155 (7 days ago)
0:45 talks about IPL but shows MCG ..
Shady dang! (7 days ago)
It will become a dominant sports in the future because it's played between countries more frequently in comparison with football or any other sports, and you can't deny that people support their countries more than any other clubs they love. There are 93 associate members of ICC in cricket, if they improve there game and become a full member, sure people will be watching international cricket matches more than European football leagues.
Ankit tiwari (7 days ago)
So when world was fighting WW2 Australia and South Africa was busy playing cricket for 10 days..
Brad Smith (7 days ago)
0:27 - Talks about the IPL. Shows aerial footage of the Wanderers...
ishthiaq shaik (6 days ago)
then we should look for Dubai
Brad Smith (6 days ago)
ishthiaq shaik That won't happen because they're planning a civil war next year in South Africa.
ishthiaq shaik (6 days ago)
ipl may return to south Africa next year every time we had elections we shift the matches
Brad Smith (6 days ago)
ishthiaq shaik Yes. As a South African, I'm well aware of that. It was an emergency measure at the time and hardly representative of IPL now, isn't it?
ishthiaq shaik (7 days ago)
ipl was also played in wanderes
Vishnu Priyatham (7 days ago)
Crisp and Detailed!
Saisravan Satturu (7 days ago)
Cricket is religion
blur 111 (7 days ago)
I like wacth cricket international ( black caps my team ) from argentina 👋
Leadweight2 (7 days ago)
Its just not cricket.
Ankit Vatsal (7 days ago)
Cricket is most entertaining sport
Carlos Augusto Vinhas (7 days ago)
Ads are getting smarter
Usman Ghani (7 days ago)
Enderpearl Warrior (7 days ago)
It's west indies not trinidad
Inspire6 (7 days ago)
Yanks are FINALLY realising that catching a ball without a massive glove is more fun (cricket)... Silly yanks! Welcome to the 21st century... 😂😂
faris taj (1 day ago)
Ohm Sharma At the same time the world's most powerful country is also the most obese in the developed world and most ignorant... funny display of power i'd say.
Ohm Sharma (5 days ago)
Inspire6 Excuse you but we’re the most powerful country on the planet. Not to be rude but India does have the worlds most impoverished people. You should really rethink your statement.
Rahul Nagar (7 days ago)
Cricket is overrated
Mike Buttfild (7 days ago)
There's only one Willy Mayes!
eddsterrr b (7 days ago)
Baseball is boring
Redrover (7 days ago)
Cricket is stupid, I’d rather watch rugby
The Ripped Reaper (7 days ago)
Cricket > Baseball
Trushank Jadhav (7 days ago)
Kevin Riemers (7 days ago)
This report does not cover how matches are fixed. 2 teams were banned for a couple of years.
arsam kiani (7 days ago)
Yeah and money is all it is.
Praveen Dixit (7 days ago)
everyone discuss remember and remains involved in test matches... barely anyone can tell last 3 ipl winners... IPL can generate 10 times more money if players are not forced to change teams and some breathing space between matches
chivalry dead (7 days ago)
All about the money ehh
T J (7 days ago)
104 members... Lol yet only few of them play cricket or are allowed to play... There are so many fake facts in this vids
Shreyan Joshi (7 days ago)
Cricket is worth way more because it is worth way more(and not because of IPL)