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Why Americans are ditching American beer

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For years, domestic beers have been losing popularity with US consumers, while wine and liquor sales rise. CNNMoney's Paul La Monica explains why interest in American beers may be falling flat.
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Son of Scotland (6 months ago)
Most of you millennials will eat tide pods. Now you're gonna tell me that American beer is no good. While you're drinking red bull and vodka on the rocks..? Pfuckinglease...Mexican beer, while some is pretty good. Especially Dos Equis. However, Mexico doesn't even have a single Mexican draft ranked in the top 12 best selling beers in the world. Bud light, Budweiser, keystone light, Coors and even Busch are all ranked among the top selling beers in the world. Not in the US. So let me make that clear. The world.
Golden Squatch (7 months ago)
I don't drink beer but I do know I put your beer belly to shame!
ano nymous (7 months ago)
Sean Byrne (7 months ago)
Most big beer names whether they're American, Canadian, Mexican, or European, are shit watery beers. It's the more obscure brands with unique flavours that make drinking beer enjoyable
Peter Hess (7 months ago)
If you only drink one beer or the beer from your country you will be biased against other beers especially American beers. Just mix it up. I like Belgian, Canadian and Mexican beers just as much as American beers.
r tw0 (7 months ago)
No we are drinking craft beer
Brett Troeger (7 months ago)
fake news
Sal C (7 months ago)
I drink 6 tall boys of coors banquet a day, I don’t see an end anytime soon.
blah blah (7 months ago)
Lol this is all bullshit. Crappy news network lying thru their teeth again.
brad rogers (7 months ago)
Mexican beer is selling better because our country is being flooded with Mexicans.
Mint Tea Sea (7 months ago)
It’s Rona Season boys!
Louis Jenkins (7 months ago)
Drink oranjeboom
Emilio (7 months ago)
Coors banquet will always be my cheap go to beer
MidnightToker! theTruth (7 months ago)
Hate to see it but mass produced American beer almost always taste watered down. Can't even finish it to the bottom cause bottom taste even more watery. Prefer Heineken, Stella Artois, Corona. When I have to budget then I go for the cheap Budweiser 24 pack. Which is at least ok
Stu da gr8 (7 months ago)
I just came hear to comment... Yank food drinks suck.. There food sucks. There cars suck... There is nothing good in America.. Its all fake... Poor yanks thinking they have beer...
Tyler Kath (7 months ago)
Popularization of local brewery’s and craft beer is probably a big part of it
Carlos Ramos (7 months ago)
Modelos are delicious
Timothy Moynihan (7 months ago)
Mexican beer? So basically millennials have shit taste. I'll continue drinking Bass Ale.
nzonic (7 months ago)
Sry americans, your beer is complete garbage, tastes like water
Ravedaze (7 months ago)
Come to England and drink some Real Ale.
Heath Runyon (7 months ago)
Craft beer is the best
james Douglas (7 months ago)
american beer is pure shit!!!!!!!
Cocobro97 (7 months ago)
Being in the military i feel inclined to speak on behalf of us, we will never stop drinking Budweiser, coors, miller etc. Trust me we drink it like water and they are our favorite beverages
Sack of Cum (7 months ago)
slang& bang (7 months ago)
Modelo time weyy
Dale Frye (7 months ago)
Not american beer. Cheap shitty american beer. Such as bud, coors, miller, and busch.
Adam Essayli (7 months ago)
The Nelk boys really have a big impact
Marce' P (7 months ago)
I prefer Jamaican Red Stripe
Chris John Michael (7 months ago)
Craft beer and IPA’s are garbage. But I can always go for a Corona.
Sciurus Hound Alpha (7 months ago)
Easy, it's too waterish.
dylan bellerose (7 months ago)
Well I don't drink beer/liquor in general so I'm good.
Child Of The Grave 1970 (7 months ago)
American beer sucks balls
G13nn O (7 months ago)
And Trump wants to build a wall
71dembones (7 months ago)
Eh, you make something else that cost 50 cents a can that is refreshing and relaxing; then we'll talk. "I don't always drink beer but when I do it comes from the glass- lined tanks of the Old Latrobe, Pilgrim"
S S S S A M (7 months ago)
Japanese and European beer 👍 But budweiser's are still good aswel
German Ramos (7 months ago)
You can get and enjoy American style beer I live in Wisconsin so instead of bud light or coors I buy spotted cow which is pretty damn good. So instead of buyers by American brand just buy a local beer craft. There’s plenty of local beers that are enjoyable and satisfying
Jon Griggs (7 months ago)
Micro breweries have exploded across this country, Cnn has to bring in the diversity beer.....please
Booth Booth (7 months ago)
America has a huge craft beer scene, you are talking about shitty macro lagers like bud. They produce some of the best and most popular beers in thousands of varieties, it rarely gets export because they have so much demand, whoever made this video does not know what beer is.
Booth Booth (7 months ago)
Shit American (generic lager) beer sales are down because everyone wants craft dipshit.
Joe Cooper (7 months ago)
Frig off I'll stick to my old style hamms and mickeys. Wisconsin beer for life bitch.
Derek Dere (7 months ago)
More fake news from CNN faggots
Austin Oldfield (7 months ago)
there is a simple answer..... because bud light is fucking terrible. American beer is the worst in the world
Austin Oldfield (7 months ago)
Mitchell Booth I’m not grouping craft beer in with this lol u are correct I do enjoy a good craft beer
Booth Booth (7 months ago)
NEIPA, IPA, Pale ales, cask beer and keged craft is where its at, not shitty lager.Just so happens that USA makes some of the best craft beer in the world, so american beer is far from shit, the stuff this video is talking about however is.
Travis Bull (7 months ago)
American beers like bud and Coors taste like shit, watery shit!
John Haggard (7 months ago)
Cause it tastes like mineral water and has a lot of unnecessary foam.
danger stranger (7 months ago)
We are sick of drink watered down nasty piss beer. Id rather pay a little more and drink a good beer and not have the shits and a migraine the next day after drinking 3 Budweisers
VaultBoyWhoUses4chan (7 months ago)
Back in The 20th Century, Domestic Beer was the shit. Now, companies are making them watered down now. This could explain why their profits are falling.
Aidan Watson (7 months ago)
It tastes like watered down cold piss they all need to go bankrupt and import
Richard Allenbach (7 months ago)
Dollar for dollar Mexican beer is wayyyy better.
Valley Retro Gaming (7 months ago)
A lot of people are going to small breweries and small bars that serve other types as well. A lot of people go to San Fernando Brewery in San Fernando City.
REDSKIN /// (7 months ago)
Anything amerikkkan sucks and it’s cheap and over priced
Ace Valdivia (7 months ago)
No chinges guey ! You know the real reason is because Mexican beer is way better !!
Oni Mori (7 months ago)
Mexican and japanese beer are the best.
John Doe (7 months ago)
Young kids just don't know how to drink
ben smith (7 months ago)
Cause they taste like PISS!!
Ben England (7 months ago)
Because its not beer, its water lol
Freak Nasty (7 months ago)
I don't like the buzz that Coors and Miller beer gives me i tried it and i didn't like it it's okay i can take it or leave it give me an imported beer anytime 🍺
BiIIy (7 months ago)
BiIIy (7 months ago)
By the time I'm fine drinking 4 or so beers my stomach is full and makes me not want to drink anymore
Jim Yost (7 months ago)
I'm 71 years old and I've been drinking beer since I was 16 years old. My first beer was Miller High Life. I drank it for a few years and switched to Bud which I drank for ten years. But then I developed a prostate infection caused by the preservative in Bud so I switched to Coors because they put no additives or preservatives in their beer. But when InBev bought out Coors they started putting chemicals in it so I switched to Yuengling because they don't put any chemicals in their beer. As far as I know they're the only brewery in America that doesn't put chemicals in their beer. Rolling Rock used to be chemical-free but I don't know about now. I went to their website trying to find out and they don't mention it one way or the other. So now I've been drinking Yuengling Original Lager for three or four years and I plan to stay with it as long as they keep making it the way they do with no chemicals. I really like some of the new craft beers but they're way to pricey for me. Personally I think Yuengling Original and Yuengling Black & Tan are the best beers for the money sold in the US.
Dave (7 months ago)
sirtiger (8 months ago)
CNN stinks
jake nenni (8 months ago)
Cuz it’s garbage end of story
Wesley King (8 months ago)
Miller high life ftw
Zoroaster1996 (8 months ago)
The beer that one chooses, may well depend on the situation. I tend to favour craft beers nowadays because I drink very slowly - two 330ml bottles of 6-9% beer will take me around 2.5 hours to drink, before I move onto whisky. I'm not sure that I'd want too much complexity in taste though, if I were drinking at a barbecue from 5pm. I also, always choose two different beers if they're craft, which tends to suggest that for me, the flavour is a bit of a novelty. I recently drank some Stella simply because it was going begging and I was surprised by how much I welcomed the simpler taste.
Ray Sparks (8 months ago)
I live in Richmond VA we are #1 in the United States for craft breweries supposedly It's literally every were You go here advertising is everywhere and its stock everywhere from gas stations to drugstores and grocery stores and there are bars and restaurants here that have over a hundred craft beers on tap So if Your into IPAs and crazy beer its definitely here You can also go directly to the breweries for tasting and canning and there are 32 + craft beer breweries in the city
Deez nuts (8 months ago)
More brewski for me
Dave (7 months ago)
Deez nuts yeah buddy
rvfjone (8 months ago)
*Water* ... When I was little I used to grab beer at party's and always used to hate it, it was always bud light crap, no wonder?! Now that i'm older, I only drink Mexican beer and dark beer, way more delicious?! ... 😀 🔥 🍻 🎉
Jesse Franco (8 months ago)
Shows coors
blow me (8 months ago)
As a professional US alcoholic (Ive had nearly a .750 of vodka this evening), let me tell you why Americans are ditching "American" beer: BECAUSE IT SUCKS. Beer is trash- it tastes like shit, and it hardly gets you drunk unless you chug so much that youll vomit from the foam. Plus the price.... I paid a little over 6$ for my booze tonight, yet every nasty beer wants almost 2-3$ EACH. Screw that.
Racho Rodriguez (8 months ago)
corona 🍺 fuck you bud ligh
Troy Young (8 months ago)
It’s overpriced water.
Ellias P. (8 months ago)
One word: Belgian
Liberty not Democracy (8 months ago)
Fake news
Taco Moises (8 months ago)
Marvin Cool (8 months ago)
Not all American beer is bad. Just most of the big brands. Craft is the way to go.
Paul Lomax (8 months ago)
....because it's weak piss?
Paul Hernandez (8 months ago)
Has anyone ever been to...Total Wine!!
Battle Toad (8 months ago)
If you haven’t had Pacifico you guys are missing out
Troglodytic 6 Masses (8 months ago)
But weed is still illegal. I hope you all die driving drunk.
Chucky Justice (8 months ago)
They're not. Propaganda
Mad Cast (8 months ago)
Naw, not all Americans, just millennials. We don't like shitty beer. If we don't like it we act on it and change it.
Joseph Ybarra (8 months ago)
Dont water down our beer and we'll start buying again simple as that
Gary Green (8 months ago)
How is Mexican horse piss any better?
delreydavid (8 months ago)
Mexican beer is no better.
GrowTent Revolution-California (8 months ago)
There are over 4000 American breweries. This video is TOTAL CRAP. As matter of fact, the United States is at the cutting edge of a craft beer revolution. I swear CNN is a joke. FAKE NEWS.
Corona light (8 months ago)
Because the millennialist are drinking ipa from local breweries
Don Julio (8 months ago)
I was interested until I saw CNN, fake news outlet
Brian London (8 months ago)
It's a "Low Carb" thing. Nothing more.
Maintenance Man (8 months ago)
Bruce Wayne (8 months ago)
So we're becoming less white trash?
Águila701 (8 months ago)
Cuz Budweiser is piss and Coors light is water beer.
Mike W (8 months ago)
Cannabis is what's killing the 'brand loyal' beer drinker. When presented with a better option, everyone chooses to switch over...
Butthole Surfer (8 months ago)
You guys still drink piss.
Darren McDaid (8 months ago)
Majority of American beers are shit.
Mitchell Loy (8 months ago)
NC Red Oak 🤘
Bryan Leovy (8 months ago)
GMO beer.
Buddcar Cook (8 months ago)
Cause it’s like having sex in a canoe- fucking to close to water 💦
John Cats (8 months ago)
Daniel Mears (8 months ago)
False title. Craft American beer is still growing. Bud and Coors are not synonymous with “American beer”. There are plenty of local breweries that rival or exceed quality of foreign brews. Don’t judge America by its lowest-quality products....
Fred D'Allaird (8 months ago)
Bud hasn’t been owned by Americans for years. Coors and Miller are also owned by InBev. ( international beverage) Even your money reports are fake. Jesus. Most Americans are drinking at craft bars and buying locally. Either getting can bottles and growlers at said brewery eliminating the supermarket or state store or they are picking up mixer suckers to try new things. That’s why almost ever supermarket has a craft section and not a modelo section.
Christopher Rosario (8 months ago)
Mexican ,euro lagers, ipas,stouts are the best to drink when it comes to beer.