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Behind the scenes of an Amazon warehouse

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Amazon recently did the unthinkable. It invited us – what with our unblinking cameras and endless questions – for a peek inside its newest logistical lair in Lakeland, Florida. MORE: http://www.fox13news.com/consumer/54163743-story
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YeahIGotNuthin (7 days ago)
I actually work here lol
Abid Ahmed (7 days ago)
I love this job its so easy love you amazon!
Jamie Wilson (7 days ago)
I worked 3 days at amazon. During these 3 days I seen nightmares every night I go home to sleep of dying in the warehouse. I know there are safety rules but no body was following these rules in the warehouse where I worked and the fucked up thing is no body noticed that these rules aren’t being applied!!! So yeah, I wanted to try a month but I only lasted 3 days coz I didn’t wanna die and believe me it’s a miracle people didn’t die everyday at that warehouse
Skipace86 B (9 days ago)
Amazon slaves
sarahndipiti (10 days ago)
What a fluff piece
cristina (24 days ago)
Yall need to have these robots do all the labor not humans yall dont pay us enough
cristina (24 days ago)
Dont work there
mark jones (26 days ago)
Poppycock!!! This is just more propaganda from the "Round Earthers". If you look closely, behind the boxes and underneath those trolleys you can see the little Gnome hats, hands and legs. OPEN YOUR EYES!!! (Maniacal laughter ensues)
BLACK ROSESSJ22 (1 month ago)
Fuck Amazon that bullshit ass service
NyLaLaLa ! (1 month ago)
Why is he yelling?!?
Isaiah Dickson (1 month ago)
I am watch because a pack it
gary63693 (1 month ago)
Why is the amount of packages they send "confidential" they trying to avoid taxes?
bpalmarino (1 month ago)
speed isn't everything? my friend has gotten written up for not being fast enough
pityo gonzalez (1 month ago)
Warehouse work is literally "slave work" that was never masked.
FireBomberBassist (1 month ago)
My friend stole so much from the warehouse. Lol
vinod jain (1 month ago)
Ganymede :3 (1 month ago)
Who else ordered a package and got too curious of how it gets delivered?
ivan d (1 month ago)
I'll pass and stay in school
abhishek sharma (2 months ago)
Jack Dweck (2 months ago)
Guys I’m waiting for my package don’t think it will come Read more
Jack Dweck (2 months ago)
Did I get you??
P G (2 months ago)
Love Amazon!
Keisha Oconnor (2 months ago)
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Joan B Rose (2 months ago)
Human slavery
Ace Fury (2 months ago)
I thought amazon was good, but tbh it is a modern/digital age walmart.
ukz unique (2 months ago)
Kelly Sutton (2 months ago)
Four ten hour days would be better than seven I have to work
Jeffrey Clapp (2 months ago)
Good for the customers but looks like a deadening place to work: people being flattened by robots. And $11/hr. is too little.
Tam-Ère Maime (3 months ago)
So proud of machines doing everything.... now wheres the jobs huh
Master Rubik (3 months ago)
Give me my package please
Eddy Tsema (3 months ago)
Admire robots. NO! Admire people!
Larry Fischer (3 months ago)
This pandering nonsense doesn't fool those who know it's a slave shop. "Even spotted a toilet"! Many of their imported slaves don't know what a toilet is.
Kevin Bennett (3 months ago)
That still didn't stop my 2 day shipping arriving e days late
Floop Zipper (3 months ago)
0:59 did he seriously just call that a cyborg what an idiot
matt karl (3 months ago)
A real life organic robot handles every package!
ThatBoy Marcus (3 months ago)
I'm on the machine that sends an overwhelming shit tone of packages and everyone has too rush their asses off to make 1B2's 1AD, A3's 1B4's and all that, while the machine crowds up with boxes. That damn thing pisses me off, cuz it is relentless and WILL ALWAYS clogg up, with items. It's even worse when there's only 2 people at a god damn station.
Camaro American Pride (3 months ago)
Seems like they got everything right in their distribution, now if they can come up with a way of making sure the customer gets their product safely other than leaving it the open when they deliver.it.
بشار الاسدي (3 months ago)
في حد في الشركه يتكلم عربي
Ger Vas (4 months ago)
shit job dont work there you will regret it.
Orbis Dux (4 months ago)
I'm not lazy, I'm a hard old school worker. I've liked jobs that people hated. but when a company doesn't allow workers to have their phones in the building, it's not for the employees safety. when you can't use the bathroom or can't take your breaks cause it'll show up as you taking longer then you did. it's sad that I see something like this in American. not being able to use the bathroom unless it's on your break. now imagine what they say to us...
Turbo 502 (4 months ago)
The computer tell you the perfect size. Uh huh I work there and they sure as fuck don't
blackham7 (4 months ago)
I usually come home to a "Sorry you were out!" card from amazon rather than a package
M B (4 months ago)
How can minimum wage be more than the national average? I call fake news
Nikki H. (3 months ago)
M B I make 13.75.
Jack Uri (4 months ago)
It's hard on the body for the pickers for sure. I was sore all week my first week. My feet bled and my back went out but because I wasn't there for 23 days I didn't get work comp or medical help. Now that it's been over 3 months I still haven't gotten anything. Everything seems to be run outside the warehouse and online or over a phone call. Feels like skynet a little bit. My paychecks were under 200 bucks a week. Not very much but it paid for gas. The pay is 11.75 for seasonal and you get 50 cents more every 6 months. While working youre basically standing or doing squats for the full 10 hour shift minus 30 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks. My take is it's definitely slave work but they hire anyone who isn't on drugs or have a criminal record so stay in school and only work here if you're out of options
yjfrhjgef (3 months ago)
What's the receiving department like? Are there any easy trucks?
BigEvan96 (4 months ago)
Yooo those are the star wars mouse droids.
Brad Belk (4 months ago)
4:24 Why is my new china set broken?
Tom Sanger (3 months ago)
Because its made in China.
Nikki H. (3 months ago)
Brad Belk because the boxes do get tossed about. Most of the people working pallets don’t gaf about the what or the how, just moving the product to get it out. Blame the higher-ups. Blame The truck drivers.
lemuel baguso (4 months ago)
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Ston Hung (4 months ago)
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Ston Hung (4 months ago)
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Andrew Dunn (4 months ago)
1 week ago All across the country companies are hiring industrial engineers to establish time standards for warehouses to make them more efficient. More often than not, these engineers have no warehouse experience and poor understanding of its operations. Errors which these engineers are making are resulting in unsafe working conditions for company employees operating heavy equipment. The result is hundreds of wrongful terminations and serious injuries, violations of workers contracts, and even deaths. This document explains, in detail, the mistakes a very large percentage of these engineers are making. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSyo2fyq2kOW2Ly3Dz2DnoWJGIjY-nxCALTWfv8BkTt6PVecMPWenGtPhnW66Cg142G4rwGNNFPPqTm/pub Please SHARE THIS DOCUMENT with other production warehouse workers, especially if they were injured or wrongfully terminated as a result of these mistakes mentioned. Show less REPLY
mike force (4 months ago)
propaganda. do you even understand what that is? no, you don't. look at an approved vid from a chinese slave labor factory: "everything is great and we are treated well!". you are lied to constantly. always ask "who, what, where, when, why, how" and then follow the money...the money never lies.
Borat (4 months ago)
people bitching and moaning about how bad walmart is now you have amazon.
LELAND LEE (4 months ago)
Zakaria Lucas (4 months ago)
My feet just be hurting like a mf but other than that it’s easy money
Nikki H. (3 months ago)
Zakaria Lucas my feet hurt the first month, but I wear some damn awesome Shoes. Now I just gotta deal with the lazy asses and people who can’t wrap A damn pallet correctly.
khan Rahman (5 months ago)
Sht place to work sont work here the most sht campny to work.for.
Purry Cat (5 months ago)
They don’t have everything, I was looking for one light grey LEGO piece didn’t find it .
Tom Sanger (3 months ago)
I was looking for a nuclear warhead but they didn't have them in light green. Worthless place!
Smith (5 months ago)
02:51 - 24 karat 70 inch double headed dildo?
Bayacmushtar I AM (5 months ago)
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derper derp (5 months ago)
Stop buying so much shit everyone!
Chris Hille (5 months ago)
Four days and my order for a couple of books is still unfulfilled, so I just cancelled the order. Pathetic service that just keeps getting worse!!!
king morales (5 months ago)
that why american not getting any jobs they have robots work the people job
Sunflower Dream (5 months ago)
Very interesting video. Thank you.
pantera29palms (5 months ago)
Got crack? Yeah...didn't think so.
GL (5 months ago)
looks like a lot of work pay should be way over the minimum wage
Ethan Radd (5 months ago)
Did they really need to use that obnoxious fisheye lens camera
Christian Shephard (5 months ago)
"The technology tells us exactly what size box to use" except when it's wrong 50% of the time and you gotta make a whole new fucking box in under 5 seconds
Hiesenberg Walt (5 months ago)
Amazon hates white people
Yolo Solo (5 months ago)
Hiesenberg Walt Really? Most of their workers are blacks and Latinos who are being worked as slaves lmao
channal channal (5 months ago)
Horrible place to work in, don't even try to do it .. everything is awful
Rose Lujan (5 months ago)
Diana ORTIZ is full of shit Amazon full of shit
minhhai kim (5 months ago)
totoroben (6 months ago)
1:11 not qr code. It's data matrix code :P lol
Donna spixe (6 months ago)
I think Amazon is doing very well 👍🏼thanks to all the buyers.
Flyboy Phil (6 months ago)
How come they do not address "Camper Force"?
Rock Cheung (6 months ago)
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ahceda09 (6 months ago)
Don't they have monday - friday schedule?
Sharded Gem (6 months ago)
"You name it, we have it!" Do you have a Chrome Cast?
Sharded Gem (6 months ago)
0:58 "And a squad of box-shuffling cyborgs" Wait... they used to be human? So THAT'S where all the dead Amazon employees go!
billy smith (6 months ago)
but no fulfilment centers in new york.. our governor taxes our state and transportation in new york is slowed due to the new york state thruway. throw cuomo out
SurffishingFlorida1 (6 months ago)
Amazon earns billions but pays the employee crap pay!
Yolo Solo (5 months ago)
SurffishingFlorida1 Capitalism at its finest
Marquis Castr (6 months ago)
Harsh conditions?? I freeze in the winter and burn in the summer at FedEx. We get 15 new hires and 70% of them quit. Even my hiring group of 13 only 3 of us are left after a year
Lenny Leonard (7 months ago)
haha that blond is def a robot
But makes people fight each other
Pfsif (7 months ago)
Bezos is a piece of shit.
Ethan Richie (7 months ago)
I see a problem with the comment section and the way Amazon works. I see a lot of comments saying Amazon isn't the brightest or most "fun" place to work. It's hard labor and it crushes your soul. Ok. I get that. But when Amazon introduces robots that would do this "hard labor" we all complain and worry that robots would take over our jobs.
Fuck ur feelings (7 months ago)
I need a robo of my own with all the shit I but from them.
aj Phillips (7 months ago)
I live in lakeland lol
Miguel Bailon (7 months ago)
Imagine if amazon was a store GOD of all the store
Jason X (7 months ago)
it's INVENTOR!??? Amazon DID NOT "invent" this.
Ziv Barber (7 months ago)
I had a bad experience with Amazon. I never received my package, they say that it "delivered" and for bonus they charged me over 60 euro for 16 euro product when in the order it was 19 euro. Big corporate like Amazon don't really care and no way to complain. I learned never to order again from Amazon.
TheRamonrojo (7 months ago)
I hate fish eye lenses.
Anthony Cassamajor (7 months ago)
were 9 9 999 o.o90th 0 9 9 99th0
Charlie Wright (7 months ago)
1 million
007mrmrbig (7 months ago)
I never got their over night delivery on time
James Blair (7 months ago)
It didn't show the part where management pisses on it's employees and harasses them about production...
lostn65 (8 months ago)
is packing done by hand or machine? The packaging has been poor the last 7 years.
TruthTUBE (8 months ago)
lol when she says "our technology will tell you" what box to pack with. amazon employees am i right
dʒeɪms (8 months ago)
dear TV producers, football fields are not standard units of measurement
Makes home depot look like a bitch
Royal Hemant (8 months ago)
2:26 Thats why product are damaged 😂
Jenxsation x Akademikz (8 months ago)
In another video it says not slamming a label while showing a machine slamming it and in this video it actually says the truth of slamming it..
BITCOIN PATRIOT (8 months ago)
Thanks for packing my package in 100 boxes amazon. A nucleur bomb wouldnt damage it