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Behind the scenes of an Amazon warehouse

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Amazon recently did the unthinkable. It invited us – what with our unblinking cameras and endless questions – for a peek inside its newest logistical lair in Lakeland, Florida. MORE: http://www.fox13news.com/consumer/54163743-story
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Smol Neko (1 hour ago)
I for one welcome our robot overlords
Anubis Smite (2 days ago)
This is to cover up the fact that Amazon is ran by monsters.
Eddie Arcega (4 days ago)
Who else likes how they were honest about how they deliver our packages?... By slamming them at our front door? 4:24
Borat Erali Nazarbayev (4 days ago)
Used to work there when I was young and kind of a frequent meth user ... Hate to say I kinda loved It !! Best place to work when you're on meth !
EXCUSE ME THOSE GREEN vest WEARING FUCKTARDS are not TRAINERS BUT LAZY BUMS WHO are called AMBASSADORS. Ambassadors are lazy bums who get to be temporary line leaders who manage employees mainly picking on certain employees while the managers hide somewhere or take vacations. Ambassadors don't get paid extra but get paid same amount as other employees but they get to walk around doing nothing. Ambassadors are THE ASS wipes of Amazon and most of the time they are some old lazy fat white woman. They get no benefits or extra pay and are paid the lowest possible but if problems arise with employees the ambassador gets in trouble and not manager in this way the ambassador gets in trouble with employee and the manager is free from being fired. Either you work in full time building or part time building. Full time building is where packages are created while part time building where packages are recieved and shipped out. Part time is easy if you are willing to work hard as possible but in full time building only 10 percent of the employees survive a year there. Again amazon is a terrible place to work and compared to other work places the work load is heavy and each second their is work to be done. The only breaks you will get is the 15 minutes and if there is not work or there is too little most times you are sent home an hour early or 2 hours which is in part time. The orange vest are regular employees making 12 per hour and the green vest are temporary ambassadors who like to pretend they are managers but are not. Amazon likes the ambassadors because they don't pay extra and if they cause trouble they are fired. They easily get in trouble if one employee makes a complaint against them but so that managers don't get complaints the ambassadors are used as a shield.
BasedRogue (8 days ago)
I work in a warehouse for a smaller company and we are limited to 3-4 errors per week and it can't be consecutive otherwise you get written up. We don't have written out hourly rate but in reason. I am slow,but accurate, and would barely last 3 hours here before getting let go.
Ana Wright (8 days ago)
I love working there every day I learn many things and I love it
The vid is of a full time building
O (12 days ago)
Hate to do this but Bernie is making a huge mistake by lobbying for these workers to earn higher wages. To counter, Jeff bezos can instantly start building machines to do the work that they do and evidently replace them. Not only that, but when you tax large corporations heavily it gives smaller coorperations less of an incentive to grow big. This ultimately means that our GDP will plumit and our overall economy at best will stay stagnant. Meanwhile, China will overtake the US globally because they have no problem with coorperations paying their employees low wages so that the products made in China can be exported at large amounts for overall profit. Americans like to riot and protest over these working conditions, but people in India and China who work in these factories think we’re stupid because for them, THERE’S NO BETTER ALTERNATIVE. It’s either working at a factory for low wages or being a prostitute or just being homeless. I know that sounds drastic for people in the US, but I’m telling all of you right now the more our government taxes larger cooperations, the bigger the incentive these cooperations have to just build machines that will replace these employees. Than, these employees will end up on welfare and food stamps, which I’m not surprised is the plan for Bernie Sanders because that’s what democrats find ideal. There’s an opportunity cost to everything Bernie. Remember that.
Rene Renee (13 days ago)
Everyone else says it's an awful place to work. Somebody's not telling the truth.
TheHvk (14 days ago)
All those people will be replaced by robots in a decade. Packing boxes isn't a valuable skill.
Yeah right. It's like saying u would prefer to buy from vending machine ur lunch. Amazon has positions only a human can preform well almost everyone gets fired unable to meet expectations. Amazon is happy because if they fire workers they don't have to pay benefits as employee are basically temp and easily replaceable under there hiring procedures.
OldWorldNewAge (15 days ago)
Diane Ortiz gets paid more than the national average, huh? What does that even mean? The National Fed Minimum Wage is 7.25 an hour.
Ben J (10 days ago)
The per capita income for the overall population in 2008 was $26,964. I think they were saying that she makes more than that number.
roger roger (15 days ago)
My little package will have taken ...3,5 weeks to arrive. Long forgotten old good times when stuff would arrive (!) in 2-3 days tops. Dispatch takes longer than that these days.
AA (17 days ago)
worst place to work!
simba (18 days ago)
0:04 fed-ex
Wade Haden (18 days ago)
Disgusting propaganda! Boycott Amazon!
Janessa Tosh (19 days ago)
tasty flokos (19 days ago)
I only saw money
Carl (19 days ago)
Humans are already being replaced
Yusuf Gazi (19 days ago)
Package arrives tomorrow
xUzi786 (20 days ago)
I only order like 2 things a year from Amazon I use ebay primarily.
Kiwi (20 days ago)
0:04 RIP whatever was inside that box
Glass Wulf (20 days ago)
"We affectionately call it robosto..." "And a squat of box shelffing driving cyborgs" randy marshes creme-praise face changes wait waahh 0:58
Get to Da Choppa (20 days ago)
When ever there's an important visit and I would say the Media is high up there... all the good behavior is laid out to see. Cherry picked people are the ones who do the talking only. Everything is extra cleaned for the visit so don't let this video fool you into what really goes on with those people busting there ass and wearing their bodies out before it's time. With all the sales Amazon does it's a no time to scratch your nose nightmare for these workers.
Logan Hudson (22 days ago)
I used to work in a small warehouse. I heard that working for amazon sucks. But that was from somebody who never worked there. But nonetheless, warehouses are like small cities. It's quite interesting actually.
xxxtentation (24 days ago)
I just ordered 2 keyboards and a mouse and its coming in 2 hrs lol
dr FeelGood (24 days ago)
*Jeff Bezos loves modern day slavery , basically working at amazon is like working in a sweatshop*
POKEMANS (20 days ago)
still buy from them tho
GOT7 IsMyLife (30 days ago)
“You name it, we have it” E-even the will to live?!
Genetic (1 month ago)
An acre
LapisGoBlue (1 month ago)
they depend on tech too much...
jayjohnsonlive (1 month ago)
I worked there for 5 months and when i quit i was probably one of the top 10 longest tenured employees there. The turnover is horrible because the job is horrible. If you don't scan an average of 180 boxes an hour you get fired.
Part-time or full. Part-time was okay for me but full time terribe
楷恩channel hi (1 month ago)
Does it save if buy some item which is easy broken?
TheNBKiller (1 month ago)
"The packing, the picking, the slamming"... That explains why my keyboard was snapped in half when I opened my package.
Marton Baksa (1 month ago)
"It knows exactly what box you need" uhhh... not really, I have had a 1 inch by 1 unch by 3 inch LiPo Battery arrive in a 1 foot by 2 foot by 3 foot box and our mailman thinks that I am made out of money because I get these big boxes 1-3 times a week when they actually contiain no more than $3 in value each time. So that's it for "perfect boxes".
billy kobilca (1 month ago)
Amazon. ..describes that swet shop.
MrKayaker69 (1 month ago)
JDingz 2.0 (1 month ago)
There was a package outside my door from amazon while I was watching this video
KnowHowDOCTOR (1 month ago)
if you replace people with robots than why open immigration. Since people are no longer needed, we don't need any more foreign workers coming in. Problem solved ! Otherwise you are bringing in more unnecessary mouths to feed. Way too much unemployment! For WHAT? This is becoming an environmental disaster!
Poornima C (1 month ago)
All the workers of Amazon do great works they delivery things in the perfect date that they tell......
Delwyn Hobbs (1 month ago)
pertect sized boxes, is that why I get a small item in a huuuuge box?
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (1 month ago)
Bullshit,on the employees saying that.
Jane Smitherson (1 month ago)
Smokes and mirrors. Where are the workers you enslaved.
Long Beach Coin Laundry (1 month ago)
Is there such a b******* PR video same thing North Korea doesn't invite people into come meet the citizens and see how beautiful and wonderful our country is same thing the undercover documentary BBC dude is horrifying
chreis2002 (1 month ago)
Finally got my package safe and sound
Lord Humongus (1 month ago)
These Idiot's are watching their replacements lol.
SeanP7195 (1 month ago)
Work is becoming a scary thing. With technology they are literally turning humans into robots. Getting the maximum output. The ones that break down will simply be replaced. I worked at a company, all the work got done, everything was great. They installed cameras everywhere and started monitoring from corporate office. Everyday it was you weren’t here you went to there not enough time here. The place quickly turned into a prison. Friends started to turn on each other, lots of problems started to happen. Production? Well, that dipped a lot as well. This built up over a year until the contract was lost. That was never even in doubt before. I work for myself now and hopefully will never have to go back. I’m seeing this now with UBER. You have to work longer and longer for less and less and only the crazies will remain.
chreis2002 (1 month ago)
The robot WTH
JMunday (1 month ago)
This is so fake
thomas boylan (1 month ago)
wow! Huge place . Thanks for posting this
Moz_polanco (1 month ago)
24 football fields lol
Calvin Hodgson (1 month ago)
Data matrix codes, not QR.
J o n a t h a n (1 month ago)
the place looks happy
OceanNectar (1 month ago)
I mean... I'm getting my package so they must be doing a good job
Courtney Elizabeth Te iu besc (1 month ago)
I hate amazon they lie big time to you😒😠😠😡
Sean (1 month ago)
They interviewed the perosn that Amazon "let them" hahahaha great "journalism."
Name (2 days ago)
I guess the journalist does not always go for the truth all the time. Sometimes the journalist would rather hear the positive rather than the truth.
Will K (1 month ago)
The U.S. average wage is not good so being slightly above the average does not make it that great.
Zedominus (1 month ago)
Company should be called "Amazombie" not "Amazon"
` Bean (2 months ago)
Devin Peirce (2 months ago)
Omg this looks like heaven
Joe M (2 months ago)
Jeff who?
Joe M (2 months ago)
In my opinion, Tesla's gigafactory is cooler.
i actually worked at the full time building counting. Everyday i saw items get stolen with broken packages. Employees didn't get caught because later on I found out all they had to do was slip an item into their shoe so that the electric metal detector wouldn't detect the item. The metal detector doesn't go to the floor but stops at your heal. All an employee had to do was simply swipe the item esp. if they are wearing jackets in the cold and long sleeves and than go into the bathroom and put it in their shoes and than walk out the building. Items i saw stole were cell phones, video games and all that was left was a broken package and various items. If i were to report it as stole and another counter disagreed than i would receive errors which did start to happen so didn't report anymore. As long as they walked shuffling and sliding their feet the shoe stayed below the metal detectors reach. You walk in with no metal not even a metal belt you walk out quickly with a item in your shoe without being stopped. . Their counters are blind counting each second because the counters have no worksheet to compare their countings to. Its impossible to count this way, every other company as inventory amount sheets to compare the counts to but since AMAZON IS MORE INTERESTED IN FIRING EMPLOYEES AND LOOKING FOR SHORT CUTS they do blind counting. So items are stolen each day.
EagDesert (2 months ago)
They don't use any padding in their packages.
The Canine Nutritionist (2 months ago)
Very cool.
Cristian Dominguez (2 months ago)
so , if i want to sell paintings, do i have to send all my stuff here?
8inchClock (2 months ago)
Not an “awesome place to work”
Mark Norville (2 months ago)
Amazon still have not got any better, I ordered a product on next day, it was lost in the delivery network, I was advised to cancel that order, and then re order the same product that I wanted from the same company selling it, e,g amazon. It was not good enough, so I contacted a supervisor, and in the end they gave me £10 credit to my account. However, the quality seems to be getting worse and worse recently, I have never had to send so many packages back as I am doing at the moment.
Kevin Woods (2 months ago)
I used to work for Amazon. I was one of many people that were fired. Amazon is in serious need of reform.
Name (2 months ago)
Kevin Woods. Funny that I tried to get fired using slow production method and they decided to let me slide. Reason for that is I am too scared to walk up to the authorities and say I quit. But at least if they fired you, it saves you a trouble to say I quit. They can sometimes think in their heads like this. Since this employee is slacking off and firing this employee is way too easy, let me keep this employee so I can torture this person and make that employee learn. See this kind of example, they have a power to either torture you with lessons or just write you up and terminate you.
nessie lewis (2 months ago)
Just started n love it.... best job for people with social anxiety and just panic attacks in general. I could never do customer service or retail again!
nm e. (30 days ago)
nessie lewis bugzkilla my new hire orientation is next saturday at 6:30pm, it say's it's 3-4 hours so I'll be done around either 9:30pm or 10:30pm. my first day is next sunday from 6:30pm-5am, my schedule is sun.-wed. from 6:30pm-5am.
nm e. (30 days ago)
jayjohnsonlive bugzkilla my new hire orientation is next saturday at 6:30pm, it say's it's 3-4 hours so I'll be done around either 9:30pm or 10:30pm. my first day is next sunday from 6:30pm-5am, my schedule is sun.-wed. from 6:30pm-5am.
nm e. (1 month ago)
jayjohnsonlive my start date changed, there was another position that opened that worked better with my schedule. it's sun.-wed 6:30pm-5am. my daughter goes to school by 7:40am, this schedule works much better! the start date is set for 8/25, also, watch empire on Thursday's on tv-one can't miss it. :) definitely let you know how it goes!
nm e. (1 month ago)
nessie lewis my start date changed, there was another position that opened that worked better with my schedule. it's sun.-wed 6:30pm-5am. my daughter goes to school by 7:40am, this schedule works much better! the start date is set for 8/25, also, watch empire on Thursday's on tv-one can't miss it. :) definitely let you know how it goes!
nm e. (1 month ago)
nessie lewis that's real awesome!! congrats to you, 😀👌👍👏🤓 I got my job in the warehouse, using the forklift etc. do you work there too?
even best champions loses in best matches Lingam (2 months ago)
really you are koro is sensie
Paul Wilkinson (3 months ago)
I used to work for Amazon at the LCY2 "fulfillment center". On the day I started they told me what department I was working in which involved me standing in one place counting stock all day. I tried to stick with it but I really needed a job moving around because I am hyper active because I have ADHD and when I told my team leaders that I have ADHD they accused me of complaining and one of the team leaders shouted at me. My department has walking around jobs and standing around jobs which the team leaders are supposed to share out and I told them that even one day doing a walking around job would be a big relief for me and my disability but they still accused me of complaining. I told the manager and nothing happened and I spent 5 months just standing around and it caused me to become very depressed and now I am on Antidepressants and have made a appointment for counselling.
your probably stressed because your being put in a stressful job where you being harassed each hour. I actually filed a complaint to HR to prevent myself from being fired within a week because like i wrote before they can fire you on the same day. Some how they got the clever idea of sending two people to do the scan rate and error check each hour in order to try to get me fired and in order not to get the so called manager that was assigned to me in trouble. I knew they were playing games. I wanted to sue them but i decided not to sue the. You can actually sue big corporations for unfair employment practices like discrimination. You can sue them for discriminaton and most lawyers will gladly handle you case because big corporation are easy to sue. Its hard to sue private small businesses and attorneys wont take up the case because they won't make money off it but a huge corporation like amazon they will quickly file a law suit against esp. if you have a case against them.
charger master (3 months ago)
No more manufacturing In America as we once had now we just ship things that are made in China.
Aryan Upadhyay (3 months ago)
My order has been delayed for 25 days by fraud 30 dollar.
another word for amazon is the black market. Amazon is basically the black market where most items are stolen and sold by unknown individuals. Most products are open boxes and refurbished items sold as new or some are stolen. Jeff Bezos is a con artist.
hello no dont work in the full time building. They fire employees daily at the full time building. For 3 mistakes you will get fired in a single day. They have a manager assigned to you to check your production rate and error rate each hour if you are below their production rate and made some errors you get a warning and its written in your records. Its usually 500 packages per hour or more and only 3 errors per day. IF YOU FAIL to meet those goals each hour you get written up for it each hour. 3 write ups and your fired so you can be fired in the same day. They have a low life fat ass manager basically harassing you each hour threatening to write you up walking around looking for you. Its their goal to write people up to get them fired. This way all the benefits they promise you wont get and they get to keep you as a temporary employee so as not to pay benefits like obamacare. They have so many upscale benefits that 80 percent of the employees never get. Only 20 percent of the employees will make it past 3 months at amazon. Jeff Bezo's is a sleazy phony slime ball. The so called manager enjoyes firing and harassing people and they get promoted for doing so. Each day a new employee is hired and a new fired. Usually they lure employees from the part time building. I got lured in to one of the worst positions. I knew the risks and had heard the rumors of how people were fired. This is the worst work places to work the managers will harass you each hour to try to get you fired. Its their goal. Doesn't matter how hard you work if you get more than 3 errors each day, your fired. It can be any position. They keep track of each error every day and if you fail below the production rate which i believe was around 500- 1000 packages per hour your also written up. The part time building is fine but the hours are low. The work is hard at the part time building but i promise you at the full time building you will be worked to death and fired within a month. Your pay check is also heavy taxed. I got 400 hundred taken off out of each pay check for taxes. They only pay bi weekly and if when u start you have to wait around a month for a pay check. Amazon has no ethics or morals. They need to be sued for harassing its employees.
Itwaswritten804 (3 months ago)
The picking department yes I said picking like cotton smh wtf. Why not call it shopping cause that what your doing for the customer. Same mind set... but anyway has the highest turnover rate I have ever seen 👀 at any job for 1 particular position. It's soo bad that they are almost hiring by the dozens weekly, year round. Also this is the key to business improvement over the years keep the workers fresh after you have drained the life of the previously fired or borderline quit ready employees, of all they have to give work wise. Big facts is that as an Amazon employee you are an "associate" that's it. That's your title no matter what you do besides management. Yea there are Tiers. 🙄You start as an associate Tier 1 there is no Tier 2 .skip right Tier 3 is the overseer 🤠 they do all the dirty work for the AM. but that's it for a few coins more than a Tier 1. Unless you become an AM(area manager has salary cutthroat pay). Pay attention to this "associate" title tho it is important reason being you can be "cross" trained. Take note whenever theres a "cross" beware cemetery, ambulances, Pope's, Jesus slain on the cross. It's not going to be good. Real facts. Simply put you will get paid the same dollar for working multiple job titles for being "cross" trained they call it job securement 😂 i.e. Picking, Packing, AFE, ICQA, Dock, Stow. It's just so they can use u more ways than one . If one department is hurting but everyone showed up in your department everyone cross trained will be sent there even if they haven't been cross trained to be, well at least the ones the tier3 and AM. Choose to be sent. Kiss ass favoritism 💩. You can get rid of them though u just have to complain/report them to HR who can be a joke at times too depending their mood or if they like u. All these departments and skill sets which all have their own personal quota or as they term it " rate " and if not met disciplinary actions up and including termination for the same hourly pay. The "associates" are the force that has made Amazon number 1 in the world bar none fuck who say different, the end. Jeff knows what I'm talking about. They are, for the most part, treated like 💩. Everyone though at Amazon is expendable Everyone except Jeff and his partners that is. I must say even the OPS managers are throwaways at times ,another key ingredient to Jeff's success. Keep everyone at each other's throats. There is no union. Of course not. How could there be???? Pending on how many years u been employed This is a company that will PAY AN EMPLOYEE TO NEVER COMEBACK AFTER IF RESIGN. It's called "the offer." 😂 company laborers/workers/slaves Is mostly run by youth anyway the slave drive part that is TO KEEP THEM YOUNG AND DUMB. Who wants smart unhappy or old slaves who do half the work they want and complain lol. If your rate is say 300 units per hour you'll get to go home early or the day off with no pay FOH 🤣 The "future" (youth) is what the bald white guy Jeff promotes 😂 Energetic & ignorant enough to stay to keep that PRIME on TIME for merely a DIME. 🤔TOT or time off task is where the cracking of the whip really happens. Don't go to the bathroom for too 5 minutes scan to scan plus minutes long or even need to speak to HR unless on your break u both could get fired. Work related or not. 😒10hr + shifts 40- 70 work weeks depending on demand. I must say the culture can be downright savage at times as far as advancing and favoritism. Give ol Jeff credit, let them kill each other just make quota. As an employee you awarded stock after a fully recorded 730(crazy) days employed without leave or the leave will be subtracted and you will still have to complete your term. Originally RSU's, But if u are fired, resigned or changed occupations they vanished that same day. Even Day 729 as if they never existed if still not vested. Yea there's 401k and fair benefits health/dental/vision. There's even paid 6 week maternity leave for men. There is no pension because most employees won't last anyway. Not joking about the turnover rate especially in pick Dept. sky high like the stock. I have seen a person in every department there cry, literally tears and not joy. Fight too, well except the GM's and that's probably because none usually last more than a year facts. I take that back the most recent GM we had was a woman I think I saw her crying no bull 💩 All facts i state. The Fullfillment Ctr I work at has had at least 7-8 GM's in there since the doors opened 2012. Started as a temp with Integrity staffing miss the initial hotel hiring date 😂 btw Integrity is AMZN middle man. To take the heat and obligatory common decency standards of the work environment off AMZN back. Weekly pay instead of biweekly no benefits at all and the first to get laid off, fired or thrown under the bus 🚌. Points system bs. Amazons probationary outsource company on the inside... get it. Although they have a career choice program to help u find means of employment else where.... take heed Jeffs paying for this program mostly, use it to get something for yourself, like he did with his resources out of that garage full of books 📚 as the story is magically told ✌🏾 PS. Oh yeah I forgot people have died at my Fullfillment Ctr and my not from violence, but from dehydration and bring overwhelming worked 🤷🏽‍♂️
why didn't those people sue amazon. Jeff Bezos is scard of lawsuits.
martin H (3 months ago)
Amazon make billions a year but employees need to work 60 hours to make $600 with all the discount taxes ,insurance etc, . like $10/hr wtf sometimes you need to walk like 5 minutes to breakroom and 5 to comeback to your workstation and the end of the day you need to make line for inspection with metal detector come on bazos be human and pay good salaries you gonna die any day and you no gonna take nothing with you in the hell you not need money
berryfairy68 (3 months ago)
Amazing process ... Now I’ll think of this every time I click “place order” 😂
Eric Andrade (3 months ago)
It’s an awesome place to work, says the guy in the suit...
ArchAngel121996 (3 months ago)
love amazon
Larsson (4 months ago)
can i get job ?
Professor Moola Gaming (4 months ago)
My cousin works there and says it’s hell. You have to rat out employees to get better pay like if someone takes a bathroom break you have to rat them out to get better pay. Also, you get a 30 minute lunch but the break room is at the other side of the warehouse so in total you only get 5 minutes to eat
Sandlin22 (4 months ago)
Amazon is great makes everyones life better. Employees get way above average pay, it helps fuel 1000s of jobs for UPS, FedEx, etc. 1000s of people have created their own business by using ecommerce like Amazon, and it allows people to own products that they'd never be able to find at a local store.
Chara Dreemurr (4 months ago)
99% of people are here because they are waiting for a package from Amazon....like me...
hideouse blob (4 months ago)
I'm still pissed Amazon lost my order for the butt fuck me Obama gay doll
Ewa Borowska (4 months ago)
It is a pity no information how they treat people😔
Hafenloewe (4 months ago)
When he said "a real life human being ..." it felt like this is something you have to point out now!
Voan Siam (4 months ago)
With a building that massive, they could had at least include a Subway or a McDonalds in there so workers don't have to exit the facility to get lunch. Walmart was smaller and it manage to have both.
Ujjal Nath (4 months ago)
Wow Nice working
Ariana Zuniga (4 months ago)
wow cool cool cool cool
Ariana Zuniga (4 months ago)
good work
Austin Reeves (4 months ago)
And caps off btw at like 13.25 or something like that
Austin Reeves (4 months ago)
All this production and positivity, then why do us employees with families make 12 a hour? And 25 cent raises every 6 months if we make it working like slaves.
tim gong (4 months ago)
Made 125$billion don't pay tax and exploit ppl unfair tax code
Jax (4 months ago)
kabronplay (4 months ago)
FUCK amazon
Jacques Henri Bien-Aime (4 months ago)
After Listen to what had happened to people as myself who work for Amazon and succumbed under the influence of a Group Same as me , { during the Election Presidential President Donald Trump was successfully denounce them}. And now I believe soon of later if they don't change their way and policy at Amazon; soon or later President Donald Trump will do something to them. I don't predict any thing but keep watch and continue to listen. Jacques Henri Bien Aime.
Jacques Henri Bien-Aime (4 months ago)
The calls is for the group who work on the Robo lines and remind them I am not working now and I need them to review and go to HR speak the field HR in Avenel to reviewing my Eligibigility and make the call to me to return to work that is simple Jacques Henri Bien Aime.
Reddcoin Group (4 months ago)
They are a rip off company pushing americans off as sellers and flooding the USA with cheap chinese good.
james bosko (4 months ago)
Beware of a whore name Crystal neal that works there