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Behind the scenes of an Amazon warehouse

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Amazon recently did the unthinkable. It invited us – what with our unblinking cameras and endless questions – for a peek inside its newest logistical lair in Lakeland, Florida. MORE: http://www.fox13news.com/consumer/54163743-story
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Anvel Velasquez (2 days ago)
See how exited will be when all robots take our jobs...there will be no country to deport them 🤭
orphan200 (2 days ago)
Here you go LIC-High tech jobs
kittoko9 (2 days ago)
See ,You have to go back to school if not no jobs in the future
Patricia Henry (2 days ago)
Can't go to the bathroom and employees peeining in a soda bottle jar sounds like the ideal slave job to me.
MobileDecay (2 days ago)
But don't you go taking a piss. Because you will be fired! 😡😡😡
GTmaniac (3 days ago)
They should have interview an actually working employee. All the trainers, ambassadors, and PA’s do is chat and be on their laptop trying to look busy
Alex Chavez (5 days ago)
Who else noticed that when they’re showing 59 football fields on top of the building there are actually only 24 😂
daluke61 (5 days ago)
'cuse me? Having been a longtime Amazon customer I beg to differ 1:44, I've found Amazon's spaceage, supuer-duper, nifty computer aided box size selection processes' need some serious improvements; talking WAY too big a lot of times. And what about the selection of padding to protect those packaged items... kind of a joke, too.
Nicholas Stephenson (5 days ago)
*Who else is waiting for a package as you read this?*
zohaib ahmed (5 days ago)
George Ship (7 days ago)
3:47 did anyone else see that bug in the woman’s hair 🤢
ssnader a (7 days ago)
Heres some advice about warehouse jobs. The only good job is picking, everything else sucks, and being the one sided sexist society we are , they usually assign women to picking cause its the easiest job, equal rights go out the window here cause its the male that gets screwed, doesnt matter if ur a 100 pound boy , youre doing the hard heavy work while that 200 pound woman is picking socks.
Tomas Av. (10 days ago)
Medena Vita (10 days ago)
Wow.. Amazing. Really amazing
Space Bike Music (11 days ago)
Lotta butt plugs in that warehouse.
Space Bike Music (3 days ago)
+GTmaniac And we wonder why aliens won't talk to us
GTmaniac (3 days ago)
Space Bike Music that’s not even a joke. I literally came across one at my warehouse last week
sei sei (11 days ago)
Dianas and the other female rhey interview are the only ones who lovw their job and feel like the critics are wrong
Ethann Kyle (12 days ago)
Marco Garcia (13 days ago)
Packages would leave fulfilment centers and come to us in our building for oregon. Where the boxs get damaged before we would ship them out and we would replace the damage boxes with new ones and retag them. But they were not always replaced I loaded trailers and always saw dambaged boxes scanned to be shipped
Marco Garcia (13 days ago)
This is bullshit😂😂😂 boxes always would fall off the belts and thrown around none stop😂😂
Marco Garcia (13 days ago)
When I worked at Amazon Sortation we would process around 100k packages and beat records
artavia boyd (16 days ago)
😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 Whetttttt
James Leak (16 days ago)
Machines taking over humans. What's so great about it. Wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaakkkkkkkeee up. Ur gonna lose your job just like Walmart and eBay will go down cause of Amazon.
James Leak (16 days ago)
Machines taking over humans. What's so great about it. Wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaakkkkkkkeee up. Ur gonna lose your job just like Walmart and eBay will go down cause of Amazon.
Cassius Edwards (16 days ago)
2:48 i think that's the exact one i ordered...nothing to see here, folks.
bholu Rajawat (17 days ago)
Packing was honor 7c
Jacks Bob (18 days ago)
I came here because alibaba doesnt own warehouses.
Blaine Handsome (21 days ago)
Wow, I love those robots in Amazon company... Now this is a futur:)))
Pierre Boyd (23 days ago)
Ok lets hear about the bad. They only choose certain to allow to talk so they wont turn any one off.
METALRON (23 days ago)
Nice to see the actress Diane Ortiz fluffing up Amazon work conditions!
dpactootle (23 days ago)
Associates my a&s. Semi-slaves.
Milano Martin (24 days ago)
“You name it, we have it.” Y’all got weed? 🤔
Ramesh Kumaran (27 days ago)
The courier boys earn upto 25000 salary in a month but their service is substandard. And amazon has a tie up with it. This digital tech shopping is not for India I guess unless they improve their service. Amazon does not seem to be accountable for the delay in courier delivery and so are the courier boys. The customer got to keep contacting both these parties. Amazon has few favorite phrases..... We're sooooo sorry, we apologize, we will escalate the complaint with the concerned, we appreciate your patience, and when they cannot sort out your issues, they will ask, is there anything else that we can do for you. Please call us anytime. We are here at your service with the same unproductive and aimless talks.
Fanny Flores (28 days ago)
waiting for my iphone 6 from amazon......
mark40511 (29 days ago)
So just so I'm clear - there is really NO air conditioning in those massive warehouses? I mean, how? With all of the activity, electronics, technology etc......If not, I can imagine it would be very uncomfortable in there.
Marco Garcia (13 days ago)
There is air conditioning all over the ceilings
Kirk Draheim (30 days ago)
was this filmed on a gopro or what?
The Evolving Gardener (1 month ago)
As a shopper of Amazon I have to say that their customer support is the worst of the worst and I wish people will expose them. I've been lied to by Indian and American reps so many times I've lost count. I live in a very rural area and well things happen with orders so I call Amazon customer support and calls usually are 3 hours or more from being switched around, hung up on, and just plain out lie. We need to show this side of Amazon and make them provide better customer support because nobody deserves to be talked down to by some pos customer service rep. If anyone agrees like and if you know how to properly report these customer support agents, please leave in comments. I've had it being transferred over to India when I live in the U.S..
Raymond Griffin (1 month ago)
I salute the man/woman who owns amazon cause your making a hell alot more money than wish
J LOCK MVK 25 (1 month ago)
thx to jeff bezos
FRANX THUG (1 month ago)
Amazon Germany is sucks all man power, and they pay not enough salary for heavy job
Juliette Padilla (1 month ago)
I’m waiting for my instax camera, so I decided to watch this.
Goldine Saintil (1 month ago)
I'm watching because I'll be working at a warehouse
Excalibur (1 month ago)
I love amazon man. Its amazing man there's just no feeling of waiting in anticipation. for you packages to arrive. and when it does its like Christmas. You don't get that feeling g when just buying stuff at the store. I probably bought stuff on Amazon like 100 times.
blahblah jumpswing (1 month ago)
should get those fixed or trump will call NK and get that blown up, NK the new enforcer of the TOQUITOS BOY
IssaGamer (1 month ago)
This is such a lie.
Bideo Games (1 month ago)
The death of small and medium business. Amazon was started with federal funds no wonder.
david (1 month ago)
My order was supposed to arive yesterday yet there's nothing on my front door and i put the right infromation -_-
Marco Garcia (13 days ago)
It happens a lot there. When it gets to post office then can see it was sent to wrong place and is returned to the Sortation center and shipped again. And it shows up on the employees record. We would ship around 100k packages a night so mistakes happen
Marco Garcia (13 days ago)
When it was sent from Fulfilment center to a Sortation center it might have been place on wrong pallet to differ ent town
GingerBreadMan1178 (1 month ago)
"speed isn't everything", yea sure buddy. Accuracy makes sure that there is no mistakes, therefore you don't have to go back to correct the error, leading to speed.
Mean Exempt (1 month ago)
"The computer will tell us the perfect-sized box that fits that item." You tell me...
gitanjali Karki (1 month ago)
hiiii amazon can u plz modify these robots( the box type robots that move along the ground..fetch robots..kiva systems) to sweep n mop floors so that these robots can solve cleaning problems in india n elswhere........!!!!! yesss seriously speaking....warm rehards from india,.......!!!!!!
MacRat (1 month ago)
More the national average thats a big lie. The wages are stupid low and the hours are horrible.
grimble (1 month ago)
When I see the idiots in black suits, I want to do nasty things to them. They don't belong in this world.
Smol Neko (2 months ago)
I for one welcome our robot overlords
Anubis Smite (2 months ago)
This is to cover up the fact that Amazon is ran by monsters.
Eddie Arcega (2 months ago)
Who else likes how they were honest about how they deliver our packages?... By slamming them at our front door? 4:24
Borat Erali Nazarbayev (2 months ago)
Used to work there when I was young and kind of a frequent meth user ... Hate to say I kinda loved It !! Best place to work when you're on meth !
EXCUSE ME THOSE GREEN vest WEARING FUCKTARDS are not TRAINERS BUT LAZY BUMS WHO are called AMBASSADORS. Ambassadors are lazy bums who get to be temporary line leaders who manage employees mainly picking on certain employees while the managers hide somewhere or take vacations. Ambassadors don't get paid extra but get paid same amount as other employees but they get to walk around doing nothing. Ambassadors are THE ASS wipes of Amazon and most of the time they are some old lazy fat white woman. They get no benefits or extra pay and are paid the lowest possible but if problems arise with employees the ambassador gets in trouble and not manager in this way the ambassador gets in trouble with employee and the manager is free from being fired. Either you work in full time building or part time building. Full time building is where packages are created while part time building where packages are recieved and shipped out. Part time is easy if you are willing to work hard as possible but in full time building only 10 percent of the employees survive a year there. Again amazon is a terrible place to work and compared to other work places the work load is heavy and each second their is work to be done. The only breaks you will get is the 15 minutes and if there is not work or there is too little most times you are sent home an hour early or 2 hours which is in part time. The orange vest are regular employees making 12 per hour and the green vest are temporary ambassadors who like to pretend they are managers but are not. Amazon likes the ambassadors because they don't pay extra and if they cause trouble they are fired. They easily get in trouble if one employee makes a complaint against them but so that managers don't get complaints the ambassadors are used as a shield.
BasedRogue (2 months ago)
I work in a warehouse for a smaller company and we are limited to 3-4 errors per week and it can't be consecutive otherwise you get written up. We don't have written out hourly rate but in reason. I am slow,but accurate, and would barely last 3 hours here before getting let go.
Ana Wright (2 months ago)
I love working there every day I learn many things and I love it
The vid is of a full time building
O (2 months ago)
Hate to do this but Bernie is making a huge mistake by lobbying for these workers to earn higher wages. To counter, Jeff bezos can instantly start building machines to do the work that they do and evidently replace them. Not only that, but when you tax large corporations heavily it gives smaller coorperations less of an incentive to grow big. This ultimately means that our GDP will plumit and our overall economy at best will stay stagnant. Meanwhile, China will overtake the US globally because they have no problem with coorperations paying their employees low wages so that the products made in China can be exported at large amounts for overall profit. Americans like to riot and protest over these working conditions, but people in India and China who work in these factories think we’re stupid because for them, THERE’S NO BETTER ALTERNATIVE. It’s either working at a factory for low wages or being a prostitute or just being homeless. I know that sounds drastic for people in the US, but I’m telling all of you right now the more our government taxes larger cooperations, the bigger the incentive these cooperations have to just build machines that will replace these employees. Than, these employees will end up on welfare and food stamps, which I’m not surprised is the plan for Bernie Sanders because that’s what democrats find ideal. There’s an opportunity cost to everything Bernie. Remember that.
leah Renee (2 months ago)
Everyone else says it's an awful place to work. Somebody's not telling the truth.
TheHvk (2 months ago)
All those people will be replaced by robots in a decade. Packing boxes isn't a valuable skill.
Yeah right. It's like saying u would prefer to buy from vending machine ur lunch. Amazon has positions only a human can preform well almost everyone gets fired unable to meet expectations. Amazon is happy because if they fire workers they don't have to pay benefits as employee are basically temp and easily replaceable under there hiring procedures.
OldWorldNewAge (2 months ago)
Diane Ortiz gets paid more than the national average, huh? What does that even mean? The National Fed Minimum Wage is 7.25 an hour.
Ben J (2 months ago)
The per capita income for the overall population in 2008 was $26,964. I think they were saying that she makes more than that number.
roger roger (2 months ago)
My little package will have taken ...3,5 weeks to arrive. Long forgotten old good times when stuff would arrive (!) in 2-3 days tops. Dispatch takes longer than that these days.
AA (2 months ago)
worst place to work!
simba (2 months ago)
0:04 fed-ex
Wade Haden (2 months ago)
Disgusting propaganda! Boycott Amazon!
Janessa Tosh (2 months ago)
tasty flokos (2 months ago)
I only saw money
Carl (2 months ago)
Humans are already being replaced
Yusuf Gazi (2 months ago)
Package arrives tomorrow
xUzi786 (2 months ago)
I only order like 2 things a year from Amazon I use ebay primarily.
Kiwi (2 months ago)
0:04 RIP whatever was inside that box
Glass Wulf (2 months ago)
"We affectionately call it robosto..." "And a squat of box shelffing driving cyborgs" randy marshes creme-praise face changes wait waahh 0:58
Get to Da Choppa (2 months ago)
When ever there's an important visit and I would say the Media is high up there... all the good behavior is laid out to see. Cherry picked people are the ones who do the talking only. Everything is extra cleaned for the visit so don't let this video fool you into what really goes on with those people busting there ass and wearing their bodies out before it's time. With all the sales Amazon does it's a no time to scratch your nose nightmare for these workers.
Logan Hudson (2 months ago)
I used to work in a small warehouse. I heard that working for amazon sucks. But that was from somebody who never worked there. But nonetheless, warehouses are like small cities. It's quite interesting actually.
sworr. (2 months ago)
I just ordered 2 keyboards and a mouse and its coming in 2 hrs lol
dr FeelGood (2 months ago)
*Jeff Bezos loves modern day slavery , basically working at amazon is like working in a sweatshop*
POKEMANS (2 months ago)
still buy from them tho
Josie Darley (3 months ago)
“You name it, we have it” E-even the will to live?!
LapisGoBlue (3 months ago)
they depend on tech too much...
jayjohnsonlive (3 months ago)
I worked there for 5 months and when i quit i was probably one of the top 10 longest tenured employees there. The turnover is horrible because the job is horrible. If you don't scan an average of 180 boxes an hour you get fired.
Part-time or full. Part-time was okay for me but full time terribe
楷恩channel hi (3 months ago)
Does it save if buy some item which is easy broken?
TheNBKiller (3 months ago)
"The packing, the picking, the slamming"... That explains why my keyboard was snapped in half when I opened my package.
Marton Baksa (3 months ago)
"It knows exactly what box you need" uhhh... not really, I have had a 1 inch by 1 unch by 3 inch LiPo Battery arrive in a 1 foot by 2 foot by 3 foot box and our mailman thinks that I am made out of money because I get these big boxes 1-3 times a week when they actually contiain no more than $3 in value each time. So that's it for "perfect boxes".
billy kobilca (3 months ago)
Amazon. ..describes that swet shop.
MrKayaker69 (3 months ago)
xxxtentacion fan (3 months ago)
There was a package outside my door from amazon while I was watching this video
KnowHowDOCTOR (3 months ago)
if you replace people with robots than why open immigration. Since people are no longer needed, we don't need any more foreign workers coming in. Problem solved ! Otherwise you are bringing in more unnecessary mouths to feed. Way too much unemployment! For WHAT? This is becoming an environmental disaster!
Poornima C (3 months ago)
All the workers of Amazon do great works they delivery things in the perfect date that they tell......
Delwyn Hobbs (3 months ago)
pertect sized boxes, is that why I get a small item in a huuuuge box?
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (3 months ago)
Bullshit,on the employees saying that.
Jane Smitherson (3 months ago)
Smokes and mirrors. Where are the workers you enslaved.
Long Beach Coin Laundry (3 months ago)
Is there such a b******* PR video same thing North Korea doesn't invite people into come meet the citizens and see how beautiful and wonderful our country is same thing the undercover documentary BBC dude is horrifying
YOUNG NWA (3 months ago)
Finally got my package safe and sound
Lord Humongus (3 months ago)
These Idiot's are watching their replacements lol.
SeanP7195 (3 months ago)
Work is becoming a scary thing. With technology they are literally turning humans into robots. Getting the maximum output. The ones that break down will simply be replaced. I worked at a company, all the work got done, everything was great. They installed cameras everywhere and started monitoring from corporate office. Everyday it was you weren’t here you went to there not enough time here. The place quickly turned into a prison. Friends started to turn on each other, lots of problems started to happen. Production? Well, that dipped a lot as well. This built up over a year until the contract was lost. That was never even in doubt before. I work for myself now and hopefully will never have to go back. I’m seeing this now with UBER. You have to work longer and longer for less and less and only the crazies will remain.
YOUNG NWA (3 months ago)
The robot WTH
JMunday (3 months ago)
This is so fake
thomas boylan (3 months ago)
wow! Huge place . Thanks for posting this
Moz_polanco (3 months ago)
24 football fields lol