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Behind the scenes of an Amazon warehouse

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Amazon recently did the unthinkable. It invited us – what with our unblinking cameras and endless questions – for a peek inside its newest logistical lair in Lakeland, Florida. MORE: http://www.fox13news.com/consumer/54163743-story
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TheBlackwater200 (8 hours ago)
I kinda use to kinda hate Amazon, but now I shop 98% of my stuff from here.
Clem Newton (9 hours ago)
Bezos is not tell truth about safety
GOLDEN LADY (20 hours ago)
If you never worked at an Amazon FC then shut up... tier ones know the truth. If ppl had some balls in America we could get everything we deserve.
Keith R (1 day ago)
So many times people that work at Amazon are compared to slaves. Slaves don't have a choice about the work they do. People that don't like working at Amazon can choose not to work there.
Dinoboyification (3 days ago)
They need to be unionized. They're working themselves into bankruptcy. Fed-ex has dropped them and UPS will probably not be far behind. They can't hire enough drivers to meet their exceptionally high demand. Amazon is a great service to shop from but if they don't figure something out logistically I can only assume they're going to be in big trouble soon.
FastZebra Zoom (4 days ago)
Show the part where everyone was walking over the dead employee that collapsed LMAO. I'll bet they swept her aside with a push broom.
JR Rosalez (4 days ago)
I predict machines will replace humans, of course scientists and robotic companies have already invented such machines.
Robert Brown (6 days ago)
Dmi3 it's a hell hole a huge warehouse without ac I live I Florida it's always hot
Zippo1234 (6 days ago)
Narrator doesn't know what a cyborg or android is
kingcjcruz (6 days ago)
I remember when I was working there. Managers were sexually assaulting female workers and got reported. They still work there.
JR Rosalez (4 days ago)
I have heard of that plus lazy workers who chit chat every chance they get. Not everyone works their ass off, some are lazy.
Terren O'Neil (6 days ago)
If intercontinental slavery exist, whose to say cosmic slavery can’t exist.
Andrew O (7 days ago)
Mew barn
Josiah Gardner (7 days ago)
I ordered a small external hard drive and the box it came in was 3ft by 2ft so I dont think it was the perfect size box when the hard drive is just 4inches in length and 3 inches width
Dorie McKay (7 days ago)
I would rather wait a week for a package than to exploit these workers into miserable working conditions. this is co. propaganda.
D R (8 days ago)
Its like going to an open house, of course they are gonna be on their best behavior when you are talking to PR people and everyone has been primed beforehand to know that there will be reporters on site.
Jacob Betts (9 days ago)
Speed is literally everything at amazon this video is a huge lie I wish people knew how amazon really operated from a regular associate stand point
Diana Owens (10 days ago)
I work for ups and I would NEVER work here. First of all amazon cannot handle all of their packages so they contract shipping companies such as ups and fed ex to help. The load was so much fed ex actually cancelled their contract. Ups is in talks to do the same because it's simply too much. Also, amazon has unfair tax code. They do jot pay any us taxes because their banks are in other countries (yes this is true). I've also heard stories of friends who work their and actually someone died in a warehouse and NOONE NOTICED until hours later. The pay? Is less than ups starting at 11. Since jeff Bezos cut all insurance for part time employees, they get low pay, no insurance, and short breaks. I've been with ups awhile, they truly respect their employees. The pay is a 70 cent raise a year and you never max out. You get benefits after a year. After a year they pay you for Christmas eve, Christmas and Thanksgiving even though you dint work double pay on black Friday. After 5 hours it's time and a half. Also they even pay for my college. I would NEVER EVER EVER work for Amazon
Charles Paquet (10 days ago)
pay your taxes and give them peepee breaks
Reversed 247 (11 days ago)
I got the wrong order once i ordered iphone chargers i got eye lash extensions
MrAac2020 (12 days ago)
The low quality of dock workers are a bit iffy....and they really don't make much in the way of pay nor any benifits. Mostly these loaders are hired on much like your day workers at a Homie Depot. *They really do a hard job.
MrAli171 (12 days ago)
The poor sods at the bottom are worked like dogs
John Meadows (12 days ago)
Just try contacting them when something goes missing from a delivery!
Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster (13 days ago)
Thank you, Amazon thank you so so so very much I'm so grateful and thankful this is a blessing thank you and have blessed day and happy holidays to you all at amazon Amen.
joe stewart (13 days ago)
Amazon a job that is 10 times better than working at Macy's, Target, Kohl's, etc.  Do you know how abusive customers are now?  It is incredible.  Many come in drunk or high and they assault you physically and verbally.
CEEAKI 22nd century (14 days ago)
The cameras at the work stations gather employee work habit infomation which ca be sold and studied . Think about it...100's of individual work tendencies, fatigue limit, behavior, problem solving, pain threshold etc.1000's of hours EVERY DAY. A neverending CASE STUDY. That's worth WAYYYY more than anything being sold at Amazon. Amazon is a human behavior clinical study CORPORATION.
Ivan The terrible (15 days ago)
FKU Amazon. I just saw an associate wrapping by hand. With all that money and all robotics you can do better. BTW, what's the nation as average lo pay.? I make $25.00 an hour. You pay more than that.? Highly doubted it.
gap (16 days ago)
try working at ups, u get a break when ur lucky 😂
Go Cardi (16 days ago)
Lady: you name it we have it Me: I searched Lamborghini guess what I got posters
Go Cardi (16 days ago)
Imagine switching a couple boxes in the stamping part
sk8queen (16 days ago)
Nice propaganda video. Bye.
likes13003 (18 days ago)
I m Watching this because i Work at amazon the lady at 3:57 said some thing true Not really 10 hours per Day the maximal is 9 but u work only 4 days week 35 hours overpaid ( you dont like it dont do it )
Barrot Jeantoy (18 days ago)
FOX is a trashy group who would support murder is it made them a dollar
Aragorn90 (19 days ago)
Thank God for slave labour I love the convenience
Aragorn90 (19 days ago)
Slave labour
Sensibility (20 days ago)
This is like a Scientology article
La Viajera Maribel (20 days ago)
You should go to a sort !!! That’s were the slaves work at for your package to arrive
Cowardly Custard (21 days ago)
by cutting workers rights they sell at near zero margin, but make the profit from selling your information. hardly a success really. its taken us back in time, not forwards.
Cod4 Wii (24 days ago)
The job itself is easy, the work load however, is hell...
TheReasonOfficial (21 days ago)
yeah basically I work there
Stone Cold (25 days ago)
Tough job. Mad respect for anyone Amazonian who works at a fulfillment center. It is far from easy if you are a picker like me. 7 second tact time is insane, and I managed a record 5.94 just once and I was extremely lucky because of the quantity picks I had from the pods that came. I'm between 7-9 otherwise, and that is if the dang stations aren't breaking down. Great pay, tough hours, lots of ways to build yourself up and most management will work with you and listen. Oh, the place is 1/3 of a mile in diameter. That is not a lie. It is freaking huge. 1 million square feet, 10 football fields, etc. And it is 4 working stories, with the fifth being engineering, blah blah.
Stone Cold (24 days ago)
@Cod4 Wii tell me about it. 90 something perfect of the workforce can't do it and management still tries to shove it down our/your throats! 7 seconds is if you want your body to break...
Cod4 Wii (24 days ago)
7 seconds IS insane...
mitchib1440 (25 days ago)
is it just me that hears the audio keep panning around my head?
Iris J. (26 days ago)
They forgot to ask the associate's that are peeing in bottles how they really feel about Amazon
Susan Storey (26 days ago)
The bald headed owner don't give a rat's a about no 0ne .
Javier Jaime Robles (27 days ago)
Of course they cant talk back from amazon or they get fired !
Javier Jaime Robles (27 days ago)
Shop on ebay.We are just small sellers regular people trying to feed our family.Jeff is greedy and treat employees like livestock
Samuel Fout (29 days ago)
Yo this is some serious late stage capitalism.
The 9ine God (29 days ago)
Anybody watching cuz they start in a few hours like me?
Guatee (25 days ago)
What’s it like?
Tyler Stuckey (26 days ago)
What you thinking so far? Have you started yet?
Erik Molnar (29 days ago)
Where are the piss bottles?
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (1 month ago)
I’m a slow person this definitely not for me
RXI _ (1 month ago)
Thank you for your service Amazon employees.
M050 (1 month ago)
All lies because I waited 28 days and it still didn't arrive
Dasha Q Noble (1 month ago)
horrible job, same like Walmart
Jared Banks (1 month ago)
Ask the guy who's been working mandatory overtime for the past 2 months how he feels about the place, I guarantee you he'll have a different answer.
Brekner Catalin (1 month ago)
I mean, with so many centers around, they can't all be THAT bad. It's probably that a few are terrible and ofc those make the news.
Ashy (1 month ago)
You load 16 tonnes, what do you get?
evjay (1 month ago)
people will eventually go back to shopping inside the store. Amazon IS TOO EXPENSIVE
Steve (1 month ago)
You load sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.
Choclatekissed (1 month ago)
Of course, they will schedule you at the most automated facility and ensure it’s at a time when they place the employees they want interviewed. Complaints come from the facilities they wouldn’t choose to allow your entry.
aa Bb (1 month ago)
The warehouse itself is impressive... Now if they treat their employees like people instead of slaves in a sweat shop....🤔
MercenaryRandoms (1 month ago)
Nobody talks about the Amazon *Sortation* centers. The picking/packing ones (as shown in this vid) are the true bad places to work .The sortation warehouses are a lot more easy.
socomeflywithme x (1 month ago)
worked for amazon. it was very hard work but it was damn good hours. wish i hadn’t just worked seasonal!
Atrio Berlyn (1 month ago)
4:08 super happy... South park was right
fugthiz fugu (1 month ago)
looks like prison
Duwwop K (1 month ago)
I live a few blocks from the amazon facility I wonder if I get my package early
Lynne Springer (1 month ago)
They are computerizing the people out of a job. So much for bringing warehouses back to America! So, the Android gets the item from where it is kept only so a human can wrap it? Come on. You know that you all will have automated wrappers by next week. The warehouse workers in Rougely each wore a GPS device to make sure they were working. They were given 3 chances before either getting a warning or being let go. Even their toilet time was timed. That was back in 2013. I wonder if Amazon still employs these tactics. One would think that by using Android computers to access items that Amazon gave up on the pickers. Amazon is putting the small guys : the big box stores out of business. It is really worth it for convenience? I think not!
Mitch184 (1 month ago)
People seem to die of heat and exhaustion. Dead bodies and workers are told to go back to work. Aaaaannnndddd..... this surprises youuuuuu, how? It's called unbridled greed. If you don't get back to work there are 100 other people ready to take your place. So if you value your job, get back to work.
H00ps (1 month ago)
What part do they talk about employee deaths and how health and safety come second to getting someone their order of a tshirt under 1 day?
slave camp
fortune nese (1 month ago)
andrew yang brought me here also that automation denier liz warren
ALLINKNOTS (1 month ago)
They found 1 employee to vouch for the company's great treatment of their employees? 😂😂 And she wasn't even a regular associate. Lmao
Not Important (1 month ago)
Amazon is a true marvel.
MrDupraSupra (1 month ago)
“Great associates” why not call em employees....oh right cuz you don’t wanna take responsibility of their injuries
Dan Pflaum (1 month ago)
Modern-day feudalism, minus fresh air and sunlight.
cacb bcacb (1 month ago)
22:q4 Thuj 10/17/19
In Cognito (1 month ago)
Amazon has become a hangout for ex-con welfare recipients trying to sell anything they can pick up off the side of the road or out of the county land-fill. And they still don't realize their music downloads are the worst in the industry. I get better sounding downloads ripping audio off of youtube videos!
Javier Ruiz (2 months ago)
i dont use amazon
Javier Ruiz (1 month ago)
@fortune nese I do not use I phone ether
fortune nese (1 month ago)
good for you spanese parasite
Qadir Nagar vines Buner (2 months ago)
I need job in amzon
The Dude (2 months ago)
I just ordered a couple of bluray movies and now I’m here
Jack Jerry (2 months ago)
Where do they put the obese Amazon workers? In the line?
H_sanaa K (2 months ago)
Manish Mahendra Raag music instruments rishikesh (2 months ago)
Ghatiya Amazone company chor h sale Mene new phone mangwaya Amazone se salo ne kharb phone bheja display hi kharb chor h sale bc plz ap sabhi se request h ki Amazone ya kisi bhi on line company se saman mat mangwae
Annie May (2 months ago)
This is where all the things that get delivered to your come from and how it happens, but then we have things like how each of those items get delivered to the warehouse and even before that, how each of those items are built and even before that is how each of the pieces materials are made from scratch
Badge Ricketts (2 months ago)
Shame they screw the taxman out of millions every year, money that could provide health and education services.
Ahmed990 Naser990 (2 months ago)
I'm watching bcoz I have a presentation about amazon
r3drift (2 months ago)
Ahmed990 Naser990 (2 months ago)
@Bill S AI?
Bill S (2 months ago)
Also tide your presentation to how AI and automation is going to take over millions of jobs.
Young Gumbi-TV (2 months ago)
I worked at amazon it feels like being in prison its hard to get in hard to get out.. Its horrible dont do it!!!
a guy (2 months ago)
Ajay Chouhan (2 months ago)
Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History ....... Because It's Always Day 1 At Amazon ♥️
Moe (2 months ago)
Who else is here because they work at amazon.
Drewski intergalactic (2 months ago)
Amazon knows they have the upper hand in every situation people will still buy from them no matter how horrible they treat there workers . People don't care it's all about there needs.
Lennon希望 (2 months ago)
I am debating on taking a job here, hourly rate is £10.50, it's 8 hour night-shifts, I'm 18 years old. What's peoples opinions? I've heard so many bad stories about Warehouse work for Amazon.
daryl howard (2 months ago)
Do it dude. But save your money!! Have goals. Like buying land or property.
Greg B (2 months ago)
Lennon希望 That’s $16 Yea I’d give it a shot if you hate it you quit simple as that
Lennon希望 (2 months ago)
@Greg B I'm in the UK, it would be $13.09.
Greg B (2 months ago)
Lennon希望 What state do you live in? If I were you I’d consider night stocking at like a heb for $15 an hour Or ramp agent at an airport
Geri Boisse (2 months ago)
Keep sharing
Bob Schwartz (2 months ago)
The boxes are almost always oversized
kixku (2 months ago)
this is like interviewing donald trump and asking him if his country is great
mark lester gamayon (3 months ago)
How many days do the order arrive ?
Eadadn (3 months ago)
AMAZON EXPLAIN THIS how the hell it not easy to deliver a latop mouse and a computer backpack -_-
Season4Life (3 months ago)
How much money do you get if work here
r3drift (2 months ago)
US MIN 15.00 AN HOUR MINIMUM AND pays more depending where you live
Nexus Seven (3 months ago)
I have never spent a cent at amazon
Hello Nobody (3 months ago)
I’m watching this whilst waiting for my package Anyone else? Update 2 hours later : it’s still not here
Joseph Bennett (3 months ago)
OOH ME ME ME , and im very impatient i cant wait till they arrive. 🙂
Rachel Rojas (3 months ago)
"Speed isn't everything" Lies. I got kicked off of my station and put on a harder one because I wasn't fast enough MULTIPLE times.
MsJinkerson (3 months ago)
amazon said I have a $1000 gif card but there is a catch to it don't believe it
lubko (3 months ago)
still better that boohoo and pretty littlethings they pickers still picking on foods and supervisors standing behin they asses all the time you cant talk or sit just bad ...