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NASA SpaceX Dragon Launch

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HowStuffWorks explores the NASA SpaceX Dragon launch on Monday, April 2nd, 2018 in Florida.
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Samuel Chalk (1 month ago)
Its truly fantastic how far we've come since the moon walk. I can't imagine what's possible in just 20 years into the future.
tinkmarshino (4 months ago)
hold the damn phone here.. weren't you the fella that just 8 short years ago was telling all of us that the earth was flat and there were no statiles and all the space launches were fake? Now you are telling us something different? do you know what in the fourth of july is going on? you youtubers..your about as flighty as a bunch seagulls on a dead squid.. But funny.. what is it gonna be next year. all the planets and people came from a dead sperm whale floating in a medium of star jelly? I can't wait to hear the new stuff.. see ya in a few years..
goodtasteification (8 months ago)
This isn't Fake, I was there with Uncle Fritz at the actual launch, You just had to be there. They skipped a very important part, before the 2 fuel tanks landed upright and synchronized to land at the same time! WoW Amazing! They skipped the part where the 2 fuel tanks did a synchronized dance in the sky, it was like watching minnows swimming in the bottom of a pail, but with the grace of Hollywood synchronized swimmers! I do not get how anybody could or would fake anything like that! And by the way, the robot driving the car in space just landed on Mars, and right now we are learning the other robots on Mars are getting jealous of the car.
TastyTarco (9 months ago)
Colombua luanch footage from the 70s and the 80s are better than this potato
.x. (9 months ago)
where'd you all go?
Dan Calvano (9 months ago)
What happened to your budget?
Surf4Life808 (9 months ago)
FakeX and Nassholes. Research Flat Earth.
Logan Humphries (9 months ago)
Flat earth sheep
.x. (9 months ago)
fuckin weeb (9 months ago)
Surf4Life808 thats what the flat earth map industry wants you to think
Surf4Life808 (9 months ago)
Absolutely not. Here's a quick summary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG1GqgTvgCs
Michael Bastas (9 months ago)
Surf4Life808 you much be trolling dude earths a Globe.
blacksheep837 (9 months ago)
What a waste of money. We accomplished nothing with the space station so far.
blacksheep837 (9 months ago)
Eric D those things were not invented on the ISS robotic surgery was around long before and it's been improved here on Earth so is everything else the main experiments that are done is to see how mankind can exist on other planets or in space which is useless. I'm not debunking satellites that provide us with necessary readings and services.
Eric D (9 months ago)
So you don't like clean water, healthy bones, robotic surgery or any of the other technologies that were made for the ISS and then adapted to use on earth?
Malkavian (9 months ago)
Filmed with a potato.
ShabiR CrikS (9 months ago)