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Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris' record on criminal prosecutions

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During CNN's Democratic presidential debate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) tears into Sen. Kamala Harris' record when she served as an attorney general and district attorney. #CNN #News
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Text Comments (16734)
Edward Fights (7 hours ago)
I hate Kamalas voice so much
Pharack Pajama (14 hours ago)
"I'm going to prosecute the Trump presidency." No. You're a paramour. Nothing more.
Anron Jatu (15 hours ago)
Harris doesnt want the death penalty.... She wants free labor so she hid evidence that would have exhaunerated a death row inmate.... And was contracting these poor guys out as contract labor. There is a modern day democrat
2BallsAnd aCane (16 hours ago)
Damn......Tulsi is sexy af.....
Hamdi Hamdi (17 hours ago)
tooshlong (23 hours ago)
I don't really care. She's just fit isn't she 😍
legalblond (1 day ago)
Kamala Harris is an evil, soul-sucking satanic witch and I am glad Tulsi destroyed that bitch's chances of running for president.
luisqsk (1 day ago)
Kamie Harris: Yes! I'm gonna be president. Tulsi Gabbard: Not today sweetie.
Righteous One (1 day ago)
Tulsi 2020
Rich752C (2 days ago)
I would vote for Tulsi and I'm a republican
benjamin vermeylen (3 days ago)
Hundreds of hours of campaigning, speeches, hearings and millions of dollars later, a combat veteran eliminates your campaign in 2 minutes.
Heath N (3 days ago)
4:27 Kamala's head nod was her knowing it was OVER! Tulsi is beautiful, articulate, smart, eloquent, elegant and one foxy lady! That's wife material 🥰
MadMax MFP 4703 (3 days ago)
Isn't it funny that she invokes herself, Cory Booker and B. Hussein Obama as possible victims of segregation, when in fact all three are only 1/2 African descent and 1/2 of Eurocaucasion or of Indian Hindu in the case of Kamala Harris. In the next 20 years the Latino population and the Indo-Asian population in America will become a bigger voting block than our African American population, what will that do to the politics of our nation then as I do not believe this voting block will have any skin in the game for the concerns of African Americans.
I. Wynn Wynn (3 days ago)
How well did tulsi do in New Hampshire?
Not Jack (3 days ago)
And in less than a minute, a progressive shoots down one of the moderates flagship campaigns. Tulsi left the kumbaya's in 2016. Cold, calculated, iconic.
Darr Danley (3 days ago)
You just kept them in jail or prison forever!
Darr Danley (3 days ago)
Im sure when Harris said she tried pot she didn't exhale.
Darr Danley (3 days ago)
Let's be very " Clear about this " that's all she says. Gabbard Kicked her ass!!!
Andrew Rittenberg (4 days ago)
Kamala’s a cop
Ale Ale Handro (4 days ago)
@4:02 Kamala: ah... Tulsi is clueless and she’s gonna just make a blanket statement about the criminal justice system. (This is going just as good as the first debate....) @4:27 Kamala: owww shhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiittttttt
Petra Smiles (4 days ago)
I still come back to this exchange. This will be played in political studies for decades. One exchange and she ended Kamala's race. Just on facts.
Luna Wolfheart (4 days ago)
Funny how she criticizes people's views on race when she literally wants to pass a bill to deport *Children* Actual *children* Ripping them out of school and sending them to ICE. "I'm Kamala Harris and I care about Civil Rights. Look at me, a black woman, caring about Civil Rights. Look at me copying other campaigns that are working so I can have some position in this debate." Bullshit Kamala
Ashy Eldridge (4 days ago)
Accept, when there is like 0 evidence they can't investigate. You're suggesting they make up evidence?
Alex Hewitt (5 days ago)
Lmao Tulsi fucking wrecked you, cant suck your dick outta this one maybe you should just quit because you suck as a politician, shes picking on me because I'm black, fucking loser
Alex Hewitt (5 days ago)
Kamala harris dropped out faster then she went down on mayor willie "sweet dick" brown lmao, shes a fucking whore and fucked and sucked her way to were she is at now, look at san fransisco, it's a fucking shit hole of a city, drug dealers every corner, cops dont do shit, homeless shitting on the street and kids walk by and again cops dont do shit, she should be fired
nakedBison69 (5 days ago)
i want to marry Tulsi Gabbard
Molly's Unborn Child (5 days ago)
The night Kamala Harris died by the hand of Tulsi Gabbard. 👊 R.I.P. bitch
Molly's Unborn Child (5 days ago)
Kamala: plays race card Tulsi: Reverse Uno Card
IMurderdTheDevil (5 days ago)
Kamala Harris rips people in hearings on capitol hill yet she could not take on Tulsi Gabbard's simple attatck. Kamala was knee capped.
Mitchell R (6 days ago)
RIP Kamala, death by Tulsi.
Rojas-messilia (6 days ago)
CNN corruptly did not do a Tulsi Town Hall even though she passed their own rules, stupid private oligopolistic corporate newsdrivel outlet.
danɪelle (6 days ago)
0:55 what about Andrew Yang he probably wouldn't have been able to join the campaign either.
ultrastand phoenix (6 days ago)
Yah trump so racist .trump this trump that.u democrats u therace card anytime your losing lol
ultrastand phoenix (6 days ago)
Mizz Harris is always proud if her garbage work .she was the worst a.g in California's history .and she so proud .kick her out of politics
Byron Williams (7 days ago)
This is why Tulsi Gabbard isnt getting any votes or attention,anytime you stick up for black and brown people like Kapernick did you will be immediatly be outcasted by a judgemental white race resentful America.
ThxGod It'sOver (7 days ago)
Alperen 0485 (8 days ago)
And just like that, Kamala was destroyed
Adam Fuhrman (8 days ago)
And 6 months later Bernie is the leading. You saved us Tulsi from the Kamala Harris plague. Thank you
Steve Reyes (8 days ago)
I love this video, Tilsi you go girl, you made Kamala look like an idiot
Steven Matt (9 days ago)
The day the music died Harris lolololol
Lgf04 LGF04 (9 days ago)
Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado sounds like he smoked a fat ass joint before this debate
I. Wynn Wynn (9 days ago)
Damn, tulsi is as much of a sniper on the stage as she was in 🇮🇶iraq! She is killing it! 😲👍👏💕🥰
DEXTER JONES (9 days ago)
Truth hurts
dingusrevolver (9 days ago)
Tulsi spoke so much better than Biden. Biden made a decent point, too, but he worded it horribly.
Wodnil Hedivad (10 days ago)
On that day till now Kamala Harris is just a walking dead.
F ox (10 days ago)
No letting this woman near to the statist quo garbage that, for now, remains - Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Warren...
F ox (10 days ago)
This will stand the test of time. political porn
Blackdog4818 (11 days ago)
Gabbard is still in the race and Harris is out? How did that happen? Purity test.
Norm Al (10 days ago)
Because Kamala lost all her donors and support and exponentially dropped in the polls
ned kelly (11 days ago)
Title should say "Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris a new one."
Joel Tester (11 days ago)
This is to the person T.OB. I am the man that you commented to his daughters account. Elva. If you want to debate the facts here , we can do that now. I'll be waiting!
Rebecca B Reeves (11 days ago)
Kamala Bologna ..yr history like the rest of you looney Dems will be soon ! DT2020
Totoro San (12 days ago)
this was the moment Harris knew she eff up !
Nathaniel Vasquez (12 days ago)
Work that has received National recognition? Skid Row? More homeless in California then in any part of the country plus this spoiled bitch tried holding evidence from an innocent man.
Rasputin Gonzales (12 days ago)
Question: Is there anything in nature more abhorrent, more grotesque, than Kamala Harris’ neck? (Involuntary Shudder)
Elva Tester (13 days ago)
JoJo says Kamala Harris is a crooked lying skank bitch. It people like this that should have no place or position of authority
T OB (7 days ago)
@Elva Tester did not realize that you were not on your device.. even though I did not know that ,still my apologies
Elva Tester (11 days ago)
@T OB Furthermore I must inform you , that you commented to my 10 yr old daughters account. I will address you from my account in a moment. Please do not comment back to this account
Elva Tester (11 days ago)
@T OB Where she went to school, and that schools history, is not hers. It is public facts she withheld evidence in a trail that would have proven him innocent of the crime he was being held in prison on, and was forced to turn it over. The name on this account is not mine, I happen to have been in my daughter's iPad at the time. I'm a grown ass man ,and I'm educated, enough to see blatant corruption. You must be a dumocrat, one of the sheeple that want to let idiots like Kamala Harris in office, maybe you should be the one that needs to be educated.I don't know what you meant by someone coming to visit me. You shouldn't make statements that could be taken as threats on ones safety. Because you could be the one who gets taught something
Jeremy Sanders (13 days ago)
Uncle Tom and Aunt Kamala
Jake Harmon (13 days ago)
That terd that spoke at the end is quite possibly the biggest buffoon iv ever heard speak
mooganify (13 days ago)
8:20 oof
FilmGuy (13 days ago)
Tulsi ruined her. also Kamala hates white people
Piash Sutradhar (13 days ago)
President Tulsi
Piash Sutradhar (9 days ago)
@Balnazzardi She always stand with honesty,humanity and peace.
Balnazzardi (10 days ago)
You wish 😂 she doesn't stand any chance, I dont know what she is even doing in this race
Christian Amatulli (13 days ago)
Any Ron Paul supporters out there willing to work on Tulsi's campaign please contact me ASAP. Christian.Tulsi2020@gmail.com
Ryan A (13 days ago)
I wanna propose to Tulsi! lol
SonicsJoe2013 (13 days ago)
Tulsis only good moment throughout her candidacy
Sithic TV (13 days ago)
I love Tulsi so much. Tulsi vs. Trump is the only way Dems have a shot at the White House.
law tic (14 days ago)
Lol tore that bitch off the bone!!!
Gabriel Almanza (14 days ago)
Gary Connolly (14 days ago)
Kamala Harris hasn't got a chance of winning the candidate for the DNC election 2020!
lemurian chick (11 days ago)
So? Bernie might choose her as VP. Dumb comment.
spam (14 days ago)
Jon C (14 days ago)
Biden should choose Tusli as his running late. Harris is a nice looking women a dragon as well but she has jailed people over bs. That's not what we need. I wanta we Wich of these candidates will go after the Corona Virus "the King Virus" our biggest threat.
Rich752C (14 days ago)
Tulsi I would vote for....that's about it out of this group of phonies
Matthew M (14 days ago)
lol ok cop go arrest more single poor black women for not getting their kids to school on time literally kamala's drop is the best thing that has ever happened in the history of humanity
lemurian chick (11 days ago)
@Matthew M.: I think some of Kamala's actions were despicable but I have zero problem with holding "single, poor Black women" for not making sure their kids are in school. Poverty in Black America is nothing new--hence the terrible Great Society program in the '60s. But there wasn't the type of deliquency and the like back then. There were many more two-parent families as well. You are being racist assuming that because a Black woman is low-income she can't make her kids attend school.
Dave Velazco (14 days ago)
With these Dems Trump is gonna win again
David de los santos (14 days ago)
Come back Tulsi 😭
Jeff Wright (14 days ago)
ted pappas (14 days ago)
Withholding state's evidence to free someone that has been illegally in prison is a felony Kamala Harris
Bryan Gonzales (15 days ago)
Democrats don't do SHIT after being elected !!!
Jerry D (16 days ago)
Old news get over it clowns these clowns are no longer in the race...
Corey - Shooting Stars and Spinning Earth 土地 (16 days ago)
I made light appear smoking marijuana the venerable
Ethan VanderHoff (17 days ago)
Tulsi Gabbard is a massive W it’s just an extra bonus that she’s fine too
MIKE M (17 days ago)
Biden sounds like he's taddling. Lol bitch ass
MIKE M (11 days ago)
@lemurian chick surely you have. You just want recognition that it was spelled incorrectly. 👏
lemurian chick (11 days ago)
TADDLING? I've never heard that word before.
Mauricio G. (17 days ago)
Gabbard is a Trump follower. She is from GOP, she is a traidor.
Youtube Watch (8 days ago)
you are a traitor to usa and a bastard
Aviator S (17 days ago)
God I hope Tulsi Gabbard wins the democratic nominee. Please God
Moon Five (18 days ago)
Harris' campaign died in that momnent. Too bad that Gabbard didn't prove to have something more than these attacks, beacuse she's also continually faded since then.
Willy Bragg (18 days ago)
It is with good reason that Tulsi Gabbard is my second choice. I want to see a Bernie Sanders & Tulsi Gabbard ticket...
gdaholic (18 days ago)
Go Tulsi, Tulsi has the groundwork to show she does more than speeches. This showed Harris did only speak to speeches, she only has denials for her records.
Paul Hetherington (18 days ago)
CNN's damn slander, is in open display-- America!
Paul Hetherington (18 days ago)
con(son)=town of Chaldea, ver=worded, sat=backslider, on= strength of. You fell, in the words, you spoke-- damn fool.
Paul Hetherington (18 days ago)
CAR'A'CYN--Vehicle of self, psychology. Caracen-- many tongues, in her, damn lies. Viking is, there. Norg. Method= drunkards, one who runs, people over(Isis), terrorists. Not Chaldean, M' ETHERX'OD'--Me am, king pattern-- added--someone or THIRX=thing of, English. EN'G'LISH' At shark symbol, a leash.
Paul Hetherington (18 days ago)
HY'A'CYN'THERX--Blue is, royal Hawaiian.
timo 418 (19 days ago)
Reg Watson (19 days ago)
This marked the beginning of the end of Harris. Well done Tulsi. There is always a home for you in the Republican Party. You are wasted amongst these tossers.
Gfhfhgn Fmgdkgxkgd (19 days ago)
She shouldn't be running for president with that record or doing any public service
JO KA (19 days ago)
Kamala just enforced the law
Appalachian Mountains (20 days ago)
Still playing the race card.
Lenny A. (20 days ago)
Kamala lost her bid on this day!
Captain Amari (20 days ago)
I hope tulsi runs in 2024. I would vote for her!
The Matadore (21 days ago)
No one has any time to speak
Charles Moore (21 days ago)
Segregation this is bullshit in Chicago i went to a segregated school 50 years ago stop playing the race card already.
Jordan (21 days ago)
I love watching Tulsi Gabbard absolutely annihilate Kamala Harris.
Michael Jovich (21 days ago)
WTF was Creepy uncle joe even talking about?