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Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris' record on criminal prosecutions

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During CNN's Democratic presidential debate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) tears into Sen. Kamala Harris' record when she served as an attorney general and district attorney. #CNN #News
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Victorino Rivera (1 minute ago)
Sleepy joe really is sleepy 😂😂😂😂
Boscer (36 minutes ago)
How can anyone look at the City of Oakland and think "wow, Harris did such a great job there, lets use those policy's on the entire country"
Haat Praat (3 hours ago)
Tulsi Gabbard is a historical figure in the making IF only the US political system will give her a chance. If there is any cut out candidate to be POTUS at this point in time, it is this woman. Like Kamala, I'm of Jamaican heritage, but I'm both sides black Jamaican and I do enjoy smoking weed. Its just as well I live in The Netherlands, otherwise a kind hearted, family orientated man and husband like myself would have been locked up in jail with a bunch violent butt fuckers and murderers if I lived in California for simply having a quiet joint while listening to reggae music.
Tulsi gabbard is practically only one who can defeat trump..45% americans who hate trump ...plus she is wonderful orator plus she has awesome policies all round plus she gets all indo american jews n asian votes ..
John Doe (4 hours ago)
She said fancy speeches lmao This woman went to war TWICE!
mico joson (9 hours ago)
Off Topic, Tulsi Gabbard looks immaculate in white.
The Gulag Archipelago (9 hours ago)
I have never been a liberal never will be. Bit of both. America missed a chance to elect Veteran Tulsi Gabbard. Much Respect for her!! I may not always agree with her ideas but much respect Mam!!
August k k (14 hours ago)
-12 points Issa murder!
Kvn King (14 hours ago)
tusli didi like sister you are rock keept up.. you will be success ine day in future. God bless you to all
Just Noobs (14 hours ago)
Sometimes its so easy to find out what kind of a person is from heart, the face reveals everything.
Johnny Macalvee (17 hours ago)
Lemon is a f-ing disgrace. Harris got her start from letting Willie Brown 30 years-older than her bang her. That was her start. Nice eh?
Rebekah Murphy (17 hours ago)
Ewww some of these ppl get really nasty to each other. Cutthroat!!! Thought they were on the same team???
Just Jeph (20 hours ago)
Aww, Kami looks likes she's gonna cry..poor baby!
TAXCOLLECTOR2017 (23 hours ago)
In Syracuse New York , bussing disrupted one of the oldest working communities in the city. The entire area was literally bulldozed and a SEARS building sprawled where homes used to be. Blacks were literral sent in to destroy the value of homes and disrupt the education process. They then complained that they were being treated unfairly. If that was true, then those they effected were also being persecuted. Economically , and socially. So, who's the "racist". "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" failed the taxpayers, and FEDERAL SPENDING rose accordingly. Drugs were brought in which accelerated the process to what is now a POLICE STATE in the entire US. Now being trained by the ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCE$S. Tactics identical to what is seen in Occupied Palestine. So, where and who are these "Racists". Racism is spread by those who claim to be "victims" while everyone is the victim. Real estate brokers and bankers do very well. The DOHS gets the rest.
sisophous (1 day ago)
"Fancy opinion", "make speaches on a stage" Kamala Harris is not making any sense.
hugemagoo (1 day ago)
Tulsi Gabbard served her country with honour while kamala harris was spreading her legs to get to positions of power.
vaibhav jain (1 day ago)
Tulsi and Kamala both are Hindu names.
SiviliZe93 (1 day ago)
I think Tulsi is in the wrong party lol. Who drops atomic bombs like these on their fellow party members? I'm amazed at how the none from the Left was triggered by this. This far worse than police brutality. Fantastic job by Tulsi!
Brittany Harrison (1 day ago)
What. Are schools really segregated? And are kids really not going to pre-school? I haven’t heard any of that.
funny maker boy (1 day ago)
😂😂😂🤣 nothing care it. Tulsi not became president and Prime Minister 😂
Oopstoobad6275 (1 day ago)
kamala too uppity
Rãhúl raJ KANISHKA (1 day ago)
I support Tulsi.....
The American Flag (1 day ago)
Listen I support trump I want him to win in 2020. But tulsi gabbard interests me and I think she shouldn’t have been excluded from the debates!
Nicholas Pogson (1 day ago)
5:47 Damn right Tulsi there is no excuse!!!
Andrew Todd (1 day ago)
I love the Idiocracy in these democratic debates 😂😂
Mike Hunt (2 days ago)
kamala looks like horseshit
chriss1911 (2 days ago)
ifthekarahmed killedar (2 days ago)
A white chick fucked a black cock
Lian T (2 days ago)
Harris looks like she is under influence of marijuana.
Kam (2 days ago)
HAHAHA!!!! Take that you crooked bitch!! And you want to run this country!!! NOT IN YOUR LIFE!! YOU PIG KAMALA HAIRYASS!!
SHRISH NENU (2 days ago)
i m from india i think tulsi is better
mukul pandey (2 days ago)
all democrat,s be unite for TULSI she will make our WORLD better place to live in
Betty Blue (2 days ago)
Gotta admit, im batting for the ol' red team, but Tulsi seems like she knows how to properly drive a point. Good stuff.
The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed (2 days ago)
She's got my vote. And I don't vote. That's sayin' something. I can only hope and would love for the first female President of the U.S. to be just like that. It's not about gender. It's about common sense. Some people have it. Some people don't. Politics have nothing to do with good old common sense. Which seems to be in deficit nowadays.
AM Blake986 (2 days ago)
It was this day when Kamala Harris was officially done ✅
dalton1981 (3 days ago)
Nice impartial moderators, “what do you say about Trumps racist remarks...” 🤣 fuck #FakeNews CNN. The dem field right now is a joke. #Trump2020”
Jake Smith (3 days ago)
This is why tulsi was removed from future debates. The dnc is corrupt. It’s time to endorse Bernie
neha doe (3 days ago)
Republican here. In liberals Tulsi is the best. Seriously.
cigma 6 (3 days ago)
Tulsi should of went after warren first
Marc Puno (3 days ago)
Bill and Ted at 7:00 Dude!!!!!
Isaac Prasad (3 days ago)
Kamala is such a liar
Brian Mullins (3 days ago)
Even the mattress strapped on Harris' back couldn't stop all the shrapnel Gabbard threw at her.
maddy jean (3 days ago)
No I’m dirty dan! No. I’m dirty dan!
Smoke Purple (3 days ago)
Whole line of pieces of shits and, CNN is the toilet bowl
DENISE SCOTT (3 days ago)
Akshay Philip (4 days ago)
Alejandro Gonzalez (4 days ago)
How to win support as a politician: Blame someone else for everything
Gillie S (4 days ago)
I don't know how a white person could vote for any of these clowns.
michael turner (4 days ago)
Who is the biggest piece of garbage on this stage? Kamala Harris has to be close to the top!
Chad Michaels (4 days ago)
CNN sucks!
Eagledives (4 days ago)
Tulsi Gabbard ( Hawaii )Very attractive and well spoken but let's separate wishful thinking from reality. Wishing the best to Medical 'Major' US Veteran Tulsi ( NO COMBAT experience, only medical personnel ), she speaks about ending all regime change wars if she became president. Most people do not know that as a U.S. Army Medical Department officer ( ex ' Major' ), you will not be required to participate in the Basic Combat Training that enlisted Soldiers attend. Instead, you'll attend an Officer Basic Leadership Course ( similar to a middle manager ), a basic orientation to the Army health care team ( paramedic training ), Army doctrine ( USM Code of conduct ) and basic Soldier and leadership skills. So there are those who 'served' and there are those who risk their lives serving this country, this is a significant distinction between both. In regard to the alleged 'Bias' claimed by Major Tulsi, you cannot expect to be ask so many questions in a debate if you are lagging behind in the national polls, that is just good old COMMON SENSE MAJOR !     Now we all know how powerful the Arms Industry is on this country and if you have any basic understanding of how our capitalist economic system works then you would be aware of the reality of this nation's foreign policy to influence other friendly nations and keep their support in foreign conflicts. The reality is that this country will NEVER become like Switzerland ( Neutral ) or like Costa Rica ( NO Military ) So Mrs Tulsi's wishful thinking is absolutely not logical. Isolationism have its drastic consequences and Mrs Tulsi doesn't seem to be aware of them.   First there is the fact that many other nations buy arms, planes, ships from the US and that is not going to go away so easily, specially if you as a president cannot control the US Senate. There is the other fact that many " regimes" or developing regimes like the 'Taliban', AL-Qaeda, ISIS, Venezuela, North Korea, even Russia are so dangerous to America's NATIONAL SECURITY and its allies national security, that it really sounds very NARROW MINDED and with all due respect bordering on ignorance to make an statement like that. So having said that, she appears to have the best of intentions but in reality her agenda is limited in her lack of knowledge on US Foreign Policy and its effects on US interests and its allies interests and least of all is not achievable in the big realm of things. Use your votes wisely America.   On the issue of Medicare for all or Health care for all. That is a very popular and needed benefit for many seniors and for many low income earners. It is easy to advocate for this cause but in reality no one yet has been able to implement it efficiently enough , NOT even Obama with its very unpopular and inefficient 'Obama Care Health Plan'. The pharmaceutical and healthcare insurance industries will not loose money or disappear just because Rep. Tulsi or anyone else wants to change the entire industry, that is NOT realistic and it will never happen in this country.   Some people in this country are so gullible and so easily mislead, deceived and lie to that is why most of them voted for Obama, and Hillary Clinton , it is unbelievable the level of ignorance about this issue. Presidential candidates know this and that's why they raise and talk about complex issues that most people don't have enough knowledge to compare and evaluate properly what they are advocating, so they basically vote on empty promises and this cycle repeats over and over again.
BillyFreeTX (4 days ago)
"To understand who rules you, ask who you can't criticize." -Voltaire
Robert Mccarthy (4 days ago)
Highlight Tulsi Gabbard she's the only hope the Dems have I'm center and she's the only person that doesn't sound insane.
Andy Grice (4 days ago)
A lot of Democratic criminals come from California.
Djentleman (4 days ago)
Destroying Harris was easy, her record is shit
J Gibs (4 days ago)
Fuck kamala
Michael Horner (4 days ago)
I'm not a Democrat.....but Tulsi is a million times better than Kamala and Warren!
danielsh1015 (4 days ago)
Harris pounded on Biden and didn't make a dent in his poll numbers. Gabbard pointed out in two seconds Harris's hypocrisy and ruined her chances forever. Harris must be asking what the hell happened.
HAPPY9862 (4 days ago)
Wallace (4 days ago)
as Dr. Izawara said: "Let Them Fight"
Mike Morales (4 days ago)
I hate Democrats!! Both on the political/ federal level, and the citizen/social level, but Tulsi I can get behind anyday. Her and Yang at the one's that should be the front runners.
Juan Cena | THE CHAMP IS HERE (1 day ago)
Tulsi is unfortunately not going to make it. Yang has potential. #YangGang
Do Viet (4 days ago)
Don't forget she also dropped a bomb on that CNN Douchebag as well.
Do Viet (4 days ago)
I'd give up a lifetime of protesting for women's issues to watch this clip. This is by far, one of the most powerful act of justice for the American people. Way to go Tulsi and thank you for standing up against tyranny and racism.
Angelum Band (5 days ago)
Tulsi Gabbard is the only one that deserves my vote: Honesty, Integrity, Decency, Consistency, Common Sense and Wisdom. All these lacking in Lamala.
Kevin Liang (1 day ago)
Check out Andrew Yang! They'd make a good ticket together
normal guy (5 days ago)
Tulsi next wonder woman!
pratik mohite (5 days ago)
One hindu destroying other i am not religious but I rather doubt Muslims in America will do it
Alexander Aronov (5 days ago)
Franklin Bowen (5 days ago)
Andrew yang 2020!!
cigma 6 (3 days ago)
Lol Tulsi still doesn't hold a candle to Trump in a debate
Angelum Band (5 days ago)
Does not have a chance against Trump. Tulsi Gabbard is the only one Trump is afraid of.
Rey Vandernold (5 days ago)
You can clearly see this was a team up to annihilate Sen. Harris after her attack on Biden. Be clear eyed people, campaigns are meant to outshine others, which sometimes include sharing information with other campaigns when there is a formidable threat on the rise, I have worked on campaigns and I have seen this before. Yes Kamala Harris' office had flaws but that is nothing compared to the other offices around the country that are sweeping evidence under the rug. Not to mention Harris' fight for LGBT while Tulsi was gabbing her mouth about anti-LGBT rhetoric. Read the attached links and be open minded, the evolution of time is real, whether you agree or not. https://www.politifact.com/california/article/2019/aug/01/were-tulsi-gabbards-attacks-kamala-harris-record-c/ https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2019/aug/02/joe-biden/debate-biden-said-google-1000-prisoners-freed-kama/ https://www.politifact.com/california/article/2019/jan/29/kamala-harris-criminal-justice-reformer-or-defende/
Psygnostic (5 days ago)
Vote Tulsi if you are tired of wars that only benefit the military industrial complex.
Psygnostic (5 days ago)
Vote Tulsi if you are tired of wars that only benefit the military industrial complex.
Psygnostic (5 days ago)
Vote Tulsi if you are tired of wars that only benefit the military industrial complex.
Topazman12 (5 days ago)
DEMS want a candidate to beat Trump. Tulsi Gabbard is the best candidate.
Peggy Scott (5 days ago)
Harris..."doing the work..." Yeah, what work? Mass incarceration.
Nick Rykert (5 days ago)
She starts at 3:43
Nai the fish Guy (6 days ago)
She is so evil putting people life in danger while she is an attorney...I bet she take money under the table while being a attorney. AT LEAST SHE GOT EXPOSE TO THE PUBLIC.
Chris Wright (6 days ago)
honestly, looking at this again a month or two later, Kamala defends herself with vigour and integrity. She's right, it's very easy for Tulsi to be an idealist up on the stage, it's less easy when you actually are the one calling the shots.
Angelum Band (5 days ago)
Lamala Harris who climb the political ladder trading favors with Willie Brown has never served of been deployed twice like Gabbard. Also Lamala is a lawyer and we all know there ain't no skid marks on the road to prevent bumping into one.
Solowarrior1221 (6 days ago)
holy shit, that was the debate equivalent of dropping a tsar bomb. There's no recovery from that, kamala is done, instant vaporization, not even ashes left.
BoomShakaLaka (6 days ago)
Kamala thinks that when she does the angry mom BS, dumb gullible Americans would believe it's genuine
DarksidePride (6 days ago)
and tulsi was not in the latest debate because?
Angelum Band (5 days ago)
The DNC Services Corporation DBA has no legal obligation with their voters.
30192 (6 days ago)
Kamala reached her carrer peak through whoring ..
Don B (6 days ago)
Harris: «i reformed the criminal justice system for the better» Gabbard: «Harris put 1000 people in jail for weed and laughed about it and almost killed an innocent man until she was forced to release the information she was hiding» «You got a response to that?» Harris: «i reformed the criminal justice system for the better» Get these criminals out of your government
log140 (6 days ago)
Finally someone exposed Kamala Harris...
Saint Nick (6 days ago)
Stacked with useless candidates. Tulsi is probably the best candidate
herminio meneses (6 days ago)
Kamala always trying to use the race card: DECLINED
Jordan Drummond (6 days ago)
Jesus Fucking Christ this format could make a genius sound like a politician, and it makes these politicians sound like utterly morns! Let’s get them on Joe Rogan and let them talk for 3 hours so we can see if they actually have something to say that can’t be said in one or two minutes.
Myke D (6 days ago)
It's beautiful how Kamala Harris tries coming across as this poor widdle black girl that was victimized by the evil White man and then Tulsi Gabbard comes thru and just completely blasts her hypocritical, greedy, and racist ass right outta the water and exposes her to all of America as the evil half black bitch that she truly is!
DBZD (6 days ago)
Let’s be clear, let’s be clear... just because you’re black doesn’t mean you have to make everything about color. THAT is racist.
You, me and the unknown (6 days ago)
YESSS!!! Thats how you do it Tulsi!!
Quentin Lewis (6 days ago)
I am a 17 years old from Michigan and I loved this exchange. I never really supported Harris because of her past records. Tulsi Gabbard is my second choice because she tells it like it is. I personally think that Biden and Gabbard would be able to bring Republicans along With some major crucial adjustments to the United States that we need. I have been reading both of their policies and they seem to go to the center on some issues
splashonthebeat (6 days ago)
She’s more proud of her career than making sure innocent people aren’t put in jail. 😤
Road Rules (6 days ago)
Harris has always strike me as an emotionally troubled individual.
christian najarro (7 days ago)
lp (7 days ago)
I'm looking for the best candidate to run against trump. I donated 5 dollars to Tulsi campaign. I'm not saying I am a supporter of hers but I would like to see her in a little long. Please give a least a dollar.
Stephen Harper (7 days ago)
If the DNC had any interest in uniting the country they would get very interested in Tulsi Gabbard becoming a frontrunner for president. She would probably do better in debate with Trump than any other candidate. My opinion anyway.
andy99ish (7 days ago)
Tulsi and Kamala: The Beauty and the Beast
Curtis Rupp (7 days ago)
What would be hilarious if for any reason Mike pence retired I like him god forbid that but if he did and Tulsi became Trumps vice president as an independent
Curtis Rupp (7 days ago)
Main reason Tulsi wasn't invited for debate 3
Mohit Chanchlani (4 days ago)
true she is against war but she sure drop nukes from mouth
Angelum Band (5 days ago)
Then DNC Services Corporation DBA has no legal obligation with their voters. Main reason not to vote for them if Gabbard is not their candidate. That simple.
James Feldman (7 days ago)
Although one could argue that Gabbard destroyed Harris by exposing her, Harris destroyed herself with her own heinous actions.
Leaf Church (7 days ago)
I'm not a Democrat, but I think I'm in love❤