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Fly the Fortress: EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast

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EAA's B-17G has a remarkable story. One filled with daring missions and personal sacrifice. You’re now invited to relive that story on a historic flight aboard the EAA’s beautifully restored B-17 Flying Fortress, Aluminum Overcast. More than just an airplane, the B17 is living history that holds a remarkable connection to the past and is the most iconic image of World War II. Today, it serves as a tribute to those known as the greatest generation: the bold men and women who built and served on the heavy bombers in the 1940s. Relive the story. Join the flight. Buy your flight tickets today. www.eaa.org/en/eaa/flight-experiences/aluminum-overcast-eaa-b-17-bomber-tour/b-17-aluminum-overcast-tour-stops
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HardiX (23 days ago)
Michael Murray (1 month ago)
One of many definitions of the Sound of Freedom.
Deutsch Lerner (1 month ago)
flew in this today in Mississippi 10/10 got the jacket too
Naru fluffyfluff (2 months ago)
By far my favorite aircraft of all time!
machia0705 (3 months ago)
Thank you men .
freewheeler88 (9 months ago)
Political Correctness Saturates eveywhere....These Folks, even the Host pilot ,couldn't bring himself to use the word MEN to describe the CrewMEN,he used the Gender Neutral Liberally Correct Term,"CrewMembers", a term never used in WW2,and he also used the nondescript word "People" to describe the Airmen...How about we give the MEN of the Airforce in WW2 the Credit they Deserve, and not Neutralize them to the Younger Generation .
Jason Bell (7 months ago)
My grandfather served as a B-24 waist gunner over Europe during WWII, my father served in the USAF during the Vietnam era, and I served in the USAF during the Desert Storm era. The use of "crew members" and "people" is totally fine with me and I also have huge respect for the over 1,000 women who flew military aircraft during WWII (including the B-17) in non-combat roles. Their contributions were invaluable to the war effort.
jani laitikas (9 months ago)
Tässä oli suomalainen videossa! Torille!
Elgatovolador0717 (11 months ago)
b17 boeings 737 grandfathers
DabsOnTwoWheels 702 (1 year ago)
I will do this. This is definitely high on the bucket list.
TheStuffz (1 year ago)
Amazing Video! I hope to one day take the ride of a lifetime!