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How To Remove Huawei Demo Software 100% Success Trick 2018

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How To Remove Huawei Demo Software 100% Success Trick 2018 huawei retail demo disable ,how to remove huawei retail demo
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Text Comments (54)
Mansukh Bains (1 hour ago)
I have a Huawei Y5 2019 and I tried to deactivate Retail Mode but it says "Uninstallation Failed" on it
Amrin Yusuf (7 days ago)
Does it work on honor 10?
Timo Vilen (10 days ago)
Cheers, you saved my Bacon!
Savu Dan (21 days ago)
what about mate10 lite. can you help me pls?
Angel Flores (29 days ago)
Pude eliminar la app de retail pero de las opciones para restablecer datos de fabrica no se puede solo las primeras dos opciones, alguien sabe porque? Mate 20 lite
Manjinder Singh (1 month ago)
Hello sir can u make video on p20 lite remove demo mode today I need emmidately
Zarick Saleem (2 months ago)
Hi i need help i have a p20 lite in demo mode and need help in removing it
Troy Brunt (2 months ago)
I have ae nova 3i I did all what u said to do but when I put pin in it won't let me confirm plz plz help
Troy Brunt (2 months ago)
@SMRT TECHNOLOGY the 1122334455 won't work
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (2 months ago)
Vahid P TeCh Vlogger (2 months ago)
you save my day done huawei y6 2019 love...
S.B.P RIDERZ (2 months ago)
Does this work on p30
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (2 months ago)
Check my channel p30 uploaded
Alone boy (3 months ago)
FUWU XING (3 months ago)
please, p30 pro, i think huawei has fixed the code, it doesn;t work when i put the code, the retail apps can not be delete
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (2 months ago)
P30 pro new video uploaded
FUWU XING (3 months ago)
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (3 months ago)
Just wait some days I will try to given p30 pro demo retail video
wiliwili-am tii-ko (3 months ago)
Please sir p30 pro
Mulugueta Beyene (3 months ago)
P30 pro
Ariyan Ahmed (3 months ago)
Jaime Majano (4 months ago)
Help please! I recently purchased a Huawei Mate 20 lite, it came with a retail demo app which i uninstalled after so much efforts, however the factory reset option on the menu is unavailiable (grayed out) also when I try hard reset, the factory reset option is also unavailiable there (grayed out). How can I factory rest/hard reset the device?
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (4 months ago)
Watch full video mate 20 lite 100% demo retail remove
Gicu Onu (4 months ago)
I have the same phone as the video, Huawei mate 20 (hma-L29), I watched the video all the way, and I followed the steps, but it still does not let me delete the app unless there is a trick you do not get in the video.
gio kvavadze (3 months ago)
i can do it
Calmepeace (4 months ago)
Hi there. Did Everything but when I tap and hold the retail demo icon it only gives the option for settings and not for delete. In the phone settings it won't delete either. Do you have a solution. Thanks in advance..
Angel Flores (29 days ago)
Tap and hold next slide to up for unistalling :)
Gicu Onu (4 months ago)
Help me, mate 20 hma - l29
Calmepeace (4 months ago)
Hi the model name is Huawei Mate 20 HMA-L29
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (4 months ago)
Give me model name brother
Taral Patel (4 months ago)
Salute to Sumon mibile
Taral Patel (4 months ago)
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (4 months ago)
Taral Patel (4 months ago)
@SMRT TECHNOLOGY I have quetion for you guys, How can I check network lock on trusted online service?
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (4 months ago)
Welcome brother
Taral Patel (4 months ago)
It worked in my mate 20 pro, Thank you guys for sharing this video. It saved my money and time. Thank you again.
Houssem Slimani (5 days ago)
Can you help same here mate 20 pro but it didn't work
Joan Mitra (3 months ago)
I don't understand what he's saying nor see what he's doing on the phone. Can you please send me the directions you followed?
fd2 (4 months ago)
im already follow ur step..untill to remove the icon demo just only have retail setting..pls help me..
Abhishek Choudhary (5 months ago)
While pressing the app the options arent showing pls help
Lucian 80 (5 months ago)
Done everything like u,but cant unninstal the app. What next?
Lucian 80 (5 months ago)
SUMON MOBILE REPAIR TECH i keep pressing the icon and no unninstal option apears. From the apps menu,if i choose to disable it, gives me an error.
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (5 months ago)
Bro watch full video u can uninstall the app
Anonymous Future (5 months ago)
thanks (remove demo Y7 Prime 2019)
Daniel Leroy (5 months ago)
This method not work. Only 1 minute its available.
fsd (5 months ago)
Options do not appear when I press the application. please help?????
TheFabulousDoge (5 months ago)
I have mate 20 pro I do exactly the same steps but when I put the last passwords and tick allow to uninstall and exit the app and hold retail demo there no uninstall button
Ruslan Dzhanbaev (6 months ago)
Mate20PRO please
karim arfaoui (6 months ago)
I have mate 20 pro bet i test this and i dont can remove retail mode help me please. Sorry m y english its verry bad
Amani Sadiki (5 months ago)
Thats mate 20, not pro
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (6 months ago)
Bro check full video it’s mate 20 pro 100%
karim arfaoui (6 months ago)
I m french ca ne fonctionne pas
karim arfaoui (6 months ago)
No fontionne
SMRT TECHNOLOGY (6 months ago)
Sorry bro I can’t understand