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Soldier surprises 5 year old son

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A soldier returning from Afghanistan decides to surprise his 5 year old son at school during reading time.
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Text Comments (10)
Daniel Oficial (1 year ago)
i love see it
Bob Bennett (2 years ago)
I never get tired of watching these
Beth Dalley (3 years ago)
Very sweet story
Ferruzza 22 (5 years ago)
This soldier surprises his 5 year old son and this video makes me excited!
Stealth TEV (6 years ago)
That boy sounds like my little cousin Joe
hannah w (6 years ago)
The end was the best part!
Valerie Swanson (6 years ago)
He's sitting there like, "What? Are you real?" and then he gets up, and HUUGGGSSS FOR DADDY!(:
LydiacButler (6 years ago)
his face was just "umm...what?"...lol..he was in shock!
FIAgirl01 (6 years ago)
His initial look was, "Is this real life?" Crying
Katelynn Grace (7 years ago)
legit this made me cry :')