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Parallel & Off Set Skills

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This video is about Parallel & Off Set Skills
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Gerry (2 months ago)
once you're set up to parallel park (11:20), you then steer hard left, but wouldn't you be hitting the truck on the passenger side as you're turning (11:28)?
AMADEO MURILLO (3 months ago)
which is the official distance from red cones to each side of the truck...Anybody answer that to me
AMADEO MURILLO (2 months ago)
@joe harrop ....thank you
joe harrop (3 months ago)
AMADEO MURILLO yes it 12 ft apart yellow line to yellow line 100 ft long on straight line and 40 ft to back up into offset parking then with parallel it’s15 ft longer then the truck Watch Knight trans Squire skills video that will help you out Good luck and thank you
Bill Hib (4 months ago)
I'm hungry now!
soluuhuongyhik (5 months ago)
sorry, i dont know exactly what is the chip in the landing gear? Is the chip foot of landing gear .but i like this video so much it good for me.Thank you so much.
soluuhuongyhik (5 months ago)
And Do any landing gear of trailer have same position?
Sheep Dog69 (5 months ago)
Dude, can you even use these big ass trucks for the dmv test? I know you can't here, they wont fit on the course in my area of CA... It's way easier to back these 53 ft trailers and double rear axle trucks. try it closer quarters with a single axle truck and a single axle 2*ft trailer lol. those little fuckers get away from you, unlike these slow to respond longer trailers and trucks lol.
Marie Harrop (5 months ago)
Sheep Dog69 they test right here at the school and on the road. But yes here they have a side strictly for the trucks
Phabulous Fabs (6 months ago)
Great video folks. Keep watching them. It helped me greatly ! All videos were made with one intention , to make sure we are able to pass our test
Bloopcopter (7 months ago)
Truckers get no respect, this and blind backing give me anxiety just watching. Still gonna do the school and get my shit together.
Artof Shine (9 months ago)
An idea...i worked as a warehouse yard hustler backing trailers on dock and moving full/empty ones to the yard. No cdl need, after a month. I went to a driving school and rented a truck and did a road and got my CDL in one day. Heck I was backing up better than the cdl instructor at that school. Or any driver I saw at the busy yard I used to work at. Some cdl drivers used to ask me to pull and back their trailer. I be like nah keep trying. No I got my CDL, I'm very confident in back and manoeuvring in any state or city. Yard dogs is the best school than any school out there and the pay is good
Ruben Morales (9 months ago)
Good job
Juan Carlos Glez Leyva (9 months ago)
Thanks very much
Eleshuan Yahlahn (10 months ago)
Line up with the seam, out in the real world there aren't any seams to line up with and or at all driving schools...
MARCO RIVERA (7 months ago)
Use imaginary objects just like man and woman use toys to pleasure themselves 👉👌🤣
John Bearden (10 months ago)
I'll make sure to bring my own seams to the exam.
Ray Sauter (2 months ago)
@Michael Minkley obviously specific to their teaching style. Practically speaking, look at the landing gear for reference. This may be sufficient to get you to pass the exam on a closed course but should not make you overly confident in the real world first time trying to park between two semi's along a fence in tight quarters at a crowded truck stop or rest area!
Michael Davis (4 months ago)
@Michael Minkley not really because the seam is at the edge of the space you'd be parking in.
Happy Martin (6 months ago)
Happy Martin (6 months ago)
@Michael Minkley I'm assuming the triangle in the landing gear?
Michael Minkley (6 months ago)
WTF pizza slice???!!
Ashley Brown (10 months ago)
This helped a whole lot I take my EXAM tomorrow!!!! I’m confident more than what I was before !!!!!! T H A N K S A L O T 🤗
Marie Harrop (10 months ago)
Ashley Brown Thank You so very much for the comment. Did you go through the Knight School?
Emily Chase (11 months ago)
Here in Oklahoma it would of been two points for encroachment especially 3 feet ..here we usually do 4 foot of the cone and yet to dps that seems to close for there likings here ..
joe harrop (11 months ago)
Emily Chase Ok encroachment is when the truck or tires or mirrors hit the line or a cone then that is 2 pts but I still hope it help you out thank you
David Cascaddan (1 year ago)
Seams, Lines etc. What about in places where there are no seems and/or lines to use? This is really only practical for school house driving. Companies like Owen Corning just have massive blacktop loading areas with no lines or seams. I've watched countless drivers try to back into docks (despite the amount of room available) and they struggle to even back strait up. I want to see more driving schools offer backing into docks that are only 103" wide with a 96" or 101" wide trailer.
RPA Trucking and Survival (4 months ago)
David Cascaddan dude we get with trainers for a month over the road. Pretty sure we’re set. I’m at the school right now doing great! Our on the job trainers will run us through that. Or is common sense not as common for you?
mrrmullen2 (1 year ago)
Is this video for drivers that are training at the school?
ABQ ENTREPRENEUR (9 months ago)
Just bring your own seams!!!!
Marie Harrop (1 year ago)
mrrmullen2 this is a set up for the students but can be a guide for everyone.
69adrummer (1 year ago)
fuck I gotta look thru a little slit of video because in 2017 people STILL hold their goddamned cameras the wrong way!! FFS!!
joe harrop (1 year ago)
69adrummer yes the thin screen is to show the main thing to look for sorry but thx you for your comment
Jay S (1 year ago)
@UC5eQ5Gt2bgptHYqQkqXyl3w I have no idea what chip or pzzia slice is but I like that you had step by step instruction with REFERENCE PTS. thanks so much for that. I notice though not one video ever does this kind of detail with alley dock, not one and I seen too many to count with no luck.
Marie Harrop (1 year ago)
Jay S hope that you liked it
SureShot McPro (1 year ago)
Marie Harrop, this is votable as top instructor, message me on 1337CoryJones@Gmail.com
Marie Harrop (1 year ago)
SureShot McPro check your email please
Ed Kennedy (1 year ago)
Hi Mary .. Thank your so much for these videos .. Could you please make one for alley Dock.. Thanks you again
Rescue3EMS (1 year ago)
This is great instruction for THIS SPECIFIC course just to help pass a student. NOT good for real life. Students need to learn the proper way to back into ANY parallel parking and ANY offset situation. This video using all the Cracks an seems and what not is just for this course. BAD THING for teaching new students. What are they to do in REAL life? Teach all the proper skills THAT DO IN FACT EXIST for any and all spots. Not just this course or you put DANGEROUSLY under taught drivers on the road.
NeV MeV (8 months ago)
I was not attempting to troll. The initial statements that you made, while holding some validity, seemed to me to be a bit hypercritical of the fundamentals that the course was aiming to establish. I am someone who has the ability to admit that i am guilty of the same. I am glad that you have been able to overcome such struggles. Best wishes( I don't consider you an enemy though but this is a great clip) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G--dHnHtKi0
Rescue3EMS (8 months ago)
For your info. I do drive. Why would you assume based off that one sentence I do not? That is a bad habit little internet troll. My correction still stands as it is good advice. Your's is nothing more than what "appears" to be a troll who likes to feel big about one self. Since you are one of the self proclaimed internet English Police. Thank goodness I don;t take offence lol. Considering I had past severe brain trauma and was told I would die then live. Then was told I could never go back to college. Yet did so with a 3.82 avg over the next 3 years then scoring the highest score in the state on final. I think my spelling and use of linguistic structure is okay considering what I've been through. The occasional slip up in spelling considering 12% loss of previously active brain that is now covered by an area of the brain not meant for it's use as it is being used, is fine with me. Some of us mere mortals have issues. Sorry oh great one for your issue with not being able to be told the truth without your feelings being hurt. Then needing sarcastic rebuke to make you feel like a big boy lol. I'm glad your stellar spelling abilities and understanding of language gives you great comfort. Most humans of any worth know there is a great deal more to life. Like trying to save lives by teaching how to drive correctly and safely! I would not have to rescue so many people from car accidents if more people knew how to drive!
NeV MeV (8 months ago)
@Rescue3EMS You've HEARD,eh? I get where you are coming from, but unless you drive, don't be critical just yet. Oh, btw in the context you were aiming for would be "their". "There" is referring to a place, "Their" is for people, and "They're" is short for "They are." (Since you think correcting people is nice, I thought I'd help you in return.)
Rescue3EMS (1 year ago)
It should be taught correct from the get go. YOU CAN NOT depend on the driver trainer. I've heard TONS of horror stories on many who do as little as possible to earn there extra pay. the fact they are used so much is EXACTLY my point. So teach them correctly. Not just to pass a local DMV test.
Steven Jersic (1 year ago)
That is why you have an additional 4 to 6 weeks on the road with a driver trainer. I drove in Chicago for 12 years and guess what both the offset and parallel skills were used on a weekly basis. There are some awesome docks in Chicago and on lower Wacker drive that you need to know these skills for.
Jeffery J. Herrera (1 year ago)
Which mirror do we look at when looking for that pizza slice and chip? Big mirror or convex?
joe harrop (1 year ago)
Jeffery J. Herrera you will see it in both the mirrors it will stand out in the long mirror more the top rail will disappear from the bottom of the trailer and the spot you see the tip of the pizza I hope that helped
Tim Lozott (1 year ago)
This video will get you spot on for the skills. Semper Fi Joe!
Debra Calhoun (1 year ago)
This is one of the best Video I have seen, very clear and shows the steps in slow motion almost. Thanks again.
ABQ ENTREPRENEUR (9 months ago)
Marie Harrop (10 months ago)
Koool Man the seams represent the lines at a shipper. Carry the line straight out and that would be your seams in real life. What part are you confused with. And where the cones are are representing where the other trucks are at or your lines.
Koool Man (10 months ago)
Debra Calhoun Good fir practice but real life backing is completely different , you won’t find the reference points on real docks like shown in video
Janni C Janni C (10 months ago)
Debra Calhoun this video is the best for real!
Andre Barrett (1 year ago)
I seem to can’t grasp the parallel parking to the blind side. Sometimes I’m perfect, and others I’m too close to either lanes on the side. What can you suggest I do, to line my self up for a good way to get in the box?
joe harrop (1 year ago)
Andre Barrett the one your backing straight to from the passenger sideline from SINGS 1:35 in video
Andre Barrett (1 year ago)
joe harrop on the 2 1/2-3 ft, is that from the far right line, or the line that you’re backing straight to? Thanks by the way, I’m definitely gonna apply these on my next run.
joe harrop (1 year ago)
Andre Barrett it’s all about the set up from the first turn. But at the end the trailer is going out of the box to the drivers side that means you going back to far on the SAD that little straight back and if it going towards the wall then your not going in far enough. Remember you must be about 2 1/2 - 3 ft from the back of the trailer to the yellow line . Hope this helped thank you for watching
Andre Barrett (1 year ago)
What do you mean by the chip in the landing gear?
John Bearden (10 months ago)
The chip is just a smaller pizza slice, like tortilla chip.
Eh Ta (1 year ago)
Thank for help
Daniel Kennedy (1 year ago)
Seeing the "chip" in landing gear? what might that be? thanks
joe harrop (10 months ago)
John Bearden yes that’s right thx
John Bearden (10 months ago)
The chip is the smaller pizza slice, like a tortilla chip.
John Payne (11 months ago)
Yes wat does the chip mean
streetspeed910 (1 year ago)
This helped me out alot along with all the instructors helping such great people!
Joey Jennings (1 year ago)
You only have 9 minutes to do this in test..just saying
alonzo weaver (1 year ago)
I'm confused about the part that says Landing gear parallel to the drive wheel, wheen offset parking. How can it be "parallel" if it's at a angle? Can someone explain
alonzo weaver (1 year ago)
Marie Harrop Now I see. For a minute I thought he was saying that the wheel will have to be straight to but that would have not made sense. Thanks
Marie Harrop (1 year ago)
alonzo weaver landing gear is straight up and down and your drive tires the sidewall are straight up and down or parallel. And you are looking for the very inside tip of the landing gear foot pad.
Nimitzclass A (1 year ago)
Holy cow! Now these maneuvers make so much more sense to me... XD
Marie Harrop (1 year ago)
Nimitzclass A Hey Thanks it’s nice to know that this worked for you! Big Joe
meowdog302 (1 year ago)
Great video, helps to see the different angles :-)
Marie Harrop (2 years ago)
Thanks I hope this helps