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The Fake Socialite Who Scammed New York's Elite - The Vault

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Anna Delvey came on the New York City party scene in 2016 and immediately won over everyone. However, her bills started to pile up and New York City's finest hotels led to her eventual downfall. Cheddar investigates this fake heiress. Subscribe to Cheddar on YouTube: http://chdr.tv/subscribe Connect with Cheddar! On Facebook: http://chdr.tv/facebook On Twitter: http://chdr.tv/twitter On Instagram: http://chdr.tv/instagram On Cheddar.com: http://chdr.tv/cheddar
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Text Comments (9537)
Shy (11 hours ago)
That’s just white PRIVILEGE. Period
Lostgears (1 day ago)
As a bank rep for over 7 years HOW THE BLOODY FUCK DID NO ONE CALL BULLSHIT ON THIS??? Fucking zoomers.
Joseph (1 day ago)
The animation is soooo cuuute!
Payton Carlsgaard (1 day ago)
Its free real estate
D (1 day ago)
Eh, I'm kinda happy she was able to jib these rich, worthless, entitled people.
Zoya Zoya Zen (1 day ago)
i lived in NYC and im not surprised. Girls get offered so much free stuff just by integrating in the right groups. Also, everyone in New York is a cloutchaser lol
tootallforyou112 (1 day ago)
Charisma 10
tyler gnosis (1 day ago)
Oh to be white
Bigben2u (2 days ago)
So, an immigrant from Germany, came to the US to scam millions of $$$, and she doesn't get deported???
The Gay Expat (2 days ago)
Bottom line: she looked the part. This reminds me of that African guy who pretended to know sign language at Nelson Mandella's funeral or that couple that snuck into the Whitehouse when Obama was president.
Akeno Chu (2 days ago)
Well she tried...didn’t last long.
Akeno Chu (2 days ago)
‘CREDIT CARDS, ID? I am SO freaking pissed!’
Green Eyes in China (2 days ago)
Aren’t all socialites fake?
Bryan Ak (2 days ago)
Ah.....another russian born fake socialites. All she want to do is having fun and IG
ajanay23 (2 days ago)
This NEVER would've worked if she was black. I still get followed in the gas station 🙄
iibaddie_B (2 days ago)
Now this is some Gossip Girl shit😳
Melissa (2 days ago)
i love her
Onbeatman (3 days ago)
Man this animation style is very hard to watch. Can’t make it further than half way though.
Shadow Darkness (3 days ago)
Did any lucky guy managed to sex her?
FlyGirlLiLi (3 days ago)
She wasnt sorry, stole a shit ton of money, was a pain to the court and she got a plea deal of one year. Damn its good to be pretty and white
2829121 (3 days ago)
All ANYONE has to do is use your federal reserve account! We all have one! And it works. Going on 7 years, it works.
Chang8e (3 days ago)
More like she scammer herself.
SIMON SANTANDER (3 days ago)
I’ve Arrived USA (4 days ago)
She’s a hooker!!!!
Hannah Ravenwit (4 days ago)
She is obviously a psychopath.
Roy (4 days ago)
She did alot of sucking.
NotJerry Beans (4 days ago)
Now the media makes a movie of Anna as *Catch me if you can* except it's a girl this time😂
Selvokaz (4 days ago)
If this isn't a prime case of White women being able to get away with Anything, I don't know what else is.
Aaron (4 days ago)
Reminds me of Cayetana from ÈLITE
Jack Swegg (4 days ago)
I see you have Tesla's trend line in the background
Alniece J (4 days ago)
Sounds about white🤷🏾‍♀️
StYxXx (4 days ago)
So she basically did what a lot of companies, managers and especially banks are doing all the time: Spending money they don't have and getting money from others for just making promises. :D
Satrio Arif (5 days ago)
all she need just a wiser older evil partner to do background finance and strategic PR. Imagine she gonna be...
madeeha (5 days ago)
Tim (5 days ago)
Smh hand African Americans selling weed gets life in prison. While this white girl, only gets 4 years for embezzling 100s of thousands of dollars and a fucking netflix show. Smh and people say white privilege doesnt exist.
Stephanie Manley (5 days ago)
Denny's totally allows you to order off-menu!
George J Rivera (5 days ago)
This just proves the dark side and extreme of people pretending on social media. Some people are just hungry for fame. It's pretty damn sad.
FlowUrbanFlow (6 days ago)
How did she just, not have a credit card on file?
FlowUrbanFlow (6 days ago)
I read about this but didn't understand
Airplane Towards the Sky (6 days ago)
Le not les
rhysmuir (6 days ago)
Free refills at McDs!? We don't get free refills in Australia!
CreatveMnds (6 days ago)
M D (6 days ago)
u can't have a fake socialite lololololol.....
Ai A (6 days ago)
Damn if she had bought that place in time she’d be laughing
cheeze nip (6 days ago)
I feel stupid after watching this. If she were black they would have kicked her out of the banks and hotels on the first encounter. I see how she would have got away with it too. Wish this were me...
J Squad Vlogs (7 days ago)
Although she ripped a lot of people off I can’t help but have mad respect for her confidence in herself
L6 (7 days ago)
A fake socialite? You mean a real socialite.
Amber Sunny (7 days ago)
Lila Rossi human version. (Kidding! ✌🏻)
Sierra (7 days ago)
I feel like if she stayed focused on her goal she would have made her money back to pay back the banks. And this would be the most bizarre success story ever.
Mmmm Mmmm (7 days ago)
This is white women privilege on full display😑.... Oh yeah white women are so oppressed I forgot😶
David Rodriguez (7 days ago)
I came here just to say good for her!
Craig Brock (7 days ago)
Wasn't there a movie about this?
HΞLLBΞNT (7 days ago)
I'm going to be the first saying this, in the future we'll have a movie about her.
Sean Stevenson (8 days ago)
10:12 "The thing is, I'm not sorry...I regret the way I went about certain things." aka she's sorry she got caught and she'll use this lesson to commit better crimes next time.
Alex Niggins (8 days ago)
So, Jay Gatsby, but actually broke?
Bauman (8 days ago)
I couldn’t convince a cashier to accept an expired coupon today
Star Raptor (9 days ago)
She's a savage
I know I might sound mega gay when I say this but (9 days ago)
Imagine being stupid enough to think she "got away with it because she's white"
I know I might sound mega gay when I say this but (7 days ago)
@Jens HIersemann Imagine having so little comprehension that you think that's what I said
Jens HIersemann (7 days ago)
imagine being so ignorant that you think racial prejudice doesnt exist
Brittany Legg (9 days ago)
How did she do it? High charisma score.
Tree House (9 days ago)
Sounds like Leo Dicaprio's Catch Me if You can.
claire young (9 days ago)
omg am i the only one who has watched this like three times already????
J. Erickson (9 days ago)
...I don't think anyone wants her back in Germany, who wants her ? hahaha
The Right Combination (9 days ago)
Lmao classic kiting y’all
Sal J. (9 days ago)
How seflish.
Mr Brown (10 days ago)
Bitch mode
clark kent (10 days ago)
Cant get in
TheAltair236 (10 days ago)
hahaha well done Anna
Casey Goode (10 days ago)
He really does look like he could be a Culkin!
Cowboy Maru (10 days ago)
It is just like the movie " Catch me if you can"
JJ Fresh (10 days ago)
Deported to Germany? I thought she was born in Russia.
t0rakka camping site (9 days ago)
So what? She's a German national.
Coqui Frogs (10 days ago)
So basically, anyone can be rich. It's easy, you just need rich people to give you some starting cash. How very pathetic.
смиренный (10 days ago)
Product of poor parenting
A A (10 days ago)
Sounds like Xo Xo Gossip Girl 😉
manic angel (11 days ago)
I'm still trying to figure out how she got into exclusive hotels w/o a c/c. Her name alone would not of done it. George Clooney Sir Ian McKellen I could see.. but Anna who?...
Born Again Atheist (11 days ago)
A story involving real estate and a fraud, she should have teamed up with Donald Trump, they would have been perfect for each other.
Ryan P (11 days ago)
She and Gatsby would have been perfect 😂
rafsolo (12 days ago)
This sounds a lot like "Catch Me If You Can"
awesome sauce (12 days ago)
Waiting for a movie adaptation.
Brad A (12 days ago)
Look, it’s straight Nina West
Dee Jarvis (12 days ago)
She didn't scam anyone, she just took out loads of credit and pretended to be rich, then got arrested when she couldn't pay her bills. A scam would be getting away with it.
Heather Cali87 (12 days ago)
Fake it till you make it
Zarin M (12 days ago)
HA HA. i love it. Fuck the rich. I hope she still does this. If she lived in LA she would be a godess.
Skyfall Deadpool (12 days ago)
The real life Joanne the scammer. Oh she got them good. She got them real good. I salute
Shamino Warhen (12 days ago)
I do not begrudge this woman in the absolute slightest. As a matter of fact, she's an utter genius. If a mere 1% of the population attempted what she did, the elite's would change their moral and ethical stances in a heartbeat.
Athena del Villar (13 days ago)
Just call this video White Privilege 101
Will S.E.E (13 days ago)
She graduated in the Frank Abegnale Jr. College of Scam Artists
Black Conservative Patriot (13 days ago)
Definition of a sociopath.
Glasses Spokesperson (13 days ago)
Literally just the movie "Catch Me If You Can"
Celene Express (13 days ago)
White privilege screeeammmms in this video
crazy me (13 days ago)
Eve from gossip girl😂
Phantom Thief (13 days ago)
You know what the difference between her instead of a guy who did it? She'll probably get a Netflix Series made on her, played by probably Jennifer Lawrence.
OnePiece3 (11 days ago)
There are movies about successful male scammers
NinaBina75 (13 days ago)
I personally find this funny. She must be highly intelligent to pull this off.
Reb M (2 days ago)
That level of confidence tho...
Breeze RM (10 days ago)
NinaBina75 absolutely, highly intelligent in a mean way! You know, in order for every scam to be successful, you have to make a plot, plan carefully step-by-step, and act like real. Besides, you have to understand well the opponents and act accordingly. This young woman is dark in one side but super brilliant in the other side. She could have been an excellent psychologist and had a good career. Sadly she used her smart in a wrong way. Bad choice, huh?
Christina C (13 days ago)
This will be a great movie
myc0p (13 days ago)
In Soviet Russia, banks rob you!
Legendary Rebel (14 days ago)
Bitches and money, Ima right guys!
Sponge bob (14 days ago)
So not Ghislaine Maxwell,
Delin 20 (14 days ago)
Well wait a minute. She had the time of a lifetime that most couldn't dream of, she almost bought a property that would have set her up for life and beyond, and I guarantee you... money speaks, if and or when she paid back those places they would have continued to take her then real money. That actually sounds worth 10years in prison. Most people spend a lifetime only to do one of the things she did and the connections she made. Was it actually riskier than trying to play life like everyone else?
Nina (14 days ago)
Definition of white privilege
guyoflife (14 days ago)
Those hotel employees who let her in without verification were stupid.
Alex 68 DT (14 days ago)
She had to be sucking ppl off for those IOUs XD