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Walmart Layaway Commercial - 2012

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anyone else think this is a little bit racist?
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melissa joy (6 years ago)
That's Kmart
Michael Fernando (6 years ago)
Google "walmart's tony rogers 100 of growth is multicultural" and you'll see why it's not racist.
Arturo Lee (6 years ago)
Its not racist and the fact that you think that is more racist. This is an ad made for Walmart's Latino segment ONLY. Made by the agency that specializes in solely that. Walmart liked it so much they took the commercial into their own hands and had it re-shot for general market only switching a few lines to English. It served its purpose and is in no way offensive, this is coming from a Latin American living in the US, and an ad professional.
Melo Vasquez (7 years ago)
lmao when i first seen it on tv im not gonna lie ibwas shocked lol even my white friend was shocked he was like wtf was that? but its kinda funny ibused to work the layaway counter and ive seen every race up there so its not a big deal its funny now
Brittany Gonzalez (7 years ago)
I'm Mexican and find this both racist and funny. That being said, omw to Wal-Mart!!!!
nathan barnard (7 years ago)
how is this racist???
fastpace101 (7 years ago)
i'm caucasian and when i first saw this on tv I thought it was racist. now they have another commercial with a black guy who wants his payments in "bite sized chunks" and that too is racist. unfortunately i can't boycott walmart anymore than I already do mine as well send your money to China and skip the middle man. here's hoping the Waltons die in a fire bunch of greedy, rich, non charitable scum. Gates and Buffet give tons of money away Waltons... barely a drop in the bucket
76Hog (7 years ago)
Don't be ignorant though, I've seen 3 commercials for this Walmart Layaway. This one with this Latina, and the 2 other commercials have black people. Coincidence...?
Josue Vallejo (7 years ago)
Maybe the commercial was made for univision and to save money they did it in english
Bobby Mozafari (7 years ago)
another thing i wanted to bring to light is that these kinds of unfavorable stereotypes are what make it difficult to view people as equals. people just accept them as "demographically accurate" when they aren't.
Bobby Mozafari (7 years ago)
what makes you think it's demographically accurate? are you saying only hispanic people use layaway? because i don't see anyone in line for layaway other than hispanic women. pretty sure i have had a few patients who needed to buy things on layaway (because they'd mention it during the holidays) and they weren't hispanic, they were caucasian.
Dan Rudolf (7 years ago)
i thought it was racist as fuck. having said that its also pretty demographically accurate. the bitch cant afford to buy that furby outright but she thinks she needs a 55" flat screen.
FriendlyWalrus (7 years ago)
To be frank, the massive influx of latinos into the country in the past few decades is something I am aganst. Because of all the illegals most young americans won't see as much as a dime from their social security. Yes, there are respectable latino americans. However, on average they are the fastest growing, but least contributing, ethnicity inside of U.S. borders.All immigants to this country should just be happy to be here. You might not uses layaway but many, many other latinos do.
Dayana Molina (7 years ago)
yes! it is a stereotype!
FriendlyWalrus (7 years ago)
Please do not interpret my statement as an overt attempt to be derogatory; the simple truth is that an overwhelmingly large portion of the latino-american population is lower-middle class. Businesses want their advertisements to appeal to their target demographics, and since many americans of hispanic persuasion are on a fixed budget, it only makes sense that they would depict latinos utilizing said services in their commercials.
FriendlyWalrus (7 years ago)
There is a fine line between the words "realist" and "racist" latinos are poor and need layaways to pay for things.
FriendlyWalrus (7 years ago)
No offense intended, but latinos are the targeted demographic here because they are the bottom rung of american society. If you are offended, go swim across a river into another country instead.
FriendlyWalrus (7 years ago)
It's not racist; it's realistic. Latinos are on the bottom rung of society so they don't have the money to pay for products all at once like normal human beings do. It's just the way it is.
Karthic Sinnadurai (7 years ago)
That is an offensive commercial
Allie Cardenas (7 years ago)
Sorry, that was sarcasm. I find it very Offensive
Allie Cardenas (7 years ago)
what? stealing.
Bobby Mozafari (7 years ago)
and you don't see this as racist?
Allie Cardenas (7 years ago)
it is i just saw the commercial too, this is what i poseted on facebook like 30 secs ago. ok, that wasn't racist! so every once in a while i think to my self. where are the Mexicans in commercials? so this morning i get to witness a wal*mart commercial going all out with mexicans and lay-away!
Lauren Alex (7 years ago)
Super racist
onemanwolfpack55 (7 years ago)
YESSS! When I saw this i was like ummm?
Robles Vegas (7 years ago)
Fuck this racist commercial, you guys don't find this racist?, well I guarantee if it was black people they'd be irate!
purpleberry654 (7 years ago)
I love Walmart but am totally surprised and upset by this commercial! I can't believe no one thought it would be a bad idea!
Tim Valdez (7 years ago)
Yes I just saw on tv and wanted to look it up... Shit is a disgrace
Erick Mendoza (7 years ago)
how is it racist? its Latinas using Layway. White people use it waaaaaaay more than us. Relax. Its just a commercial aimed at Latinos.
Michelle M (7 years ago)
The other layaway commercials all feature black people or hispanics.. As if to say that white people dont use layaway
Michelle M (7 years ago)
athenalong (7 years ago)
yesss! I -jusssst- saw this a few minutes ago and thought the same thing. it's gross.