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Not Just Cars, BMW Makes Great Advertisements Too

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Text Comments (846)
eliteinventor (2 days ago)
I want that foam mold for my car
Badrstech (2 days ago)
6:27 how dare they make fun of Audi :/
MIX_ MASH (2 days ago)
2:48 my fav part though 😂😂😂
Kobby Sampson (2 days ago)
The test is complete. Please get out of the.....
Arthur Pewtey (3 days ago)
Indeed. Shame about the people that drive them though.
The Koki (3 days ago)
Jesus truly and genuinely loves you regardless of your past.
creator Space (4 days ago)
That's a good one. https://blog.naver.com/7heppy7
AKARSH PJ (4 days ago)
This Channel have the smartphone Controls, interior extra features and ceramic coating of MG hector https://youtu.be/0afVBQfXKSk
Vit. C. (5 days ago)
Shitty product should be cover behind good advertisement.
papa bits (13 days ago)
Who said they make great cars.
Truth Time (14 days ago)
Buy yours with the help of Crowd1!!! What'sApp +27726456850 It's a life changing opportunity, ask me how!!??
دنجور - dangour (14 days ago)
Best car manufacturer ever❤️❤️
ItsGravelYt 697 (15 days ago)
I'm watching bmw ads 7 minutes After the ads is done Me: dafuq...
Meet Dhruv (17 days ago)
Both are sister in law company audi & bmw
Hacker X (19 days ago)
4:51 can you hear me? uhh.... Nope hahaha
PixelDude (19 days ago)
Scotty Kilmer disliked this video
Muhiiga Katashaya (20 days ago)
the second ad had me :-D
abraham limarga (30 days ago)
Back in my country (asian) grandma sit on the front whoever who drives. Lol haha
Faiiryliigxts (1 month ago)
7:02 if my dad did this to me he’d be sleeping on the couch :)
Riaz Ahmed (1 month ago)
nope merc does bttr
Abraham Krestas (1 month ago)
3:40 Oh yeah another ad bashing men.. Eat shit bmw.
Maruf Adnan (1 month ago)
#BMW = The God of Any Car Company Love for #BMW
JSP (1 month ago)
Mercedes drivers/owners, after watching this vid, would be going, "Wha?....Wha??....Whats happening???"
Amio Apoo (1 month ago)
6:37 Again BMW challenge Audi
Cableguy818 (1 month ago)
You cut these commercials a little short
Cableguy818 (1 month ago)
I wouldn’t mind commercials if they were absolutely hilarious like these
Hirantha Bandara (1 month ago)
But BMW is loosing to TESLA.. they don't even advertise
BLU Khedekar (1 month ago)
That's how you do this BMW:- come join us the easiest game in the world
V.lokesh Kumar (1 month ago)
Audi car where insulted here 😠
21K Productions (1 month ago)
6:08 it’s an Audi
Benjamin Davidovich Waals (1 month ago)
What's name of song in the 1st klip?
Thorsten Kramer (2 months ago)
You drive a BMW and you know well, this is the car you will drive till the end of your Life.
A A (2 months ago)
Slimey Boy (2 months ago)
His car was parked, while it was in reverse?
RC-Walker (3 months ago)
i rather had that Pick up than any BMW at once
Mike (3 months ago)
*Audi dickriders have entered the chat*
Морковь Письман (3 months ago)
Anyway bmw is a shitty car
Aroxx Mello gang (3 months ago)
6:50 bmw trolling audi vs 2008 to 2019 audi trolling bmw. Its karma just not instant
AcoolGuyOnYT (3 months ago)
0:31 if u love bmw dont mind this
Maxwell Speedwell (3 months ago)
Great commercials, crap cars. Never will own one again. Just terrible cars.
Richard Gore (3 months ago)
6:26 The music stop, still one guy doing warm up, then you know something's gonna happen lol
Ricki G (3 months ago)
nowadays i see virgins driving a bm.
Fletch (3 months ago)
David Hasslehoff made this happen.
RubCuber (3 months ago)
6:24 Rare, classified, illegal footage posted by a BMW driver, to be executed soon
Verzee (3 months ago)
Wow the funny part is hard to find 🙄
Anna B. (3 months ago)
I've found only one practical information in this commercials. Most of them only encourage silly people to ignore the law and turn streets into the racing tracks ... Very useful horsepower for jammed city streets.
Filin (3 months ago)
Вот это настоящая реклама авто! не то что российское дерьмо!
Blaumütze (3 months ago)
BMW's worst nightmare? *Snow*
Wendy's memez (4 months ago)
BMW drivers suck which make there cars and adds suck also
ozzypresident (4 months ago)
Business Money Women these ads actually spot on
urbanesasquatch (4 months ago)
Yaman Kaman (4 months ago)
I don't know
Dean Rocco Sterling (4 months ago)
Zach Ward (4 months ago)
I wish the first one wasn't only for them German girls, damn, that single life...
Tzoni Hellas (4 months ago)
Third adv shows a nigga with a white wife. Disquasting
Ash Sampath (4 months ago)
Lamborghini doesn't make advertisements as people who can afford it don't have time to watch the ad
Akash Gupta (4 months ago)
Theft add was awesome😊😂
Golden Trigger (4 months ago)
Today is neither my bhirtday nor my cat die can i one sub because i never lie
Tyler Appel (4 months ago)
That last M3 sounded good as fuck
Racing Games Casual Gameplays (4 months ago)
Gosh I hate that styrofoam sound
Naman Bhan (4 months ago)
6:50 has merc and Audi as well Wow BMW trolls on next level
dmravi13 (4 months ago)
And then the cars broke down...
Huzaifa Iftikhar (4 months ago)
They forgot the best ad of all time Try search bmw m5 world fastest sedan
Technical Crown (4 months ago)
M5 is legendary
Master Ace (4 months ago)
Now they just have to make better drivers.
AHLEX (4 months ago)
Audi got me like😂🤣
Joja (4 months ago)
man if apple had cars they would be so trigged
Sandesh Music Educator (4 months ago)
BMW vs Audi⭕⭕⭕⭕!!!
Loony Linn (4 months ago)
they’re dropping nighties top blouses👎 miami vice movie is better than bmw car....panties rained in ny financial district when don johnson was shooting
Technickr (4 months ago)
This is because BMW Ads are to remeber you have bought a very cool car and you are fckn cool guy, not for "buy a new car, now! Buy a BMW!" As most other Ads in the World are.
Tigizi Gigi m (4 months ago)
I want the bmw
grumpy old fart (4 months ago)
Glad they make good commercials. They make lousy cars. I'll never have another one even sit in my driveway. They're nothing but piss poorly engineered plastic junk.
Piyush Jain (4 months ago)
No maintenance cost.... We already got your kidney... See you next time!
Technical Crown (4 months ago)
No, it is free for 5 years or 4 years
Chandan Kumar (4 months ago)
Complaining about Ads but ended up watching a whole video of them... ^_^
KoenigsSchwert 24 (8 days ago)
Cuz they’re good!
5 M views (4 months ago)
Great cost too 😂
omar raddad (4 months ago)
chusonic (4 months ago)
You forgot Bruce Lee's commercial.
Chaitanya Pagare (4 months ago)
Is BMW a secret ad company too
Ali 1998 (4 months ago)
Ooo bitches like bmw.
Daniel Pawlowytsch (4 months ago)
Is everyone remembers about the commercial about a BMW M5 filming the land speed recordist car?
I love you Zafar (4 months ago)
Doors doesn’t work in these beemers that’s why they were jumping in through windows 😂😂😂😂
I love you Zafar (4 months ago)
Frankie Teo good luck with beemers
Frankie Teo (4 months ago)
I had an old E34 5-series which the door just swings open when I took a curve within the estate. It gave me a fright at the time. Turns out the door latch was flipped into a state where it just "clips" and not latched to the body. This was remedied by a screw-driver inserted to flip the latch catcher to the correct state where it actually LATCHES to the body rather than clips!. Must be a design flaw that was overlooked. I was also told that slamming the door shut very hard will revert the latch to the correct state!. Talk about banging things!....
Meiirzhan Yermek (4 months ago)
Anyway, audi is better!
Maxim Ivashkov (4 months ago)
Like one with Madonna, the star. Rip bmw, nice ads junk cars.
potatos potatoson (4 months ago)
Tanks. Being tanks. (4 months ago)
The last commercial perfectly represents an average BMW driver, too immature.
Grey 420 (4 months ago)
Designed to bring out your inner child
Oisín Joyce (4 months ago)
Heaps of shite
555ale555 (5 months ago)
Does she loves the Money or the guy?
Nabeel Hassan (5 months ago)
6:50 legendary trolling 😂😂😂
The Cereal Tree (5 months ago)
Why does every ad literally cut off
Pakilla (5 months ago)
The 2nd ad was made by Zack Snyder.
Kevin (5 months ago)
Yo i liked that first ad 😈
BDG111 (5 months ago)
the add at like 4:15 sounds like a enthusiastic racooneggs
鄧澤生 (5 months ago)
All doors on BMWs don't work properly
Click Baits (5 months ago)
Bmw also makes alot of quality dickheads!
wazahwazah (5 months ago)
over built, over priced and unreliable since the beginning of 2000
ADAM KING (5 months ago)
They make good ads but i dont know about the car part
klepetar (5 months ago)
unless you're rich..don't buy a beemer..i had a x5 and it was the worst car i ever owned.. my '76 acadian was more reliable
Will Wilkerson (5 months ago)
The advertisement should read...broke I spent all my money fixing my car...
Austin Cryan (5 months ago)
Ehh, depends on what broke, and who fixed it. There are ways of getting quality work done for little cost.
Nishan Aryan (5 months ago)
6:35 so insulting
Kwachu jachu (5 months ago)
Nice advertisings... But so many idiotic Audi fanboys here :/