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Liza Koshy Tests Her Dollar Store Taste | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

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Liza Koshy is 100% that witch, but does she have the expensive Halloween taste to prove it? Catch the 👑Queen of YouTube 👑 and star of 'Liza on Demand' sniff fake blood, drink a questionable love potion, and rock some black lipstick while trying to guess which item costs more $$$. FYI, Liza will put practically anything in her mouth, especially if it’s dollar-store candy!!! You know you want more LIZA! Check out Cosmo.com for our in-depth profile and some stunning photos: : https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/celebs/a29357162/liza-koshy-interview-breakup-david-dobrik-youtube-video-liza-on-demand-season-2/ Liza is wearing a Rebecca Taylor dress, Pamela Love earrings. Gorjana, Mejuri, and Sarah Chloe rings. #cosmopolitan #expensivetastetest #lizakoshy www.cosmopolitan.com Love the mag? Subscribe riiiight here 👉http://csmo.us/goCcMTY
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Text Comments (1089)
alicia ghost (1 day ago)
8:45 awwww thx for recreating my yearbook photo girl
Nashville Weather and Gaming (3 days ago)
Lmao a tiny bal, of quartz isn’t worth close to 1000 dollars what a rip off
Buck & Betsy (4 days ago)
Bro my brother has that little crystal ball he got for like 100 yall waisted your money
Noelani Koh (7 days ago)
the vampire teeth had me DEAD 😭💀
Nancy Allen (7 days ago)
I really want to see Dove Cameron and Danielle Rose Russell do this.
hailey peters (14 hours ago)
Nancy Allen dove cameron!!! literally my exact thought
Mari Amor (9 days ago)
lmao "ohhh she looked shocked when i threw it" lmaooooooooooooo aries observation skills dont get TALKED about!!
Psycho Fangirl_04 (9 days ago)
Y'all can't bamboozle the queen of cheap and dollar store extravaganzas 😂😂😂
kit kat (9 days ago)
Who else thought there was a spider on your phone
Nilsu Yerli (10 days ago)
Got uploaded on october and is recommended in December
Orang3 Rose (6 days ago)
Nilsu Yerli sammmeeee
Sunny Lee (10 days ago)
"One of these is a Macarooon, and one of these is a Macahruh"
Uwuphoria (11 days ago)
8:15 that accent is just- strangely accurate 😭😂
Uwuphoria (11 days ago)
“$24.95 just to tell me I’m OoglAy?”
bitbitboi (11 days ago)
Kihi J (12 days ago)
Please do Jeffree Star next 💕
Joan Tenefrancia (5 days ago)
I have a feeling Jeffree would nail it. 100% haha
Queen Bee (12 days ago)
Did any buddy else see spiders on the screen
Itzangie'sworld (10 days ago)
Yeah they r on the backdrop
Jade Cooke (14 days ago)
8:31 really got me! SHE'S BEYOOONNDDD HILARIOUS!😂😂💞
skinnyism (14 days ago)
jeffree needs to do this xD
StarBound Dollies (15 days ago)
Ummmm, on a pendulum left to right means no...
La NH (16 days ago)
9:22 yep that's it Liza you're totally right. I cannot be the only one who thought the same thing as they put only a small amount 😂😂
Cortnei King (16 days ago)
Liza anything I'm in live
Why? -it shouldn’t hurt this bad (16 days ago)
Idk why this comment has 1k either
Sophie Drummond (11 days ago)
It doesnt
Meow Meow MLG (14 days ago)
*slow sigh*
Kayla Williams Avery (16 days ago)
I love her sooo much!!!!
Noble Obodum (17 days ago)
I would love to see iJustine and or Rosanna Pansino do this!
Britanny Deshommes (19 days ago)
Ooh my God I love Liza koshy hair color and hairstyle
abby l (20 days ago)
Isaac L (20 days ago)
No David and Liza together!
Caitlynes (20 days ago)
The macarons not macaroons.
iamLissy (22 days ago)
3:39 Liza you might as well stab me cuz this so funny
iamLissy (22 days ago)
1:08 I'm dead "That's China"
Hope Stehlin (22 days ago)
Honestly, I have been having the worst week and I always come back to your videos too have a laugh and a smile cause you're so genuine and true to yourself. Seriously you don't know how much you've blessed my week by making me laugh xo you are the best!!
MusicKnowte (22 days ago)
Xx_Alpha_ Hybrid_xX (25 days ago)
- C . D (25 days ago)
Liza doing Lizzo killed me
Olivia Amelie (25 days ago)
“Why u smiling like that?? Where do I put this?!”
Deppresso Espresso (26 days ago)
I was genuinely upset when Liza didn’t take the opportunity to snort love powder
Amanda Cerny (27 days ago)
As the video progresses, Liza turns more into a witch. Lmfao
Max Leong (27 days ago)
24.95 to tell that i am oo-gar-lay?! - Liza when she tried vampire fangs, i thought her dentures are falling out when it pop out! 🤣
Sara Badgley (27 days ago)
This one cheaper
btxjunkee (21 days ago)
@Sara Badgley wtf ' I subscribed to you so return the favor' what a bitch😂
Sara Badgley (24 days ago)
Btw I subscribed to you can you return the favor I have a YouTube channel I play Minecraft and sometimes Roblox with my brothers I would love it if you subscribe to me my brothers Chanel’s are Cooper wisniewski and Triston wisniewski
• Quînn • (25 days ago)
@Sara Badgley Oh😂😅😅
Sara Badgley (25 days ago)
It’s cause I posted it before I could finish it 😐
• Quînn • (27 days ago)
@Sara Badgley Did you just replayed to your own comment or i am trippin' *-*
bett :D (27 days ago)
wait she dyed her hair
That Bitch (26 days ago)
bett :D ikr
lolo Wells (27 days ago)
I loved that she figured out the crystal balls by throwing it and looking at reaction 😂😂
Nikini defonseka (18 days ago)
But she never said 'that pigment do' Edit: what does it mean if my comment says Highlighted on top
Dani Halling (28 days ago)
Love her 😂
яц ву (28 days ago)
A dolla’?! For a balla’?! A colla’?
Moussa Elzein (21 days ago)
exactly! i thought for sure she would do that at one point! and then say "...how much would this be at Target" still love her tho.
Lauren Russell (28 days ago)
R U !3 Y A dolla, a daughta, a balla, a colla, halla
Stuff with Sbonga (29 days ago)
1:35 $24.95 for to tell me I'm oooglay🤣🤣
Pamela Rojas (29 days ago)
one of these is a macarewn and the other one is a máçrõń
vie en rose (1 month ago)
So she's not single???
Tessa Erives-Estrada (1 month ago)
Iggy only had 6... she had 10.
Moussa Elzein (21 days ago)
@David why'd u correct the og post then ? its just friendly competition man. chill
David (28 days ago)
Tessa Erives-Estrada yes it is correct and I don’t know why this is such a big deal lol?
Tessa Erives-Estrada (28 days ago)
David that is not correct
David (29 days ago)
Tessa Erives-Estrada Iggy’s questions was harder.
Baivabi Ghosh (1 month ago)
Wow realistic fake blood
emily kerns (1 month ago)
The caption to this video should mention it’s Halloween stuff
The Mystic Type (27 days ago)
emily kerns right i was like what's going on
Jamecia Chandler (1 month ago)
“$24.95 to tell me I’m *UGLAY* “ 😂
obsessed with pink (1 month ago)
Ми на (1 month ago)
Audrey Hepburn😍🥰
Can do (1 month ago)
I love you lizza💖💖💖💖💖💘💘💘💘💘💘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Sienna Sanchez (1 month ago)
me to
prettycutemaster roblox prettycutemaster (1 month ago)
I love truth hurts by lizzo too even know I'm 8 years old
lolo Wells (27 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with people in these replies 😂
Heidi Rose (1 month ago)
Julie Khanji ? are you okay!
Julie Khanji (1 month ago)
Heidi Rose (1 month ago)
Julie Khanji how would you know creep, also it’s *rude* to judge someone *IF YOU DONT KNOW THE SITUATION* ❤️
iiiJewxls (1 month ago)
@Julie Khanji This is how i know that you're some disrespectful 9 yr old.
Derek C (1 month ago)
Dannia Mendoza (1 month ago)
Why does she talk like that
Avi Aminov (1 month ago)
I love her😂❤❤
MFOB (1 month ago)
When she pulled out that black lipstick I was like me when mcr came back
Heavy Metal Kitten (1 month ago)
“I taste a full wallet”😂
d a e (1 month ago)
*"one of these is a macroon and the other one is a macRaUn"* sorry if im not funny bye
romesa inam (1 month ago)
Love her swag !
Olivia Walsh (1 month ago)
“You paid 24.95 for it to tell me I’m OOGLAY” lmfaoooo lizaaa
Omar Houdini (1 month ago)
Liza should have ended it by saying, "y'all, I'mma just head out to the dolla store after this video 😉"
Anosh Dumasia (1 month ago)
rob James (1 month ago)
She sucks. No idea who she even is Boring vid
Shriya Yerramsetty (24 days ago)
rob James but here's the thing again if you have nothing nice to say *dont say it. Period
Lienkie Stienkie (29 days ago)
I completely agree with everyone having their own opinion, but I also remember something my old teacher always said: “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it.” And saying someone sucks isn’t exactly nice. Obviously not trying to hate on anyone here just giving my own opinion. 😊😊
nickel1459 (29 days ago)
You're boring
rob James (1 month ago)
And i Oop I commented on a video that popped up on my fed. Since I have an open mind I watched it and gave my opinion. Sorry you can’t handle someone having different views then yourself. Also a bad person for name calling me and discriminating against me because of my age.
rob James (1 month ago)
potato addiction 85 I was giving my opinion on her performance which she gets paid to do. I’m not attacking her cause of her looks or religion or anything personal. People are trying to bully me for having a different opinion then them.
Amara Mast (1 month ago)
Mandy G Bee (1 month ago)
I taste the savings LMfao
Hana Abad (1 month ago)
Aadya Mathure (1 month ago)
4:51 is very funny
np (1 month ago)
2:22 why did she say moist like that 😂😂
Alaa_ Balhaddad (1 month ago)
..even when im crying crazy ya i got boy problems thats the human in me bling bling 😂(sorry i really had to finish it)
K (1 month ago)
8:44 she looks like mylifeaseva after Eva got veeners 😯
Maranda Norton (1 month ago)
4:57 😂😂 "Oh she looked shocked when I threw it. This one, more expensive. "
Serena Perez (1 month ago)
2:47 Liza I love u
Abbie (1 month ago)
The british accent killed me hahaha
Gabija Narbutyte (1 month ago)
Abbie sameee, it was good tho
Leon Noel (1 month ago)
4:49 nobody plugs like Liza 😂
Alyssa (1 month ago)
is it just me or did Liza laugh at 8:33 sound exactly like Tana Mongeau laugh
Emma West (1 month ago)
wait liza isn’t single?
Moni B (22 days ago)
Nah, they explained it to her. She knows which way means yes, which way means no. Either she's trolling or dating someone. 😉 Wasn't she hanging with a band for awhile? 🤔💖
Jono Pedersen (1 month ago)
She is she just doesn’t know how a pendulum is “meant to work”
Troye Padalecki (1 month ago)
She is
Madds.c (1 month ago)
Technically Liza wins because she got 8 right and Iggy only got 6... there wasn't a fair amount given so Liza wins in my heart :)
Maria Rajput (1 month ago)
Came here after David's video ... ✌️ ... Anyone else ?
OriginalContentConnor (1 month ago)
Parabatai X (1 month ago)
Literally right after Davids I clicked this😂😂
Alexandra Mortensen (1 month ago)
Layah Vasser (1 month ago)
B Millz (1 month ago)
Can I come test products out! U should pick random normal ppl to do it too!
Maria Jørgensen (1 month ago)
She's fantastic! Like omg I miss her making vlogs and stuff! :(
Pat Hayre (1 month ago)
Maria Jørgensen same :(
Shruthi MS (1 month ago)
She reminds me of Raven Simone
Maliboo (1 month ago)
*I'm 100% over you, Cosmo!! I thought that 1st spider was on my computer & I slammed it shut.. on my fingers!😂😂😂😂*
Trap Selena (1 month ago)
I love you Liza 💖😍🤗🥰
Vany 567 (1 month ago)
5:02 boom clap Sound in my heart💓🤣
Mia (1 month ago)
9:27 ou she keeps calling them out
nikki scissorhands (1 month ago)
She tries so damn hard to be funny
np (1 month ago)
She's witty and goofy but can see if it's not for everyone
Dikeledi (1 month ago)
then why do you watch?
Aleksandra (1 month ago)
i managed to go through half of the video, and it made me cringe so hard :(
Trap Selena (1 month ago)
Of course she is, that's her career and she is good at coming up with all the funny things she says on the spot. She is amazing !
Bonks49G K (1 month ago)
I don't think she tries, I just think she really is this animate. I think it's nice to see people who just act like themselves instead of conforming into what society thinks is funny. At first I was annoyed with her, until I started watching her more and then I realized that she's just genuinely herself, which is refreshing to see on the internet.
iheartBTS Jungkookie (1 month ago)
I love her she is so funny 😂
Lindsey Smithart (1 month ago)
To the people who are reading this now..did you just watch David’s video and see Liza was on the top 5 list so you came here? Because me too 😁
savannah vick (1 month ago)
Lindsey Smithart I died when I saw she beat him😂 it reminds me of when his teacher said “I try to remind David that Liza is better than him in every way” 😂😂
Lizvard (1 month ago)
Chris Mercado (1 month ago)
Téa (1 month ago)
What the heck I did exactly that 😂😂
Maddie Mauch (1 month ago)
That's me
toothless Potterjackson (1 month ago)
Ones a macaroon and one is a macrooooooon
My name Jeff (1 month ago)
Dolla sto “Like I taste the savings”
karla Gonzalez (1 month ago)
stop liking this comment is blowing up my phone
nikki scissorhands (1 month ago)
Ok I wont
iMosey (1 month ago)
“That’s China “ has me dead 😂😂
MarinaMars (1 month ago)
Whos here after Davids Cosmo video?
lils112 xx (1 month ago)
You know I am!
Jessy (1 month ago)
Me 🙋🏽‍♀️☺️
Tori Johnson (1 month ago)
S Phung omg you’re so funny i almost forgot to laugh!!
S Phung (1 month ago)
Your mom is
Alexis Lund (1 month ago)
Those expensive gummies r the exact ones that Applebee’s used this year
- minmin (1 month ago)
When she said "You're lying to me!" I literally jumped with shock. lmfao
tvfan3009 (1 month ago)
I used to love watching Liza, then she decided to have all her videos on the youtube pay side, and only goes to the free side to do sponsor videos once a month, so I unsubscribed. I hope for the day she returns from making that coin..
JENNIFER 27 (1 month ago)
tvfan3009 They are all free now loll
Janis (1 month ago)
tvfan3009 plus Liza is growing away from YouTube to being a professional actor just be happy for her
Janis (1 month ago)
tvfan3009 she still makes money off of her free videos...
Jessica Argueta Diaz (1 month ago)
Almost all her pay videos are free now. And the rest are turning free once a week. But I get how you feel.
Ophelia Kochoian (1 month ago)
Nayeli Rodriguez (1 month ago)
When she said “I know what blood looks like once a month” like........boys I feel bad
Samantha (1 month ago)
im kinda confused lol is the "love potion" liquid and powder stuff edibles/weed ??
ahriiko (1 month ago)
I also don't understand what that is. & I actually do a lot of edibles so idk.. it might not be. There are edibles that come in drink form but I've never really seen any powder lol. But.. the prices match up with edibles. In colorado I get a pack of gummies or whatever for $19-23 ACTUALLY NO EDIT im still not completely sure but it might be maca powder. Maca is suppose to be good for libidio and she says that 5:32ish and its also brownish. I think its maca.