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CRAZIEST Moments at Airport Security Checks

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Airline itineraries always warn people to get to the airport at least two hours in advance. That's because going through the security check can take over an hour, especially if they randomly select you for an additional screening. Some have missed their flight due to annoying, usually unnecessary searches. Here are some examples of some of the funniest and strangest encounters with airport security. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 4 - Weekend With Curt This silly story occurred inside a Liverpool airport located in the United Kingdom. Two women arrived at the terminal pushing an older gentleman in a wheelchair, who they told many staff members was simply sleeping. Well, as it later turned out, the man in the wheelchair was named Curt Jarant and he had actually died several days prior to arriving inside the crowded airport. When attempting to push Curt's body through the x-ray machine, his sunglasses fell off and security officers became suspicious of the two women. The women were Curt's widow and his stepdaughter, who were attempting to save a few bucks on costly reparation fees which accompany flying a deceased person. How they thought they could get through check-in, security and then to his seat without anyone being the wiser is anyone's guess. 3 - Rude Awakening When the plane lands, there’s usually a mad rush of people trying to get off first, everyone lines the aisles and pushes and shoves, but for a few sleeping passengers, this wasn’t the case. In fact, a few travellers over the years have found themselves so tired, they didn’t wake up until well after the entire flight crew was long gone. In 2010, a man named Kris Lines fell asleep on a flight from Calgary to Vancouver and didn’t wake up until around two hours after the plane had been emptied. He woke up to a ground crew performing routine maintenance on the aircraft. Both parties found themselves severely startled by the surprise meeting. Later that same year, another passenger named Ginger McGuire fell into a deep sleep while on a one-hour flight from Dulles Virginia to Philadelphia, only to wake up three hours after the plane had landed to find herself locked inside the now abandoned aircraft. Several hours later, the terrified traveller was rescued by a cleaning crew. But the real silliness of this situation was when the cleaning crew arrived, they asked her, “Don’t you have a cell phone?” When she said she did, the crew said, “Well, lady, why didn’t you bother calling for help? We could have rescued you hours ago.” 2 - Naked Revenge By now it's been established that getting through airport security can be a real pain, most travelers will bite their tongues and take the abuse, but, over the years, there have been a few disgruntled passengers who have taken a stand and decided to make things more difficult for TSA officers. One such airport security vigilante was a man passing through Portland International Airport named John Brennan. After getting frustrated at the slow process, John reached his breaking point and decided to strip down to his birthday suite to awaiting security guards. The TSA officer was not amused, or grateful for the attempt to make his job easier, instead he became infuriated and ordered John to put back on his clothes immediately! When John refused, he was arrested for indecent exposure. And now for the best part, when John showed up to court he protested his conviction and 1,000 dollar fine, and the judge took his side and threw the case out. Seems like this judge had his own problems with TSA and was able to get revenge for himself and for John Brennan. 1 - Dangerous Piercings In 2008, a woman attempting to board a flight from Lubbock to Dallas in Texas, went through the security gate to encounter a TSA agent with a hand-held detector, which began to beep as it grazed her chest. The 37-year old woman named Mandi Hamlin tried to explain they she had nipple rings, but apparently, that explanation wasn't good enough for the female Transportation Security Administration agent who immediately called over her male colleagues. The passenger was informed that she would need to remove her body piercings before being allowed to board her flight. In tears and in front of a gaping public, Mandi attempted to remove her piercings. Mandi has since reported that the male security agents were laughing at her during the entire embarrassing spectacle. The frustrated patron was so upset, she demanded a civil rights investigation into the matter. The last time we checked, nipple piercings weren’t dangerous weapons.
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monarchmark (24 minutes ago)
Thanks but no thanks...I'll take the train.
Jason (21 hours ago)
Narrator sounds like a pretentious cunt.
Kenneth Oreagan (21 hours ago)
as much as possible. avoid flying federal.... why? FBI may be targeting a certain person and may place a bomb on flight.... federal government funded perverts the tsa .. will fondle you and sexually molest your child. or rape your wife and becouse its all federal it gets covered up. ect.. ect.. dont fly federal.. fly private. END THE FED
Kenneth Oreagan (21 hours ago)
tsa agents are pardoned child molestors and rapists and necophiliacs and given a job doing what they do best. God hates tsa agents. thats why those who take a TSA agents life goes to heaven. touch me you.ll find there is life after death
Leon Flames (22 hours ago)
Airport security workers are a fucking joke They need to be punched in the face every morning for a year
c3h8O (1 day ago)
Fuck "Mandy" take your bullshit tit piercings out before you fly. Just as easily could've cried when she was smuggling a knife or worse onto the plane. When your self expression becomes a safety hazard to others that's when you need to check yourself.
Clearanceman2 (1 day ago)
#14 the TSA fondles my 84 year old mom every time she flies.
Meme Master (3 days ago)
Ok,fk tsa they should be more kind or be rude and their salary will be cut by $50
D. Appl (3 days ago)
CNN should be banned.
Abyss Eyes (3 days ago)
Cite sources or GTFO
hgadug kjhah (3 days ago)
NOT a video.. Still images with commentary. Sad.
erudite60 (5 days ago)
Talk talk talk! That's why I like to WATCH a video, otherwise I'd read a book !!!
rick miller (5 days ago)
What did we ever do before the police state?
Al Underwood (5 days ago)
Nudity is legal in Oregon
Morrigan Ravenchild (6 days ago)
I've traveled widely and reckon the TSA employ pretty low intellect persons. No sense of humor and pretty dumb.
Cody_Bobby (6 days ago)
Drug bust
Scruw Thusplayce (6 days ago)
Complete BS about the glock
Bryan Brun (6 days ago)
I had no problems getting on with my battle axe and lightsaber.
Grandma Adelaide (6 days ago)
Those pesky tsa agents are hired to prevent terrorist attacks not contraband.
David Wright (6 days ago)
Typical American tsa shit !
Dan The Man (7 days ago)
8:33 - That is Honorable James Murphy. He is the Supreme Court Judge for Saratoga County NY. Fair, Honest, and incredible integrity. Although, not at all related to the story! You would hope HE was the judge you have to answer to. TRULY GREAT DUDE.
Yu Mama (8 days ago)
And we are surprise by all of this? TSA agents are low iq people that cannot find any other jobs....
Ken Olson (8 days ago)
I will never fly on a commercial aircraft for any reason, ever.
AMIT ANAND (8 days ago)
I m from India, and I travel from new Delhi. This is not true. No CNN is telecasted there. Only thing is Indian tv channels.... national tv.... So stop
Simperino (9 days ago)
9:15 Idk maybe don't get nasty ass nipple piercings?
matt bauer (9 days ago)
Did anyone else realize that older woman in lingerie was a sex doll lmfao i sold her sister,
Ronny Ziesmer (9 days ago)
A lot of these are misinformation as well as completely twisted.
Coby Hamlin (10 days ago)
The # 1 is my sister and it was a nightmare for her and our family
Blue Lady (10 days ago)
True Stupid Arseholes!!!! That’s what TSA stand for!!!!
ian hull (10 days ago)
Con Ryan (10 days ago)
5:10 If your Mother looked like that you would leave home too.
Giveth Taketh (11 days ago)
i want to package bricks of pancake mix and oregano and take a flight to columbia
jim putnam (11 days ago)
you tube vids not slide show of pictures   WTF?
Marko M (12 days ago)
That's the hottest 52 year old ever lmao
John Jacobs (12 days ago)
TSA has NEVER stopped a single highjacking attempt
t5grrr (12 days ago)
Try security in China, far, far, worse. Full body scan, every time, everything out of the bag that they do not recognize (Keys and coins always trip them up) and lines that go on forever. Typical wait is 30 minutes at least, oh and baggage claim, 45 minutes from landing time at least.
Sam Ting Wong (12 days ago)
FAKE PICS! Nice try.
playinragz (12 days ago)
See how dumb ppl are? Nipple piercings carry metal which alarms in a metal detector. Take them out before you fly moron! There disgusting anyway, sicko
Tiger. (13 days ago)
I just drink a can of Coke watching the stupid video!!
SmoothRide (13 days ago)
To date, TSA has never caught a single "terrorist." Not ONE! Which in itself proves they are neither needed nor necessary. It's time to send those pervs back to their old jobs at McDonlad's.
Shu B (13 days ago)
Im with tsa
Fred Fadungy (18 days ago)
TSA are Prevs, Pedophiles and power tripping nut cases.. NEVER Fly !
Alfonso Herrera (20 days ago)
Fuck TSA
George Singh (21 days ago)
That was my idea!
Abdi Fupi (22 days ago)
Haha imagine those who have their Virginia pierced lol and have to travel lol.
Ralph Klene (22 days ago)
whoa! yo. you dim-witts, what's with the Hammer/Sickle.. You commie ingrates.. you make me wanna " PUKE & PUKE & PUKE. good goings.. Over & Out !!
Alexx H (25 days ago)
#11 was so wrong. I feel sorry for that cancer survivor/flight attendant who had to endure that.
Taridelm (26 days ago)
The smirk the boy has looks like Malfoy.... I think 5:40
Max Sands (26 days ago)
Anyone that gives up freedom for security deserves neither!
Sudo Nimh (1 month ago)
Literally a slideshow of photos with a voice over. Your content is trash
Mike Kaks (1 month ago)
Tsa can suck my big juicy cock!
Jose Sanchez (1 month ago)
Exactly why I don’t fly. If I can’t drive I don’t go. Airports are little different from a concentration camp check in
Stuart Cookie (1 month ago)
TSA made me remove the gerbil from my ass and buy it a ticket!! NO STOWAWAYS!!
chowlandia (1 month ago)
wait I can travel with gas? /////.... so if I fart in the security check would that count as a terrorist attack? lol farting? lol
Robert MacDuffie (1 month ago)
click bait shitty video
MrRealpainter (1 month ago)
Anybody notice the Jeh Johnson look alike?
Azurite (1 month ago)
Providence Gang
Fuck YouTube (1 month ago)
Why does this channel support communism? I suspect if you had a swastika as you profile pic you wouldn't be as popular and all of your videos wouldn't make money. If you're a communist or support communism you can fuck off.
Michael Lawson (1 month ago)
When I was in Iraq in the Army in 2004, my mother passed away. I returned home on commercial air on emergency leave. Upon returning after the funeral, I checked in at the ticket counter. They asked for my passport, and I presented my military ID, and orders. Then the agent seemed to get flustered. She typed into her computer, seemed to try various things, and finally called a supervisor over. After they both seemed to frustrated over what they were doing on the computer that wasn't working, I finally asked what was going on. They told me that I was a "random selectee" for extra screening, but that they were not allowed to do that to military personnel traveling on orders. They couldn't figure out how to get me out of that status on the computer, though. I said that it was OK, I would submit to the extra screening if that would make it easier, but they said no, that it was against federal law to subject me to extra screening. After an hour, and several phone calls they finally got it fixed. I have flown since then, and have never been a "random" selectee. I am convinced now that these selections are not random at all, and I was selected because the final destination on my ticket was Kuwait City.
cocka heuck (1 month ago)
I root for nude people on the airports. People should make as bad for all airports as bad as they can. Like wipe them off the planet for at least 30 years. Even up to 50 years. We are needed for an over trough.
the pgoughy (1 month ago)
You showed photos of the same tsa agents for different stories.
Bender Anglesmith (1 month ago)
This channel never show the real photos. Boring channel
Joe Collier (1 month ago)
@2:05 Isn't that General John Kelly on the left?
Ruudy L (1 month ago)
Woman with the nipple piercings had cheap metal rings, she should have had Titanium rings, they do not react to metal detectors
ingrid block (1 month ago)
*PDX* <3
MyNameisCraigGrant ThisIsMyBitcoinWallet. (1 month ago)
Cheap thrills.
Justput Dale (1 month ago)
Reason the hot 50 year old was harassed was exactly that. TSA like to pull hotties aside
Starry Bear (1 month ago)
click bait
Tracey Polyflavor (1 month ago)
the narrator sounds like she has cotton mouth
Justin Sword (1 month ago)
For being 52 shes fucking gorgeous And has an killer figure wow 😍 grandpa be one lucky s.o.b
ash anaz (1 month ago)
TSA are a bunch of wanna be cops
Esba Gadao (1 month ago)
Gosh how I hate these numbered ranked videos
KeyofG (1 month ago)
Have they ever actually caught a terrorist? Even once?
drmark1956 (1 month ago)
Guess how many bad guys the TSA has caught? ZERO! Yep, that’s right! They have a 93% failure rate! Total waste of tax money!
Eric (1 month ago)
Rambling stories with random photos,
Greg W (1 month ago)
Don't get mad at the TSA for keeping us safe, get mad at the muslims that made this necessary. We haven't had another attack using planes since 9/11, TSA must be doing a good job. As far as the nipple rings, I bet that wasn't the first time they were shown.
World Traveler东北 (1 month ago)
0:53 nice magazine
James McCarthyNH (1 month ago)
pesky TSA agents..they are mutants. I carried a loaded 45 with an extra mag onto an aircraft with no issues. Before you jump on me...I am a licensed owner and had a carry permit in all the states I was in. I had NO IDEA that the gun was in my backpack. It went through XRAY no problem. I stuffed it in the overhead when i boarded. Imagine my surprise when I got to FL: and unpacked and found it. I had to ship it home though licensed gun dealers. None of them were surprised when i told them about it. it was right then and there I knew we had NOBODY protecting us...they are all idiots
Marko Jocic (1 month ago)
american police and securytas are idiots
Kollen Migiu (1 month ago)
Wanna see "your rock stand up"
Frass Ras (1 month ago)
fake video,. the women with the underwear on is a mannequin
bloodcorer (1 month ago)
4:30 72 year old?
Roland Specht (1 month ago)
The TSA stole my Camera.....I had a tracking device in it....They found it in his Locker....Am sure the Thief got a promotion...
poortaiwanese (1 month ago)
never gonna visit the us because of TSA.
poortaiwanese (1 month ago)
never gonna visit the us because of TSA.
abigail sullivan (1 month ago)
Culture shop another message portfolio stretch afraid distinction ugly.
Tim McCarthy (1 month ago)
Ryley W (1 month ago)
I remember when I was young, (2001-2005) I would bring my favorite stuffed monkey that I took everywhere with me and they would always want to hold it and squeeze it kinda to make sure it was safe... I HATED IT because it was mine and my favorite... I once remember I didn't give it to them, luckily he was nice. then just this October 2017 I was with my uncle going to my grandparents place we had to stay the night in Toronto because of missing a flight by like 10 mins or something when in Calgary they said we should be able to make it, and next day we go in go through, we couldn't find the right gate we were at the wrong one for a bit, then we realized it and went looking for it.. then went out a wrong door back out into the main check in area... we asked a security guard where the gate was, and we told us but we could not go back in the way we came out... we had to go back through security and I had bought us water, and had to guzzle it my uncle had to throw his out because he didn't want to drink it then. then he goes through the thing it beeped, (didn't when we first went through) and the guy asked him things he said no, then the guy gave him a rub over, he was also rude about it too we both were pissed off over the whole thing.. so pissed off from the night before and then that ordeal we were glad to get there...
Shocke89 (1 month ago)
I would not of switched the monitors to porn... I would of ran a loop of the worlds worst planes crashes lol
Bill Hines (1 month ago)
This sight sucks!!
Greg Ebba (1 month ago)
Jim Britt (1 month ago)
"The right to bear arms shall not be infringed" YOU DON'T LOSE YOUR RIGHTS WHEN YOU BOARD A PLANE! Just ONE armed passanger on the planes on 9-11 would have saved thousands of lives.
Velvetblue (1 month ago)
Velvetblue (1 month ago)
A lot of this so called TSA agents are illiterate & rude!!!!!! They seem like people in the streets that have NO EDUCATION or LOW-LIFE that they just pick up & employed!!! MOST OF THEM ARE POWER TRIPPING ASSHOLES!!!!!
darla mccoy (1 month ago)
Omg..tsa...Making a video to try to look good..PATHEDIC..I BET THIS WOMAN GOT PAID BY TSA..LOL
Remona Stormborn (1 month ago)
The Portland Oregon one with the guy who stripped down: it's perfectly legal to be naked here unless you are attempting to 'turn people on'. So, the judge wasn't having some sort of revenge on TSA - he was tossing the case out, I assume, because there was no case.
rackelthejackel (1 month ago)
Can we just stick to the facts? 3:28 - 3:40 how do you know it was a disgruntled worker if the never found out who it was?
Anne Taylor (1 month ago)
TSA is horrible and gives only the ILLUSION of safety! TSA needs to be dismantled and done away with like the FBI, CIA, NSA and BLM!
Kerri Ellingsworth (1 month ago)
Paul Rogers (1 month ago)
Well no shit if you don't have gass it won't work