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July is coming in fly. What better way to bring July in than with a brand spankin new Best Of The Week! This week we got a very unhappy birthday party, some crossing guardian angels, and a little lizard food fight. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!! Original Links: SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo Submit your video here: http://bit.ly/3-submit-here LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoFB FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoTwitter Short vids on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoInstagram Shorter vids on VINE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoVine JukinVideo is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. We love videos and find the best ones to share with you here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer tricks to a baby reacting to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. The JukinVideo team scours the web 24/7 to find the latest trends and hottest videos. Subscribe to see them first! To license any of the videos shown on JukinVideo, visit Jukin Media at http://jukinmedia.com/licensing
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Text Comments (183)
Real Tips (1 month ago)
is it me or someone else also thought that this channel just reorder videos and make a new video of it? because every time i watch a new video i saw older clips in it and in different order...
josgn (1 month ago)
6:15 Awww the two babies yelling for grandma
birdyinspace (2 months ago)
poor dog, christmas present pets are most likely to end up abandoned... when he asks if it has the right color, everything is clear... since when do you chose another living being by color. I hope the girl has the correct nose length...
David Fernandez (3 months ago)
1:12 what my excuse? I don't have 5 people to spot for me.
Robotic Criminal (3 months ago)
That kid is stupiddddd XD and but I ain't no smarter tho
Marko (3 months ago)
1:08 my excuse is I don't wonna live with my broken back like the guy in the video
Ay-dee AM (3 months ago)
Marko but actually. Good on him for lifting, but he’s going to hurt himself with that form.
Anders Lindblom (3 months ago)
The kid in the first vid....what a little shit!
Seby (4 months ago)
The trampoline just bounced away!
Sean gaming n vlogs (4 months ago)
I like 9:10
Shaun Torpey (4 months ago)
But mummmmm why do other kids get cake and I get nothing....... Don't you remember your 5th birthday?
Viggo (4 months ago)
5:00 SAAATAAAN Fuck Off
Pablo Folito (4 months ago)
all the videos repeated tremendous friend dislike
You Hit My Car Abc (4 months ago)
I hate when people give animals for Christmas. Sure hope that dog wasn't forgotten about when they realize it's an animal and needs caring.
You Hit My Car Abc (4 months ago)
@TheFramer38 lol stfu
TheFramer38 (4 months ago)
Nope they did it for useless internet points. Am the dog and they soon abandoned me after the video was taken and now have to pan handle for money or prostitute myself to fat chicks for $100
Niels Steen (4 months ago)
0:28 she missed one
Kakaosnerk (4 months ago)
1:28 so composed
varying-degrees (4 months ago)
I had to watch the lizard one again, it was like a cartoon slapstick moment. Needs the sound of tires screeching.
Pol Rango (4 months ago)
the girl reacting to the corgi was so sweet till the "is it the right color?", i dont know why.
Jessica C (4 months ago)
Circus Seal Impression: "Boop"
Mister Blake (4 months ago)
You have a good son. He is willing to work and approached you very professionally. Very nice.
Schurli (4 months ago)
SiT dOwN
ralph villa (4 months ago)
That girl and dog is so cute
Majk Strand (4 months ago)
A honest pay for a honest day. That kid is going places. You could take all the "coolness" out of every gangbanger in US and it wouldn't be even close to how cool that kid is. I bet he get all the ladies too.
Simi Travels (4 months ago)
8:40 probably is just me... but when I see kids crying out of joy cause they get a puppy, it feels like pure love ♥️❤️♥️❤️
Chox TheMuse (4 months ago)
great clips this week!
Chance (4 months ago)
"Is he the right color?" What type of question is that, you going to return him if he's not?! People who get rid of pets because of irrelevant reasons piss me off! He's a family member, not a damn toy to get rid of once the fun is gone!
Nostalgia Glasses - Retro Reviews! (4 months ago)
Chance Geezus, I doubt they would have gotten rid of it. Way to jump to conclusions, dick.
93 SlicK (4 months ago)
Friends don't let friends squat like that ...
DastardlyRuffian (4 months ago)
That dog looks like he's connected to wifi
Sister Oliver (4 months ago)
At 6:40 the lizard didn’t get knocked off it ran! If you play it back at 0.25x you can see
Tozil (4 months ago)
1:40 and we never saw it again...
Candi Soda (4 months ago)
1:10 my excuse is that my other hand is too busy jerking off 🤣
Freddy Zhone (4 months ago)
3:16 too much gta v ..
TiffYG2133 (4 months ago)
Someone needs to teach that kid some manners
furz kolio (4 months ago)
That little bou that flipped over his cake.....attitude gets u nowhere young man....a smack and off to bed with you you spoilt little brat
Gugagalp (4 months ago)
1:15 my excuse is that im not strong enough
James Perez (4 months ago)
0:14 Don’t fuck with Carlos
Ken Waid (4 months ago)
I'm a cat person and... Oooh wook a wiiddle Puppy aaaaawwwwwww...er um yeah Cats.
ItsGingerLion (4 months ago)
Happy birthday to yo............
Bilawal Hashmi (4 months ago)
Grandma 😍
عبدالعزيز خليف (4 months ago)
الله ياخذك ان شاء الله 1:06 ههههههههههههههههه
potato tomato (4 months ago)
why did you put music over the tweety bird clip what the fuck fuck you cunts actually fuck you what big asses you are cunts
ACG Medical (4 months ago)
Why would you allow a kid to place 600 pds on his neck. No where near the back where the weight is supposed to rest. Morons.
X. Borjackle (4 months ago)
I clicked because of the thumbnail.
Jason Kioke (4 months ago)
0:30 She was supposed to go right on the second last one.
Ed H. (4 months ago)
Way too much weight for that guy to be lifting. That looked like it was resting on his neck. Then his buddies celebrate a horrible decision.
dawson latiolais (4 months ago)
4:40 anyone else hear the wildcat
Nebby1989 (4 months ago)
"Shark sighted, that's when sharks are excited to come back to the ocean." best one lol
Pennywise (4 months ago)
My parents surprised me at my first job “McDonalds” Got so nervous/embarrassed that I forgot how to do my job which caused more embarrassment
aerodaan (26 days ago)
I can only imagine Crusty's voice when I read your text 😂
Angelo Santiago (4 months ago)
That little kid flipped the cake? He would've been cleaning the whole house for the rest of his birthday and life..guaranteed!!
The Pinkerton (4 months ago)
Shark sighted killed it.
TheBennedy85 (4 months ago)
the dog could've just been having a bunch of ideas.
Jake Meyers (4 months ago)
0:13 yeet
Levi Olin (4 months ago)
If that dog was the wrong color it was going right back to the pound
TheChickenRiceBowl (3 months ago)
Yep. Dumb ass people. Make me so sick.
MB ND (5 months ago)
I too believe the sharks are excited to come back to the ocean
Andrew Hunt (4 months ago)
Free food just floating there.
The Feeling Is Mutual (5 months ago)
Does the bike clip make any pre-millenials want to watch RAD????
Mr J.S. (4 months ago)
Can only find the first 30 minutes of it, been trying for years.
Anie (5 months ago)
Oooh lawd. If that was my son, his ass would have been busted and all his toys donated to grateful kids. Happy birthday you little shit.
jesus toiran (5 months ago)
la inmensa mayoria de los videos en vertical ¿la gente ya no sabe ni grabar?
عبدالله - ABDAllA (5 months ago)
1:04 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh الله يأخذك، قتلتني
Juan marciano (5 months ago)
NextLevel BJJ (5 months ago)
The one where the kid flipped the cake over on his birthday. Don’t be mad at the kid, it’s the relatives fault that the boy got mad. At the start of the clip he was leaning in to blow out his candles and the one guy wipes his finger on his face. Putting cake all over his mouth and nose. Boy was humiliated and frustrated on his birthday. Screw that’s relative.
NextLevel BJJ (4 months ago)
furz kolio more like it’s a kid who is not nearly the same size as the adult picking on him. Not like the kid can just “be a man” and fight him. He can’t just complain about it, because that’s just ruining his birthday. That was the more direct way of saying fuck you
furz kolio (4 months ago)
But who teaches a child to take that way of reacting to a situation... My own child at that age wouldn't flip a cake etc.... Thats just a spolit brat thing that child gets what he wants when he wants...!!!
Jason Sparkman (5 months ago)
0:14 “I wanted 37 presents, NOT 36!!!”
Vengeance (3 months ago)
NOYFB FOAD (5 months ago)
Ban VERTICAL Videos!     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dechvhb0Meo
kendall brockie (5 months ago)
Awang Budiman (5 months ago)
The birthday kid finally found the solution to the awkward moment when people sing happy birthday to you. It's rude, but there's a story to tell and it's a birthday everyone will remember.
NextLevel BJJ (5 months ago)
It’s because his uncle put cake on his finger and wiped it on the boys face as he leaned in to blow out his candles. Annoying ass uncle man
MyUndefeated (5 months ago)
1:08 doesnt count. They were touching to bar.
Charles Johnson (4 months ago)
MyUndefeated you idiot it still counts they were touching the bar to spot him if they didn’t SPOT him he could have or would have dropped the bar and hurt himself. 🤦‍♂️
Gustavo Scarpellini (5 months ago)
"Everytime i sell one i get six dollars". My man deserve more than that.
The Sleeper Factory (5 months ago)
BDGMed (5 months ago)
The mom at the end is the best part of this whole video. He may be embarrassed but one day he’ll look back and it’ll make him smile.
josgn (1 month ago)
@forgotn1 😂😂😂
José Enrique Gomez Romero (4 months ago)
hell yeah! i didt see a mom embarrassing a son, i see a proud mom watching a boy doing the right thing
getmefixed getyourselffixed (4 months ago)
The only way to grow up to become a proud and decent man...
forgotn1 (4 months ago)
Your parents/family embarrassing you at your first job is a requirement. lol
Aliza B (4 months ago)
Nub Nub (5 months ago)
What shark is seen at 7:45?
Jason Lossa (5 months ago)
That is a whale shark
멜로디Melody (5 months ago)
That kid would've got his ass whooped
KarlBunker (5 months ago)
Wow, that "Oh my god, it's a puppy" really got to me. 😢❤️
Seřizovači lisů (4 months ago)
this vid makes me cry few times in row so propably being mentaly weak or to much sensitive :) but for first look girl has similar advantages as my for my 10stars :-* "is it right colour father said .she answer : its perfect :D THANK U
CSI Grissom (5 months ago)
Absolute Respect to that Young Man at the End of the Vid for making an Honest Dollar!
Jerome Whigham (2 months ago)
The Sleeper Factory (5 months ago)
I felt the same way. We need more young people, and parents like them.
Artificial Idiot (5 months ago)
I don't really show a lot of emotions, so I just think I'll be visibly awkward while being very excited when someone gives me my favourite breed puppy for my birthday.
Mark Stansberry (5 months ago)
Best of the week but has a Christmas video. huh?
Andrew Hunt (4 months ago)
The one with the photographer in the street getting coal rolled on him by the diesel pickup truck is also a reused one. But hey, if you're gonna reuse ones, at least they're reusing good ones.
Q & A (4 months ago)
Mark Stansberry it was probably uploaded using a dial up modem. 🤣😂🤣😂
Brandon Wright (5 months ago)
Don't give puppies as gifts. :(
Mat t (5 months ago)
Where are the original links?
cheesegyoza (5 months ago)
Oh boy, if I flipped that cake when I was a kid my mom would have pulled my pants down in front of God and everyone and whipped my butt.
Dave C. (2 months ago)
@TheChickenRiceBowl Bullshit. If he didn't like the way someone behaves that doesn't give him the right to mess up a cake someone either bought or put time into. Spoiled shit. Skip the b-day party next year. My kids would never do something like that. All of them are super grateful for any party and gifts.
TheChickenRiceBowl (3 months ago)
@forgotn1 Congrats, you, Nextlevel, and TheEmperor are the only ones with any sense here.
TheChickenRiceBowl (3 months ago)
@NextLevel BJJ Actually you know what that makes a lot more sense. Especially since he's only just turned 5 years old. Since the adults don't want to act like adults and not put their fingers in the cake and smear it on small children, why shouldn't he flip the cake over? He's the actual child after all.
Gary Russ (4 months ago)
@NextLevel BJJ I just love the awkward moment of silence afterwards. It's like "oh $h!t! Did he just do that?"
Icee Laurent (4 months ago)
Stupid kid I'm gonna whip ur ass
RyonRykal (5 months ago)
When your child reacts to a dog like the one on 9:00 does, there is something wrong.
Cory Obrien (5 months ago)
Wut is this sick shit?!? I didn't come here to see wins!! FAILS ONLY!!!!!
MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible Assholes (4 months ago)
Cory Obrien 😂
Cory Obrien (5 months ago)
Sean Gavin (5 months ago)
Look back on your life for the fails part
ERIKA DOWDY (5 months ago)
funny_nikky (5 months ago)
0:04 Once in the zoo in Lisabon the Tucan tried to steal my cap while my mom was taking the pic of me near this bird lol))) Indeed they have very strong beak!
Dadk loo (5 months ago)
This kid is a savage
Dadk loo (4 months ago)
@Sean Gavin yes
Sean Gavin (5 months ago)
Which kid? The little shitstain who flipped his birthday cake?
mojo 410 Captain Caveman (5 months ago)
Nice ..
Charlie O'Malley (5 months ago)
"Is he the right colour?" FFS. What were they going to do if it wasn't, just bring it back? Terrible pointless question. No wonder there's so many unwanted beautiful dogs waiting for homes if the main worry is colour.
Charlie O'Malley (4 months ago)
Glad to hear it :)
Verdampft und zugevaped (4 months ago)
I think he knew exactly what breed and color she wants. Her reaction speaks a clear speech.
Sama'an Gharaibeh (5 months ago)
الله ياخذتش نشالله 😂😂
SaLeM ALMutairi (3 months ago)
قتلتني هههههههههههههه وقت الصحيه وقت الإنجليزى
MEMES DARON (4 months ago)
اي سمعتها
Ahm3d Moh (5 months ago)
Andrew Kolb (5 months ago)
The kid doing squat lifting had all the help didn't do it on his own SMH
Robert Reynolds (5 months ago)
Coal rollers suck.
Histórias jogáveis (5 months ago)
Somebody know the name of this music? 2:01
Histórias jogáveis (4 months ago)
Dániel Pásztor (5 months ago)
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ (5 months ago)
the intro is to loud broski
Enemy (5 months ago)
"What's your excuse" ... if someone is physically limited than others it doesn't mean that he/she will be mentally or spirituality limited or broken as some other with no physical limitations. Not everyone will be wanting to do those things what those others do, like here sports, weightlifting. Everyone has there taste in stuff. ... im so sick of those "motivation" videos, because they doesn't work, those just make feel even worse.
that's nice (5 months ago)
This channel is the best and has also inspired me to make my own .. check it out if you want
that's nice (4 months ago)
@Watermelon 101 I'm still working on it
Watermelon 101 (4 months ago)
that's nice u don’t have any videos
Sanivia (5 months ago)
dont gift pets like they are objects!
Sandy Husacek (5 months ago)
*A BIG THANK YOU* for getting rid of the soundtrack
simba_08 G (5 months ago)
Sandy Husacek it will be back next week lmao🤣
Another Swiss Youtube User (5 months ago)
1:37 well now they can cut the grass where the trampoline was.
josgn (1 month ago)
PaRa (4 months ago)
Another Swiss Youtube user denn windets die aber au weg ;)
Dio Sancrispino (5 months ago)
Like se sei italiano
MilesBellas (5 months ago)
0:20 no discipline? no father? "Little Emporer"?
Mr E30 (4 months ago)
I'm the captain now what an idiot you are
Hercados P. (5 months ago)
At the beginning of the clip an asshole of his family stuck his finger in the cake and smeared it on his face as he went to blow out the candle. 5 years or not, that shit would annoy everyone.
I'm the captain now (5 months ago)
a little drug trafficker in the making
Vanger48912 (5 months ago)
Well, I know one little fucker that won't be getting a birthday party next year!
Mustafá Sammoudi (5 months ago)
niraj puri (5 months ago)
That puppy is a she.
RoseOfTheNight4444 (5 months ago)
I couldn't really see all that well but I'm guess there was nothing there in the pelvic region?
Nexo- Games (5 months ago)
Why am I watching people how are they are doing their talent? I'm here on the sofa and watch YouTube...
aerodaan (26 days ago)
And I bet you're good at it too 😂
Jan Nowak (5 months ago)
That`s cause U R rich xD
h7opolo (5 months ago)
4:30 traveling, not impressive when breaking the rules of basketball
h7opolo (5 months ago)
@Storm 58 touche, would take bit of practice, though.
Storm 58 (5 months ago)
h7opolo I’d like to see you do that,