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Jack leone (1 hour ago)
A note on the second idiot at work, leave it to the Asians to come up with a better idea! for removing unwanted pubic hair!! I also heard Alicia Keys came up with her hit song from watching this video "Girl on fire"
Chris Cullen28 (3 hours ago)
Blackened tuna !
kutunggu kepastianmu. cinta suci (4 hours ago)
Tempek i pnas
A-DawgLC93 (5 hours ago)
Thank God for osha laws in US
PJ Walker (12 hours ago)
Don't worry. The insurance will pay for it...I think.
Karen Raffensparger (15 hours ago)
I feel sorry for the person trying to "please" the Chinese girl... she's dead down there.
Bigtime Ray (21 hours ago)
That dude knocked himself silly on that little tractor! 😂
Bill Chrenko (22 hours ago)
Asian girl with the angle grinder...now I know why your boyfriend's nickname is "Rusty". Ouch, honey...you'll need WD-40 as skin bracer afterwards.
Idiot- 983 (22 hours ago)
I feel like have worked with most of these people !
Jack Torrance (1 day ago)
That dumbass who falls into that fish pool 😂😂😂
x1plus1x (1 day ago)
It's almost funnier when you don't understand the language, but you know exactly what they are saying!! "Holy Shit, Did you see that idiot?!?!"
Lee Dicks (1 day ago)
Yo It's me, Dawg (1 day ago)
These people probably those kids at school who acted and looked autistic but they wernt so people ignored them.
Chewybrand (2 days ago)
Sparky crotch was unusual.
Marco Valleggi (2 days ago)
Ecco perchè le orientali ce l'hanno nera!
Pavsikakiy Fussik (2 days ago)
2nd video - does she try to burn her pussy's bushes out ?.... or what ?....
27GTD (2 days ago)
Hot box grinder ..
TheOtherWhiteBread0 (2 days ago)
That part with the oil explosion happened to me one time, but there was no car involved.. just a lot of cleaning.
ปราโมทย์ รัตนประสพ (3 days ago)
MARK D (3 days ago)
alleghany999 (3 days ago)
Reginaldo Ortiz (3 days ago)
Quiere hacer panocha caliente
Lynn C. Doyle (3 days ago)
The doofus falling into the fish tank is as phony as Obama's birth certificate.
Siang Guan Lim (4 days ago)
Sometimes it is just a careless mistake or an aciddent , nobody is perfect .
Allen McKinney (4 days ago)
She must've been clean shaven to keep a fire from starting.
aweng palopo (4 days ago)
lahh...itu memek ga panas ya....
MrYfrank14 (4 days ago)
that fish tank trap in the middle of the floor is genus. they even put a trip in front of it so you dont just step in. not sure why you would want a trap to catch people like that, but is it works perfectly.
Marko Marinovic (4 days ago)
4.48 hahahahaha
Yogi Demis (4 days ago)
That Asian girl knew exactly what she was doing in the second clip Not giving a fuck!!
Ron Lee (5 days ago)
These people need to work for OSHA for a season or two
mickavellian (5 days ago)
So Asian women have HOT vagijas or the panties are made of asbestos. Absolute proof Asians are NOT that smart.
my twocents (5 days ago)
.20 seconds girl with Shao Lin Iron Box technique.
Daan Hermans (5 days ago)
Shade against sector judicial northwest southeast trace.
erepsekahs (5 days ago)
Must be Turld World countries.
jstrahan2 (5 days ago)
Please...get rid of the "music". Actual audio is much better for these kinds of videos.
Homer Homer (5 days ago)
Shit that girl has thighs of steel!
Kalle Kula (5 days ago)
3rd world will always be just this...
Maureen Wambui (5 days ago)
May be she is loving the feel of the sparks....i pity her guy if he cannot make her feel what those sparks are.
huan nguyen (5 days ago)
xem ca nhat
Snidely Whiplash (5 days ago)
for every idiotic action there is an equal and opposite idiotic reaction.
Golo1949 (5 days ago)
How has the human race ever survived till now?
Rocky p (5 days ago)
that girl is smokin hot
Peter Kinzio (6 days ago)
Hahah she was trying to get rid of them crabs...
whiteknightcat (6 days ago)
20 seconds in - that's what railroaders refer to as a hotbox.
James Copas (6 days ago)
does anyone notice these seem to be of people that are in other countries? and these are the ones demo-rats want to bring here! let those countries keep their Idiots we have our own here! just look at mad Maxine, delusional pelosi, etc (demo-rats party).
marian 118 (7 days ago)
alla video...italiano people ahaha
Zul Kiam (7 days ago)
Cukup mengesankan menjadi tontpnan
parviz peter (7 days ago)
die dümmsten waren die arabischen lkw fahrer
D Angel (7 days ago)
why are all these people asian...? do they have that little common sense?
James Howarth (7 days ago)
Fire croch
Красный Угар (8 days ago)
Железобетонная пилотка
Raira Wibowo (8 days ago)
stupid work
陳琮聖 (8 days ago)
奇怪!火花觸碰皮膚輕微刺痛感…… 她怎麼沒感覺?
ChickenSaysBak (8 days ago)
Close your eyes at the beginning of the video and you will hear an alien invasion.
Andrej Shamin (8 days ago)
Девушка с болгаркой отожгла... Остальное фигня
Xerxes 450 (9 days ago)
Everyone can not know the laws of physics .... Sheldon Cooper
Regis Drouyn (9 days ago)
tabarnac elle va se crisser le feu dans la touffe
BornToRunBarefoot (9 days ago)
I like a girl with a hot crotch.
Beaky Turf (2 days ago)
BornToRunBarefoot You'll catch a trip to the doctor.
Mr. Smith (9 days ago)
Korean BBQ Snapper! On of my favorite snacks!
Ben Nunavut (9 days ago)
I only came here to see the girl with the grinder. Smokin' Hot
Paula Tristan (10 days ago)
why does this happen a lot in foreign countries,I think it's because men in foreign countries don't know how to drive trucks, fork lifts, or any type of machinery, they aren't shown the correct way to drive heavy machinery, no one can operate heavy machinery like America's men👍😏🎈
BlackJaGuar (10 days ago)
Well i think she enjoy it
Marcellino Pentenè (10 days ago)
La mia isola è ancora
The TOTCM Band (10 days ago)
:37 The guy in the back ground is going to saw it off and she is going to light it on fire.
theravedaddy (10 days ago)
I actually copied the crotch box fireshow yesterday while building my car. Except im a bloke and was wearing heavy jeans. That shit was hot and very uncomfortable. She must enjoy having a stinging hot box.......thrush, anyone?
Michael Angelo (10 days ago)
I think I smell Fish fry . 👃🏿
Gary Singlewood (11 days ago)
20 seconds in I had to take 2
smiley (11 days ago)
thats some scary stuff.
whatever04 (11 days ago)
The 2nd one, wtf..
0011clem raptor (11 days ago)
at 20 seconds in , has she got panties on ? she must be feeling something . and also no eye protection or hearing protection .
Ricky Spanish (11 days ago)
kuoa kupam capiso idiotikaju
Casey Hanger (11 days ago)
Well, that's one way to get rid of the crabs. Comments are hilarious
Cal Bono (11 days ago)
Ahh cranes, other than hydraulics the tech hasnt changed in thousands of years. Maybe time for some innovation?
Brad R (11 days ago)
Shes got the fire crotch
Specialized 29er (11 days ago)
Fark me, workplace health and safety?
Inachu Ikimasho (11 days ago)
Asian shortcuts to save company some money......
The Last Rebel Show (12 days ago)
My wife is a paramedic, she never runs out of work! Ever!
refineries147 (8 days ago)
You could say the same for policemen and other emergence services. It's a noraml part of life hence why they have these services.
L Bukem (12 days ago)
Why the fuck would you put a floor level, unguarded fish pond in the middle of a building? When I see videos like this I realise how many people there are with lower than average IQs....
Asad Albakri (12 days ago)
that woman sure loves sparks
Terry Weaver (12 days ago)
Me too... 20 seconds in and I find myself commenting. I would not date her. That's just too tuff a snatch. Her crotch could utterly drain a stungun in half a second, And probably from 100 feet away. LoL
Ioan Cofar (12 days ago)
tracksmoken trapper (12 days ago)
New china fire works.
bria6094 (12 days ago)
new meaning to fire crotch
Armando Olivares (13 days ago)
Dude she's totally getting off on it look at her face,
FSAUDIOGUY (13 days ago)
Attention shoppers, we gotta hot crotch on aisle 2! SAFETY GLASSES! That rock is spinning at 22,000 RPM! FOOCK ME!
D. Octor Poe (13 days ago)
This is why I could never keep a job! I am too intelligent to work for an idiot; therefore I refused to follow their orders and either quit or was fired just prior to a disaster! I avoided very many disasters Often an idiot is promoted to a boss simply because he/she was related to the owner of the business.
Iazzaboyce (13 days ago)
That woman with the grinder must be fake
Vance McCarthy (13 days ago)
The girl with angle grinder likes those sparks.
John Marksman (13 days ago)
stupid sawyer dont plan his fall and gets it
Richard Nyomouf (13 days ago)
That's what I call a fire crotch. I can't believe nobody said it first.
Roger Herrera (13 days ago)
Most of the videos are rusia,midle east and east,what that means less evolution? Yessssss
jetbikes1 (13 days ago)
Now that’s what you call a Fire Box !
Iron Pencils Sketching (13 days ago)
大波浪 (14 days ago)
Just A Guy (14 days ago)
Girl has a hot coochie...
Far Que (14 days ago)
The girl with the grinder is making Steel Wool
Pippo Pippo (14 days ago)
Ma tanto idioti
Elapio Justo (14 days ago)
Otra idiotez del trabajo fue ponerle ese título al video, porque lo que vi fue imprudencia, errores y accidentes.
Alternative Headlines (14 days ago)
There's NO excuse for a construction crane to collapse, EVER! Start handing down mandatory prison life sentences to crane operators who cause death and injury throught their negligence and watch the rate of crane related accidents drop to zero overnight.
Knasterman (14 days ago)
chick with the angle grinder likes it....... it tingles..... WHAHAHAHA