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alvinfry (19 hours ago)
:10 you're drunk Optimus Prime go home!
eddie g (1 day ago)
The funniest one was at 4:47
rahkin rah (1 day ago)
Think I'll move to a third world country and get a job in the trades.
Frank Welch (1 day ago)
Warming up my box lunch.
Depressed Child (1 day ago)
Pussy on fire 🔥
Peter Silie (2 days ago)
da brennt die muschie
Gaffa (2 days ago)
Why shave them off when you can burn them off for that properly smooth baby-like feel? 😎
John Thompson (3 days ago)
who put all the fish in the lobby
Phil Brenner (3 days ago)
Ich sags ja immer wieder. Wer ist blöder als die Russen? Nur die Asiaten und Wüstenschiffe!
gozinto87 (3 days ago)
2:24 Karma!
Michael Pitts (3 days ago)
Asian chick 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
CausticBURN (3 days ago)
Thia is why you don't hire Moe, Larry and Curly industries to do your concrete work! 4:49
Naters (4 days ago)
Why is there ALWAYS a clip of some 3rd world shithole country that shows some large piece of equipment/vehicle either tipping over or falling off of a cliff?
max isom (4 days ago)
As soon as I saw that girl in the dress man... I just had to stop it... Morbid curiousity got the best of me, oh my god, I thought she was going to burn her self, the cutter slips then digs into her leg and hits a major artery. Fuck this, Im gonna go find something else to watch lol.
emiracle angle1991 (4 days ago)
China worker very idiot in the world's 👍
Manfred Holzkopf (5 days ago)
in ten years we've this in germany too. then made in germany is over
AK F (5 days ago)
se...senpai..! so hot!
Jubei Yang (5 days ago)
#2: iron pussy
sherpaderpa1 (5 days ago)
Finally a youtube thumbnail that delivars!
Frank Welch (6 days ago)
Bush fire in the making.
1xBHx1 (6 days ago)
4:48 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
PANDABLE LECTOR (6 days ago)
If that grinding blade breaks she is going to have 2 pussies.
Aman Abbas (6 days ago)
4.16 is the best part of whole video....😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Tourettes Orc (7 days ago)
Thought the thumbnail was a Lovedoll
Tourettes Orc (7 days ago)
Hey there, hit me up, I need a job
Jaja Haha (8 days ago)
JUMP23MΔN (8 days ago)
Roast beef curtains are well done.
Cecemel_PvP (8 days ago)
All those things are in Russia :)
raghu sh (9 days ago)
The girl was trying to get hot for her boyfriend 😂😂😂
Eddie Arcega (9 days ago)
00:20 90% of viewer's only noticed the woman shooting sparks into her wide open crotch. 10% viewer's noticed the idiot up top sawing the very thin piece of stick right over his leg.
John Lester (9 days ago)
That chick had carpet burns!
Oliblabla (9 days ago)
girl with hot pants
Noteman (10 days ago)
Foreigners = stupidity.
kc h (10 days ago)
Joe Blow (10 days ago)
do i smell burnt fish or chicken??? lololol
animepix (10 days ago)
Glad to see standards in other countries suck compares to the USA.
wrx111 (11 days ago)
I could watch her cut that pipe all day
error404_ namenotfound (11 days ago)
Lol stupid foreigners.
Artur Arruda (12 days ago)
Look at the fish lol 5:10
n0ka (12 days ago)
The tree falling sounds like a human crying out
MARTIN BARCENAS (12 days ago)
Jajaja oye la #2 se rasura la panocha con las chispas de la amoladora jajaja,ya ni siente nada
J KELL (12 days ago)
She's just trying to keep the spark in her relationship
冉大人 (12 days ago)
菇凉你的B是好B 真B不怕火练
KUSUKING SCLA (12 days ago)
5:14 was funny assfuck Jajajajajaja
Bhasit Ali niece move (13 days ago)
loc G (13 days ago)
lol when i first started my construction job, i burned off my shoe laces with sparks from the grinder. also seen a guy burn through his jeans. Idk how she didnt feel anything.
alex solorio (14 days ago)
*shes going to shit nails later*
lucimar hermogenes (14 days ago)
ai acabar colocando fogo na piquita
Aeksiham Aeksiham (14 days ago)
Nice video and very beautiful music
Sabin Maden (14 days ago)
2nd one must be made by iron plus shiny steel.
MeanManSlayer (15 days ago)
7.2 mil views 7.6k likes... Seems legit and no botting at all
Jay Lopes (15 days ago)
O:25 That's one over cooked happy meal 👋😀 🇵🇹
Jeff Ebner (16 days ago)
I wonder if she got a rug burn.
Achmad servis dinamo Radiator Sukoharjo 3 barat (16 days ago)
Nicolas Fredette (16 days ago)
- My brain in 2018 be like "imma click on it, but gtfo with that thumbna..." ;_;' . . . ..ehhh.. . wow ¿!
Нафан к. (17 days ago)
4:36 lol
RUPAK KUMAR SINGH (17 days ago)
Iron lady
isaac lee (17 days ago)
Rip international rush miracle collapse changing its lack quite thirty
Василий Чеховский (18 days ago)
никогда не видел столько дебилов в одном ролике!
конал (13 days ago)
искорки писю щекотят
TGG News (20 days ago)
final destination 10
Mike Funk (20 days ago)
second one is clearly fake. She doesnt even flinch and in the back round you see homeboy sawing away on a stick right over his leg.
johann rüstmann (20 days ago)
Nothing funny here. But love the hot crotch , she must feel the heat.
chakalbek (21 days ago)
Тупые уроды я ару блядь
конал (13 days ago)
искорки писю щекотят
gilbert ramirez (21 days ago)
If She Farts, its over !
GARRY OAK (21 days ago)
How does she not feel that
zane lile (21 days ago)
Use of common sense, would prevent most of this.
Mehrdad Keivani (22 days ago)
most of those morons are either in Russia or China.
Rich Rabuck (22 days ago)
Raphael the gangstalked (23 days ago)
Humamkind is as thick as pig shit. Fact.
Lexor888 (24 days ago)
First girl does it on purpose, saves the cost of a waxing. What happened in that elevator, earthquake?
dale bowen (24 days ago)
No Middle support on that beam. These never get old
Southsideman (24 days ago)
0:20 - LOL WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
paul slade (24 days ago)
The 2nd one WTF
SLAY DeSantis (25 days ago)
It's a wonder that girl didn't set her cooch on fire..lol.
Aysha Chowdhury (25 days ago)
omg, so hardworking
ian lowden (26 days ago)
0:48 the man got hit by the metal 😤😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
jamesha175 (26 days ago)
wow. each one more stupid than the last.
American girl (26 days ago)
The reason im not worried about the arabs. Lol
monty smooth (26 days ago)
la ponchefierro le dicen
Metal Head (26 days ago)
4:48 LOOL
joedsavage (27 days ago)
Talk about a burning bush.....
Art Ameti (27 days ago)
0:23 she is so beautiful 😍 😍 😍 😍
Magist (28 days ago)
0:19 sec, Idiotress!
Alfred Chen (28 days ago)
I guess that's why many companies nowadays require Engineers ..
Goondock Saints (29 days ago)
The common theme between most of these clips: "I can get a guy to do it for half that price"
siswanto adi wicaksono (30 days ago)
Jembute gk kobong le
Bill Williams (30 days ago)
Men wearing white dresses SHOULD NOT be driving dump trucks!
grof5768 (1 month ago)
0:33 Yea, put the heat on! Just love it :)...
This is my resting face (1 month ago)
Horst Drexer (1 month ago)
Steven Corsoe (1 month ago)
I've seen girls in Asia with razorblade links in their twat too but hyapatha Lee did use hot Coles in her bush way back in the 70s and she was an adult movie star must be an Asian culture LOL.
Stan van der Boor (1 month ago)
Nonetheless volunteer demonstrate recognition inquiry voter relationship offering interested signal.
Lisa Dooley (1 month ago)
Did we forget to attend physics class????
Михаил Меренков (1 month ago)
0.20 - діваха найкраща !!!
bunya7374 (1 month ago)
jose gonzalez gonzalez (1 month ago)
Brad Beining (1 month ago)
Brush fire!
IgeHedfro (1 month ago)
the one with the guys working on the concrete had me laughing my ass off. Things went from bad to worse real quick