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Dinner Scene from Friends With Kids

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Amazing scene from the movie, "Friends With Kids," where Jon Hamm and Adam Scott really flex their acting ability.
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Text Comments (68)
Kashmir First (3 months ago)
I love Julie's voice!
Luna Lovegood (4 months ago)
that blonde woman is hidous
MGM Lioness (4 months ago)
hey, i live a few mins away from the Taconic!
O GR13 (4 months ago)
MGM Lioness :)
CT (5 months ago)
the movie would have been better if the girl potraying the bestriend mother is not her, she has no character and emotions
Abram Sullivan (5 months ago)
Don Draper is the shit
Romi C (10 months ago)
I love how Ben's such a despicable person in this scene, but later while apologizing he says the most sensible quote of the entire movie. Or maybe it's sensible to me because my relationship has things in common with Jason and Julie's (we're mostly best friends who learnt how to make it work without feeling like we have an extra limb). Anyway, I think the fact we can see such different sides or shades of a character is thanks to Jon's incredible talent.
rivinish (10 months ago)
i resent all of them
Valhalla (10 months ago)
It hurts Jon. I know you're just acting -, that it's not actually you, but it hurts. I wished someone had warned me about the content of this video... all I wanted was a scene that had anything to do with my searchwords. "Jon Hamm hot scene". I guess I payed the price for my sloppy suggestion. Next time I'm going to write "Jon Hamm sex scene". Bye. I love you, bye.
Kaira Brandt (1 year ago)
adam scott is a phenomenal actor
Raoul Duke (1 year ago)
the beautyfull people..
dinicha rice (1 year ago)
I love this love
Scott Neal (1 year ago)
Adam Scott is awesome in this movie, especially in this scene. It's rare seeing him in a role that is less comedic and more serious, and it shows that he can really deliver when he isn't funny.
Scott M (2 years ago)
Needed a better script.
Asher Faye (2 years ago)
Chris was supposed to be American?
Aelyn Balderas (2 years ago)
I love Jon but I really hated him in this movie and mostly in this scene. My heart breaks every time I see Kristen's character cry.
Mach Dude (12 days ago)
It shows how he is a good actor. A good actor can make you forget about him as an actor and see only the character that he plays. It's the epitome of what acting should be.
theLeonidas26 R (2 years ago)
Titty McTitenheimer Hahahahaha!!!!! this guy is genius!!!! fucking love Don Draper
usc trojans1987 (8 months ago)
theLeonidas26 R love Don, hate Messi
max playne (3 years ago)
Every fucking time my dad's side of the family gets together...lol
MartialArtsCat101 (4 years ago)
Thank you do much for uploading this scene! :D Those tensions were super high, lmao
eyesoulated (4 years ago)
hahahha fucking chris odowd's american accent is shit but this was movie was awesome!
Alex Thomas (3 years ago)
Chris O'Dowd's american accent is fucked. But they keep asking him to one. Why? Can't they just make his character Irish? 
Lisa Doherty (4 years ago)
Why does Jennifer W always roll her upper lip under? Makes me want to punch her in the face. Outside of that, thought the movie was still decent. Prefer Kissing Jessica Stein. Go catch it.
ekaterina ponizovskaya (4 years ago)
the movie is "wishful thinking". It is not even funny
Angel T. (3 months ago)
ekaterina ponizovskaya have you ever thought that not everything is supposed to be funny
DYvideos (4 years ago)
Perfect performances by Hamm and Scott. 
Rolling Ormond (4 years ago)
What's the Ticonic?
Luyafemi (4 years ago)
The Taconic is the longest parkway in New York State.
Rolling Ormond (4 years ago)
I like Hamm, but his girlfriend Westfeldt's face looks bulletproof from too much Botox. Guess that's long-term love for you...
Victor Hernandez (4 years ago)
I love this scene, I wish I could have a kid with my best (girl) friend
MDub (4 years ago)
no (4 years ago)
OH MY GOD SHE SNOW BOARDS?!  hahahahahaha
Michael Higham (4 years ago)
Jon Hamm with an old fashioned? Go figure
imaprouduclabruin (4 years ago)
lol it'd be nice if one of the men sitting at the table discreetly looks around at all the women at the table to see which one of them is good looking, and then looks around the table again one more time, this time at the men, to confirm that he's the best looking one there.
John Jingleheimer (4 years ago)
"Speaking of masturbation, who wants chicken?"
xwoodsyx (4 years ago)
Jon fucking Hamm
Raul Gofuckyourself (4 years ago)
I've watched some reviews on this movie and all I heard was that this movie sucked. "The plot is stupid". .... . Yea, no shit it's stupid, that's why this movie works. The movie knows that the plot is stupid. This is a good movie that shows what happens with relationships after kids. Trying that move they did, is dumb and the movie with everyone in it, knows that.
Raul Gofuckyourself (4 years ago)
This movie is fucking awesome. 66% clearly means Rotten Tomatoes is shit.
Leisha Young (4 years ago)
Man that was just excruciating! I know how Hamm's character feels, I would just want to punch everyone at this table. These fuckwits that think they're special and that they're so evolved when all they're really doing is fucking up their kids life because they're so self absorbed and can't sort their shit out. They're all so surfacy and full of shit.
Jiminy Christmas (1 year ago)
How are they fucking up anyone's life? Plenty of parents choose to separate and some mothers just shoot out kids for a welfare check. If they're on good terms with each other what does it matter?
HHHpeDigreeX (4 years ago)
jon hamm is such a good actor
amandasjoyangel (5 years ago)
god adam scott is so hot
morgystroupy (5 years ago)
What is the piano song called that plays after this scene?
Timbo Slice (5 years ago)
Jon Hamm is the shit, he should be in every movie..
Pana (5 years ago)
Jon Hamm as Batman
leighgirl123 (5 years ago)
Romi C (10 months ago)
Isn't that kind of dangerous? LOL
ANTIMKrebirth (5 years ago)
jon hamm as batman
ezekiel clare (5 years ago)
Jon Hamm as batman
Vic Torious (5 years ago)
Just dont have kids folks.
O GR13 (4 months ago)
Vic Torious have kids but find the right person :)
Tiffany Bevis (5 years ago)
Favorite scene in the movie. Loved how highly that Jason spoke of Julie!
O GR13 (4 months ago)
Tiffany Bevis my favorite part too.
CdnBacon13 (5 years ago)
I love that Kristen Wiig can do dramatic scenes as well. She gave me MAD stomach pangs when tears ran down her face. It broke my heart </3 She's an amazing and versatile actress.
Tracy L (5 years ago)
It hurts me watching Jennifer's face -- those cheek implants seem ready to burst.
Quinn Dang (5 years ago)
Raymond Lee (5 years ago)
"Love is just something made up by people like me, to sell linens"
Yuan Shen (4 months ago)
Raymond Lee nylons*
charityluther (5 years ago)
Its so MOIST !
CommentPolice (5 years ago)
Edddy Burns!
Jonathan Cheung (5 years ago)
Very underrated movie.
222333aaaaaa (5 years ago)
Jon Hamm is just awesome
breezin25 (5 years ago)
Jon Hamm is pretty hot when he's mad.
Abram Sullivan (4 months ago)
Well he's a hot head what do you expect
danzigjr (5 years ago)
"It's so moist".
holeygeorge (5 years ago)
Omg are you on every clip of this movie?! You obviously didn't watch this if you think all you stated is true. What Jason learns is that love does NOT equal sex. and they learn that marriage can be shitty but you work through it bc you love each other.
slamdunk212 (5 years ago)
LOL Hamm's snowboarding line is hysterical.