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Second Act | Official Trailer [HD] | Coming Soon

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Second Act is a comedy in the vein of Working Girl and Maid In Manhattan. Jennifer Lopez stars as Maya, a 40-year-old woman struggling with frustrations from unfulfilled dreams. Until, that is, she gets the chance to prove to Madison Avenue that street smarts are as valuable as book smarts, and that it is never too late for a Second Act. SUBSCRIBE: http://stxent.co/Subscribe Connect with Second Act Facebook – https://facebook.com/secondact Twitter – https://twitter.com/secondact Instagram – https://instagram.com/secondactmovie Official Website –https://secondact.movie STX Entertainment STX Entertainment is a fully integrated, diversified, global media company designed from inception to unlock value from the 21st Century’s changed media landscape. STX specializes in the development, production, marketing and distribution of talent-driven films, television, and digital media content, with a unique ability to maximize the impact of content across worldwide, multiplatform distribution channels, including unparalleled global capabilities and direct passage into the China market. Connect with STX Entertainment Online: WEBSITE: http://stxent.co/Website FACEBOOK: http://stxent.co/Facebook TWITTER: http://stxent.co/Twitter Second Act | Official Trailer [HD] | Coming Soon https://www.youtube.com/STXentertainment
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Text Comments (256)
Amps3000 (2 days ago)
Only here for J LO
Cheeno (3 days ago)
I like this!
hkhipster (4 days ago)
We saved Wales 😂😂😂😂
Diana (5 days ago)
Super excited for this. I hope they keep the Mrs. Doubtfire quip in there. My mom nearly choked on her dinner. lol
MissyLillie (6 days ago)
Omg!!! I already love this movie
Kevin Richards (7 days ago)
This movie looks good.
Arjay Reodique (8 days ago)
0:43 whats the title of the song?
Вагиф Сафаров (13 days ago)
Song please 1:19
stanko cutuk (15 days ago)
Whats the song on 1:20?
TONE FATHER (17 days ago)
Its gonna be ooookaaayy...
Ellie007 (18 days ago)
neversaygoodbye4 (19 days ago)
I’m so excited to see Leah Remini on the big screen!!!! She and Jennifer will be hilarious together!!!!
Y Z (25 days ago)
Oh come on... - Storyline just in ur fcking Dreams!
Rama Rao (25 days ago)
Can someone tell the catchy soundtrack used in background at 1:46 please??
Zainab Ali (26 days ago)
I do believe like its a copy of 'ask laftan anlamaz' a turkish show. With changes ofcourse. I did strike me at first but then i was sure when i saw an entire scene copied. Where hayat the girl in show is forced to speak in Arabia in a meeting. Its a story of a girl who needs a job and gets the job at a very fancy company by tricking them into believing shes someone else, someone more qualified. Someone who knows many more languages.
Fave (26 days ago)
Looks awesome !
Taurus 03 (27 days ago)
This looks like a sad attempt at comedy, or I'm just not used to J.Lo doing funny roles, but either way, I'm still gonna go see it. 😄😂
Alexis Aguilera (27 days ago)
Do any of you know the name of the first song?
Alexis Aguilera (26 days ago)
Sucheta Kumar Thank You!
Sucheta Kumar (26 days ago)
Dreams by the Cranberries
Expoising Evil (28 days ago)
I literally just watched an entire trailer about a narcissistic glammed up woman in professional outfit after outfit and hair-style as the entire world around her literally revolved around her, glorified her, and for no apparent reason allowed her to say and do perverted sexual things, with loads of misandry and emasculation going on. OF COURSE everything around her applauds her, opportunities fall into her hands; she wins her way with "humor" (as mentioned sexual harassment humor). Blah blah blah. This kind of garbage is the reason people walk around backstabbing actual talented and worthy people, hellbent on reliving these narcissistic disgusting fantasy worlds where all the cameras and cast members are rigged to glamorize some random person, idolize them, and give them "the dream life"—any dream life, whichever it may be, regardless of any and all actual details to realities. You know, "me me me, everything happens for me!!! NOT YOU!!! IM SO HOT AND COOL AREN'T I? HAHAHA the world LOOOOVES me, and you're a part of my cast!!!" I really don't believe in this industry anymore.
Youselande Simon (28 days ago)
My TV Husband Milo Ventimiglia from This Is Us and Jlo who is just amazing at what she does and gorgeous with skin that dont crack. Love it.❤
Alejandro Ochoa (28 days ago)
Oh man el soundtrack's the crawbarry. Síiiíi
Alejandra Hinojosa (28 days ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning? Wasn’t that a band in the early 2000’s?
Sucheta Kumar (26 days ago)
Dreams by the Cranberries
Gen (29 days ago)
Seems Jlo always will play the same stupid characters in the same mediocre movies...
Von Jorelle (29 days ago)
Guys, can someone identify the featured songs? Thanks in advance 😁
Mama Bear (29 days ago)
Maid in Manhattan 2. Been there, done that.
CallMeRachel (29 days ago)
I loveeee Leah!! I need to see this!
Marisol Muniz (29 days ago)
Jennifer Lopez.....second ACT ...I SUBSCRIBE ‼️and Coming soon you go young lady... and a very good actor can't wait to see this movie🎬🎞️📽️ that's what's up🤗 and I love that song 🎼🎵🎶 in the background salt and pepper🇵🇷&🇺🇸🗽🌏🌉🌅🌇🦋and a beautiful blessing mother
dstmars1 (29 days ago)
This movie is saying that it's OK to lie about your education and experience and everything will be OK. Bad message to send.
daniella riquelme (29 days ago)
daniella riquelme (29 days ago)
Mel Bard of Kings County (30 days ago)
I won't troll because it's J-Lo
Mel Bard of Kings County (30 days ago)
Aticnemrak Arevir (30 days ago)
Love it..look very funny..cant wait to see it
Yvonne Sanchez (30 days ago)
great team Leah and Jennifer
Marquez Numero Uno (30 days ago)
This ghetto lady shouldn't be making movies, she is a bad influence to kids twerking on stage with pitbull's package beetween her cheecks
Lovetruez (30 days ago)
This is gonna be a hit!!!!!!!!!! What’s that song playing’ anyone let me know
Lovetruez (30 days ago)
Sucheta Kumar thank you sooo so much
Sucheta Kumar (30 days ago)
Dreams by The Cranberries
Cesar Carrasco (30 days ago)
Nesecita plata
Chahinez S (30 days ago)
I prefer her as actress
Monita Wit (30 days ago)
Hollywood is really out of ideas
James P.H. (30 days ago)
street smarts are NOT as valuable as book smarts.
steve blum (30 days ago)
Hey j.lo
Racharina Bettis (30 days ago)
Where does she get the time to do all these?! This talented woman never sleeps!
Nobel Hossain (30 days ago)
Excellent ad
cloumters_7_7_7_9 (30 days ago)
my friend fell in love with you xdxdddfzdxx
almando casado morel (30 days ago)
no. entiendo nada eso esta en Inglés
Tania Quiroz chamorro (30 days ago)
Así fue como la Vi la primera vez de actriz y me encanta ella es un kumis no lo falta nada ya sea cantante o actriz lo hace muy bien
LifeguardSai (1 month ago)
😳😳😳😳 I am so Excited !
Deidra Taylor (1 month ago)
Can't wait to see this
Princess Patriot (1 month ago)
Looks really great , I love Jennifer and Lea !!!!!
Dankurpy Bandido (1 month ago)
Ikisha Grant (1 month ago)
ASHLY SHAJI (1 month ago)
Loved from this and can't wait Jenny...
Jaylin Broan (1 month ago)
Man: "What's wrong with that guy?" Woman: "His anal glands need milking, sir" Man: X''D
Apryl Williams (1 month ago)
I want to see this!
Kiana Veasley (1 month ago)
I'm so ready to watch this 😛
Tess Williams (1 month ago)
I'm usually not exited about New Comedies coming out. I'm more into horror. But this one looks like something I'd be interested in watching. I think matching J.Lo and Leah together was a good choice. I'm ready to see anything without Melissa McCarthy in it!!!!
K B (1 month ago)
DezzCakes Msp (1 month ago)
1:22 why has no one talked about that like omg im rolling xD that's such a thing I would do
Jose Luis Borrero (1 month ago)
This is a ripp-off of Working Girl....with melanie griffith and Harrison ford......not an original plot at all!...
heavenlygal101 (1 month ago)
Is this a movie?----I think we just saw the whole thing. ...it doesn't matter, I'm watching this for Treat Williams!!! Great cast all around, though!
lydia gomez (1 month ago)
Loca de ver a JLo 😍la amo!!🇵🇷💙
Ri Mapp (1 month ago)
Jlo and Leah are like twins
sorkinfanatic (1 month ago)
I love this. And it seems like Maid in Manhattan 2. However, instead of lying for access to a man and a nice dress, she's lying for access to a corporate job. I'm surprised they didn't think of it before!
Le Kiknadze (1 month ago)
She has always been my idol and also, she makes me feel good about aging. She remained the same throughout decades and I don’t feel getting older 😀
bouszaye (1 month ago)
JLo doing another film pretending to be someone she’s not? Too Maid in Manhattan for me - I’ll pass
Sonam wazalingpa (1 month ago)
"Haha i like her" 😂😂
Julia Mc (1 month ago)
I cannot wait to see this!!! I love Leah Remini and Milo!!!!!
Jenny Alonzo (1 month ago)
This is perfect for Jennifer. Comedy suits her; brings out her best. The casting seems on point! Looking forward to it!
Olivia Battles (1 month ago)
This look amazing JLO sllllaaayyyyiinngg
mariana oliveira (1 month ago)
Espero que lance no brasil
Luiz Paulo (1 month ago)
It's a wonderful movie, I'll love watching it. I love Jennifer Lopez😍😍😍🇧🇷
Graciela Bonilla (1 month ago)
I would love to see her bringing to the screen the successful and then tragic (due to the alcoholism)life of the puertorrican writer Julia de Burgos
JASMINE LUNA (1 month ago)
I love you Jenni
JASMINE LUNA (1 month ago)
Very good girl
colombiawithanita (1 month ago)
I do feel identify with this. I'm watching it for sure!
mdooms76 (1 month ago)
I love Jlo movies!!! Def gonna see this!
issa ross (1 month ago)
J.lo N her besty I love them both its s ticket
Jupiter Jewelz (1 month ago)
Maid in Manhattan 2?
Loleytor Rubio (1 month ago)
Joder que mala actriz. Mono tono. No transmite una mierda
Catrachita linda La patrona. (1 month ago)
JLO eres la mejor y seguirás siendo la mejor I LOVE YOU 😊😘😘😘 JENNIFER LÓPEZ 😘
Eric Iverson (1 month ago)
Kayla Sheppard (1 month ago)
This gives me Maid in Manhattan/90s vibes and I am so here for it
Esther Rogers (1 month ago)
There are 5 actors in this movie I love. 5 reasons to watch it
Jasmin Helac (1 month ago)
Very good
Karen Thomas (1 month ago)
Think this movie is along the lines of Working Girl, which I loved!
head shoot killer (1 month ago)
Looks fun movies
Talksense (1 month ago)
As usual, the fearful media gets the ugliest &fattest black woman they can find for black woman role
Necla Yildirim (1 month ago)
really nice, i like it 💙💙💙
Braquelle Snell (1 month ago)
Woah this is amazing... I am most definitely watching this😁👍😱
Super Cat (1 month ago)
Leah Remini @ 1:48 wearing those glasses... 😍😘
Lisa Muirhead (1 month ago)
I'm sure this will be cute. Seems like Maid In Manhattan 2, but that was cute too. Guilty pleasure.
Saoudz Dulce (1 month ago)
Lisa Stark same writers
m d (1 month ago)
wow...cant wait
Nathalie Gontard (1 month ago)
💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Jennifer Lopez
Celeste Christine Butler (1 month ago)
My kinda movie...loves
Jazmin a thousand years Haise (1 month ago)
What songs are in this trailer
Day Will Come (1 month ago)
This movie is so based off of Younger. I'm guessing Vanessa Hudgens character will be like Hilary Duff.
Abbynormal (1 month ago)
Shes just as beautiful as ever,but this one will crash and burn
noel smith (1 month ago)
I have to see this...
J Hardy (1 month ago)
Man j.lo getting old!😲