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The 1990 Panasonic KP-110 Electric Pencil Sharpener

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This is a video response to the Cassettemaster's old vs. new pencil sharpener video with the Panasonic KP-8A. This pencil sharpener can also be seen countless times on my PXL2000 VHS tapes. I was too lazy to go through them and find a good shot of it.
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Text Comments (44)
bg147 (1 year ago)
Nice. The battery operated ones are horrible.
Rob P. (1 year ago)
I have this same sharpener, and it is timeless.
Inocencio Plaza (1 year ago)
I have that kind of pencil sharpener and it works perfectly
James Perkins (2 years ago)
Holy crap I have this exact same one sitting next to me! I got it at goodwill not too long ago for 5$. Use it everyday. Seriously though, people collect these?
Rob P. (1 year ago)
Just looked online, they are $40 now, lol
Aur Canis (2 years ago)
Testing on 3:00
Derek S. (3 years ago)
Thanks for posting. I just bought a new old stock KP-L1000 which looks almost identical, but it has an automatic letter opener built-in. It appears to be rare as I can hardly find any info about it. I prefer my KP-88A, though, in terms of the way it sharpens more reliably.
David Well (3 years ago)
I got the same model at a estate sale...and two people offered to buy it from me when I was standing in line to pay for it..great it for a buck...every estate sale I look for old stuff like this...can't beat the quality....
Crash Test Dummy (3 years ago)
It's not released in 1990, It's released in 1994!
Claire Lempert (4 years ago)
i have an old panasonic from the 70's that i inherited at work in 1983. when i retired i told my boss i was taking it and here it is still working and still going strrrroooong, sharpening lots of pencils and prismacolors. i feel sorry for anyone who has a new sharpener. i bought another one at a garage sale that looks like the one above. is it weird to love a pencil sharpener? i don't care.
I H (4 years ago)
good pencil sharpener
zikweed98 (5 years ago)
I have a Panasonic pencil sharpener from 1984 and it still works great. I use it every day at home.
Aditya Sonti (5 years ago)
the old world classic, sad everything now is made in china......i started to collect everything that is "not made in china"....anything and everything......
Benno Kraehe (5 years ago)
I just got a fully functional Panasonic Kp-33 pencil sharpener at Goodwill this morning!
Gpod Joe (6 years ago)
wow, you took care your stuff excellently, it's still in a good shape and it's not dirty! It's like new
JoshCraver9000 (6 years ago)
I have the same exact pencil sharpener
Johnny Tran (6 years ago)
i have a panasonic 1979 kp-88a still works
ERVMEDVAC (7 years ago)
i have a Hunt Boston Model 17 made by Hunt MFG in Statesville, NC. don't know what year, but it works very well.
Ken Kord (7 years ago)
i have that!
1912RamblerFan01 (7 years ago)
They have one of those in my School's Library, but a new one by Panasonic.
DrMarilynFan (7 years ago)
Got the same one from a thrift store. Still works to this day
kopaszQ (7 years ago)
this thing is the same age i am
audubon5425 (7 years ago)
Gawd, I've had one of those since well before 1990! They must have kept them around for a long time.
Zane Wuffy (7 years ago)
i have two of these sharpeners :D
MrMaguire (7 years ago)
I've never owned an electric pencil sharpener, so when i need to sharpen a pencil i just put one end in my drill and the other in a manual sharpener.
Brett Swanson (7 years ago)
God, This brings me back! This was my favorite way to waste class time in gradeschool XD ,Thanks for the upload.
VWestlife (7 years ago)
I have that same one... and the auto-stop made your desk turn gray, too! :-)
JK Productions (7 years ago)
I Have The Same Model!
DaAnalogDogg86 (7 years ago)
@CassetteMaster Back in middle school my one teacher had a Magic Chef microwave from 1996 w/ a woodgrain cabinet which I found interesting myself too.
DaAnalogDogg86 (7 years ago)
@Comptekhs I remember them very well especiallys the TV commercials of them.
DaAnalogDogg86 (7 years ago)
That thing is nice and I like that "Auto-Stop" feature!
DaAnalogDogg86 (7 years ago)
@Organgrinder010 Is it the metallic kinds from school? I remember those very well!
Spats Bear (7 years ago)
@batterymaker Cool. Looking forward to it.
Spats Bear (7 years ago)
@CassetteMaster I'll do it sometime this weekend.
1912RamblerFan01 (7 years ago)
The Library in my School has a NEW Panasonic Pencil Sharpener, and I didn't know Panasonic made pencil sharpeners.
michelinman 8592 (7 years ago)
That sharpener reminds me of my elementary school days!
aldiakaroofus (7 years ago)
I have/had a battery-op Panasonic sharpener that was used at the Consumer Distributing store where I worked. My boss was about to throw it out one day and I asked him if I could take it. He said yes. I don't remember if I still have it or not.
batterymaker (7 years ago)
Guess I'll need to do a video on some of my battery related mech pencils. I have the same sharpener, 1984 vintage.
parp12345 (7 years ago)
I get the point.
CassetteMaster (7 years ago)
And when will you upload a video of all your old pencils?
CassetteMaster (7 years ago)
Very nice sharpener! Interesting that even in 1990, it has wood grain! That does a good job with sharpening the pencils and that blade-retract feature is really cool.
coolbluelights (7 years ago)
on the sharpeners we had at school you could press as hard as you wanted and it would grind the pencil all the way down to the eraser lol we got in trouble for doing that once. the new ones are junk! I even have a battery operated one from the 80s that works better than a modern plug in one!
Neil Pena (7 years ago)
I have that exact pencil sharpener too. Also from the early 90s, and still works perfectly!
Comptekhs (7 years ago)
Do you remember those Yikes pencils from the 90s ?