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Sara Carter: Fusion GPS testimony backfired on the Democrats

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Fox News contributor Sara Carter, 'Trumped Up' author Alan Dershowitz and Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton weigh in on 'Hannity.'
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pattie noack (1 day ago)
Clean the swamp lock her up & her cartel!!!!!!!!!!!!
HealthyMealthy (8 days ago)
I'd love to bang Sara Carter
Gypse Guera (9 days ago)
I am so frustrated with Trump for putting Sessions as AG. He made Pence his Running Mate and it was Pence who worked with Comey to set up Michael Flynn. Now Pence gets to wait in the wings for Trump to go down. Sessions and Pence both have made backdoor deals with the Globalist to take Trump down. Why do you think Sessions was not Charged with Perjury for clearly lying to Congress? Because,he agreed to be Rosenstein's Bitch,thats why. Sessions is so key to taking Trump down that they are spooking Trump into Impeachment if he removes him. Its all Bullshit.
dominic pelle (9 days ago)
1. Carter Page, an early foreign-policy adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign, touted his Russia contacts in a 2013 letter that TIME magazine obtained. 2. He sent the letter two months after the FBI informed him the Russians may have been trying to recruit him as an unwitting agent. 3.Page is a central figure in the controversial memo spearheaded by House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, which purports to show the FBI and Department of Justice abusing their surveillance authority to monitor Page leading up to the the 2016 election. **4.The 2013 letter undermines Nunes’ argument that the FBI improperly surveiled Page solely based on a controversial dossier alleging ties between the Trump campaign and Russia** Hannity fake news won't cut it in court..
John Miller (20 days ago)
And also get rid of the rigged elections. Demand the removal of the 11 million Illegal immigrants And terrorist out of our country.
John Miller (20 days ago)
Next election we the people need to vote out all the life long polotitians on both sides.And start fresh.
Randy Swails (22 days ago)
ALL POLITICIANS who break the law need to be prosecuted. That said, Hitler claimed to be a nationalist & Christian to garner support. He then dismantled all checks & balances. A people who cannot learn from past mistakes are doomed in these last days. They know not what they do.
robsycko (24 days ago)
If you can not assimilate you are not welcome.
Luke Rademan (25 days ago)
Bottom line is ,arrest the clintons.....and get rid of demo in congress
Luke Rademan (25 days ago)
Drain the swamp...........
Luke Rademan (25 days ago)
Come on people!!!! from the beginning the demo were at fault and i said to so many people whats going on as a out side person. they laughed at me and so far ive been spot on so far.....
The Wall of Trump (25 days ago)
How many people will be killed by the Deep State and Clinton's to cover this up?
Barbara Lemley (26 days ago)
We are soooo close. (rubbing hands together)
Katherine Collins (26 days ago)
Tomi you are a great announcer you are fresh and well informed great to see you on fox news may your efforts be appreciated thank you!!
Katherine Collins (26 days ago)
God bless all the news crew Shawn Hannity you are great all of your crew is honest and clear thank you for searching for the truth and everyone on your show hats off to you!!!!
Amulta Vivian (30 days ago)
Sara thank you so much for saving America from these wicked democrats lebra, CNN ,BBC .Thanks again for bringing truth to the American people Also saving our president, God bless you Sara
Super Cat (1 month ago)
Love Sara Carter's passion for exposing liberal extremist corruption.
Marie Saqueton (1 month ago)
Obama corrupted our government with the help of our three letter agencies who were supposed to protect us.
PKay Stamps (1 month ago)
Sarah Carter....I have proof of this type of set up for a "ins policy" was done to a 5 member American citizen family. How can I contact You? If the American regular citizens seem this can and does happen to families for political reasons..... Americans will be in shock. As far as I have seen no one has spoke up about this fully documented. Massive amount of documented proof. Regular citizens don't have a committee to help stop the harm to their family..I'm glad Prez Trump has the OS committee to get this all out
ann hendrickson (1 month ago)
The transcript records Mr. Simpson's open assertion that the Clintons funded and won the 1996 re-election by opening our elections to Chinese & foreign money. Truth: a known known which was not denied or contradicted BY ANY PARTICIPANT, REGARDLESS OF PARTY. our politics are driven by soft money, PACS funded by globalists. that is why Trump is hated by the Uniparty. He called them out ! 🌸 READ WITH OBJECTIVE INFORMED MIND THE PRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENTS ON SCRIBD, WIKILEAKS DB , LEARN TRADITIONAL HISTORY AND THINK INDEPENDENTLY... RECOMMEND APRIL 2016's redpartially redacted FISA COURT ADMONISHMENT OF OBAMA ERA DOJ. a critical analysis reveals longstanding backlog of deceptive filings and pattern of over reach. The dirty AG's left or were fired leaving the FISA court's demand of substantive evidence which would justify the granted writs unanswered. its a backstage trainwreck of misconduct. read the last 20 pages to glimpse the internal CYA bonfire of document dumps. Disclosure, transparency and impartial justice are the only way to sustain civil liberty. .
zoso2000 (1 month ago)
Russia didn’t do shit.
Gordon LeCroy (1 month ago)
Professor Dershowitz, a constitution law professor, quotes an old poem attached to the base of the Statue of Liberty, instead of quoting the law.  President Trump has never spoken against legal immigration.
Reckless Abandon (1 month ago)
Oohh the Russians... all 13 of them.
Reckless Abandon (1 month ago)
So why is Fox not saying anything about the half of Simpson's testimony against con-man Browder?
Mary T (1 month ago)
Dragnet !
blizte3 (2 months ago)
liars should not try use insiders to do cover ups if liberal, socialist, communist, democrat, and far left kills them all the time.
Bob Bob (2 months ago)
I'd like one guest to come on this show and say" my grandparents immigrated to this country illegally so we should let everyone immigrate the same way".That will never happen so stop using legal immigration as an excuse to support illegal immigration dammit!
Bob Bob (2 months ago)
The Statue of Liberty has nothing to do with immigration. That poem was after the fact and not a statement from the US government, which has Zero authority to let anyone immigrate against the will of the American public.
AUDIOHOSTEM187 (2 months ago)
RE: TRUMP - If You're Seeking The Highest Office In The Land, Have A Long History Of Violating The Law, Ties To Organized Crime, Refuse To Release Tax Records And Conspired With The Enemy During The 2016 Presidential Election...Expect To Be Spied Upon.
Ron Winters (2 months ago)
Sara Carter is a freaking hero! A shining light in the darkness of modern 'journalism'. You go girl. You're a honest to god hero.
AUDIOHOSTEM187 (2 months ago)
She's A Dupe, IMO.
John's Shack (2 months ago)
Words,do matter. If we cannot be honest then we can never solve problems.
William Stall (2 months ago)
BWAAHAAHAA... The left is scared shitless as more memos are now in the future.  My God, if a republican had done this to any democrat running for president they would be marching in the street.  Now they are desperate to cover their asses.  Drag the dem cockroaches out into the light and step on them.  Watch Hannity and try to find one FACT that isn't true.  BTW, somewhere out there are up to four federal FISA judges who are PISSED to have been lied to.  Dems better be scared...
Marie Saqueton (2 months ago)
Why would you ask Pres. Trump to apologize for something he did not say? You leftists will beleieve all the LIES of the Demoncrats ....that is normalcy bias, a character defect.
Marie Saqueton (2 months ago)
The corruption on the FISA Court application by the DNC , NSA and FBI is a violation of our Privacy Act, and they should all be prosecuted for using FISA Court illegally and under false allegations and lies. They never thought Hillary will lose so they were not scared to violate the law.
xena tron (2 months ago)
everybody getting on their high horse, but you know, we all knew it was going on for decades....sorry some of us knew already and in our eyes, everyone involved is complicit, either by action or inaction.
Jeffrey Adams (2 months ago)
The FISA judge is looking pretty stupid. Where is he and who was he/she?
Jeffrey Adams (2 months ago)
Impartial commission? In Washington? How?
gregoryjamesaustin (2 months ago)
Fusion GPS fought to shield their bank records. Turns out Hillary and the DNC paid Fusion to pay Russians to create the Trump dossier.
Thomas Lindsey (2 months ago)
The US should build a new prison close to Russia so that Comey' Lynch, and other Obama administration officials cam be visited by their Russian friends when they are put in prison. Someone needs to open an investigation into the many people murdered and accidentally killer by these slimy democrats.. Adam Schiff as well. He knows much more that he is willing to admit to.
maryann cassidy (2 months ago)
It doesn't matter if they've been deleted. As William Binney, who designed the NSA surveillance system has said many times, the NSA has all emails and all other records. The NSA intercepts all emails, phone calls; everything. Don't you have anything real to report on? This has gotten insanely boring.
Thomas Fleig (2 months ago)
Sara is sexy as hell
Sporty Smith (2 months ago)
Sara Carter is wonderful... I'm almost glad this scandal is happening because it gives me a chance to look at her.
Will Will (2 months ago)
K Lal Ngaihte (2 months ago)
USA is not a country! Who ever has the money win in politics not who is truthful! Who knows they might demonize a country based on who funded and support the current govt.
darryl runnels (2 months ago)
The democrats are a serious bunch of criminals.
Timothy Hawthorne (2 months ago)
Every day I pray that Obama and his administration will be held accountable for their crimes against this nation. George Soros included.
bookwormgirl (2 months ago)
Why did mueller only quietly remove strzok, if it was criminal what he did then doesn't that make what mueller did by just quietly removing him criminal with obvious intent for covering up his crime thereby he was obstructing justice. Why is this not being brought to the forefront of all these text messages.
yoblob34 (2 months ago)
I believe that we the American people are witnesses of an attempted political coup that might might not be over yet. The Clintons and the FBI are corrupt and are abusing their political and legal powers to take over this country by attempting to remove a political figure from a presidential election of this country. They are still trying to remove Trump from office by a deluge of lies and false documents that have been proven to be false. This is happening because of the depth of government involvement in criminal acts. This is on both sides of the isle Democratic and Republican parties that’s why nothing is being done.
David Gabbard (2 months ago)
It had to come from the top. Who was on top? POTUS
Oldliver Goodhag (2 months ago)
We don't want more investigation we want some trial's. Seems all anyone does is investigate..
Laurie Van Tuyl (2 months ago)
Nobody should be afraid of the truth...... precisely
Wild1 P (2 months ago)
Mmm Sara 😍😋
Chuck Longino (2 months ago)
Poor bernie,but let's face it he wasn't President material!😂
DON W (2 months ago)
Bernie wasn't going to support hillary at first .
Chuck Longino (2 months ago)
I personally think that Obama did some good things, like saving our econ after Bush put it in a shithole! But he was verry naive about the Arab spring.He didn't realize that when they had democracy that they would elect who they wanted! And then said oh no that's not who we wanted Muslim brotherhood! And had 2 overthrow them in Egypt! Go figure that shit!😂
Chuck Longino (2 months ago)
Of course ever country has an interest in U S elections because it has a huge effect on them .Obama and Hillary were supporting opposition groups in Russia 2 overthrow putin He is pissed and hates that bitch! Bush has overthrown 5 governments and people r crying that Russia had a f b page!🤣
Chuck Longino (2 months ago)
We have 2 remove that poem ! So many monuments have been removed! Liberals think that is ok.Put a new poem that says THIS IS AMERICA WHERE WE VALUE OUR CITIZENS FIRST !
Chuck Longino (2 months ago)
Has anyone else been blocked from comments on msnbc What happened 2 free speach!
gregoryjamesaustin (2 months ago)
Democrats can't defend what they did regarding the last election or explain the Russian money funneled through Clintons foundation.
MobiusSideways (2 months ago)
That old guy doesn't realize what day it is. More Sara
D Jennings (2 months ago)
Its time to take Obama out in chains and Clinton's chained to him for treason! Arrest them now!
Valkyrie Sardo (2 months ago)
Dershowitz is wrong. Trump has nothing to apologize for on the subject of immigration. Apology is over due, but not from this administration.
RG Sliwa (2 months ago)
That's why the Democratic Party wants to shut down the government to hide the fact that our government is being fixed and under internal and external attack by enemies of the Constitutional Law.
Robert Bradford (2 months ago)
clearly there are some large assumptions here, and I'm a trumpeter, no matter how much I believe it to be true there are some large gaps being leapt over here, like Hilary ran the DNC the DNC paid for the report, so Hilary paid for the report, sorry that's the association rule and not a fact
Ttime RealiDown (2 months ago)
This guy must have for gotten that freedom of speech is every Americans right so we can talk shit about any country we want so shut up you pussy
Bramble Q123 (2 months ago)
Statue of liberty is not constitution! Who gives a shit what statue of liberty is supposed to stand for? More or less... definitely as far as inscriptions on it.
carol marshall (2 months ago)
Session needs to do his job or step down and let someone do it and take care of everything and take care of President Trump Get it Done Build the Wall No DACA everyone seems worried about illegals Americans First
Edward Cheung (2 months ago)
Fox News is trash news for white trash
Iansain 666 (2 months ago)
#DropTheDocs #ReleaseTheGodDamnMemos
Iansain 666 (2 months ago)
Look you old jew, the statue of liberty was a gift & doesn't stand for jack shit as far as us law. Where in the constitution does it say "give us your/weak/weary trash"?
John Bernard (2 months ago)
Bernie is a chump! That makes his supporters chumpets. It’s very unsettling to know that their are so many chumpets.
ConcernedConservative (2 months ago)
Sara is a true Journalist...keep up the good work Sara. Drain the swamp Alan D you need to be more focused on what the leaders of the FBI did, not the Russians.
Terrell Roberson (2 months ago)
Lying shit news ...Hang fox for treason
Adelina's Jade (2 months ago)
Amazing info! Our instincts are being proven extremely accurate ! Plow through and finish them off!
Ran Talbott (2 months ago)
Yes, it *is* "amazing. Too bad (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) it's not true.
Graham Peel (2 months ago)
Dony send Hillary to jail because she will become the Governor
Test Channel (2 months ago)
Convict all the libtards. Execute them all.
Patriot 1776 (2 months ago)
so sick of the khazarian cabal, that keeps attacking Russia, and look at Sean hannity shilling for the rats, who killed 45 million fellow Christians, and all we ever hear day in, day out is the poor, 6, uh wait, 4 uh,3, ah let's just keep saying 6 million, and in every commerical, 6 million people, and 6 million poor woe is us, while we sick it to then all day in and out, year after year! do I hate them? no! I feel sorry for then as they are committing the worst acts of crimes against this planet and it's people's! they are going to burn in hell fire what they have done.
Jeffery Smith (2 months ago)
Comey is going to teach a Ethics Leadership class at William and Mary , this is a stupid world !
TheJESUSCHRISTRULES (2 months ago)
Must sue in Federal Court personally for defamation by Donald J. Trump. No mercy for the wicked like Mueller. Must sue Mueller not meet with the wicked, illegal, and immoral Mueller!!
TheJESUSCHRISTRULES (2 months ago)
When Americans see justice for Trump?
Hugh Goree (2 months ago)
Other countries shitholes or not hate America. So fuck them.
perduk1 (2 months ago)
Dershowitz has shown himself to be a real American. Never mind his past and the fact that he's a liberal to the nth degree. He stands up for the constitution and honesty in the political process. Admirable!
SPARTAN300 (2 months ago)
tom fitton has been screaming this for months way ahead of sarah republicans haven't worked with the Russians at all only the democrats colluded with Russia..this is absolute corruption people need to go to jail or executed for treason this is treason..i have known about all of this in 2016 but the mainstream media is just picking it up??they need to pick up there game..every bit of this shit was realeased by Julian Assange in 2016.
Vickie O. (2 months ago)
Trump uses tough language. Get over it cause Obama did the same thing.
B. Glynn (2 months ago)
the POTUS said he did not say (***thole).. TRUMP has been shown to be honest and Dick Durban has a long history of lying about whatever is convenient for him. What do you believe?
Charles Hobbins (2 months ago)
The Statue of Liberty is not American Law. It was a gift. Have a vote. Ask American Citizens If they want an old statue to give the world a free ride into OUR COUNTRY!
Amber Hart (3 months ago)
I don't think the russians where involved in anything but the uranium deal, I think Hillary is the Russian who paid for the FBI to write up the fake on Trump to make Sure he didn't win, and then a coup after he won. I don't think Russians had a hand in this...OBAMA not Putin signed off on this.
JuliaB1955 (3 months ago)
Someone tell Dershowitz that Emma Lazarus was not a lawmaker. We don't care what her inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty says. The USA is not the world's shithole, nor are her citizens its doormats or gunfire targets. We have a constitution, so come legally, and we prefer the best and the brightest. We will need to be selective for decades and generations to come to make up for the damage the Democrats and establishment Republicans have done to our nation and to the people.
JuliaB1955 (3 months ago)
Thank God for Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson!👌🤗😚
foxyfoxglove (3 months ago)
Liberals will refuse to believe it even if they do lock her up. Totally out of touch with reality.
eunice miller (3 months ago)
If I were Hillary I would run for the hills and live in a cave.
Gus Armstrong (3 months ago)
(((Dershowitz))) would certainly be equally as enthusiastic for an investigation into Israeli interference in our elections, right?
Kimberly Watkins (3 months ago)
WIlly (3 months ago)
jonathan walker (3 months ago)
the military should have been sent in to seize evidence and military tribunals should have been set up, instead the congress has given them the time to destroy evidence.
All Senses Firing (3 months ago)
One BIG problem with the Constitution and US Law, I keep reading that America is no longer under the 1776 Constitution. The US was a republic then. When it became a corporation, that supposedly is no longer the case, or supposedly being used as THE US Law/Citizens Rights???
Hellmut Gumz (3 months ago)
Hillary lost thanks to Huma Wiener. Big Mikes Wiener. And the other fact that Trump is the best
James Sero (3 months ago)
It's amazing how we have to look at the great folks at Judicial Watch (and to a lesser extent, Sekulo's outfit, the ACLJ) to get the facts and to begin going after the felons of the Sewer. Where is that good-for-nothing, Elmer Fudd Jeff Sessions? The President must fire that guy, bring in Pam Bondi, and LET'S GET THIS SEWER DRAINED!
Rebecca Brown (3 months ago)
Stop with the Ru$$i@ b*llsh!t. Ru$$i@ - NOT RELEVANT! Hill@ry, 0bam@ & Cr0nies - VERY RELEVANT!
nw5052001 (3 months ago)
dauqs gnirif...........the mirror image
anonneemouse mighty (3 months ago)
So, Obris, which Steele is the C.E.O. of, has actual paychecks from the F.B.I, the State Department, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton. This goes a long way towards explain why Comey only paid him $50,000, it must have been his normal rate. How it was modified or elaborated on after Orbis, at this False-Positive the News seems to think is the End-All, well, it's the beginning, like an LLC to protect the larger Corporation, Orbis. Steele was the second in command as the U.S.S.R. was collapsing.
anonneemouse mighty (3 months ago)
I SAY, IT'S GOT TO BE ABOUT $300-TRILLION IN GOLD. I SAY WE TAKE......$80-Trillion. Let others fight over the rest, but we should take 300 trillion right off the top, pay our debts, and build America to make Dubai look like a big vertical shiny shithole in Dubai.
anonneemouse mighty (3 months ago)
The Pope brought MORE OPEN SOURCE KNOWLEDGE. Namely, that after the Pope in 1955 gave the Master of the Order at Trinity the Sovereign Military of Malta, they gained Personal Sovereignty, and the ability to MINT COIN, and engage in BANKING. Festing was Forced to Step Down over an Account in Geneva with Gold with a Bad Past, yes, NAZI GOLD. Trinity College has the 4th largest HOLDINGS on EARTH.
anonneemouse mighty (3 months ago)
I am not Catholic, but I think that would be Satan? Who cares, his existence, and the Vatican News Reporting he was just one of many, dating back to 1307!!!...means ALL ADMIRALTY LAW IS VOID, AND FULL OF SHIT! And, we now are seeing the results of them LOSING THEIR PERSONAL SOVEREIGN STATUS, a lot of Saudi's who WERE Personal sovereigns, are now being divorced from their heads. HOW? HOW DID THE POPE DO THAT?
anonneemouse mighty (3 months ago)
President Trump has Won, he won very, very much, in January of 2017, even before he was sworn in, but had won the election. The actual REAL Global ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, run by Fra. Matthew Festing who hid out in Trinity College, Cambridge University, was Master of the Order of St. John, he claimed more power than the Pope, as the living Blood-line of John the Baptist, he claimed TEMPORAL ROMAN EMPEROR STATUS.
anonneemouse mighty (3 months ago)
Frank Herbert and the C.F.R. are not the only group involved in an open conspiracy, there is an earlier one, with much better endings for America, as the C.F.R. want's to destroy America, which it calls the Technocracy. The earlier, 1955 plan calls for 50-year intervals with these kind of time capsules that are released to provide us with the solution to problems a mathematician knew we would have in 1945.