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Instant Karma - TIME OF JUSTICE

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It is especially enjoyable when they try to punk someone and end up getting punk'd themselves. Here are our favorite instant karma and instant justice videos. MESSING WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE. If you like drifting, follow : https://www.instagram.com/gangdrift/?hl=en
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Text Comments (2130)
Camille Prevost (48 minutes ago)
Bacteria jaw scare tired front intention entire permanent block latter junior.
Lobo 777775 (51 minutes ago)
How’s Prison.....MAN.......lol....let me guess police just picking on you.....lol
Jordonna Sonthixay (56 minutes ago)
@1:20, hahaha🤣😂!!! Please let us out!!Black lives matter!!
Anthony Jimenez (2 hours ago)
when are black people going to wake up and learn ?
Fairgame71 (2 hours ago)
5:00 - It stopped LOL
CARL BRAGANZA (4 hours ago)
4:57 - 5:51 - was that guy speaking English? I've seen the clip before, but have always wondered.
joe rond (6 hours ago)
Dale !! Dale !!
rdant D (7 hours ago)
Here's a dislike for you. That's instant karma...
Taurusthebull8 (7 hours ago)
That's one thing i HATE and that's a theft
Don Carbon (8 hours ago)
that first one is so very just
Kosti Rautakorpi (9 hours ago)
What the hell is the music for like 4 seconds and then it cuts out
neil stewart (16 hours ago)
Two black guys stuck in a shop, cant be, black guys dont do any crime,LOL ?????????????????????????????????????
Rodger Morrison (16 hours ago)
No booty you suck dislike
iDarkling (18 hours ago)
*These comments Are harsh you have been warned*
Paul Briody (19 hours ago)
Crap music, crap editing...
Chad Toots (19 hours ago)
whoever uploaded this is a cunt....where is a bitch in the yoga pants that i saw in the thumbnail
Willie Powe (20 hours ago)
Will never understand people willing to rob, taking the chance of being caged up like an animal..
Pharaoh07 (20 hours ago)
George W (20 hours ago)
Clickbait where's the thumbnail?
BADGUY (22 hours ago)
"Mess with the bull...get the horns!"Adiós!
Mike H. (1 day ago)
Ya, ye fucking monkeys! Shit happens!!! 😂😂😂😂
SuperRaikouz (1 day ago)
English whore does 30 in a 60 and when someone overtakes her is automatically a moron.
Lanzo (1 day ago)
Hey, dont add music next time. Youre terrible
Lanzo (1 day ago)
Fucking niggers lol
drunkenlahey (1 day ago)
1:15 Uhhh there is a back door you morons...Sheesh
Sharip Richardson (1 day ago)
Most be Dumass
TheCarSection TheCarSection (1 day ago)
What's crazy is that people that robbed phone store they still got away.
Tahesia Hill (1 day ago)
at 9:02 you was cool until you put your hands on her
Janio da Ninja Demolidora (1 day ago)
Carls good eye (1 day ago)
How a brotha apposed to get ahead when u lock my ass in bro ?
FEDERICO BUSI (2 days ago)
Perché a 11.55 coprite gli occhi di quel ladro di merda? Ma fatela vedere a tutto il web la faccia da culo di quello lì!
Karl Childers (2 days ago)
so many goddamn stupid lazy niggers
TomaX XamoT (2 days ago)
the swat vid 5:00 looks like a training vid before the door fully closes you can see the edit jump
Ernesto Ayala (2 days ago)
did the turtle get his head inside? 19;00
Chewy Frog (2 days ago)
Why do I get the feeling that those two black robbers have done this before?
Mikkel johansen (2 days ago)
roses are red violets are blue i came for the thumbnail and so did you
Angelinna Brunna (2 days ago)
click bit
John Bonardi (2 days ago)
The guy that got busted while streaming? CLASSIC.
ITxManster (2 days ago)
You hear that shit mayn the shit just stop mayn lol dumb ass
jon smith (2 days ago)
That gorgeous womans butt in the pink tight pants that's clickbait. I had to get a better look at her and I don't see her nowhere.
hugolafhugolaf (2 days ago)
Lots of subhuman trash in that vid. Not too many white folks either.
Mowac (2 days ago)
I could watch this all day,...especially that drug-dealing nigger getting busted by vice.
Flo Rin (2 days ago)
10:47 song name please i search everywhere :(
ShiniGami AD (2 days ago)
Misleading Thumbnail. You have earned mine dislike as well along with the 15K's
alibaba66able (2 days ago)
Loved it. Thanks for a good laugh. Yo gimme an iphone ROFLMAO
jeff glass (2 days ago)
So Huỳnh (2 days ago)
Nó nói gì với cảnh sát vậy
dynocompe (2 days ago)
i automatically down vote any video that has nothing to do with the click bait thumbnail. Fuck i hate channels that do that
vDeus Y (2 days ago)
clickbait 100
Fat Bastard (2 days ago)
Dumb naggers stuck in the shop 🤣😄
Fat Bastard (2 days ago)
& LOOOL @ the nagger counting his crack profit as the feds raid his house.LOL
Peter Larsson (2 days ago)
Where is da ars you can se before vid start?
Luca Balzaretti (2 days ago)
Dat nigga 😂
nanda don (2 days ago)
Klickbait. Son of a Bitch. Your Mom is a whore
Jon Powell (3 days ago)
The two regards locked in the shop is so fucking funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Harold Witham (3 days ago)
i was getting ready to say the same shit dude !!!!!lololololololl
Gaming -W (3 days ago)
Wtf is this aids music
Luke 305 (3 days ago)
Man, only reason why this video has views is cuz of dat ass in the thumbnail.
Jason Lunstrum (3 days ago)
I came for butt..... 😑
Grant Murphy (3 days ago)
it was great seeing that fuckboy get raided
h0pkins1 (3 days ago)
Mostly fucking stupid black apes
S T (3 days ago)
Damn the guys trying to robb the phone store... lol!
Cathy Bair (3 days ago)
Hahaha;:):) :)
fattwat1 (3 days ago)
Guy with the money needs to spend some of it on English language lessons
E. O. (3 days ago)
booty liar , dislike!
Trusteft (3 days ago)
06:45 anyone else has Fifth Element's police vibes?
Blasko xx (3 days ago)
I see monkeys laughing at other monkeys that got caught in a cage
Andy shop (3 days ago)
I thought the guy in the electronics store were going to cry. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273059413605
DaVinci (3 days ago)
I came here for the thumbnail
Legion Smith (3 days ago)
"stolen" clips earns a dislike!
Elton Salles (3 days ago)
Brasil esta em tudo
Anthony Cox (3 days ago)
Yoma Sane (3 days ago)
9:10 MookieMookieDumDum got served a knuckle sammich for his little jazz hands performance.
cedtac (3 days ago)
Vu et re vu et rere vu, c'est tjr les mêmes vidéo que vous mettez ça devient chiant, j'ai l impression d avoir fait tout le tour de YouTube
chevytruckman34 (3 days ago)
The 15K that thumb-downed this video are the dumb faggots getting their asses handed to 'em. LMAO Was that rude?
Air Gin (3 days ago)
I guess... "that shit".... did stop..... ;p Especially when SWAT TEAM hits your door. ;p hahha ...... Nevermind --- somebody else said it too! ;p Great minds think a like.
migue cozz (3 days ago)
Song names please
Ottoman Empire (3 days ago)
Can anyone guess which race is the lowest form of life on the planet? Here's a hint, it starts with N and ends in Ger, they come from a continent that begins with A and ends with A. It's not Asia, and it's not Australia (if you consider it a continent). I'll give you another hint, they kick out all the White Farmers and begin to starve to death. Then, you'll begin seeing commercials about how you must help these "people" and how it'll only take a few cents a day. They also believe, despite DNA evidence to the contrary, that they're Ancient Egyptian Royals (even though King Tut and Nefertiti are related to 70% of White Brits). This is most likely due to their "people" having never created civilizations which contributed anything to mankind. They will tell you their "people" created medicine, but can't give the name of any black person who apparently created all these vaccines and cures for the worlds' diseases. They also commit a ridiculously disproportionate amount of crime. You might think this is due to wealth and socioeconomic status because it's what you're taught to believe, as a reason why this group is failures for the most part. This can be easily proven incorrect though. Other groups like Whites (a group I'm not a part of, insha' Allah) and East Asians, when in the lowest economic class, still scores higher on SAT's and commit less crime, than the unnamed groups' highest economic class. This shows it's not solely based on the environment the person is living in, but that ones' genetics play a large part in determining how a person will turn out. This is from the NCBI, The National Center for Biotechnology Information. There are literally scientific explanations for why one group is so impulsive, violent, and incapable of feeling sympathy for someone who isn't themselves or kin. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24326626 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5640317/
Fred Fadungy (3 days ago)
@5:22 when your IQ is only 85 !
MrHilly1979 (4 days ago)
Ha ha shit don't stop man #holy shit the shit stoped man
WILLMEARIVER (4 days ago)
Who's dat knockin on the doow who dat kickin it in? Oh no it da popo and thay commin in thay commin in
The Australian Fishy (4 days ago)
The music time is extremely off need to fix thag
A. D. (4 days ago)
0:24 Run mother fucker Run cop cop move 💨😂😂😂
Thomas Schmidt (4 days ago)
Black crimes matter
ShadowLV (4 days ago)
5:04 in what language is this black creature speaking?
Duffer Man (4 days ago)
5:00 you in a trailer dude with yo $500 and nobody knows dafuq you just said
D Dingus (4 days ago)
I felt sorry for the two idiots who try to rob gal at 11:15ish...crowd going to extract revenge on there dumbass
D Dingus (4 days ago)
Will someone please tell me one word that the knneee grow was saying at around 6:15... ? ? ?What a waste of oxygen
First Last (4 days ago)
Who else clicked because the thumbnail.
Rene Rodriguez (4 days ago)
lol @ 6:20 looks like it justed stoped
Jade Jewell (4 days ago)
That pickpocket was an amateur. If it was me....I wouldn't have been caught.
James VanGurp an (4 days ago)
click bait...you should die of slow stomach cancer
Artur Baumann (4 days ago)
float yesterday offensive nzviqgp rest ship aside birth return gather when indicator majority.
Lynne Ralston (4 days ago)
"...Are you some kind of MORON?"... (10:39) she is brilliant. :)
StoryoftheYear16 (4 days ago)
What is that monkey saying at 5:10?
This Is Indie (4 days ago)
LTHL Clan (4 days ago)
OMG i live in vietnam and i was there when the 1st scene happened omg omg
Marcus King (4 days ago)
First one drive at ur owed risk no traffic rules😂
bill ding (4 days ago)
Chimping thugs looking like the fucking ignorant pieces of shit that they are. Hilarious. Oh yeah, the shit does stop man. 5:30.
Noah B (4 days ago)
One word I learned from this: Idiot
J Junior (4 days ago)
Ghetto ass ''music''...