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Instant Karma - TIME OF JUSTICE

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It is especially enjoyable when they try to punk someone and end up getting punk'd themselves. Here are our favorite instant karma and instant justice videos. MESSING WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE.
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Text Comments (1413)
Wędkarstwo Stawowe (2 hours ago)
CJ C (5 hours ago)
6:25 is hilarious....talk about horrible karma got damn....lol
Joel Springman (5 hours ago)
Your music SUCKS.
Jorge Kalkman (5 hours ago)
Your fucking Mexican music is utterly fucking gay and annoying!!!! Shut tht fucking shit off....
Nino Nino (1 day ago)
0:55 - my trololo hero! xD
seattwa (1 day ago)
Those two scum were locked in that store for a long time, where were the police!?
Joel Springman (4 hours ago)
seattwa On a break. They have unions, you know.
Chad Heath (1 day ago)
Techno music sucks fat hairy balls.
Murray de Jager (2 days ago)
Wow, 11K thumbs-down! That many people can't be wrong so I added my thumbs-down and didn't waste my time watching the video. 🙈🙈
Murray de Jager (1 hour ago)
Joel Springman Not everyone is from the US.
Joel Springman (4 hours ago)
Murray de Jager You are obviously a Democrat.
Uriel Rudyy (3 days ago)
Whats name song min 10:48???
Alamin Anuar (3 days ago)
Tu laa..nak rompak sangat..kan dh kena..ang kaluitt sangat...
yas no yas no (3 days ago)
Allisson Larios (3 days ago)
Jimmy Barkley (3 days ago)
Non stop men . 😂😂😂😂😂😂 idiot niggar
Pushing 4Better (3 days ago)
do black people watch this shit and get Embarressed?
jose duarte (4 days ago)
What’s with the ghetto music??
Ove Björklund (4 days ago)
Shit music.
mojo jojo (4 days ago)
why are niggers so damn stupid?
Савелий Злобин (5 days ago)
Рпгапннеавсеанпс. М на наш на насовсем. Гпсгпрсгаесекснесаесспанспапнасапспанснеасеанснпаснапспасаппппппппппппмгпрмпнаснпасеавчвкчасрмпввлвьлвлалалададалала Ададвдвчддввьвьвлвьаалаьаьвьвлвьв
chooselife3000 (5 days ago)
Niggers, Niggers, Niggers
an nguyen hoang (5 days ago)
Early clip form VietNam.
Rajdeep Ghosh (5 days ago)
Where's the thumbnail!!!???
Sliver Stream (6 days ago)
I love that second from last one! I was a bit relieved when I seen the guy stealing the girl's phone at first thought, I thought he was trying to feel her up or something! But, oh my glob! When that big guy just pops in and headlocks the guy from behind, with one arm! It looks like a dog put putting it's paw down on a stealing squirrel's tail! xD
Auto blipper (6 days ago)
This shit stops man!!!!!
W Fox (6 days ago)
The two stuck in the store should have had their brains painted all over the walls.
Joel Springman (4 hours ago)
W Fox Yup. When you threaten someone with a gun, you deserve to die.
smuli_xx Räsänen (6 days ago)
Stuck on The store
Tyler Boor (7 days ago)
That is so serious Karma
England Is my City (7 days ago)
Why u gotta add the cancerous music u stupid fuck
Juan Gonsalo Peres Jaramillo (7 days ago)
Puras estupideces
Richard Simmonbuns (7 days ago)
Black nigga trapped in the store
joe cosens (8 days ago)
too many niggers on this one
Mike Cruickshanks (8 days ago)
Clowns in the store haven't heard about back doors?
abdi hydayet (8 days ago)
Mini Muffin (8 days ago)
What happened to that guy with the one dollar bills?😕
Nite Rocks (8 days ago)
@1:12 The one with the hat sounds and kind of looks like Kevin Hart.
Realistic Views (8 days ago)
Colleen Posadas / Personal Email ------ NO......he was speaking Ape--frican......man.....
Cheesy Memes (9 days ago)
Wow never seen worse editing
WooW instant karma (9 days ago)
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tim mayer (9 days ago)
The guy flashing and counting that wad of bills is mentally retarded---- man.
priya mehra (9 days ago)
Nanang Supian (9 days ago)
Bazz Girl (10 days ago)
Ok I didn't get the one when the woman was arested... can someone explain
John Monroney (10 days ago)
You don't even know the definition of karmA. SMH
Александр (10 days ago)
6:50 fucking nigga))))) =
reevo reev (11 days ago)
almost every robber is black when you watch cctv vids from usa .
Hassan Chligui (2 days ago)
reevo reev
Trapper Bill (11 days ago)
the one with the money is another - why did you arrest tyrone he's a good boy he didn't do nothin
Rohan Bachoe (11 days ago)
Why so many dislikes?🤤
Zitlala Guerrero (12 days ago)
Infinity Shot (12 days ago)
Lol, meow meow meow meow, *meow*
Mark (13 days ago)
What you recording me bro yo you recording me bro
MrCander000 (13 days ago)
Bail money over here man...
Deepali Lad (13 days ago)
WooW karma u are best
Deepali Lad (13 days ago)
1st song plz
bambang hermanto (13 days ago)
Donald trump karma,,goto hell
Eugene Tiffany (14 days ago)
This is one of the best.
n adams (14 days ago)
What kind of idiot takes a video of himself with his drug money?? *LOL* Karma!!!
Joel Springman (4 hours ago)
n adams A first-class idiot.
John Baha (11 days ago)
n adams just a regular idiot, that's what kind.
Todd Anderson (14 days ago)
Loved seeing the thief get caught but the ABSOLUTE best clip was seeing the white trash redneck get busted for being a dick......ie rolling coal. THAT was classic!
Shaad Hossain (14 days ago)
baler lawra
Level Joe (14 days ago)
Not going to watch the video because I know the thumb nail in not in the video. Thumbs down...
Level Joe (11 days ago)
Most all videos I watch have thumbnails from the video and I usually don't view ones like this.
John Baha (11 days ago)
Level Joe then you don't watch most YouTube video then.
Pat Callahan (14 days ago)
Tom Fortner (15 days ago)
Dude was flashin his lawyer fees... what a dumb ass
RobXbox63 Native (15 days ago)
Niggas be like...duuuuuuhhhhh..mmmmm.
José Carlos Arias (15 days ago)
tenho 56 anos
Jazz bear1218 (15 days ago)
5:45 all that money yet he still cant afford a fucking shirt
john ryan (15 days ago)
Not so cleaver now are you MAAN, DICKHEAD.
Seexto- Agar (15 days ago)
Ethan Clarke (15 days ago)
Where’s the girl from the thumbnail?
John Baha (11 days ago)
Ethan Clarke youareaperv.com
Ethan Clarke (11 days ago)
What video? link?
John Baha (11 days ago)
Ethan Clarke in another video.
The Donut Who Games (15 days ago)
The guy with money used virticle on a potato
aerlial360 (16 days ago)
Numb diggers. Stupid fucking numb diggers.
bearone7777 (17 days ago)
What in the HELL is this kid at the 5:25 mark saying????????? He sounds dumber than shit and seeing as this is a KARMA VID. I CAN ONLY GUESS WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!
Justking 21 (17 days ago)
His years on jail don’t stop man don’t stop shit his years don’t stop
John Baha (11 days ago)
Justking 21 what?
The Holy Mackerel (18 days ago)
5:55 I had no idea that the army now conducted search warrants.
Furry Lover (19 days ago)
0:25 😂😂 0:56 8:33
Onewithsausage (19 days ago)
You can't fix stupid. Actually you can, but it takes a lot of money!
Toxic Gamer (19 days ago)
A lot of this isn’t instant karma
John Baha (11 days ago)
Toxic Gamer then what is it oh wise one.
Mr Anonymous (20 days ago)
2nd clip : Kevin Hart with who? 😂
Ialengalileu Soares (20 days ago)
La policia chegou bem na hora da transmissão do burro,kkkkkkk
bernard hurd (20 days ago)
John Yap (20 days ago)
Hahah give me 6plus jahahah
PixelGunExpert Pros (21 days ago)
6:32 the shit is ova😂😂😂😂😂
PixelGunExpert Pros (21 days ago)
5:03 why is he counting toilet papers the I use to clean my shit😂😂😂😂😂
Shlomo Shunn (21 days ago)
9:27 Effin' rule-breaking bicyclists: kill 'em all!
no name (21 days ago)
10.48 in indonesia lol
dani pedro (21 days ago)
mengapa kalau tidak bisa disetel kok adad gambar disini?
Wtf_Pls_Stfu Thx (21 days ago)
“Are you some kind of moron?” Guy-“yeah, sorry bout that...” atleast he was honest. Moral of this video: people are stupid as fuck...especially the black ones.
IT Pennywise (21 days ago)
Like si lo vez en el 2018
sabastian_siswanto@yahoo.com wanto adventura (22 days ago)
ANDROID 777 (22 days ago)
Nemo D123 (22 days ago)
Pick pockets, they do not work solo. especialy romanians
Danirex 777 (22 days ago)
Good video but why the lie on the miniature?
Michael D (22 days ago)
Shit don't stop man in neither do the cops asshole
Michael D (22 days ago)
I'd just sit down and star getting drunk lol
Roberta Mathers (22 days ago)
Looked like a pot store they robbed.
William (22 days ago)
"Get us out of here man." I love the begging
Kristi Clevenger (23 days ago)
Dude with the money, might be the funniest thing I ever seen! I want a follow up testimony! Made my night
Mr. Maxx (23 days ago)
I hope the dragged that pickpocket in an alley & beat him senseless !
Arjun Ajwani (23 days ago)
Is that Nigger at the end retarded or what u can't understand anything he's saying besides "This shit don't stop man" wtf was he saying besides all that shit. Either that or he's high asf
Cortni Coder (23 days ago)
You know you don't have to add background music bro
Christian Evert (23 days ago)
Shit clickbait
John Baha (11 days ago)
Christian Evert that's what YouTube is dumbass.
Golden Golly (23 days ago)
Pick pocket refugee !
MaxGriswald (23 days ago)
British chick at 10:45 "Are you some kind of moron?" I want to wife her now!