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FS2004 - Frozen In Flight (American Eagle Flight 4184)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay American Eagle Flight 4184 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Indianapolis, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois, United States. On October 31, 1994, the ATR 72 performing this route flew into severe icing conditions, lost control and crashed into a soybean field. All 68 people aboard were killed in the high speed impact. Music: When The Lights Came On Artist: Kai Engel Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFS_RWHYx7U Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay https://www.instagram.com/joshandroma/ https://www.twitter.com/joshandroma
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Text Comments (547)
passthetunaporfavor (21 days ago)
I blame that on the controllers. Here circle in icing conditions and let me know how it goes ?
aussiepedro smith (24 days ago)
So two pilots between them could not pull 250 pounds.
rachel diane ames (28 days ago)
Please do a video on survivors of plane crashes that happened in the past and present
Drewsen (29 days ago)
Was that real footage of the plane crashing?
Tom Upton (1 month ago)
Look at all of that wreckage...not a speck from United 93...why?
Nikkcade (1 month ago)
"This isnt your ordinary ice... this is.... ADVANCED ice." In all seriousness this was a terrible thing and I pray for all those souls lost. I saw the "ordinary ice" bit after the crash and this came to mind. I just hope you guys understand and that this at least brought a smirk to someone's face. I mean well and dont want to come off as offensive.❤️
Bearman Mike Hanley (1 month ago)
The ATR series of aircraft were grounded after this accident until the FAA did a series of flight tests with NASA I wouldn't fly on an ATR
Texas80 (1 month ago)
I remember hearing of this crash as a teenager and thinking ATR planes = crash.
Chr0mePisto1a (1 month ago)
As I hit the 100th video in Allec's upload list, I have a few things to reflect on. One thing I've noticed is that the majority of crashes are due to airline negligence in maintenance and/or procedures. The other major problem has been weather which we obviously cannot control. But we can control what is done during these extreme circumstances and it looks like processes are in place to prevent them from happening again. All in all these videos frighten me as I already have a small fear of flying. What does a person like me do if they want to travel?? Does anyone have any tips?? I think the biggest issue for me is not having any control over the situation that may arise. That being said, I am grateful for these videos as I have done a lot of research into all of the terms and technology used for flying planes. It has actually sparked an interest into the aeronautic industry for me !!! Thanks for the videos Allec, and I look forward to the rest of them :)
Luiz Almeida (1 month ago)
I'm truly scared about icing conditions especially on those who uses de icing boots. Man this solution is not ideal.
Baa! (1 month ago)
You want money get a job don't be a patreon beggar. There's people who are trying to get money for their cancer treatment who deserve it a lot more than you.
imaginevinee (1 month ago)
Wannabe Capt. Kirk died young.
Zachary Abelardo (1 month ago)
I grew up with that Captain. RIP.... Orlando buddy!
matt18m18 (1 month ago)
I have always resisted getting on propeller planes, because of the combination of the fact they are less comfortable and you have a younger, less experienced crew flying the plane. The pilots on commuter airlines also fly a lot more hours, with more takeoffs and landings, than your pilot from NY to Miami or Hong Kong to Tokyo. Even on a 14 hour flight from LA to Sydney, the pilots really don't have a lot to do, unless there is a problem, and these short commuter flights have more risks and problems with takeoffs, landings, air traffic, and weather. I am much more comfortable with an 11 hour flight to Buenos Aires than a 2 hour flight to Kansas City. That being said, I think the videos show that most of these crashes are a combination of factors, or should I say screw ups? Airplanes are designed to survive a failure, be it design, equipment, pilot error, or weather. It always seems to be a multitude of mistakes, unfortunately.
Rex Anderson (1 month ago)
Who filmed that plane in the air?
Giordan Diodato (1 month ago)
If they had an extra 100 feet, they could have saved the plane.
blessOTMA (1 month ago)
These videos are totally addicting and I don't care for others airline vids half as much. You're the best.
Ryan L. (2 months ago)
Last words: Aw, shit.
Yasha Yahu (1 month ago)
Allec could you do the american eagle flight or atlantic southeast flight that crashed at glynco airport in Brunswick Georgia. I actually seen this one crash or go behind the trees. I knew something was wrong it looked like it was hovering or stalling then went down. I think it was in 1992 or 93
Finn Phinney (2 months ago)
Look at all the pieces laying around the crash site. I never seen one yet as clean as the crash on 9-11 in PA field. Not one piece of the wreck. Not even a suitcase handle. But they found one passport and z bandana of one of the high jackers. Yeah right!!
Torch47x X (2 months ago)
Power steering
journeystarr (2 months ago)
The pilots seemed kinda immature
Marisa Hogan (2 months ago)
Why is everyone writing negative things about the captain?  the first officer was more than experienced to fly the plane (5,000 flight hours).  the captain came back when the bathroom was occupied, anyway.  He was a young man.  He didn't cause the plane to crash.  RIP to everyone lost on the flight, especially the flight attendant on her first day....So sad.  Great video and animation.
ツ expensive gurl ツ (2 months ago)
Why am I watching this? I’m going to Sweden in December 0_0
joe hinch (2 months ago)
How boring
Allec Joshua Ibay (2 months ago)
Then dont bother watching.
LilacPlays (3 months ago)
Captain:Hey Bro First Officer:Yeah? Captain:Getting busy woth the ladies back here Me:lol
Team Ski (3 months ago)
Jeff was one of my wife's flight instructors when she was working on her CFI at Gateway College back in the late 80's. He was a really nice guy. The FAA tested the the ATR's de-icing capabilities after the accident and during an icing test conducted using a KC-135 tanker spraying the plane, they almost crashed it when it iced up. -Ski
WA9KZY (3 months ago)
Good choice of background music. Thanks again.
Bill Jenkins (3 months ago)
Didn't have power steering? What monkey wrote this? It's an airplane. Not a Datsun! Idiot!
hpygolkyone (3 months ago)
..............and thus Aerobus was born.
ttgk (3 months ago)
Shitty 1st day of work
B Taylor (3 months ago)
Bro stayed mellow to the end.
Dennis Gorman (3 months ago)
they should at least change to a TKS Ice Protection System , get rid of the dang boots
Orange9098 (4 months ago)
Those last words tho
R Williams (4 months ago)
I was at the airport that day waiting to pick up my daughter and her mom who was supposed to be on this flight but it never made it back to Chicago for the next set of passengers. I will never forget the filling of powerlessness and fear. American Airlines turned off all the monitors in their area and the employees behind the counter would not entertain any questions if you were not flying. Those of us who were there to pick up people just stood there looking dazed and confused. Two and a half hours later another plane from Chicago landed. When my daughter’s mother got off the plane, she was angry and tired. No one told them the reason for the delay. That’s when I told her, ‘the plane you were supposed to be on crash’. Her eyes opened wide with shock and disbelief. I was relieved to have my family; but I could not help but to think of the families in Chicago and the lost they had to deal with. I prayed for them that night. From the day on, I would only book flights on airplanes that have heated wings.
recon forsales (4 months ago)
The reason this plane crashed, was because the pilots were too immature, i mean C'mon , trying to fly a plane and talk about girls and going to the toilet!
Randy Maatta (4 months ago)
The AT controller killed these people by taking them down to 8,000 and held them there too long. The heavies should have been diverted to another airport allowing the smaller traffic priority clearance. They killed these people.
Bill Woo (4 months ago)
What am I missing? As I hear it, a plane has wing icing occur not on the ground but IN FLIGHT, and the crew has engage in flight de-icing, yet the plane went down due to wing icing? If that's true, could it happen again? Tomorrow??? Can I take solace that it's only that plane model that's susceptible? Only ATR units? Or did post-1994 technology solve this? Bottom line: could a passenger craft today ice up simply because it flew into freezing rain?
Bill Woo (4 months ago)
7:37 talks of measures to prevent it in the future. Maybe that's enough. But that this happened in as modern a time as 1994 - that's hard to believe.
David Sonnen (4 months ago)
Your videos are as well done and thorough as those from the NTSB. Thanks for your hard, professional work.
taketimeout2 (4 months ago)
Stick with FS 2004. Its more than good enough.
Susan Fagan (4 months ago)
Very sad .. that poor girls first Flight .. RIP all the victims .. x
AlmostWins (4 months ago)
Make more video like this 🙂
agentorange20 (5 months ago)
Plane flips upside down. “Mellow it out.” Jeeeezus.
Jing'28 Sab (5 months ago)
So saddest......😣
Evan Moyer (5 months ago)
Great videos. They're simply yet illustrative. It makes you feel like you're in the cockpit going through the experience.
Keith Waites (5 months ago)
The French strike again...stick to Boeing ( I'm English by the way...if it ain't a Boeing I ain't going)
RedneckSpaceMan (5 months ago)
The pilots were young kids, really, but extensive experience for their ages. Especially the Captain, 29 and over 10k hours.
Keith Purdue (5 months ago)
Copilot is a really skinny dude and you can't even see him due to his anorexia.
Clark Gable (5 months ago)
Her first day in the job
Paul Dalnoky (5 months ago)
I first noticed the ages of the pilots, then it got real
Thomas Wieser (5 months ago)
ATR = All Those Relays
Travis Nelson (5 months ago)
I don't know how anybody gives these videos a thumbs down. The recreations are very accurate and factual, no annoying commentary, just straightforward captions describing the current situation, and appropriate music. I think they're all very well done and are as accurate, fair, and objective as you can get.
Rosanne Coffman (5 months ago)
Another great video, Alec, but so sad
William Fitzpatrick (5 months ago)
The CVR on this is horrifying.
Mr.L.A. (6 months ago)
i don't fly.....PERIOD
Levine Levine (6 months ago)
ATR is a joint project between Italy and France. The production and most of the design work were Italian. The French plane designer would not have cut corner.
OBOYZ (6 months ago)
When that master caution goes off, it must be a horrible feeling
Wayne Mathews (6 months ago)
Stupid no fooling around on a plane
Californialover lowman (6 months ago)
Pilots screwing around not doing their job with no attention t detail got everyone killed!!
Bill Olsen (1 month ago)
With all their experience it does seem strange that they didn't know about that de-icing problem.
Kanye West (3 months ago)
Californialover Iowman how could they have possibly known that their de-icing systems weren't as efficient as they hoped to be?
Californialover lowman (4 months ago)
Eurovision Tales instead of being more interested in screwing the flight attendants they should have been checking the ice level on their wings! Total inna tention got everybody killed and hope their family sued for a bundle
Magica Spellman (4 months ago)
There was nothing that the pilot could have done at that moment
Californialover lowman (6 months ago)
i am joe. For these two horndogs, too little too late!
Scooby Carr (6 months ago)
Holy shit! Imagine dying on a flight on your first day on the job. One of the flight attendants did.
Nexus (3 months ago)
Scooby Carr Whilst everyone focuses on it being Holbergs first day....perhaps think about the passengers who may have been: - rushing to get to a dying loved one - about to get married - worried about children who might be depressed - just got free from an abusive relationship - etc etc All those people had lives. Personally, I commuted by plane a lot, but another time I bought a last minute ticket before Christmas to see my boyfriend who was injured from a combat tour and had just been flown back, he already had severe ptsd and his best buddy died on the flight back. He was in a mess, there was a strike coming so it was amazing I even got a ticket plus got to the airport just in time. Everyone has a story.
Stephen Travis (6 months ago)
Can you imagine being a passenger, screaming at the top of your lungs, knowing you are about to die?  What's next?  All the world's religions have their ideas, but only one has any evidence that is based on a historical event.  Reincarnation?  Purgatory?  Unconsciousness forever?  Paradise for all? One-ness with the Universe?  Well, the only belief-system that has written, eyewitness testimony of the only man in history defeating his own death, by walking out of his tomb in the body he died in three days earlier, thereby proving His claim to be God and to have power over death,including yours, says that you will be judged according to God's Law of Love after you die.  The law is as follows: Loving God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength,and loving your neighbor as yourself.  If you haven't, then you are not perfect and you cannot dwell with God, so he'll condemn you to a place far from His presence; a place that is full of weeping, terror, misery, regret and pain-- a place really absent of anything good.  Those who are not perfect, but have been credited with the perfection of this Jesus of Nazareth, who was both fully God and fully man, who lived in perfect obedience to God's Law of Love, will not be condemned, because their guilt has been washed away by His blood, shed on a Roman cross, just for this purpose.  You broke God's law but Jesus paid your fine.  And like any guilty criminal whose fine is paid, the judge is obliged to set you free.  This is what Jesus did for all of mankind.  Since he was both God and man,  His perfection could be credited to everyone, and His death would satisfy the Law's demands.  His saving work is finished.  You have been already rescued!  As soon as you realize that you have a sin "problem", and begin to resist it (repentance) and, as soon as you begin to trust Him, you will get to live forever with Him in a very real “Paradise” forever.  You have to trust Him like you would a seat-belt, or a parachute-- just believing it will save you isn't enough, you have to put it on and keep it on, because it is the only thing that will save you from a crash or a jump from an airplane.  Your trust (faith) will be strengthened by hearing His Word (the Bible) properly preached (the Law and the Gospel), and His Sacraments (baptism and communion) rightly delivered, so find a liturgical, bible-believing church (like the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, as a good example, but not the only one) and attend it weekly (or more.) like you'd attend a cancer treatment center for weekly (or more) cancer treatment sessions (Cancer may eventually kill you, but you won’t be able to send it into remission if you don’t go.)  If you want to investigate the only religion based on a historical fact (Jesus' resurrection from the dead), visit www.coldcasechristianity.com and/or www.gotreality.com/believe/evidence/index.html.
Phil Anderson (6 months ago)
Poor Amanda Holberg!
Scooby Carr (6 months ago)
Phil Anderson Judging from the facts represented here Miss Holberg was on her first day on the job.
Lance Sheffield (6 months ago)
A female friend, Regina Polk. crashed & died (unidentified) on flight 4184, she will be forever remembered & missed, Mills College class'71, Oakland.
Leighton Samms (6 months ago)
Cardinal sin #1, disconnect auto pilot, once ICE, is a factor, as you will NOT realize what’s happening , until it’s a tad late, yeah, they extended boots further back,to prevent ailerons from icing over, as was this case, never been on an ATR 72, only the ATR 42, PR to Beef Island TORTOLA BVI, AA had substituted some SAAB. Planes in icing conditions, after this crash. May they RIP !
Mohammed Rafi Moammed Kannu (6 months ago)
bart polin (7 months ago)
As usual, an excellent video. I'm still trying to figure out how an ATC Trainee gets a job @ O'Hare. Most people don't realize that just because some of these airlines have the names Delta, American, or United before the other name, it is NOT owned and operated by those airlines. A pilot who hasn't reached puberty, belongs in a glider. Its safer for all, in the air, and on the ground. Besides, glider and military pilots, make the best pilots anyway
Giordan Diodato (5 months ago)
Problem was her boss was taking a break.
Kusum Ramdas (7 months ago)
How can those people play with other's lives? Its the investigating officer's duty to make sure that everything is upto the mark. Without proper facilities n equipments how can u be sure that he plane is ready to fly in bad weather conditions?
GroomLeader (7 months ago)
I remember seeing that news coverage. Wing icing is such a deadly danger.
Flyfisher1976 (7 months ago)
That gosh darn power steering!
Justa Bowler (7 months ago)
So sad...was just starting to like those guys
Michael T (8 months ago)
ATR = 1960's Volkswagon bus with wings.
Rob Trubiano (8 months ago)
All I can think about was that poor girl on her first day on the job being hit on the whole time by the same guy that kills her
Nexus (3 months ago)
Rob Trubiano Yep. He had experience but the cocky, swagger of a twenty something guy is not what’s needed in such a responsible job. I think I heard somewhere he had a pregnant wife too. They need to pair up the young ones with an older pilot who would be less than impressed by such unprofessionalism. Can you imagine being the relative of a loved one listening to that.
HKA (8 months ago)
I think of this accident every time I am on an ATR 72.
HKA (8 months ago)
In the US they did restrict them to warmer climes. American retired their last ATR-72s some years ago and now no US airline uses them. They are still very widely used in Asia (Taiwan, India, etc.)
herman greenstein (8 months ago)
I think they still restrict ATR planes to where there is hardly any chance of icing.
Sara Beth Williams (8 months ago)
The capt of this flight had a cocky attitude, what a turn off.
JK Farrow (1 month ago)
Too young to captain a commercial flight.
Bill Olsen (1 month ago)
Don't the airlines listen to black box voice recordings to weed out this cheap adolescents? Probably not the "regional" airlines, enabled to hide behind two layers of ownership.
Nexus (3 months ago)
Sara Beth Williams Imagine being his grieving pregnant wife listening to that 😔 No idea why some men think being cocky, selfish, erratic and reckless is attractive ....they’re really only interested in impressing other men. ...and why would another guy think that behavior is ok. Smh. RIP to all those that died.
Applez (8 months ago)
I thought it was an ATR 72-500 until I saw ATR 72-212.
Minong Maniac (9 months ago)
That's a beautiful aircraft. Love turbo props.
herman greenstein (8 months ago)
really love T-tails?
Pac Z (9 months ago)
(Although it didn't affect the tragic outcome, one would hope the vast majority of pilots behave in a more serious and professional manner than this pilot did...)
Bill Olsen (1 month ago)
Cockpit conversations are limited by FCC reg's to strictly business. These guys were reprimanded posthumously.
Janell Irving (9 months ago)
That plane didn't have too far to go.
Nakul Dalakoti (9 months ago)
But the modern ATR planes are great.. they come with glass cockpit and an infrared camera for low visibility conditions.
smakfu (9 months ago)
There are few airplanes I refuse to set foot in, but the ATR 42 and 72 are a no-go for me.
Frank Bowne (9 months ago)
Informs airline about delay...not icing.
Ty Nitti (9 months ago)
Aw shit, fuck!, here we go, are the last words i hear the most when listening to the cockpit recorder.
Donald Palmer (9 months ago)
They should have known better than to fly through icy clouds like that. Those planes probably aren't build for that.
herman greenstein (8 months ago)
ATR planes were banned in the United States until the icing problem was repaired. I think the planes fly in the South now, where there is very little chance of icing.
Marcus Hurtig (9 months ago)
did the captain plan to bang the flight attendant?
museack (6 months ago)
Seems like, doesn't it?
Douglas Muth (9 months ago)
If I was the pilot, my last words would be: "That''ll buff right out." Silly? Sure. But if I can make someone laugh uncontrollably at a shitty joke right before we all die, and make the NTSB investigators listening to the Black Box recording laugh, that's not such a bad way to go, is it?
bob bobo (6 months ago)
I think I would go with Sha beat dat wow ala Scatman Cruthers. Just because.
bob bobo (6 months ago)
That all folks has been done. Pilot that crashed I think in texas after a struggle to stay aloft, was his last words, well, thats all folks. Another guy said, love you mom. Poor guys man, ya hate to see
Bossman (6 months ago)
Douglas Muth right before impact I would say "th..th...th..that's all folks" and then hum the looney toons theme..
Rick Hansen (9 months ago)
The pilot had a Harvey Weinstein vibe.
Nexus (3 months ago)
Rick Hansen Or Trump, when you’re a pilot* they let you do anything 😒, you can grab them by the ...
Gejor Dominguez (9 months ago)
Shadow 87645 (9 months ago)
Man I think this is the only disaster I've seen on this channel where the pilots are joking around
Seize Theday (9 months ago)
As always, excellently done!
4surprisingly (9 months ago)
His last words were “aw shit”? Just nonchalantly awww man type of reaction as you see the ground coming up? And the other guy just saying mellow it out as they rapidly approach the floor? What???
Howard Littman (8 months ago)
I had a head on collision on the 10 Freeway back in the 90s. I saw it coming, realized there was no way I could avoid it, and I said, "Aw Shit!". My next thought was that my last words were going to be, "Aw Shit!" However, I survived it.
Jamie H (9 months ago)
first day as a flight attendant and she's killed? now that's horrible.
Nexus (3 months ago)
Jamie H Pretty horrible for the passengers too
Kobe lal (10 months ago)
Yesterday one of these planes (ATR-77) crashed in my country because of flying in the same situation and 66 people were killed :(
Joseph Starvish (10 months ago)
I was in holding pattern next to 4184. I flew with both pilots as a Captain. AftRer this crash it was made clear no holding with flaps and once flaps were put in in icing conditions they had to remain in. There were previous icing incidents where on approach the ATR stalled and the crew put flaps in to recover. After this crash they removed the flap overspeed so you could put the flaps in at any airspeed. I landed at Ohare and had to take a load of pax to Rockford and back to ORD all through the worst weather ever and no one gives you any credit for it. Just that you are a worthless commuter Pilot.
Hach Ottis (2 months ago)
Respect to you mate. I'm a teacher and former Royal Marine rifleman. I totally understand the concept of overworked, underpaid and underappreciated. That being said our jobs are important.
Joe Smith (10 months ago)
I remember this day. Was watching the Chicago Bears on TV as they retired Dick Butkus number. It was a VERY cold rainy snow. It happened just outside of Chicago.
Joe Smith (10 months ago)
This NFL video shows the weather https://youtu.be/xqekvWM_yfw
Carl Flore (10 months ago)
Hi Sir, What model is this? is the the ATR from PDMG ? thank you for your video, i want to fly same model
SwagFlapper HappyFlapper (10 months ago)
You can’t work while you have 2 pee
juliet juliet (10 months ago)
Damn right - the Halloween crowd will be dealt their own hand ... Days of mockery of ancient truth are over ... Bastardization has led to your immediate eradication - add the numbers any way you like - your numbers are going down in a fire like never seen since the dawn of mankind ...
juliet juliet (10 months ago)
Gag liano - Sandra - should da never married the accountant from Texas - just another slave slot ... Bayou - bell - and the alligators ...
john Magill (10 months ago)
Was that actual footage of the plane going down towards the end?
Sarah Riedel (10 months ago)
Despite the deicing problem I HAVE to imagine that the pilots' banter and chatter caused them to miss an important detail that could have helped avert a crash with the extra time. I know this was a design and testing flaw but there was a lot of crosstalk going on in the cockpit it seems like.
Gary Doss (10 months ago)
NO, The problem was not so much with aircraft as it was with very very poor air traffic control. No plane should EVER have to wait to land in bad weather. Poor management caused this. The issues with the plane were secondary.