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Iowa’s app debacle explained: A bad omen for modern elections

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Text Comments (28)
Chella Taylor (1 day ago)
Ms Pete also “” donated 40k To this app ! Nevada does NOT want to use this ! He in so far in with the deep state it is Not funny !
Hairoun (7 days ago)
Fucking Iowa bro
Murray William Biggar (7 days ago)
until you put your SSN on your ballot the elections will away's be in question That would eliminate bs like florida if you don't have a ssn your not an american
Kevin Acosta (7 days ago)
mustang607 (7 days ago)
So the whole system was corrupted. Sounds like it’s working normally.
Chee Kay (7 days ago)
@Terrance O'brian Who are you? Please provide full disclosure as to your political, financial and professional connections of every kind relating to the topics you present in this video. Are you a Bernie Sanders supporter? Does your wife canvas for Mayor Pete? Did you once work or go to school with one of the developers from Shadow? Are you a Republican, a Democrat or a Communist? On what experience or education do you base your claim that "It was plain old human error and poor planning with no indication that vote tallies were compromised or that there was any foul play." Are you a statistician, a political science major or a historian? Perhaps most importantly, who pays your salary? From whom do you receive payments for services or consulting or good will? Who is the parent company for Engadget and under who's umbrella does that parent company fall?
Chee Kay (7 days ago)
Hand counted paper ballots is the gold standard of ensuring that vote counts are accurate. The paper ballot must be pre-printed with the names of all the candidates on the same side of the page and clearly worded. For transparency and accuracy, nothing beats hand counted votes, counting verified by observers and scrutineers.
Chee Kay (7 days ago)
"It was only human error and poor planning, that's all it was. No indication of compromised vote tallies or foul play." Bullshit. The presenter here is either naive or self deluded. Perhaps he's using his own twisted definition of 'compromised' but the evidence today says he is wrong. "No penetration testing on the app." Release the Source Code! The only way to ensure any software is secure is to make the source code public. Of the many glaring errors presented in this video is the claim that voting needs to be 'modernized with technology' is perhaps the most egregious. Paper ballots. Hand counted while observed by representatives from each interested party and scrutineers. And please, no claims of "That's too hard, too slow, too antiquated, too rickety, too hard to find anyone to do the counting." Too bad! Fix it! Make it happen. Hand counted paper ballots is the gold standard of ensuring fair elections.
Chee Kay (7 days ago)
The tech I love must have no place, must be entirely excluded from the voting system. Paper ballots, hand counted with observers and scrutineers from all sides is the only way to ensure an accurate tally and to ensure the appearance of an accurate and un-corrupted vote count.
trayNTP (7 days ago)
“Good intentions,” my butticheeks.
JogBird (7 days ago)
engadget should stick w tech, not politics
TheRealTobias (7 days ago)
As a non American this seems hard to believe. Like he said, it's the foundation of your democracy! And that should be rock solid. Go America, make it work!
Amirmohammad shokry (8 days ago)
His votes were redistributed among those who had fewer. Noone needs that many votes.
G.G. (8 days ago)
How much of a failure can the DNC be?? They literally just don't need to be absolute imbeciles to win against Trump, yet, that is too much to ask.
HAL NOVEMILA (8 days ago)
Yeah, no... The results were released in such a way that presented Buttigieg like the clear winner for 3 days straight, announcing the results of the precincts in which Bernie was strongest only for last; not to mention the numerous mistakes, many of which damaged Sanders, which now they said could not be corrected in order to keep the integrity of the process, or that Buttigieg's campaign contributed something like $40000 to the company that developed Shadow... I think that there was a clear attempt to stop Bernie's momentum into the primaries
HAL NOVEMILA (8 days ago)
Also the most reliable method is paper ballots, it might be a bit slower but it is much harder to tamper since that paper leaves trails, unlike digital which is just a bunch of one and zeros stored on a computer...
Ryan lex (8 days ago)
Lmao this channel is no longer a tech related but politics. Lmao should rename your channel. 🤔🤣🤣
XSportSeeker (8 days ago)
Bad omen my ass, more like the sort of stupidity that security people warned multiple times not to do, and they did it anyways. Shot on the foot more like.
TheBadFred (8 days ago)
I thought Trump is the stupid politician, now it seems to be epidemic - figuring out votes is so complicated, how could they do it 100 years ago ?
TheBadFred (8 days ago)
Even a web page would have bee easier than an app...
TheBadFred (8 days ago)
Shadow Inc. - sounds very shady ...
SR388 (8 days ago)
DNC elites doing everything they can to smear Sanders, because they know he's the best candidate. They can't handle the truth.
Gods Father (8 days ago)
60k to develop? Buttigieg "donated" 40k to help develop the app, oh will you look at that, all errors made were against Sanders. Yeah human errors.
Dustin Aubry (8 days ago)
Im Sorry This digital info could have been gathered and created for like under $100.00 in all and could have been built and tested in a week simply using "google forms & google sheets" to collect all the data, 2 weeks if ya wanted to make it more complated, and if you had to add a Canadate name 5 minuites max, and everybody and everybody cought up in a flash. and the results compiled instantly.
Erik (8 days ago)
Wow 😯
Jeff High (8 days ago)
Looks like they got their $60,000 worth. Lol.
BLAIR M Schirmer (8 days ago)
Except that it's called *_ELECTION THEFT._*
James Tonjes (8 days ago)
Joe is Biden his time in this election