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FedEx guy kicks the crap out of my boxes

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This was our FedEx delivery guy drop kicking our boxes this morning. Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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odiem yo (4 months ago)
dam they can kick my box as long it was deliver to my house sorry fedex bitch make me do ur job and pick it up. y the fuck did i pay 40 bucks for
Robo Kitty (4 months ago)
That last one was a mine.
AnxiousAndAnnoyed (1 year ago)
if you hate your job so much..why don't you just look for another one and once you've got it secured..quit...instead of taking it out on random strangers who spent their hard earned money on shit they trust and expect you to deliver safely???? I've seen alot of fedex workers try to justify this bullshit. just because you don't like your job doesn't give you the right to sabotage someone's shit because you feel like having a tantrum like a child. disgusting.
WOOD BUTCHER (1 year ago)
Scrappy Coco (1 year ago)
shit you had like 30 packages, which he only got paid for one (paid per stop not hrly, or package) if he is home delivery.. Lol he's definitely annoyed
Kastan Gamblack (1 year ago)
What a jackass.
Casey Fraz Animation (1 year ago)
This isn't bad at all honestly. imagine the shit those boxes went through in the building. fuck Ive seen packages dropped, crushed, stepped on, slammed.
augustreet (1 year ago)
Nick Glenn (2 years ago)
Should have used fedex express because this guy does not work for FedEx. Ground and home delivery are contracted which means he answers to the contractor not FedEx lol
Jason The Raisin (2 years ago)
Well.. He really hates his job I think.. :/
TheGuyAtTheWheel (2 years ago)
This is nothing, People would cry if they saw how their packages were handled in the hubs.
TheGuyAtTheWheel (7 months ago)
Oh I know, man. Every loader and driver is guilty of something. It's not their fault tho, it's just the way of the game. When you're hucking boxes between 3 trucks in the fight against time, things will get tossed, kicked, stomped, etc. In the heat of the battle, it's easy to forget that you're handling other people's property. I'm sure that the company is aware of what happens. But... time quotas are all that matter.
Casey Fraz Animation (1 year ago)
I actually work in one of the buildings and holy shit, this doesn't even half as bad as some of the shit Ive seen.
Medic311 (2 years ago)
+Mr. CamTheMan yeah what's funny is that people think that UPS and FedEx are better than the USPS. not true in the case of stuff getting damaged at the hubs. the issue that the USPS has though, is stuff getting lost. have you ever had a package get routed through the USPS Chicago Metro Hub? my gosh that place is like the twilight zone. it's like damned if you do, damned if you don't. my best luck has been USPS Priority Mail using Priority Mail boxes. almost 100% success rate
TheGuyAtTheWheel (2 years ago)
+jgg204 The same can be said for FedEx. When things get busy, the belts literally turn packages into battering rams. I've seen countless Amazon, Jet, and especially Walmart boxes get crushed and ripped open by 50+ lb boxes at turns and belt chutes. Then like you said, packages also fall off the belts, often onto other boxes. It's ridiculous what happens in the hubs, but nothing can be done about it. Well maybe, but there would have to be some BIG changes made.
Medic311 (2 years ago)
+Mr. CamTheMan for real. people don't realize that in hubs, many of the conveyors are 6 ft off the ground. people don't realize that when it gets busy and things back up...their packages fall off. UPS's minimum packaging requirements state that you must package your box to survive a 6ft drop. not doing so, is negligence and technically your insurance claim would be denied if they deem your packaging to be inadequate.
Олег Сайлент (2 years ago)
I thought Russian mail is shittiest in the world.
Steven Tyler (2 years ago)
This is nothing.
Osrok (2 years ago)
he should give his job to someone who wants a job.
yan li (2 years ago)
they throw with hate, why
Jeana Dylan (2 years ago)
this is so awful :(
Doe John (3 years ago)
Fake with empty boxes
John Jesus (3 years ago)
It's apparent the faggot that made this video should kill himself.
TheGuyAtTheWheel (2 years ago)
+Anon3301 Aw, poor little baby's package arrived damaged. So he goes on a little rant in the comment section of a Youtube video.
John Jesus (2 years ago)
+Anon3301 You're an idiot, kill yourself
Anon3301 (2 years ago)
Ha, last time FedEx kicked my package of product worth about $20k. He ended up getting in a very unfortunate accident and lost his job because he was unable to make it to work that day. Now FedEx serves me right :)
John Jesus (2 years ago)
+James Warden Nope, I'm not unstable. I see when there's a problem, and that's why I said what I did
James (2 years ago)
+John Jesus Well, at least the FBI knows who to start watch for the next person to go on a shooting spree.  John, did Obamacare make your meds unaffordable?
roy cornell (3 years ago)
i would like to think he needs to find a job he cares about
comandante shekko (3 years ago)
There goes my Xbox:(
silverss onyoutube (3 years ago)
are all those boxes for you ? fuck no wonder he is pissed and just throwing them around . you cant really blame him .
C B (3 years ago)
Fed Ex says "fuck yo boxes"
rlalko l (3 years ago)
did this jerk get fired..................
Pineapple (1 year ago)
hanisa (3 years ago)
Maybe he was practising with his football/soccer skills.
Copmy D (3 years ago)
FedEx failed me so many times and for business... I only use UPS for that reason!
TheGuyAtTheWheel (2 years ago)
UPS is just as bad.
Erwin Tipton (3 years ago)
I like the trailer on the right side . Its not too big and not too small.
MetaDecker (3 years ago)
If you think this is bad, you should see the sort at the terminals. I was a FedEx ground driver. I never did anything careless like this guy, but the way some people handled packages in the sort made me think twice about what I decided to ship. Make sure what you pack for shipping is packed VERY well. By the way, working for FedEx ground is a very difficult job whether you're driving, sorting or loading trucks. Give respect to the ones who actually do a good job. They are just trying to pay the bills like everyone else. This guy doesn't deserve to keep his job.
HeyItsMistyyy (3 years ago)
Thank you!?!
Bluhamster (3 years ago)
Yooo its unacceptable. If you don't like your work.. its simple get your freaking lazy arse another job. Darrin, you could be Making fries its easier you get to eat for free as well. If you apply for a certain job.. you are responsible to act the part you applied for. Whether you're paid by stop or package or who cares what.... I'm telling ya some people are big babies wanting everything on a silver platter, There's a lot of unemployed out there that would be happy to do your job better. Lucky for them I'm not a FedEx boss.. not only I'd Fire them, I d also put them on a lawsuit for the total damages of the recklessness. And a beautiful mug picture of them next to the Video. You act dumb you pay for your fun. Fed Ex or other couriers doesn't suck, a % of their employees do.
HeyItsMistyyy (3 years ago)
+FloridaFirearms Oh wah, go cry to your mommy and wait for the Fedex guy.
HeyItsMistyyy (3 years ago)
+FloridaFirearms You make me sick XD
tazem81 (3 years ago)
What the hell. The items can still break inside the boxes. Crazy. Hopefully he got fired over that for stupidity
Frost Scope (3 years ago)
This is why i'm am worried about my Ps4 but no my parents just think i'm lying about these pigs
neoxtra (1 year ago)
At least you have a physical receipt
Jon Cole (3 years ago)
+tazem81 How does product get to the store, though??
HeyItsMistyyy (3 years ago)
tazem81 (3 years ago)
I bought mine at the store for this reason.
anjerikka ? (3 years ago)
Jarrod Brown (3 years ago)
paper is not going to protect a PS4 not only have you seen this video but packages are shipped on conveyor systems its not enough  protection
Gate2Gate Aviation (3 years ago)
Gate2Gate Aviation (4 years ago)
UPS is so much better than FedEx. So much more professional. 
Truggins (3 years ago)
UPS All Day, Every Day will be a better Delivery Service.
Gate2Gate Aviation (3 years ago)
+hanishshkr Alrighty.
hanisa (3 years ago)
+Gate2Gate Aviation k have a nice day. kbye
Gate2Gate Aviation (3 years ago)
+hanishshkr ...No.
hanisa (3 years ago)
+RUssianPilot737 when you say professional its sounds like you are saying perfect
david (4 years ago)
That's why I'm frightend to use FEDEX Cause all my shipments are fragile and I know for sure drivers are FEDUP with there work so they abuse all boxes by treating them this same way like this maniac driver.i use USPS for peace of mind.fedex where do get this type of drivers??
Russ Aman (11 months ago)
david funny the other day i watched a UPS driver literally tossing packages out the back of his truck. while standing next to the cab. every job your gonna have that guy but that doesn't mean everyone in the company do the same.
Informant7 (2 years ago)
Hehehehe! I like that! FedEx employees are FedUp with their jobs! I shouldn't laugh too hard though. I have fragile packages arriving tomorrow... By FedEx. God help me!!!
Gate2Gate Aviation (3 years ago)
+Souf Side You have a real problem dude. Why do you get mad when people express their feelings about FedEx?
Darrin Connor (4 years ago)
WTF? I work for Fed-Ex, you get paid per-stop, not per package. I would be pissed too. I have never delivered that many boxes at 1 stop. Why do you have so many boxes?? That is ridick-el-liss
parasiteve (4 years ago)
sftu faggot, that's no excuse, your job is to deliver the package as safe as you can to it's destination. not beat the shit out of them
Austin Mitchell (4 years ago)
Drivers of FedEx trucks and vans are not even hired through FedEx. What drivers do with boxes doesn't matter because they are not FedEx employees.
MetaDecker (3 years ago)
+cameron campbell Ground drivers are hired and trained by contractors who privately own routes. The term that describes the Ground driver is "vendor". Not actually employees.
MetaDecker (3 years ago)
FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery(part of Ground), FedEx Freight - are all contracted to private owners who pay their own drivers and own their own/maintain trucks. Express, Air, Custom Critical etc. drivers are hired through FedEx. Not all FedEx drivers are employees. I was a FedEx Ground driver and the size of the company I worked for was (3) employees. Two drivers and the owner (who also drove a truck).
cameron campbell (4 years ago)
Nope. Not even close. Anyone who drives a fedex vehicle legally has to be hired and trained through fedex. Way to be confident though.
John's GoPro Vids (4 years ago)
why so many damn boxes!!
bgarr99 (4 years ago)
I wonder what is in the boxes and were they damaged? The boxes look like they are fairly lightweight and in good condition. If the driver knew it was non-breakable items would it matter if they were tossed?
blackops8121 (4 years ago)
Fedex motto should be quantity over quality
TheKnitestar (4 years ago)
looks like fedex needs an overhaul of the drivers
David K (4 years ago)
Why complain? Most likely clothes are inside those boxes. The fuck were you recording for? You looking to get your box habdled and srock nicely??? That shit would take hours..
Crazy Fox (4 years ago)
Fired, I say! Fired!
Samantha Hagen (4 years ago)
And airhead your a real airhead because some FedEx people know what there doing and there not in a bad mood and there gentle with your stuff so please don't be rude
Samantha Hagen (4 years ago)
FedEx ground! Lol sorry dude about your stuff.
Hidden Juice (4 years ago)
Some packages have sensors that detect sharp movements like when a package is thrown or kicked
Drew Stevens (4 years ago)
This is why no one should have to pay extra for shipping and handling.
ComebackShane (4 years ago)
Time to put cameras on all FedEx trucks and monitor these Assholes!
ButteredMadness (4 years ago)
does this guy even see the camera above the boxes hes thrown?
thechef408 (4 years ago)
Lazy mathafucker !!!! With good pay
Bobby Mack (4 years ago)
Bobby Mack (4 years ago)
How did the Postal Service get involved into the conversation? This is FedEx.
BSanAirsofts (5 years ago)
If you holes in your boxes and your carrier is Fed Ex, that's your fault. They hire anyone.
TheIrishman79 (5 years ago)
I just have to laugh at this. When he's done with this stop his truck will be mostly empty. I mean damn how much shit do you need to order at once. At some point there needs to be a semi making the delivery if your wanting a semi load size delivered.
Ecchi-BANZAII!!! (5 years ago)
Time:08:50 Let me just open the window so I can stretch my arm from my work to my house so that I can help him out instead of letting him doing his work and me doing mine.
thetoughguy jr. (5 years ago)
i found this freakin hilarious the way he has so much power over those dumb boxes!!!
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
Sadly Jefgg....I agree. In years past the USPS employee was viewed as dedicated and caring and rain/sleet/snow/sun loyal (or whatever the saying was). Now, outside of small town carriers they are stereotypical lazy overpaid government workers with an attitude. I avoid at all cost going into any USPS center where there lines are long and I'm greeted with a "why are you here keeping me from my break" attitude.
Snoofle Bum (5 years ago)
Because what they really want is the Managers wage for doing nothing to earn it
Snoofle Bum (5 years ago)
Yeah when I order goods I should expect this & blame no one. And when I send orders I should expect this & blame No one. Pricks like this moron have this attitude no matter how you treat them or what you pay them. They say if you pay them more, they will actually care & work harder. So you give them a Pay Rise. They then say it wasn't enough . Then develop a worse attitude & start doing shit like this dick is doing.
Fields82 (5 years ago)
I understand where you are coming from. I just gonna say this and I know it's not your problem. You are paying FedEx but that driver does not see a dime of it. Ground and Home Delivery drivers work for a contractor, not FedEx. He gets paid either $1.10 to $1.30 per stop or a flat salary for the day. It just sucks for that guy getting screwed by FedEx to deliver your packages. Like I said, it's not your problem until this jerk can't control himself on the job.
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
My rate with Fed Ex includes delivery into my office where receiving clerks sign for the packages. I do not pay Fed Ex a rate to leave boxes outside our receiving doors.
John Dough (5 years ago)
no thats YOUR fucking job.We dont get paid to "help" a brother out... tha fuck.
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
statistically based on damage claims and on time delivery USPS is exponentially worse.
Gabbz737NEW (5 years ago)
I hope u reported this guy and had him fired. This is y my shit gets here broken and companies don't reimburse me.
joe perez (5 years ago)
You should see how they throw stuff around when they load the trailers
bgrd2001 (5 years ago)
@ItsJakeMiester No one is perfect. But some people take that thought and abuse it.
bgrd2001 (5 years ago)
@Bradley Cloetingh its more than a few. waaayyy more than a few. and its not just drivers.
Fields82 (5 years ago)
I don't agree with the way he handled the packages though. That was stupid on the drivers part.
Fields82 (5 years ago)
I hope the driver left the packages right where the video shows them. FedEx doesn't get paid to carry them into your business. If they do it is a courtesy. They just have to make it to the property of the address on their list. This is way to much shit for one driver to deliver to one place. Get real. Some drivers make a little over a dollar per delivery. Not paid by the hour.
that lazy bum waited until they went inside then he threw the box he held it extra long wasting more energy than to just put it down just so he could throw it a second later this is just evil
Alla Abdelrahman (5 years ago)
What was in the box .
Jonathan Kosyjana (5 years ago)
looks like its fed ex and shoprite who hire a bunch of assholes
bgrd2001 (5 years ago)
If I were the head boss at FedEx I would fire the entire work force. I would hire new people and train them properly. FedEx is just full of lazy people and criminals. They screw up so much that when they backed into my uncles car, and knew it, they blamed it on my uncle and tried to sue him.
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
I on the other hand pay Fed Ex to delivery my packages to the door in a manor that does not damage the product. I do not pay my employees a salary to do what I paid Fed Ex to do. I've worked in transportation my entire life. When I sell a service to deliver a product I do so without depending on that customer to provide employees they are paying to assist my employees in doing the work they are paid to do. Ford forever.
oipbhakeld (5 years ago)
not really. and from someone who is a ford fan to another, i expect more out of you. this is a fucking bullshit deal where someone should be out there to help him. i meet my fedex guy at his truck for small packages.
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
Makes you as worthless as this man.
oipbhakeld (5 years ago)
wheres ur loading dock or employees???? id do the same thing.
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
BS. I paid the carrier's rate to deliver to me. It is their right to negotiate for a higher rate given my inability to provide easier access. Outside of that, I have absolutely no obligation to have my employees assist in doing what the carrier is paying their employees to do.
dragondaze (5 years ago)
NO, It is his job to load and unload the cargo that he is delivering! As for the packages THEY are NOT the drivers property, Only in his possesion for delivery and nothing more.... As a driver he has agreed to provide a service that involves him to deliver the packages undamaged! HE FAILED, HE SHOULD BE FIRED!!
Dick Grayson (5 years ago)
I wonder which scenario would of had a more shocking result in this situation: 1. The items inside the boxes arriving "HDS Ace Ventura" damaged/destroyed? or 2. The FedEX guy getting caught (in person), by the customer/owner of all those boxes? I think that it would be a little difficult for the FedEx guy, to convince the owner (and the camera), that he was just channeling out a childish tantrum by pretending that all of those boxes that he was throwing, were giant building blocks...
mrcleanup (5 years ago)
Ya, its funny how all these selfish Jackassas complain but dont offer to help and nancy, try getting a job where you keep your shoes on ,,,DUDE
Ron Cribb (5 years ago)
give him a hand bro
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
Based on what you wrote above I withdraw my comments and apologize for referring to you as a whiner. While I cannot endorse comparing a paid job to "slavery" I'll congratulate you on your efforts to move on. I made the same decision by attending school at night for years while working out in the field. Educating oneself and looking to better yourself is a goal everyone should strive for. I wish you well
untouchable Tee (5 years ago)
no sir im no "whiner" a whiner would be defined as someone who does not like their situation and does nothing about it but complain....me on the other hand did not like my situation so i changed it went to college got a degree and now working in a field i choose im where i am because i wasnt a "whiner"....this job fedex and jobs like it are slave jobs and i refused to do them now if thats being a whiner i love it
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
I was never a slave. I make a damn good salary and receive good health care and in return I do a damn good job. You need to look up the definition of a slave. True, my work takes me through 100 degree or 10 degree days and all types of inclement weather in between. But slavary it is not. It's a job I choose and do to the best of my ability because despite the hardships I take pride in it and I'm paid well for it. Sorry sir, but you are just a whiner.
untouchable Tee (5 years ago)
whining? no telling the truth key difference between you and i you were provided decent pay and health care i was not but hey just because you were happy being a slave doesnt mean i have to be good day sir
NickiK (5 years ago)
Hoping this man was fired!!
Xplor (5 years ago)
they seem like empty boxes...
Gorilla Jones (5 years ago)
This is obviously a business delivery. Dudes a dbag who hates his job.
Jimmy Appleballs (5 years ago)
He fucking pushed it with his foot.
DILLØN JAMΣS (5 years ago)
Funny story folks. I was out, partying as usual. To say the least it was going good. Such happiness, laughter. Tears of joy! Then... Then I saw her. Her eyes, staring into my soul, calling me. I approached her. We began to talk, she chuckled, I laughed... We soon gazed into each others eyes. She slowly slid her hand up my leg as she leaned forward to steal a new years kiss... I yelled STOP. I left. She cried for me to return. I ran home. I then watched this video, crying as I masturbated. Yeah.
JustinYummy (5 years ago)
why am i watching these videos when i have $1,500 worth of computer parts coming in the mail in 1-2 days Q_Q..and i wont be awake to watch LOL..need signature for all the crap though..but 99.99% chance they'll already have all the crap up on the porch before ringing obv
linktriscuit (5 years ago)
From the looks of it, the guy can't handle delivery. Look at his attitude, it's like if you can't deliver, then why are you still there doin' it. I wonder if the person receiving it signed it, or made an issue and tried to escalate it. That is unacceptable and very unprofessional and I would be surprised if he still had that job.
mfmikester (5 years ago)
folks .. sorry to say this but what this guy is doing isnt shit.. you should see UPS when those boxes come down the belt when we get hit real hard.. and i really dont think what he's doing is necessary cuz he's not on like a fuckin time limit .. but hey thats what bubble wrap is for. it is unnecessary for that.. but its not like he's intentionally fucking a box up like punchin holes through it.
dylan tent (5 years ago)
should of gone out..
magicfreak121 (5 years ago)
Dude how much shit did u fucking Order bro -_-
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
Oh horseshit. The customers drive the pricing. The pricing calls for one man unloading unless the goods are overweight. In this case the guy was just plain damn lazy and most of the time unloading can easily, safely and efficiently be completed by one person. The consuming public wants Walmart prices. That means the "Greedy Pigs" have to spend less on wages.
Boss302fan (5 years ago)
Oh stop whining. I railroaded outside my entire career. 100 degrees or 10 degrees. Rain and snow. I did my job, moved the customer's goods and in return was provided decent pay and health care. It wasn't always great. It still isn't. But I damn sure don't sit around and whine about it like a baby.
flight100 (5 years ago)
LMAO! That's hilarious..
DILLØN JAMΣS (5 years ago)
Yes it is...
dylan tent (5 years ago)
nice life
untouchable Tee (5 years ago)
i worked at fedex 7yrs was treated like shit everyday worked outside in rain and snow....100 degrees or 10 degrees and all i have to show for it is a messed up BACK fuck fedex