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Inside one of Amazon's busiest days

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1,500 extra workers help Amazon.com handle the extra holiday orders at its Fernley, Nevada fulfillment center.
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LighterBen (11 days ago)
Work before like these jobs never again it suck up the life from you except i did everthing manually we dont have robots
adam mickiewicz (12 days ago)
How do u go to the bathroom? They're probably far away. I'd shit myself.
ehern10181990 (22 days ago)
I worked at the sacramento ca center for the first 6 months it was open. I am a big strong athletic man (not crazy fit, just 6'5" 250) and im 28 and in perfect health. My first week i put on 100 miles walking. Second week, another 100 miles with blisters. At one point my feet looked like denzel's in "glory". I wrapped so many bandages on them on breaks that i could barely fit into my shoes. The by week 5 the 100 miles wasnt a big deal, but again im in perfect health and young. I saw another lady in the medical office (while bandaging my feet) and she was in her 60s, on her third day with the company, working her 3rd 12 hr shift in a row, complaining that she couldnt walk and sobbing. The medical person (not a doctor) said "well, amazon isnt for everybody." I actually was very good at my job. I was a counter first, but frequently ran totes for pickers. After 3 months or so of that, i was "promoted" i guess to amnesty (picking up stuff that fell out of bins). But upon my transfer, my weeks became 150-200 miles each. And in order to keep up with physical demand, i would do between 200-300 pushups during my shift and rest of the day. From november 1 to april 30, i went from 6'5" 250, to 6'5" 205. I hadnt been that thin since i was in the concord blue devils drum corps 10 years ago. Look it up.
ehern10181990 (19 days ago)
+Robrow Boski sorry but i seriously cannot stress enough how little theyll care about you... I worked a travelling carnival before that, and my owner was a convicted pedophile, and my manager was an alcoholic/meth addict. They were way more concerned with my well being. Am i saying that jeff bezos shpuld be in prison? Yes... Thats ecactly what im saying. Fuckin sweatshop.
ehern10181990 (19 days ago)
+Robrow Boski also, dont expect to find any understanding about your pre existing medical pain. THEY DO NOT CARE. Youll get some icy hot, a bandaid, and a foot in the ass. Its far cheaper to fire you and hire on someone healthier. THEY DO NOT CARE!!!
ehern10181990 (19 days ago)
+Robrow Boski i feel you bro. You gotta pay those bills. Do you live in ca? I may be able to help you... Also, i think the expectation of ANYONE lasting 4-5 years as a tier 1 is unrealistic. Unless you get a black vest in the first year (college required) then its going to be hell day in day out. Trust me. You should ALREADY be looking for something else. Trust me. I made it 6 months and i actually liked what i did there. But the deck is stacked against you, i promise. And ya man. Ive been wanting to get into ju jitzu. I have a muscular build even though i dont work out. But im just not aggressive or violent at all. Id be doing it more as a meditative escape as well as for fitness. Good comment tho bro. 👍
Robrow Boski (22 days ago)
Also, dude you’re 6”5 you need to immediately start training in mixed martial arts because those who are blessed with monster genetics needs to take advantage IE: Brock Lesnar
Robrow Boski (22 days ago)
Man, I’m gonna be straight up, I’m 5”9 and 350lbs ( I was bigger ) and I’m starting soon hopefully. I’ve got back problems from a car wreck and heel spurs from just being fat as fuck. Plus my generally terrible anxiety. This is going to probably kill me literally but I know I have to do this for me and everyone on my family. If my family history came from hard work then I have to match up. I hope I last for at least three years. A few good things are I’m quite strong and not terribly slow plus I would love to lose more weight. Frankly my stock market portfolio is in the Christ forsaken incinerator and until they get back to even I need money.
Probably Drunk (23 days ago)
They always say “ no one earns a million dollars, they earn it off someone else’s back” here you go a fine example
Probably Drunk (23 days ago)
Suck a dick Jeff bezos
Probably Drunk (23 days ago)
What a fuckin joke
Probably Drunk (23 days ago)
This place is horses-hit. Fuck amazon
mateollios 67 (28 days ago)
Where the hell is the blow up doll I ordered you bastards?
vivek paghdal (1 month ago)
vivek paghdal (1 month ago)
Paghadap vivek
ssnader a (1 month ago)
They call it "unskilled "work cause the claim is "anybody can do it", but lets try to see how long those people in the office last in this job and see if they can do it.anybody can do a office job too, u just gotta teach them
G Knight (1 month ago)
At the the end they say ez now your on Tv. 😂 I know Why...
Slayer (1 month ago)
Not one black person 🤔
AveragePlayer (13 days ago)
Here we go with this comment
GTmaniac (1 month ago)
Slayer they all work overnight shift lol
MrRideutah (1 month ago)
Lmao when amazon was smalll
cryptic chaos (1 month ago)
What a shot place to work lol that guy is fucking creepy lol
FlyingKV (2 months ago)
He looks a bit nervous and the lady seem uninterested.
Giovanni R Alejo (2 months ago)
Screw that Walmart seems more better than this same shitty pay anyways
filo martinez (2 months ago)
amazon uses robots,when they hire someone they trial you for 30 days, if your not fast and accurate which they use robots to keep an eye on you, they fire you..new amazon in fresno ca fired 600 people recently because the people were not fast enough....most of them were elderly and handicap....
Shafiq Rehman (2 months ago)
Sombo Chea (2 months ago)
Never worked at a warehouse before but have an interview with Amazon....the comments are scaring me lol.
TheOsk1e (2 months ago)
Buy comfortable shoes, pick Stow...super easy yet you can get penalized for petty mistakes. Your first 4 days of training you are good with making mistakes but after that ......do the best you can not to make any mistakes. Also there's a thing called TOT Wich means Time on Task You need to be scanning something every 5 minutes or less to keep up with rate. If you have to go to the rest room you need to document what time you left and what time you returned. Also if you have a problem with a box or item and have to get additional help, take your entire cart or uboat with you and don't ever leave boxes on the ground...ever! Document anytime you are waiting and not working and make sure it's detailed! Hope this helps
MRBOLICHE1 (2 months ago)
Amazon sucks!
Kaynos (2 months ago)
Terrible job... i don't envy peoples working there.
nexus prime (2 months ago)
2:30 dumps package then noticed camera like oh shit.
Hi I’m A Yard Hostler (2 months ago)
Fucking idiots just getting used for peak season 😂
Jiri neznamy (2 months ago)
Santas workshop
Alana Weaver (2 months ago)
Christmas time must be crazy and hectic 🤯
Angelo G (2 months ago)
For minimum wage lol
Fonterrorism NZ (2 months ago)
Buying too much fucking garbage.
Mike lopez (2 months ago)
I really hope I can do this start Wednesday
Pawg Rider (3 months ago)
The pile of clothes giving the tour said 15,000 temps, the description says 1,500!?!????
Prometheus (3 months ago)
I'm guessing that, on days when the cameras are there, it's about the same situation as when food safety inspectors come to visit a meat packing plant: standard procedures stop, workers are told to slow down, look happy and lie like a cheap rug about conditions, or face termination. The reporter is clueless. Amazon is just one example of why we need strong union representation in the service industry. Jeff Bezos treats his workers like slaves and steals the profits they make for the company. He should be in jail.
Tyler (3 months ago)
That was a shit wall in the trailer at the end of the video lol
Jack Torrance (3 months ago)
If i worked at Amazon i was going to steal every mobile phone i could
Corvus Corax (3 months ago)
Reminds me of toby from the office
Chad Jones (3 months ago)
That dude wants to kiss her so bad.
dietz andwattson23 (3 months ago)
Worked there for a year. Wasnt too bad. Got a couple write ups work is chaotic as hell during peak season but for the most part if the job offered security the benefits were actually pretty good
Fiesty Ok (3 months ago)
I got hired and start next week Wednesday at a new warehouse location. I’m excited but nervous at the same time 🙈
Fiesty Ok (3 months ago)
You do the drug test the day you go into your hire event (mouth Swab). dress code is relaxed, I wear workout type stuff as most people do because you will see that it comes in handy. All the walking around and moving you do (especially if youre going to be unloading trucks) you’ll get hot and sweaty. You can wear hats. As far as shoes, they tell you that you can wear whatever type just as long as it’s closed toes.
Ben J (3 months ago)
Did they drug test you? was it a mouth swab or urine test? What is the dress code? can you wear hats? (I hate fixing hair in morning lol).
Fiesty Ok (3 months ago)
You should Apply tho. Just be mindful when you’re picking a location because not every warehouse does the same thing. Some are fullfillment, delivery (like my location) etc etc and once you find a location you can find videos on outline pertaining to that type of warehouse and see if you would like it
Fiesty Ok (3 months ago)
It’s amazing. It’s a new location and everyone that started that day was new which made learning super fun. Warehouse I’m at is delivery warehouse, which means the packages we get is the last stop for them and we have sort it out and stage it for delivery. So far I’m loving it. Managers and most of the people are super cool and fun to work with which means time go by fast, especially in the early A.M. which is my shift
Ben J (3 months ago)
How did it go? I'm looking to possibly apply but I'm hesitant.
Parker Beard (4 months ago)
I use to work at Urban Outfitters for 2 1/2 years and it sucked. The warehouse work was just like this, but the management was terrible, they overworked and underpaid their workers. Plus the management at Urban Outfitters officially told me and my coworkers that they were on a mission to compete with Amazon and beat them at their own game. Good luck trying to beat a Billionaire franchise Urban Outfitters
Todd Lavigne (4 months ago)
of all the horrible stories your hear about Amazon these workers don't look to working at any sort of hectic pace
bertyisaustin (4 months ago)
This guy is on cocaine.
Ripp Snortin' (4 months ago)
0:20... Like butt plugs?
GTmaniac (1 month ago)
Ripp Snortin' this is true , I came across 2 last week st my warehouse
Randy Li (4 months ago)
360p what year is this.
keetlemeetle311 (5 months ago)
keep pickin the cotton. Modern day slaves.
Kusum Poojari (5 months ago)
Mam,Sir, i want job
Fossil Diver (5 months ago)
Typical propaganda video.
Mara Jade (5 months ago)
looks like a thrift shop
The Omar’s Channel (5 months ago)
I have one near my shop at North Las Vegas.
The Canine Nutritionist (5 months ago)
Wow. Super cool.
beast9011 (5 months ago)
I hear the workers don’t get much
Rosemarie Kury (5 months ago)
Thanks again guys. Even get deliveries on Sunday's. And Jeff Bezos is a millionaire now but he just began by getting a loan and selling books. That's when we began ordering from them. Now I buy a lot because many local stores don't stock the items we buy.
Rosemarie Kury (5 months ago)
I love Anazon too. Great customer service you guys! But not everyone is probably suited for these jobs. Know I couldn't be on my feet all day or be quick enough. And give the girl a break as she's just a reporter. Sure that she was protected a bit doing her story.
simon b (5 months ago)
This is what hell looks like
bryan1282 (5 months ago)
Me so solly
Nuclear Cashew (6 months ago)
Hours he says. It's been 5 days and my order hasn't been dispatched
arron holland (6 months ago)
Lyle Petrov (6 months ago)
God ABBA bless all y'all. Amazon and Jeff Bezos are awesome!
Nicole F. (6 months ago)
I work for Amazon... easiest job in the world mentally . Physically the hardest shit I've ever done in my life.. It's pretty much survival of the fittest!!
Commando Master (6 months ago)
Humans arent made to work in the Amazon warehouses. Robots need to replace all of them in the future.
Clyde22 (3 months ago)
true thats why I think coding should be something ppl learn how to do at least 1 language to stay relevant in job market
DrMD (3 months ago)
But then you'll have people complain on how amazon are closing their doors to people who need a job to eat
Clyde22 (3 months ago)
Its only a matter of a couple years, thats why software and computer engineers are most high in demand for jobs
Devin Peirce (5 months ago)
Commando Master they will
Austin Reeves (6 months ago)
Amazon customers are stupid. Ive had literally a bottle of diced onions you can get at the local walmart cheaper and it caused a bunch of shit so we repackaged it and hurried and nolan ryan tossed it into a truck so we could make "rate" its stupid. Everything is online now diced onions...... Really. Whats wrong with people.
Kibr Asefa (6 months ago)
I need these worke please
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tim gong (6 months ago)
Amazon,ups fedex and other supply chain warehouse are plantation concentration camp in the old day they threaten to kill slave for laziness now quotas making nimber or unemployment meant a trade and be college smart
GameHype17 (6 months ago)
I used to be apart of a cleaning crew and those packers would threw shit on the floor even tho they have a trash bin behind them smh
Lee Jizzle (6 months ago)
She's hot. Has nice hips
Lex Beltran (6 months ago)
Ordered a cd that was supposed to arrive last Thursday. Still haven't received it.
Scoganz (7 months ago)
The workers need to form a Union.
Fender Tremolo (7 months ago)
What a horrible nasty place to work in! It actually looks worse then a prison, i rather be on the dole then work in this sweaty dingy shithole place! Fucking slave labour!!! Watching this has crushed my soul, i have no hope in this life, its game over for me.
Isiah Dalton (7 months ago)
Unless you have prime Amazon will hold your package for 2 weeks before shipping it. And they work the hell out of their workers with poor pay while they are one of the profitest company in the word. Buy at stores. Support businesses, the small ones.
1phone1gamer (7 months ago)
LOL this looks like cake compared to UPS or Fedex. I dont see anything that weighs over 70 lbs.
AMC (7 months ago)
Temperary associates, in other words. Let them go after 3 months. Hmmm. Doesn't sound so great a job to anyone that needs stability in a job market that keep most of its workers temps, part time and no benefits. Good enough reason to boycott Amazon. Buy local my friend, keep your community flourishing without these Corporate Giants. I'm buying local and I've actually save more $$$MONEY!! And I know the people I'm buying from.
Austin Aragon (7 months ago)
tim gong (7 months ago)
Fuck Amazon cheap stingy bottom feeding trash rather be in jail than work for amszon
Michael Baker (7 months ago)
looks like a factory
Jacques Henri Bien-Aime (7 months ago)
I work on all these but still home at this time what is this Amazon ?
i am dumb (7 months ago)
Shit if my time aint worth money than your not worth my time .... 60 hrs a week in a high tech enviroment and no time for anything else id expect at least $18
Spencer Lam (7 months ago)
Ohhhh, so she's That kind of library user. The kind that picks the book off the shelf and doesnt even try to protect its place if you want to put it back.
Taylor Smith (7 months ago)
Lmao!!! He almost lost his shit when she picked up those two items.
Green Ranger (8 months ago)
ONLY if they permit me to use hoverboard or roller skates on the job, as Picker.
AUNG M (8 months ago)
:) She asked why those two put together? The guy said to optimize their space. In my opinion, it is mainly due to buying those two together is much higher. That's why they are not far apart. It is very interesting to see that companies can learn so much from customers' buying behaviors and their purchase histories to optimize their offers to maximize sales.
the lost journal of mystifying things (8 months ago)
women can't work this job . the hair, nails , makeup,shoes,clothes,gossip doesn't work in a warehouse . i once saw a bimbo talking to someone and she wasn't watching what she was doing , her hair got caught in the machine and she was pulled in . the machine was immediately stopped and so much of her hair was tangled that the rescuers had to surgically remove parts of her scalp to get her out . i thought it was awesome , the girl would talk shit about me all the time and watching her cry was so satisfying . i smiled at her when she got out and patted her on the back and said " well , at least you didn't harm your pretty face "
Dream Big Productions (8 months ago)
That Amazon package plant can be packed!
Z (8 months ago)
I grew up in factories and warehouse jobs all my life and I can tell this place looks like one of the worst slaveshops I have seen. Fuck that I am in my last week of my B.S in Information Security fuck this I rather be homeless.
RAP64 (8 months ago)
Eduardo Cueto (9 months ago)
this job is sick. for you..
onlythewise1 (9 months ago)
I found 75% of amazons stuff is good quality the rest is question able
Patrick McCune (9 months ago)
Is that dude coked out?
Ash Ketchum (9 months ago)
Ugh I honestly feel depressed even watching this. I could never do a repetitive factory job like this. You never get to even see the sun. If you guys are looking for a decent job without a degree try working for usps as a mail carrier. Best decision I ever made.
AestheticxRose (9 months ago)
you better get my teo panda mask here amazon.
Andy The Angry Liberal (9 months ago)
Go to college kids.
ivan d (9 months ago)
I'll pass and stay in school
Skyfall 007 (9 months ago)
Amazon's cheating in India
mrsme1234 (9 months ago)
USA needs new antitrust laws now End corporatocracy End oligopoly now
Pqrst Zxerty (10 months ago)
Hope they get a teabreak and lunch. I and others never did at the Amazon fulilment I worked at. Slave labour at its best. The reporter need to see what workers have to put up with. "You can go to the toilet when you like but do not expect a job tomorrow" we were repeadly told. The random strip searches in front of people. Human rights at its best. I saw a shift manager and a site manager shout a swear about Amazon and walked out of their jobs. ALL Amazon staff are treated the same. Once I saw a lady being wheelbarrowed out of the warehouse ( barrow from stock) as she slipped and broke her ankle. Amazon refused NHS emergency paramedics entry. Big sign still said one million hours with no accident. So much stuff gets stolen, its a inside job, Security staff at its best. This reporter want to come back later as a undercover reporter and see the same Amazon person in this video shout and swear at staff and see no workers ot humanity rights. Well Amazon is a TimeW-AOL Jed Bush and family and JPMC invested company. Where did you think the founder got his startup money from ? Amazon treats staff (ALL) like the film Demolition Man.
Generation Noise (11 months ago)
dude looks like hes on crack , i love how they never show the miserable workers , avoid them at all cost.
wq1299 (11 months ago)
It is amazing this gets done. However Walmart has the same items for the same price and you can have it now!! Not to mention if you call electronic stores you can get better prices. Amazon is not the cheapest, just convenient.
jmitch1481 (11 months ago)
Wal-Mart doesn't have the amount of items Amazon does. You can't walk into Wal-Mart and find a rare book. I price shop too. They don't always have better prices either. Or prime service
brady robertson (11 months ago)
There’s a surprising lack of sex toys and real dolls..
jmitch1481 (11 months ago)
brady robertson LMAO so true.
Kayron Thomas (11 months ago)
Bang on job
Jason 000 (11 months ago)
Div Patel (11 months ago)
I love amzan my grandfather 63 works at on of masons main shipping hubs near there headquarters and they pay you well but one bad thing is you are required to be fast or else you are fired
Master Rubik (11 months ago)
I'm sad I live right next to la and have waited a week for my package