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Fastest Fedex Delivery Ever

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FedEx very fast delivery at NASCAR pit crew speed
Category: Comedy
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Edgar Goliath (4 days ago)
fedex home are paid $1 dollar a stop.. no matter multiple boxes or the pound.you have 3 box 1 location address. $1dollar. 35,46,57,68,80,100,200, lbs. 1dollar no benefits no holiday pays no sick days. is hard work. contractors are the one making all the money. FedEx shares the customer with the contractor
3OSCAR9 (1 month ago)
Amazing work
WeeBo Blackwell (2 months ago)
FedEx has to deliver like that because they get paid salary. It doesn't matter if you get done at 3 pm or 8 pm. UPS get paid hourly, plus OT, plus benefits . That's why you don't see them in a hurry.
maximino acosta (2 months ago)
Are you serious?,not good comments for this hard working Fed ex man?Go Fed Ex.
BIG BEARVEVO (4 months ago)
Poor guy
Tarkesh 021 (4 months ago)
Looks like he had to go take a shit
Keith Thrasher (5 months ago)
Grate job FedEx. Grate work
Allison (1 month ago)
Great spelling man! (just mousing with you)
Tim Manzanares (1 year ago)
must be running behind