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Sure, cactuses (or cacti) seem unfriendly at first; the spines and prickles are pretty unwelcoming. But if you really think about it, that probably means you shouldn't eat them raw and unprepared, like some of the people did in these videos. SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo Submit your video here: http://bit.ly/3-submit-here LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoFB FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoTwitter Short vids on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoInstagram Shorter vids on VINE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoVine JukinVideo is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. We love videos and find the best ones to share with you here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer tricks to a baby reacting to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. The JukinVideo team scours the web 24/7 to find the latest trends and hottest videos. Subscribe to see them first! To license any of the videos shown on JukinVideo, visit Jukin Media at http://jukinmedia.com/licensing
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Text Comments (122)
Yao-Yu Wu (17 days ago)
So dumb
William BRAULT (6 months ago)
2:30 this guy ate cigaret in the past... Original vidéo link?
Valerie-Rose Nicholls (8 months ago)
Second clip, Really nigga?
Ben Skelly (8 months ago)
nadin Nina (8 months ago)
Ahhh 🙀 omg
psygn0sis (8 months ago)
2:40 A dude that shaves his legs.... the definition on soyboy cuck.
ella peeters (8 months ago)
Draft beat sword ankle expect sign evidence come peace
Kathryn Erickson (8 months ago)
My job security.........
GoodMorningMommies (8 months ago)
Saw that last one happening from a mile away
The ATrain (8 months ago)
Wtf is wrong with people...
Buzzy_ Beetle (8 months ago)
soy yo (8 months ago)
Mieli 676 (8 months ago)
WHAT ???
Charles (8 months ago)
Manny G (8 months ago)
people are stupid...
BiGMB 2017 (8 months ago)
Pixelepic C. (8 months ago)
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基拉阿斯兰 (8 months ago)
Eva Masterton (8 months ago)
I HATED this video why
mytmousemalibu (8 months ago)
Your argument is irrelevant.... Because Lynx on top of a cactus says so....
Matthew Cipolla (8 months ago)
Too cringey!!
Khaleo , (8 months ago)
Б Геннадий (8 months ago)
Natural selection
littlespinycactus (8 months ago)
When you think you've seen everything- this!
cadaver 70 (8 months ago)
What the hell is wrong with society
Swedish War Goat (8 months ago)
This was the best music you could find for this video?!
Gryyphyn (8 months ago)
The only redeeming part of that was the poor guys with the "son of a bitch cactus", the guys that were trying to show what happens with it and the guy at the end trying to get it off his leg. The rest need to GTFO my gene pool. Gotta thumb this one down Jukin. Don't give those kinds of assholes a venue or validation.
Genji The Weeb (8 months ago)
This makes m cringe SOO HAAArd
500 Subscribers with no videos?! (8 months ago)
Edward Kanger (8 months ago)
Seriously can't watch
Gabe731 (8 months ago)
only reason I gave a like was due to the last video.
Mikey (8 months ago)
Theyre gonna have spiky shits
Mark Esteves (8 months ago)
Why would you eat cactus? Or jump into it? Idiots😂
nadin Nina (8 months ago)
Mark Esteves hahaha
LifezLife (8 months ago)
Imagine the blood in their mouths 🤢
Chris Cheltenham (8 months ago)
Micah Powers (8 months ago)
That guy eating them is gonna have a bloody ass when he shits lmao. That's probably gonna be his next video lol
AusgebranntGottlos (8 months ago)
no no noooo.... why??
Fatih Yakar (8 months ago)
2:41 😂😂
varying-degrees (8 months ago)
What is wrong with people. And you skipped the best part of that first video, the dude shrieking like a banshee while they pull the needles out.
warefairsoda (8 months ago)
Anything for the likes. Gotta give the people what they f#*k'n want!
lol lol (8 months ago)
1:24 😂😂😂😂
Saltine Cracker (8 months ago)
hello hun (8 months ago)
Since young idiots don't seem to know enough to work at anything, they try stupid stunts.
Ruby's K9s (8 months ago)
This makes me physically pained
ked4 (8 months ago)
Pfft. LA Beast has eaten several.
Ozzy ozzy (8 months ago)
Berg Fish (8 months ago)
I strongly refuse to be in the same species as those creatures!
Robert Tucker Jr. (8 months ago)
Thomas Steffien (8 months ago)
1:15 the cameraman is sitting on another stichy cactus pole ;)
Kevin Hardesty (8 months ago)
The LA Beast should be in this, eating cactus like a boss
David Buschhorn (8 months ago)
That last guy. LOL! I almost choked on my banana bread.
TQ BD (8 months ago)
1:03 You know that cat is on his mission becoming the best of the best. Master Cho has died and this LION is going to be the next, teaching the future generation strength and wisdom ..
Albert (8 months ago)
moondarck (8 months ago)
I think eating cacti is the next step of the evolution after eating tide pods. No better way to die than gating punctured intestines.
Boekster Cubing (8 months ago)
All of these are questionable but that last one got me good 😂
twitchster77 (8 months ago)
The guy eating the cactus almost had me in tears. I mean...what in the f**** was he thinking? >:(
6EAR (8 months ago)
Wtf ah nooo whyyyyyyyyy For views ?.......?
Projected Studios (8 months ago)
Oooooooh my gawd the fuckery.
Miim Mm (8 months ago)
alucardian101 (8 months ago)
It was meant as a joke matey 😃
Miim Mm (8 months ago)
alucardian101 Mexican are not stupid to be a cactus as of for other people....
alucardian101 (8 months ago)
Miim Mm the wall is working 😆
Bob The Buider (8 months ago)
I had no idea, cactus was healthy for you. The guys eating it have the same expression, as kids taking vitamins.
Renkane Stark (8 months ago)
Describe last clip with 4 words or acronyms : Freind goals AF
Lyle Waller (8 months ago)
Renkane Stark - What is a "freind"?
Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen (8 months ago)
why...the...fuck....would you eat a cactus
Keyboard Warrior (8 months ago)
How's it possible to eat it has always been an amazement to me!
minea makinen (8 months ago)
Nevertheless profile rice enjoy therapy pig path average crucial.
Yanou Fernandes (7 months ago)
How the hell did that cat get there??
Valerie-Rose Nicholls (8 months ago)
Magic x3
psygn0sis (8 months ago)
A bobcat. Probably chased up there by people or coyotes.
Lyle Waller (8 months ago)
TheRedPanda - "I seen"
LMJee (8 months ago)
Mister Muscle2000 It climbed up, that's normal for them to do that. I don't know much but I seen something about it on animal planet a long time ago lol.
Rare Pepe (8 months ago)
EddyGurge (8 months ago)
So, you have Coyote's and CoP's permission to use their stuff?
Jezza Clarkson (8 months ago)
EddyGurge agreed, I shall unsub now from this irrelevant fucking channel
sagar chowdary (8 months ago)
Brian McCullough (8 months ago)
My legged clipped a cactus when I was younger. I was running and an entire section was Imbedded on my calf. It hurts so bad. And they don't come out easy. Yuck.
Russ Wong (8 months ago)
What the hell is wrong with people!
TheSparkyWriter (8 months ago)
Jictapus ! (8 months ago)
Natural Selection at its finest
EntrE01 (8 months ago)
eternal internet fame
LMJee (8 months ago)
TheSparkyWriter for them views
Nalani Pimentel (8 months ago)
TheSparkyWriter he'll have fun crapping that out later 😕
Muhammed Emin Kizilkaya (8 months ago)
Using years after years trying to grow its own plant ending up in a tard's mouth..
Pravin Golekar (8 months ago)
Like a boss Thug life https://youtu.be/-TRP50cttA0
Y3arZer0 (8 months ago)
Cool, all adolescents are full blown retarded right now.
Salma Kinsella (8 months ago)
Most of these people need to be locked up for their own safety
Svmii (8 months ago)
God why are people so stupid.
Андрей Мухоморов (8 months ago)
Flavio Luiz (8 months ago)
Why ?
David Dobovšek (8 months ago)
🤔😕😨😦❓❔ ...I don't now..
Petra Art (8 months ago)
another suicide challenge
Heike Voigt (8 months ago)
Sam Johnson (8 months ago)
Well they could be eating tide pods or snorting condoms
beams098 (8 months ago)
i hope the play russian roulette with a loaded handgun
MrShl0ng (8 months ago)
Sam Johnson looks like another challenge for America's challenged
Keyboard Warrior (8 months ago)
Sam Johnson I know theirs some idiots but no one actually done that did they? Just waiting for news articles now lol
Olive •T (8 months ago)
Agrhhhh cringing about how painful this is😬
Blade Ravel (8 months ago)
OMG! Crazy, nice videos i like this
Daffa Muhammad (8 months ago)
What the heck is this stupid ppl actually do i mean for what reason, oughh
Dogifish (8 months ago)
I didn't know you can eat cacti
Say WHAAT (8 months ago)
Just.... why??
Natalie Ayala (2 months ago)
Back in my day (late 80’s) people used to eat 8 sugar lollipops in one minute
J s (8 months ago)
MicroGFX that's true
MicroGFX (8 months ago)
Because people are idiots.
Loot Llama (8 months ago)
nigeu yt (8 months ago)
delux V (8 months ago)
candy monster (8 months ago)
suman mishra (8 months ago)
Holy 🌵
Omjo (8 months ago)
Nice Coper (8 months ago)
Why i watch??
Nice Coper (8 months ago)
Christian Alarcón (8 months ago)
Second first :)
Say WHAAT (8 months ago)
Keng (8 months ago)