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FedEx Ground Major Fail

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December 6th, 2012 at about 5:50 am., came up on this FedEx Ground Tractor-Trailer (trailer # 810695), traveling East on NC Hwy 64, from Raleigh, towards Zebulon, North Carolina. The Driver was either extremely intoxicated, or Sleeping quite soundly. Fortunately, God must had been his Co-Driver and kept him/her, or others from being killed or seriously hurt. I followed the truck for about nine miles, and the video is only a small representation since I spent most of the time on the phone with the Highway Patrol. Can't say I blame the Driver though. FedEx Ground uses Contractors only (no company drivers). And during the Holiday peak seasons (like now thru Xmas), Management pretty much forces Drivers to work way over the legal, DOT mandated hours of operation. The drivers use their package scanners to clock in and out, but are instructed not to clock in when they show up at the terminals at 4:30-5:00 in the morning to start setting up their loads for the days' route. Most days, they are out until late at night, (drivers are penalized monetarily for undelivered packages), sometimes just sleeping for a few hours, in their cars at the terminals. And they really do not have much choice, since once you have bought or leased your FedEx Ground Truck or Van, you either do what management tells you to do, or you can be ruined financially. How do I know this? ...been there, done that! Such a relief when I managed to get out with minimal damage. This was several years ago, but chatted with our FedEx Ground Driver today; he said the same manager at the Durham terminal, and nothing has changed.
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Text Comments (43)
uweakminded twit (2 months ago)
Sleeping at the wheel
Rich Norton (4 months ago)
Pull over an get some sleep,,,get off the road
Obi Dave Kenobe (6 months ago)
I hope that guy who recorded the truck driver called the state patrol to get him off the road.
Landon Pennington (11 months ago)
dub my dad can drive better then you lol
Jorge Arroyo (11 months ago)
Probably a line driver catching a little tunnel vision or white lineing he pulled off the road thats major thing im also a line driver do that everynight but we pull doubles and tripples in nv 👍👍🚚🚚🚚
dennis jones (1 year ago)
where was this at,and what was the truck number ? pm me if you know . I might know who it is depending on the date and where it was at
girald S (1 year ago)
Oh, that dude is super tired... 5am, hes prob on his way back to his home terminal.
Mylesgordon6 (1 year ago)
thtas how i drive in american truck simulator...
JoePJack1 (1 year ago)
I know the fail is coming any second now
Rigoberto Hernandez (2 years ago)
what's a little texting while driving,,fukin idiot.
Ron Junior (2 years ago)
incredibly difficult job I would know I drove for 5 years
HaloModder555 (2 years ago)
NC? That crap wouldn't last long in CA. If Highway Patrol caught him, he'd be out of his job for sure. CA sucks. It's strict like that when it comes to a tarnished record. They expect commercial drivers to be perfect. Can't even let logistical transporters catch a few _Zzz's_ in between destinations, on the road. Apparently CA has never heard of keeping with a schedule. Some kid is waiting for his new game or tablet, or prized package! Why make an anxious child wait!? He or she will be sad when they see a delay.
Daniel Galaviz (2 years ago)
Its probably windy and its moving the truck that happens alot
Alberto Valdes (1 year ago)
Daniel Galaviz what you just witnessed my friend is fedex at its best ups in no better! they think they can drive i see them do this shit everynight bro its ridiculous they gonna kill someone as they have in the past
non yobussiness (1 year ago)
This dude isn't even in the right lane
Cary Davis (2 years ago)
+Daniel Galaviz IDIOT! That's the most absurd thing I have heard. I understand wind blowing, but if you think that is what you just witnessed, you're crazy!
hometechnc (2 years ago)
+Daniel Galaviz LOL !
wesley mccurtain (3 years ago)
It's failure. And this has been your proper English lesson for the day.
DubTeam LFS (3 years ago)
Looks like how i drive in Euro truck simulator (Y)
EVNL576 (3 years ago)
If it was 3am or 4am it's just sleepy, good thing she/he left the Hwy.
jay_615 (3 years ago)
rofl ether hes drunk or cant drive lol
Mike leonard (3 years ago)
Speed limit 75, you go 62 and I go by you at 68 and you say I go by speeding........trying to figure out that logic
Joe J (3 years ago)
I would have called the cops and trailed him. He is completely shit faced
Raymundo Castillo (3 years ago)
i can´t see the major fail!
Cary Davis (2 years ago)
+Raymundo Castillo Just look in the mirror!
veggiepowered (4 years ago)
he was probley  TEXTING
juicymonster (4 years ago)
No surprise, fed ex drivers speed, pass and don't give a sh#t...see it all the time as a big-rig driver myself.  Just had one that dumped his doubles in the ditch here in Colorado and went to truck driver heaven yesterday.
hometechnc (4 years ago)
Just a Reminder!  With Christmas season just around the corner... FedEx Ground will no doubt be running their Contractors from 4am til Midnight again (illegally). There will be a lot of Sleepy/overworked drivers on the road.
kman 4443 (13 days ago)
I used to be one for them and when they were know as Roadway Package System before FedEx ground bought them. RPS espccially, during the holiday rush loads had us violate hours of service all the time.
Bam Bam (4 months ago)
hometechnc and no overtime
LampLightMan (4 years ago)
As a contractor for 6 years for FedEx Ground, and a driver 2 years before that, I can honestly say that this is the exception and NOT the rule. However, it DOES happen with ALL trucking companies. Everybody gets sleepy! When you DO, PULL OVER! Find a place to rest! It ain't worth losing your life over or killing someone to get a package delivered!
LampLightMan (4 years ago)
You did NOT work for FedEx Ground. You worked for and independent contractor. If you drove a linehaul tractor, you were NOT employed by FedEx. Either clarify, or go down as bogus.
LampLightMan (4 years ago)
There is a HHUUUUUGGGEEEEE difference between a commercial vehicle driver and a P&D driver! You are comparing apples to oranges here. Yes. this driver is either WAY too tired to drive OR he's an IDIOT and is screwing around with his phone, (as I have seen NUMEROUS times on the road, especially with P&D guys). With all of that said, this dude needs to PULL OVER AND NAP! I wish I could see the trailer numbers so I could find out who that team is.
jayinla310 (4 years ago)
That driver seriously needs some sleep. Hope he was exiting for that purpose.
Hey Jude (4 years ago)
I'm a linehaul FedEx Ground driver. I choose to drive nights due to all BS 4-wheelers out there during the day. Problem is that you can't really get good enough sleep in the truck due to bumpy roads, A/C not working, crappy mattresses. D.S. you're right about pulling over but the 2 hours are spent sleeping, not in shift changes, eating or taking showers. Toro, yes FedEx gives you plenty of time, but if your truck isn't ready, or you're given the hookslip late in the day. DROWSY DRIVERS PULL OVER
Daniel Strickland (4 years ago)
There is no excuse for that. My co driver and I both agree that "There aint shit in those trailers that is worth risking our lives for " He / she should have pulled over before the first long blink. You are given more than enough time to make all the runs. If people would just quit taking 2hrs to switch drivers, eat , take a shower, crap ect.. then you wouldn't have to push your 11's
Dan (4 years ago)
im a local tractor trailer driver for ground and they do run us, i have no team im solo, i have to do local runs then take a set. they chose to keep me running local longer then what im suppose to and they that makes it harder on us during our nights when pulling sets.it is easy to get tired and be back and forth. yes i know some time i may go over my lane, but this driver in the video was way over. also he was one of the dumb ones that wouldnt just pull over for 15mins or so to nap..
tony eichensehr (4 years ago)
where the hell is the cops
Inconceivable (5 years ago)
why tape it for so long, when I see this type of thing I get the drivers attention and get him off the road. an accident wouldn't necessarily just hurt him, it could my family just drivin' down the road.
hometechnc (5 years ago)
Thanks for your reply. Perhaps the Tractor-Trailer guys are not forced; but I know for a FACT, that the FedEx Ground Delivery folks are Forced. They have to run until everything is delivered and picked up. If not, they are fined by the company. They are "encouraged" to not Clock in on their scanners until late, in order to fudge their work hours and be in DOT compliance. There is a whole lot going on here, and I'm sure you are aware of it.
joe perez (5 years ago)
I am a fedex groung tractor trailer driver like the guy in the video ;) This guy is just suffering from drowsiness. Drivers are not forced to drive like this, is his choosing to keep driving so is his fault if he has an accident. Fedex ground runs teams so their is no excuse for falling asleep at the wheel. Some drivers may even stop at rest area to take a nap, fedex gives you plenty of extra time to deliver those trailers.
Stud Muffin (5 years ago)
Safety First, but make sure those pkges get delivered!!! Ive DNA'd pkgs before, and the next day they piss and moan about it...I love it, i just say i was tired, SAFTEY FIRST!!!
Jazz4YourSoul (5 years ago)
I'm guessing you work For FedEx?