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Funny fail mailman - USPs - Fed Ex - worst deliver compilation 2016

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Text Comments (93)
Charlie Tate (1 hour ago)
You have to realize the pressures of a mail carrier. With up to 800 stops a day, anything in your way causes you to lose time, and gets the supervisor on your ass when you're late. Then factor in delivering over 100 packages, with a lot of mail, and the fact that every time you get out of the vehicle you have to curb the wheels, put the ebrake on in these trucks that are all pieces of shit from 1987 with no heat, or ac....
Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside (8 days ago)
That first one was exactly 1 year before harambe died
Olimar P (15 days ago)
The guy knocking over trash cans was priceless LOL
Travis Alcorn (22 days ago)
if you dont want him to hit your trash can then dont put it near the mail box cuz they have to turn the wheel ,put the emergency break on , get out role window up shut door them lock it. and move the trash can
ronv11 (1 month ago)
I like the guy who gave the finger to the camera just before he threw the package
ronv11 (1 month ago)
They need to put a small parachute on ever package. That why when the throw them they can land safely and smoothly on the ground
Gusti Mahardhika (1 month ago)
4:57 what? if don't like your job just quit man.
Missle launcher /Clash of clans (1 month ago)
They are lazy
Elma Lin (1 month ago)
And amazon delivered my disaster
kimon114 (1 month ago)
Unless you do this job, do not rush to criticize. I'm running my own small courier business and I have to tell you that most of these reactions are caused by the recipients. Do not kid yourselves: we know you, we know when and what you buy, what kind of person you are, and how you treat us, and we treat you accordingly. I bet you a months’ salary, nine out of ten of these cases the delivery guy had a beef with the recipient. You screw with me and I’ll see you get screwed. You are nice to me, you get top service. There is almost nothing you can do about it. Be nice to your delivery guy, you’ll never regret it.
SLUG SHOTZ (1 month ago)
I saw the ups driver one time throw my brand new yeezys and he's like I'm so sorry I'm so late and I'm like it's ok there Just shoes😂
Игорь Добронравов (1 month ago)
У нас все жалуются на херовую службу почты ) А тут чувак плазму через забор перебросил и пошел )
Joe Martin (1 month ago)
that's why you have to go with DHL
Pete Zereeah (1 month ago)
Let's just say it for what it is. The USPS is the way to go. Fed Ex will throw your 65 in ch TV on a street. UPS doesn't have access to secure locations. The USPS can go anywhere.....Amazon signed an immense contract with them. The USPS will do Amazon on Sundays. That speaks for itself.
Charlie Tate (1 hour ago)
Yea, the USPS is the best. Unfortunately though with 500,000 employee's you're bound to get some bad eggs. Shit happens, at the end of the day every seller will take a return on your purchase, and likely pay the return postage. You can also leave it for the USPS man to pick up so it's no hassle... Amazon is by far the best place to order off of, even if it costs a little more, they're return policies, and practices exceed the competition which is why they're winning. Hopefully the USPS contract will last for a long time.
Pete Gall (1 month ago)
Clip with the garbage cans. The alternative is you not getting your mail. You can't block the mailbox.
skababy8227 (2 months ago)
I see nothing wrong with anything in this video. If you want to have your precious package baby handled with kit gloves than use a personal courier or private jet. Otherwise, wrap it really good and mail it. The drivers are all on time tables and they must have those trucks emptied by the end of the day. It's not malicious or personal attack on you, it's just business.
LaughsatVideos (2 months ago)
I deliver and always make sure i bring it to the door and ring the door bell we dont have to wait for a person to answer... but I was just attacked by a dog.. so fuck that throw it out the freakien window..
Wealthy man (2 months ago)
Most of these guys are white, and I see why many of you whites are that sympathetic. Their was a video of a black delivery guy I just watched doing same. Internet let lose of its frustrations. Calling black people all sort of names just because the black guy tossed the package. We're all same people, but different skin tone.
Joey Trimble (2 months ago)
So many part time ups workers and so many full time losers...next time you are at McDonald's I'll be sure to pay the cook to throw your food on the floor before you get it...you know bad day an all
Francisco Viera (2 months ago)
You never know if they are having a bad day
EveTheCookie (1 month ago)
Does not justify that behavior
john bradley (3 months ago)
I see it as 'If a job worth doing, do it well' I should know I'm a staff trainer and staff rep in my work place, known for getting things done right before inspections by the Medicines Inspectorate, government inspectors and British Standards Institute. We miss something important, they can shut us down.
boyboy1234100 (3 months ago)
u got your package Right. quit bitching
Eric VS Pete (3 months ago)
4:56 The leaves are off the trees, looks to be around november. you guys have no idea how stressed we get during the peak season. 6 day work weeks for 12 hours a day has an effect on your mental health. after a while it drives you mad and you don't see packages as people's stuff anymore. it becomes more of an object then a belonging.
Eric VS Pete (3 months ago)
we don't seek sympathy. your strength and patience will pay off.
SonderKommando (3 months ago)
Eric VS Pete I started in April so this is my first holiday season. Worked 12 hours today and I'm scheduled for 7 in a row. Plus we had our first snow today and it was bad. Sleet and snow and wind. I've always had respect for mail carriers because when we're sitting inside unable to be able to go anywhere because of road conditions, they're out there still delivering our shit. But now that I'm on the other side, I know how much it REALLY sucks. People have been nice and left me a cold pop or water on a hot day and it was the greatest thing ever. Now I leave my mail carrier goodies too. Anyone trading this that thinks it's an easy job, you're not even close. I too thought it was simple. I had a huge slap of reality when I started.
matrixiraq84 (3 months ago)
Ur damn box should survive 6 feet fall and 150 pounds on top of it so ya all stop ur winning if so get ur fat asses up and go shopping instead of shopping online!!!
Neil McFarland (3 months ago)
Okay, The problem with being a delivery man is that over time they get to know the feel of a package, if its light and doesn't have the sound of glass rattling in it, they think "Ahh its probably just a sweater" so they naturally throw it thinking that it can't really get damaged. On the other hand, if the package is heavy with 'fragile' tape all over it and you can hear the sound of glass, they're probably not going to throw it across someone's yard...
Nacka4life (2 months ago)
Reality Check every package needs to be treated equally? are you leading the way for the equal treatment for package movement? next thing you know they'll be wanting to vote
mark k (2 months ago)
Reality Check haha still not every packages don't get a samd treatment, think you need to protest like those natives infront of a usps sorting center.
Neil McFarland (2 months ago)
What if Mark likes his testicals being stomped on?... You never know, you might have packages landing right on your lap with pieces of broken glass stuck in your face due to the high speed it came through your window.
mark k (2 months ago)
MaBZ1337 haha and you think i am so stupid to throw packages out in public... just some flying around in the van when sorting but not like those in the video
MaBZ1337 (2 months ago)
mark k well, if I would have seen you throw my package I would stomp on your testicles. I guess lazy fucks like you cant get a better job anyway.
Hugo diaz (3 months ago)
dis is the same video i just watch in another chanel
Molb0rg (3 months ago)
7:04 во дебилы, нет чтобы жопа к жопе встать и перекидать все по быстрому, ходят там туда сюда
jianhong lin (3 months ago)
this is how trump is going to make america great again
Jo Sword (3 months ago)
felt sorry for the guy at 3:00 he really did try but most of the tossing I didnt see to much wrong with it.
mnwolf 3 (3 months ago)
Yeah, does your front door really have to be pushed that damn hard to open. oil that thing!!!
ryan rus (4 months ago)
yea because the delivery guy throwing packages is worse that what they go through on the belts of any delivery hub, you try walking 10 plus miles a day and moving over 10k lbs. if anything I feel for these employees
Joe Smith (4 months ago)
20/20 likes/dislikes
TexasNova (3 months ago)
31/31 I tipped the tide.
john bradley (4 months ago)
They are really good at throwing parcels, not much good at anything else.
SonderKommando (3 months ago)
john bradley I guess common sense isn't your thing. You see it as an all or nothing.
john bradley (3 months ago)
This is all about the evidence that you can see right there on your screen, no ambiguity, no argument, when the customer is smart enough to have cctv or smartphone footage, any possibility of saying it was done before the carrier took possession is not an option with video evidence. And USPS's reputation is as bad as, if not worse than FedEx/UPS.
SonderKommando (3 months ago)
john bradley Wrong. We get the blame for all of it, and yes, if carriers are throwing stuff an6 damage is partially on them. However, we have nothing to do with any damage done between the time we drop it off at the station to the time it gets to the destination carrier. 99% of damage occurs during all the processing and shipping. So aside from the few assholes that do this kind of shit, which is not showing pride in your work, the majority of carriers do not cause damage to post. The job in its entirety is extremely challenging and stressful. We have tons of responsibilities that no one knows about. I always thought it was an easy job until I started doing it. There really isn't anything simple about it. We work our asses off day in and day out. I'd be more than willing to share with you what a day is like as a mail carrier if you're interested.
john bradley (3 months ago)
You say it's a tough job, but they waste all of that effort when they cannot get one thing right, delivering to the customer their parcel in the same condition as it was when the carrier picked it up from the sender. They had one job and they FAIL when they cannot get that one thing right.
SonderKommando (3 months ago)
john bradley Yet another person that doesn't know how tough it is to be a mail carrier. I can't vouch for UPS and FedEx, but I know USPS works their asses off for little compensation, long hours, daily hazards, terrible weather conditions, and people pissed off about things outside of our control. That's my 2 cents.
ctwarden (5 months ago)
like they said....how do you think your package gets from point A to point B? someone carries it like a carton of eggs? pack it properly and it'll be fine....if they tiptoed every package over to a sorting bin it would take weeks instead of days!
LOST SOUL (5 months ago)
I guess no matter what del company u use there all a bunch of fucking idiots
Barbie Eadson (5 months ago)
This is disgusting! However, some of these are on the 2014 video?????
jayr (5 months ago)
wow. delivery drivers dont have a care in the world. i get why they do it though. if i worked for a delivery service & i encountered a gate or whatever i would be pissed off that the dumbdumb person who ordered it in the first place should know that they're expecting that delivery & not have the gate closed off. they do have a time delivery for every package that they have to meet. so if you have a locked gate when you know you're receiving a package fuck you too.
Charlie Tate (1 hour ago)
Well we can scan the package as "No Access" or "No secure location available" etc... So you just take the package back with you and try another day, or leave a 3849 slip and have them pick it up at the office. At least for the USPS, not sure about the others.
Neil McFarland (2 months ago)
Yeah, its obvious that delivery drivers are not going to like the "closed gates" people... I don't really understand why people have gates at all, what are they trying to keep out? What is wrong with having an open drive?
Carrrlos V. (5 months ago)
I feel better when i am done, nobody gets hurt and it keeps me in shape, ;-)
Carrrlos V. (5 months ago)
That is why I have a punching bag at home, I use it every day for about 15 minutes when I get home after work.. :-)
SonderKommando (3 months ago)
Jonathan Lopez You have no idea how stressful it is being a mail carrier. I thought it was easy before I started. I couldn't have been more wrong. Haha
Jonathan Lopez (3 months ago)
Carrrlos V. I don't get why people get so stressed put about it.... I work for fedex BTW ..... maybe is different where I work.
john joe (5 months ago)
morbidly obese Americans at work...and that my friends is the reflection of American society... that's I only hire foreigners - illegals ... excellent-cheap-quality-quantity labor...
Alpha1Charlie (5 months ago)
Not taking up for these idiots.... But seriously. At 4:13. Who places their trash can by their mailbox? These people aren't walking the mail. They're driving it. They have to be able to reach the lid. And there is a rule about blocking the mailbox. They don't have to deliver your mail, if this idiot wants to be technical about it.
SonderKommando (3 months ago)
Alpha1Charlie Yeah if you leave your shit out, that's definitely your own problem.
Alpha1Charlie (3 months ago)
+SonderKommando I'm glad you also brought this up. Though the trash collectors can care less where the trash can lands when they throw it. I have seen homeowners leave there trash cans out at the curb for days, after trash collection. So, with that said I think the responsibility is large enough to land in every ones lap.  
SonderKommando (3 months ago)
Alpha1Charlie I'm actually happy you brought this up. 99% of the time it's not the homeowner putting the can in front of the mailbox. It's the trash company. They'll drop the cans wherever. If it blocks the box, we do the deliveries the mail. Packages are another story. All packages must be delivered even if the box is blocked (unless there is a hazard.preventing you from getting to the house). Anyways. It's the garbage company that gets in deep shit when people don't get their mail. All complaints are sent to them and it's their responsibility to tell their employees to not drop the cans in front of the box. Being a mail carrier, I hate those bastards. Lol. We're always leap frogging. Sometimes with both the garbage and recycling company. Not gonna lie. I have given cans a little push with the truck to get to the box. Not to the extreme of this guy though. And if I ever knocked one over I at least wouldn't be a dick and would pick it up. Life as a mail carrier is never dull.
mnwolf 3 (3 months ago)
Should have just not delivered it, make them goto the po to get it. Efing morons!
Jonathan Bustamante (5 months ago)
You morons will never understand the job ain't easy.. Yea I agree the dude throwing the packages to the end of his rig is not necessary but the people actually walking and dropping off the package to your door is not enough on that you want them to nicely place them on the floor haha really come on have you ever seen how they get transported!?!
SLUG SHOTZ (1 month ago)
Jonathan Bustamante very true verrry true this people are just fucking gay cry babies
Neil McFarland (2 months ago)
Jonathan its okay to be a little angry at customers when they complain that their packages were not set down carefully, especially when you're a delivery man, I totally understand how frustrating that is... but that sick joke you made about the ashes, kind of makes me think you really are not nice, rather than 'just being frustrated' - like I said its okay to be angry, but you're also something else...
Marx Zell (4 months ago)
Metal lego. Oh you're evil.
Preston Pel (4 months ago)
Yeah sucks, but so does your family possibly getting deathly sick. Or step on a pile of metal Legos.
Jonathan Bustamante (4 months ago)
Preston Pel dang and you lived.. yea joke on me lol
trelawnny (6 months ago)
Damn! these people are angry. yikes......
Adam Stewart (6 months ago)
You're morons, how do you think delivery people get their routes set up in the first place? Other people in those companies throw packages into select areas based on zip codes. That's why they are initially insured up to a hundred dollars.
Farhan Nadim (4 months ago)
Exactly, I just ordered a PC case off of Newegg and most of companies in this video are from Fedex which is making me worried.
MonoLimiting (4 months ago)
Wow, insured up to $100? Isn't that wonderful when I'm ordering new parts for a computer. And if something shows up destroyed I'm the one who has to pay the return shipping half the time.
The Impeccable (6 months ago)
we need drones
Michael Morris (6 months ago)
yeah because drones won't drop packages in your lawn...smh
nicksgirl71 (6 months ago)
Always go with DHL