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UPS "That's Logistics" 2010 UK Advert

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Agency: Ogilvy Discussed in my blog: http://www.blog.jchdesigns.net/2010/10/adverts-of-note.html All rights belong to UPS.
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (6)
Kousaburo (6 years ago)
This and this alone is why I got Ad Block. So annoying.
Vdub InCa (6 years ago)
Also this was the same ad that was played here in the United States for a while. I remember in it was played on TBS a lot during the MLB Playoffs.
Vdub InCa (6 years ago)
1 person has to be a FedEx user.
Maurice Bigmo Flynn (8 years ago)
Good choice of song! Great ad!
owen richards (8 years ago)
what is this song
GreatBritishGamers (9 years ago)
That's Logistics :D